Goldbridge Rant! Transfer Chaos! Man Utd Transfer News

Goldbridge Rant! Transfer Chaos! Man Utd Transfer News

hello everyone welcome to the united stand apologies about the stream in last night's gonna fly straight into this and i say enough is enough with this transfer nonsense with Manchester United at this stage look I've always said August the 8th is the important date for United but let's call a spade a spade here we're on holiday it is not going to happen what needed to happen is not gonna happen at Manchester United in the time that we have got left it's simply not gonna happen we may well bring Bruno Fernandez in and he's a very good signing for Manchester United we may well bring in a Harry Maguire and he's a very very good signing for Manchester United but the point remains that we just haven't got the time to do what we need to do and that's massively massively frustrating and I think look you know you see Arsenal making moves for Nicola Pepe and Kieran Tierney and they're only meant to have a 40 million pound budget and then you've got Manchester United well we've got one hasakah we're considering a bid FC we're looking at this player FC and I do think we'll bring Harry Maguire in and I do think that we will bring in that will bring in hopefully we'll bring Bruno Fernandez in but the point is at this stage for all the bankers tonight fans who are half glass full people it's not enough it was never enough we needed a centre back to bright midfielders in a right winger and we are not going to achieve that before August the 8th so I feel comfortable in saying to you this morning that it's not gonna happen and all these people are going oh let's just wait and see what happens I've still got Frei if it can happen j300 we still do some business we can do anything we want in the transfer window we're not gonna do what we wanted to do in the transfer window what we're gonna happen what's gonna happen is that we are going to probably by Harry Maguire and one other and we'll all go all that's good we got some business done and we've been moved off we've been moved off by the fact that actually we haven't got it done in the time that we needed to do we're not competitive in this transfer market and it's not going to happen so look if we bring her in McLaren and Bruno Fernandez in I'll be happy with that but ultimately I think we need to keep sight of the fact that we haven't achieved what we were meant to achieve in this transfer window because we've not been aggressive enough we've not been ruthless enough and ultimately we still have got hope we still have got owners who don't want to spend much money I mean I saw something last night that United awaiting to sell the car key before they signed players look I'm not salty about Arsenal I saw have fun there well done nikola pepe fantastic signing and then belly for spurs fantastic signing it's birds get lechero as well fantastic signing if arsenal get clearance ernie fantastic signings these are very good site signings for our rivals and i'm not gonna lie it to that does it make me feel jealous I mean I would have liked Nikola pepper and it would have liked n dembélé so yes I would agree that definitely yes but what I would say is that you man chest you're not it should be masters of their own destiny really we should be able to bring the in the players that we want to bring in and I'm massively disappointed with the situation that's going on at the moment and I've always said let's wait till August the 8th I mean there's loads of stories coming through let me just say about Bruno Fernandez because plush pod has just said about it all I can tell you is what I know about Bruno Fernandez is that in March he was a priority and all summer he's been a priority but actually I hadn't get excited last night when I was seen all these people saying he's gonna have a medical he's a agents in England and he's not coming back to the deals been done probably better get ready you better get a pension in the UK though because he's dealing with Woodward he might never get a deal but look maybe maybe Bruno commandos will be done maybe it won't be done i I've always felt it would be done so I'm not going to change that but is there anybody really credible around the club reporting it not at the moment so we'll wait and see on that Lester mercury last night saying that the Manchester not had no closer to getting that deal done and we're coming up for four weeks since I did the video talking about you know somebody close to Lester had told me that let the Harry Maguire wants to come to United and it will happen if we pay over 75 million pounds but we still haven't done that four weeks later and you've got United banners with 10 days left in this transfer window saying oh yeah we might we can still sue we can still do some business because still we'll do some business it's not gonna happen Luis Kempton says would you bring Memphis back for about 40 million not much risk and complain the left I flick our cue goes Leone won't sell any more players Luis so it's irrelevant but and would I bring Memphis back is better than the kaku so I can see your argument there but well I want to say one is what I really want to say is that I'm getting my Tandy mightily fed up with what's going on at Manchester United I think I tried to do the stream last night in a messed it up so I've done it this morning but I I'm just really really getting angry with it really getting angry with it I can't emphasize that enough we're not going to do what we need to do and I know that the glass half-empty the glass half-full pickle the positive FC United fans will be going oh you know we still got time we should you go try with the do some bloody business more stop being so negative get behind Ollie and I'm behind on it I'm behind on it gonna soldier and I'm behind a lot of these players but he's gotten on behind his back as well because yet again yet again we have knocked back to manager in the transfer window whether it was Maurice didn't like him van how didn't like in Mourinho lighten it start didn't like at the end but they didn't get fully back to whatever about their signing signing a football and with all even a soldier look I just feel that we've been looked off and I think a lot of people are falling for it again I feel that you know the Glazers have put somebody in charge but they know everybody looks because we do love Olly all he's saying the right things because he's got to I don't blame him he's got to because it's his job to do that and you know you've got people saying there's still time I mean look look at the evidence of Manchester United over the last six years since when have we ever gone and bought five five five email or five five emails wanna talk about five players in ten days we're not gonna do five day at five deals in 10 days and and the positivity around the club I agree is is going to kill this club I think actually on August the 8th it's a big day it's Judgment Day for Manchester light fines because we've got to judge this transfer window and and analyze it in an honest way and I feel that I can almost do that now I'm very very excited about but to bring in a Harry Maguire in or a Bruno Fernandez in I think that would be massively massively positive for United to do that because it does improve us but it doesn't give us what we needed in this transfer window I mean we already know we're going into the midfield a little bit like Ollie gonna Seoul showers rain or hope it works just cause he's such a great bloke I can see potential in him I hope it's gonna really work but how much hope and potential can you have in a club of the stature of Manchester United you look at Manchester City where was their hope and potential and they wanted to become kings of England no they went and got a top class manager in Pep Guardiola they went and spent a load of money in every position there was no hope I mean there was a little bit of hope because it might not work but every decision they made was strategic and about making them a powerhouse in in English and European Football the same with Liverpool you know 20 30 years title you go and get your gun clock who proven a team like Dortmund has you know broken the powered by Munich played a good brand of football you know developed aside to the green clapping they bring the right owners in in relation to directors of football and they build a team over three years what have we got at Manchester night with only gonna soldier hooligan a soldier who's managed molder and we all love when we hope is going to be good and he just playground a good football but what he then needed was backing from the board to three hundred million pounds to bring quality in unfortunately what we reflected in our manager is were reflecting on the pitch a midfield is the same as Olli it's all about hope and Drive and passion all look at Pereira pushing people even I fell for it the other day oh look at Mitt Romney can hit a 40-yard pass all look at Fred in a preseason game even though his crap last year it could be good this year oh maybe Matich has got a little bit left in the tank oh hopefully pop was gonna stay and you go through the team and you realize that as well as the manager there's so much based on hope and we get moved off as a fanbase by that cuz we're like oh yeah hope hope hope passion believe believe believe and the owners are like they're swimming in a in a swimming pool of bloody money go and look at them idiots hoping that it's not gonna rain and here we are in our inside swimming pool of money yeah open another bottle ed you know and that's what I mean like I don't mind hope but 90% of our club is based on hope and and 40% hope FC Suzanne and what we realistically should be doing is a big football club with massive revenue streams is we should be bringing in money we should be bringing in money to the club we should be going to Olli right you can have Bruno Fernandez you can have a million kovitch Savage you can have Ari Maguire you can have Nicola Pat pay usually a little bit of hope but also use those qualms let some players as well so and I just think that's that's where we're at with 10 days to go and people can call me alive they can say what they like but if you agree with me so much like on the video let's see how many people agree because I think ultimately I will wait till August Yeates to have a proper proper analysis of missed transfer when the workers would definitively know what NetSpend is will definitively know who's been brought in but we definitively know right now there are what how many days left in this transfer window 10 left in this transfer window and don't have the time to bring in the players that we we were talking about back in May so ultimately look I'll eat this I'll eat this t-shirt I'll eat this t-shirt if we go on by two midfielders our center back in a right-winger now and I'll happily do it you know I won't even eat a bit of mayonnaise I'll take me a long time but I'll do it but it's not going to happen I know it's not going to happen you know it's not gonna happen because we've been in this position for years and years I think we'll sign to players some people would say even that's impossible at this late stage but we're not going to achieve what we wanted to achieve and I think all these people are gonna I'm gonna wait till August yep and I was one of those and I still I'm gonna wait till all this the eight but there's a big but there ain't got nothing to do BJ this has got to do with facts we are not doing four deals in ten days they are not stacked up you look at people like sinus stone and you know credible journalists they're not waiting they're not waiting they're not saying there's anything in the pipeline and on Thursday morning you put a week proven means there's nothing look at Sanchez and DeMaria system Doherty well I so what Dion's basically saying there is that you shouldn't we don't need to go and bite and Jake laugh on says the Simon Simon stone is saying the Bruno reports are fake exactly exactly I sort of said that last night until it comes from people that are credible you can't hang your hat on it and and it's a shame let's be happy with heroin bussaco that's the last signing unfortunately it's all gone to quiet with little time to go such a shame as we always hope for more that's from Cranfield group well I've already said I've already said if on August the 8th it's a crap trans he'll window then I will seriously be in discussions with the glazier out people as to see if they've got a real tactic to start making change a thoughtful club because he should not be about a bad transfer window and it should not be about where we are in the league this should be a culmination of the last 20 years they've been in charge there should be a culmination of where we are as a club this summer was an opportunity to build something this summer was an opportunity to build something and and send a statement are they gonna soul char you know bleeds Manchester United inherit you know intrinsically linked to our successful period give him the job give him time give him patients but also first summer transfer window giving money people were saying yesterday oh it was almost gonna be a bigger job than one transfer window you're right you're right it was always going to be a bit bigger bigger job than one transfer window because you know what was meant to happen this transfer window we should have sold the whole team and got a whole new team in it's not easy you can't do that so what do you do can we do four deals in that one transfer in it yes can we sell four players yes and then you do the same next summer so what should happen in this transfer window and you know this we spoke about it what what what should have happened is we should have bought in center back to midfielders and a right winger this this summer transfer window then next time a transfer window maybe you're bringing another left back to protect challenge sure and the striker maybe another midfielder and you start to build a team like that unfortunately we've already know we've already lost the Adelaide we've already jumped backwards and and you know somebody just said sixth-place here we come there we've been saying all summer no transfer windows and that no transfers done Oh we'll be fine we can still get thought because Chelsea I've got no track I've got a transfer ban and hazards gone and Lampard's new and Arsenal currently spent 40 million well Arsenal have one abort Pepe now they've also brought a brilliant playroom from Real Madrid on loan they've got a damn young life is that in pet bay that's guaranteeing them 60 goals at least you'd expect you'd expect 60 goals averaging 24 each but you know a very very good deal that will sow Arsenal and apat a transfer window then is at the moment I mean who's the Banta club who is the bunch of look it's um you know outlaw I wouldn't say it's teams coming out my ears at this point but I'm getting pissed off I really am getting pissed off and it's totally aimed at the board it's not a ollie it's not at the players it just pisses me off that we've been sold and sold another lie like all its positivity Ollie's at the wheel were going to back in but all there's a new be you'll be shocked at the quality of player that wants to come to this club where where what why even say lies white Pelham's lies why give us this this is going to be the biggest summer ever this is gonna be the biggest transfer window ever why tell us lies why just keep why not just keep your gob shut and then if we kid ourselves then that's that that's it with kid at ourselves haven't we but we were told oh there's money to go there some money to be spent Oh we were told you the quality of play of this queuing up to come here well what quality of player am I meant to be shocked that one Misaka wants to leave palace to come to United is a quality player but I'm not shocked by that I'm certainly not shocked that Daniel James wants to pin to Manchester United somewheres this shocked where is this shocked of these players that want to come to basketball club and as I said ten days to go in the transfer window not gonna do they did business that we needed to do and personally I'd be over the moon to power McLaren Brunei can unless I really really would but I'll still Sarah in August the 8th they've still they've still messed us up they've still sold as a lie they've done this on purpose basically they've I reckon they've left these deals till the end so that when we hit the end of the transfer window we'll get hit by a positive by maybe Harry McGuire would happen in the last week and we'll be like yeah we've done it we've done it I mean Matthew rotators Nicholas Guerra is saying it's confirmed that Bruno Fernandez is to join Manchester United who's named the contract and the price Simon stones come out and said it's fake I believe Simon stone unfortunately I said this last night on Twitter that Manchester United all these rumors about Bruno bananas are great but you've got to understand the credibility of these journalists and you've got you've got credible journalists to a close to mine chest you know they're basically briefed by Manchester United James Cooper of Sky Sports Simon stone Simon peach they are briefed by media communications at Manchester United as to what's coming out and what's going on and if they say something it's happening and if he's saying it's a fake story it's a fake story I'm afraid so look I hope you get brilliant bananas and I hope we get Harry Maguire but ultimately I think we've been absolutely sold a dummy by the club and this summer they can't do the business that they want to do and also I think at this point Manchester Knight bands individually need to make a decision about what they are going to do next season are they just going to sit back and just go yeah oddly enough everyone let's just have let's be positive or is there genuinely going to be some sort of intent to try and make a change a football club because I'll tell you what I'm to mention dick Paul Pogba goes Jesus Christ like if we lose Pogba on top of what spinach transfer one day we're in massive trouble we were I think it it Papa goes and we only bring in one more midfielder in the center back and Pogba goes you're not even replacing Papa because pop was good so I would I would say six the next season if we lose Padma at this point but we'll see we'll see anybody I'm gonna go and hit the pool and it's a lovely day as you can see I'll give you a little bit of a view over there lovely lovely morning lots of boats about this is the weekend in Spain not a cloud in sky lovely stuff and I will be back with you later on tonight if I can get the stream to work again but so thanks everybody for watching just a little bit of an update in the mornings for you I'm gonna do something from down on the beach I tried to find the pineapple cellar anyway anyway please do smash a like on the video everybody make sure you're subscribing if you know get your comments in below have you had enough are you you know have you reached that point now where you realize like me we're not gonna do all the business we needed to do Maguire in a midfield is great we must do that but it's still not enough for me smash a like on the video Calibri get comments in below because I'll come over I have an hour or two later on this afternoon with a sangria reading your comments and give a few replies thanks for watching speak to you soon mine's a San Miguel


25 thoughts on “Goldbridge Rant! Transfer Chaos! Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Unfortunately United is run by businessmen out to make money rather than bring glory to the club. I'm quite sure behind the scenes everyone knows this. I don't think top ambitious players fancy coming to Old Trafford anymore because they know this as well. The board may push the young and hungry line because it's cheap and we all remember the class of 92. Unfortunately times have changed and to compete we need some top signings. At the minute we have 2 World class players, both with question marks over their heads. If we lose one or both of them it will be even harder to attract the players we really want. Koulibaly, Partey and Fernández should have been here already if we were serious, they'd been scouted a lot apparently. I can remember stories of Declan Rice snubbing us and Maquire preferring City. How far have we fallen?

  • Wish someone could interview sir Alex on this club, Woodward and the glazers…. would love to know what he thinks

  • Absolute bullshit this club, Always knew it would be hard getting quality players in the door with no champions league but Arsenal are doing it!!!!…… No ambition at all, add Pogba and or Lukaku leaving on top and don't forget our window closes before Europe so their is every chance that could happen. This club is in a mess, worried is an understatement!!!!!!!

  • asifjavedcloud says:

    "Arsenal Only have 40 million budget" is just tactics to make sure prices are not inflated by the sellers. Clever tactics from Arsenal. United could learn a thing or two from that tactic.

  • Adrian Jackson says:

    They embarrassed Moyes in his first transfer window as they left it to the last day to sign fellaini also those stupid Fabregas bids!

  • We've been spending just what Adidas give us per season from the Jersy deal, that is 75m pounds. No money is coming out of the club. United have leeches for owners! F**k!

  • Ole needs to resign before the start of the season if the board wont back him. It would put the spotlight firmly on the board and owners.

  • The Glazers and Woodward has mugged off OGS by starving him of suitable team replacements and forcing him to retain deadwood.OGS is not in a position to put pressure on the management (even Mourinho struggled here) as OGS is an inexperienced manager who was won nothing.

    It’s embarrassing to watch the post-match friendlies where OGS has had to state United will only bring in players at "right price”. We have all been victims of the Glazers who have leveraged debt against the once great club.

  • Manchester United will fall just like Kodak and Nokia, companies which refused to adapt & thought they were too big to fail.

  • United are waiting to sell lukaku. If it will happen will buy Fernandes+ Maguire if not will get only one out of them and that will be Ole's decision. Atleast it feels like that.

  • The best thing to do is skip all matches for a season! That will cause the right level of disruption!!! We have to hurt the Glazer's financially, in order to force change! Their American investments have done badly. Another reason they bleed the club dry, is catastrophic interest payments, on loan based investments that will never payback, like all the ghost town shopping centres they built throughout the states for example. Hundreds of millions down the drain in that venture alone! The only way forwards is a sale to a wealthy group like our noisy neighbour's enjoy. Glazer's out!!!!!!!!

  • Football Is United says:

    Back Ole all day long but the fans need to hound Woodward and the Glazers out of the club. Protests inside and out of the stadium all directed at the owners, create a hostile atmosphere to force them out. It’s become beyond crisis point at this stage and Woodward and the Glazers need challenged. They need to walk away. What’s the worst that can happen by trying to force them out?

  • Mark, so if we get Bruno and Mcguire its a crap transfer period? That would be 4 ins (3 very good ones). Youve said yourself its not Fifa, 4 playere including 3 definitely improve us and will start isnt crap. I agree we needed 4 outs too but unfortunately the absurd contracts we've given make that near impossible.

    If we get Bruno and Mcguire I give it a B-, what would you give it? Seems your acting like it would be a failure. If we dont end up with good CB and MF– ill feel like you. If we do, but Pogba leaves– ill feel like you.

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