Gohmert: Let’s have Roger Stone’s trial after Hillary Clinton’s

Gohmert: Let’s have Roger Stone’s trial after Hillary Clinton’s

joining me right now is Texas Republican congressman and House Judiciary member Louie Gohmert congressman Gohmert good to see you again it’s always good to see you Thank You Trish um what should take on this I mean you know you look at Obama’s record and you look at how many times he interfered I didn’t see you guys out there saying okay impeach him and beat him you know he’s he’s a dictator and and you know President Trump voices some concerns about his friend and associate Roger stone getting sent to jail for potentially a decade for an investigation that never ever should have even happened in the first place and suddenly now he’s the you know the equivalent of kim jung-han well in figuratively speaking the jury is still out on whether or not we will ever our federal justice system will ever recover from the damage that’s been done during the Obama years and during these last three years with the FBI DOJ Intel it turns out DoD was paying a professor in in England I mean there were so State Department there’s so many corrupt places that would have been involved in the corruption of justice in the United States and and let’s don’t just talk about President Obama there was a guy you may recall his name Joe Biden if you remember he was nice president one time and we had I believe it was four highly decorated military members that were hired to protect our State Department people over in Iraq and they defended them there was a shootout and they initially tried to prosecute these heroes and it was thrown out and then Joe Biden goes and stands with the leader of Iraq and says we’re going to get these guys you know basically we do you want to what we’re gonna get these guys and they ramrodded this thing through and these guys are doing like life in prison because of Joe Biden’s interference in justice there’s so much injustice they created and when it comes to Roger stone you you’ve done a fantastic job Trish of laying just a handful of the problems but when you have a juror like that just like you’re talking about and it’s the foreperson of the jury the one that can tell people to be quiet and okay it’s your turn or you can talk or let me tell you then you have a corrupt jury you have a runaway jury that’s violated their oaths and this needs to be all redone again this this should never have come to this maybe have his trial right after the one for Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Hunter Biden all of these other people then we get around to the something as menial as how about Brennan and clapper they lied to Congress Hillary Clinton lied to Congress Tanana pollito telling her lied to me when she was testifying homeland security so let’s bring some of those and have those hearings before you go after a guy guns blazing at his home when he’s he’s no threat to me which by the way the the foreman for woman of the jury was laughing at on social media as well congressman Gohmert really good to see it tonight thank you so much


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  • Constantin Stanca says:

    Amazing how many republicans and close Trump people were thrown in jail , in mean time those corrupt to the bone , liars , poisonous , harrasers , slandereous criminal democrat politicians are very well and counting their billions . Think about obamaclintonbidenpelosi&sons . To name only few of them .

  • Problem with this is the crazy liberals will vote to acquit hillary and convict Roger? President Donald Trump may have saved us from total destruction but I fear he only delayed it!

  • Following the fallout from handling of Roger Stone's case, over 1,100 former Department of Justice officials have signed a letter calling for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.

    WHY? Well, they have acknowledged that law must not only be just but must be seen to be just.

    The Attorney General has capitulated to the whims and pressure of the Trumpmeister and in so doing diluted the total concept of fair and balanced justice and the rule of law.

    Whether you are a Democrat or Republican when you agree to the president of the day no matter who they are may be able to use his/her power to influence the judiciary then you really deserve the tag of "banana republic".

    I am clearly not a Trump fan, but nor am I just a Democrat supporter. I am a world citizen who has a concern that if American want to be the "World policeman" then the president of the day owes it to the world to respect, and apply the true democratic rule of law which means unbias, fair and balanced justice for all.

  • You know I've looked at all the new stations and it should be on top of everyone's paper trail there was three hundred and fifty thousand illegals with kids released into the United States in the past few days now it makes me wonder you're keeping all that hush-hush because you want the jobs in the economic growth cuz remember we got a house feed and give them everything that's that's economic growth then the job growth we know we got to work them all so that's part of our job growth for all Americans you know it cost Americans 20 plus billion dollars a month to do this to get these job ratings to get the economic gradings to Pat himself on the back ratings Americans you better start wising up they are the majority race in America and it's happened under this administration and he can do everything about it or he could do nothing about it but he's doing something about it he's working them count medicines job growth we're giving them all this money all these goods all this housing all this furniture curtains pots pans clothes I go on forever now that's part of our economic growth that was 350 should not be talked about in the news why isn't it because of the economic impact it's having on American and Haywood another thing Trish let's say we did deport 20 or 30 million of them right I wouldn't even be all of them by the way we would devastate Mexico economy wouldn't we well worth their devastating our economy be a person that needs services there's none be a person that needs something there's none we're all getting Trump's employees ready to work we're all getting the jobs and the old economic growth for Trump to brag on but what he doesn't brag on it's all tax dollars given to them buy uni Trish why is it people talking about it why aren't you talking about it you're a straight shooter no one site I hear crickets

  • They always like to go out to the little guy that can’t come back at them that’s what they do believe me if he could’ve came back at them they would’ve left him alone.. Dam TDS Freaks !!!

  • Trump promised that he was going to put Hillary in prison. I've been hoping Trump would get Waters for inciting RIOTS and the foreigner that was in the rainbow house. It would be painted rainbow colors if that QUEER had its way. Why hasn't it and MICHAEL COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK???????? Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And now Obama is supposed have said Soros requested the Intel on Trump…….if that's the case he is his puppet. Funny how he's still working with him in trying to change demographics for electoral college……hmm

  • I think we need to protect Jillian and bring him here in the states….! He's a whistle blower and deserves the real meaning of protection………ROLL WITH IT!

  • We all have to wonder why we let monsters be created….protocols need to cap these atrocities need to be cept it in check….audits responsible filled in their districts is a must before advancing to any house seat it should be a must without outside backers and corrupting influences….We don't need out of state or out of country individuals that have not been apart of our development and growth sabotaging our environment issues or hurting our system….financial or any other influence…..most importantly I think on our voting ballets the people of the United States need to vote on a law we put in positions to sustain our stability with out waiver! And it will not be produced by any political party! But we the people! We the working American people need to be more involved. Our pay ticket has been misused and abused without accountability.

  • Thank you Rep. Gohmert. I appreciate the way you express what we all need to hear about the constitution and the way it’s not being honored.

  • I can never pay attention to the content of Trish Regan's show because I'm too busy absorbing her extremely odd bedroom manner and seducer's voice.

  • Let go on Stone they have bigger liar there that has never been charged. Brannon , shift, clapper, Nadler, the lovêr commey mccabe the greatest of them all Hilary and Obama. Oh I forgot Obama mention he is the president that has no drama. Well I tell you something you might not have a drama in white house but it's a lot of corruption during his presidency. Obama us a crook president in history

  • No honor among thieves. Fox thieves, tRump thieves, Barr thieves, Stone Thieves. All protect themselves and each other no matter the truth. Sad what America has become in 3 years.

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