Gmail voice and video chat

Gmail voice and video chat

>>SERGE: Ah, there you are.
Hi, I’m Serge, and I helped develop Gmail Voice and Video Chat from Sweden.
Our team works closely with a team in the U.S., so Video Chat comes in really handy.
Some things are just better communicated face to face, where you can see expressions, gestures,
and I can point things out on a diagram. Plus, whenever I travel, I get to see my kids.
So let me show you how this works. Gmail Voice and Video Chat is integrated right
into Gmail, so it’s very easy to use. To start a voice or video chat, simply click
on the “Video & more” link at the bottom of the chat window.
When a person receives a call, they’ll hear a ring, and they’ll see a notification that
they can choose to answer. You can pop-out the chat window and adjust
the size and positioning, as you like. You can even make it go full-screen through
a single click. It’s free and easy to use.
Visit to get started.


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