Godarodu || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Godarodu || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

‘Bro, I got down at Ameerpet.’
– Wait, there. I’ll come pick you. Hop on, bro.
– Sir, my pal is here. I’ll go now. See you, sir.
– Yeah, see you! – Let’s go! Is that man your relative?
– Well, if you’ve a good heart, all are your relatives. Also, you know me,
I can not not chit chat for long. Bro, where is the washroom? I’ve to bathe.
– Bathe? You’ll have to wait till 10AM for running water. I’ve to wait for running water? What crap?
But back in our villages thanks to Sir Arthur Cotton, there is no water scarcity.
We might run out of food but never water. He may be a Britisher, but since he developed
our region, we’ll forever remember him. When I see statues of him
mounted on a horse, I salute him! Bro, let’s go out and throw us all a party.
– But why? – Every new guy in this pad should. It’s a rule. Alright. How much would it cost me?
– Around Rs. 3,000. – Rs. 3,000! I can spend that much,
but would it be sumptous? Instead, I’ll cook
a splendid meal for you all. Take these Rs. 500 and get two kilos
of chicken, onions and coriander. You think Rs. 500 will buy all these?
– If you’re left with some change, also get some lemons. Sprinkling some lemon
in hot curry is like magic! Eat until you are full.
There is plenty of chicken for everyone. There is curd, there is soup.
Ask for whatever you want. Bro, do you want some more curry?
– No, I’m full already! I’m full! – Come on, have some more! Bro, is the salt alright?
Bro, are the spices alright? You too join them, bro.
– You seem so happy? True happiness is when you make
a tasty meal and people relish it completely. After all, we hail
from the land of Dokka Seethamma! Bro, get those Pootharekulu I brought.
Bro, have some more rice. Shall I serve you some more chicken?
– Yeah. Sure. – Son of a bitch! Sarcasm, huh? What is your hometown?
– Rajole. – Oh, so you are from Godavari too. You hail from Godavari,
and also got educated in Godavari. Now that you’re here, you make fun of our accent?
Our accent is what makes us unique, you idiot. Now, have some chicken. Bro, get up!
Quit sleeping! Friends are here. He is in a deep slumber.
Let us play with out him instead. Smell of cards is so magical.
– But weren’t you asleep? – Didn’t you take the cards out? You see this line here? What do you call it?
It is the line of cards. Everyone from Godavari has it. We are card-ers, bro!
Cards is our regional sport. Hear me out. If my dad calls me and asks me
to come home asap, I may go a little late but if a guy calls me to play cards,
I maintain tremendous punctuality. Please, shuffle the cards. Wrinkled shirts or bent cards
is something we can’t stand. Show!
I win! Cough up Rs. 500 each one of you. Isn’t that a huge loss on the very first day?
– Loss? There are times when I lost lakhs of rupees. But we play again the next day.
Shall we play for Rs. 1000 the next game? – Count me out. What is the matter? You seem so fidgety.
– My girlfriend is coming. You mind going out for 10 minutes? Did you see Sai’s girlfriend. Isn’t she hot?
– What nonsense! It is none of my business
to criticize any one’s choice of dressing but I’d prefer a girl who wears
a dot on forehead, dresses up traditionally and cooks us meals like the way our mothers do.
That’s all I ask for. Are you heading somewhere?
– I’m going home. – What? It hasn’t even been a week. I’m missing our village so bad. All our pals
are bombarding me with calls in the evenings. Instead of living in the city and earning lakhs,
I’d prefer to do farming and live with our loved ones. I can’t even breath well here. So, I’ll go back.
By 6AM tomorrow, I’ll be on the Rajamundry bridge. Once I’m there,
I’ll forget all my problems. I’ll leave now. Let me know if you need any money
and come a week in advance for Sankranti. So, this is how we Godavari people are.
We start missing Godavari in a jiffy. Staying away from Godavari, its villages
and people is next to impossible. So, my point is everyone must visit Godavari atleast once in their lives.
And there is no better time than Sankranti for it. So, visit Godavari for Sankranti,
it’ll be great fun! So all you people from Godavari out there,
bring your friends and relatives to Godavari this Sankranti we’ll have great fun. And while you are it,
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