Giuliani Role In President Donald Trump Ukraine Scheme Develops New Twists | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Giuliani Role In President Donald Trump Ukraine Scheme Develops New Twists | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Did you geniuses mention the state Dept sent Guiliani nto Ukraine No ! Those two geniuses Guiliani consulted for? Legally Trump can send ppl to investigate Ukraine it was an undergoing investigation. Furthermore , uninformed ppl Pedesta HRC campaign manager did the same thing as Manafort !

  • What a BS.Did you have to say:"Pro Russian city "?The city is in the Ukrane, for christ sakes.No pro russian, no anti Russian.Ukranian city!!!For the love of god.LOOKS LIKE MSNBC TRIES TO MANIPULATE US.Again?

  • All this nasty congress layers and bad people like him is going down he is nasty all his dirty laundry is comeing out he did a lot off bad thing to people and new york

  • Sure are a lot of Coincidences that Trump’s attorneys end up committing crimes.
    I wonder if we’ll ever find out what caused these coincidences.

  • Trump likes using lawyers to conduct his illegal business dealings, because he thinks that any discussions they have about it, would be protected by confidentiality laws. just like how he's now using Cabinet ministers, to break the law, and claiming Executive Privileges, to keep them from talking. Honestly, I think they should subpoena Trumps' caddy, because he spends more time golfing, than actually working in the oval office, and does anyone think he hasn't talked about everything he's done, while golfing?

  • Nameless One Wanderland says:

    This is "the" ackward situation when your head is so deep into Russian's butthole = donald j. trump, the self proclaimed "stable" genius.

  • The Goon squad. The Goombas of the Russian Mob. Giuliani, Pompeo, and others are all involved in this corruption.

    When will the Trumpanzee's give up on their support of such obvious criminal activity surrounding this president? Why can't they see such blantant corruption. How many shady individuals and felons associated with Trump does it take to raise the red flags they waive so proudly? They are the most un-American people I have seen in all my life. They must thrive on treachery.

  • Rudy is going down and a thousand busses are on their way for him to be thrown under by Comrade Chump and many others. Sadly for them though, the busses will be back for them. President Pelosi has a certain ring to it whilst she holds the seat for President Warren and VP Gabbard.

  • I feel slimy just hearing about what these guys do. They treat the world as an opportunity to take advantage of each other. How do they live with themselves? Serious pathology.

  • Marquis Gittens says:

    This admin is so twisted, it seems that American soldiers in Syria may have to call on Russia to help get them safely out of Syria.

  • When you wonder why politicians are against declaring their superpac doners .. this is why. You and I can't get away in not declaring where we got our income from, but somehow politicians are exempt?

  • Well at least we can say Trump actually told the truth ONCE since his illegitimate Russian election… After all didn't he say in the interview with George Stephanopoulos he WOULD get help from any foreign country… The irony is he was actually doing just that at the time of the interview… WoW!!😳

  • It is amazing to me the about 45% of Americans still support Trump, because "He's not a politician". Well he's not a politician, he's a thief, liar, crook and now a front man for Russia and that's so much better than being a politician don't you agree? Our founding fathers were right in the way they wrote the Constitution, we aren't smart when it comes to politics.

  • Scheme? Do you mean Scheme, like the Obamacare? How about Benghazi? How about the Billions of dollars in Money-Laundering Cash that Obama smuggled to Iran? How about using the DOJ, CIA, FBI and even the IRS to destroy conservatives? You talk about scheme, but you don't even know what you are!

  • How dumb you've to be to not get the obvious corruption before your very eyes ? Oh wait. 40% of the people of the USA. Sad.

  • William Stefens says:

    Once a few realize they are able to buck against the White House efforts to block their testimony, more will realize that it is far better to save their future vs saving the indefensible Trump.

  • America was much better off when Russia was still the USSR and communist. Then Republicans viewed Russia as America's enemy.
    Now that Russia has billionaires Russia is best friends of the Republicans, right?

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸
    President Trump's accomplishments.

  • These five criminals. And the worst is that Gooliani won't answer in this life for his worst crime against humanity–his part in 9/11.

  • Trump's answer to the Ukraine debacle–speed up the next debacle in Turkey and Syria. He pulled the trigger on his next scam when Ukraine heated up by backing troops out of Syria, and making good on his next deliverable to Putin. Now Putin gets to walk into Syria and play the big man in the area. Clearly Trump doesn't think America can handle being the Police in the area. He wants help from Putin. Trump is a traitor!

  • Tom Kane, Author says:

    In Britain, Pompeo would be described as a wanker. However, I'll give him his due, he is more a dummy. You need guidance to be a wanker, because you need to know where your tackle is and Pompeo doesn't know where his brain is!

  • look at the photo of paul manafort at 5:55 … he looks so at peace now that he is away from trump and behind bars. remember that interview where he stuttered real hard over a simple question? good on him for getting enough sleep in a cushy white collar prison…

  • They decided not to proceed with impeachment because Giuliani is exposing the Briben's and calling them out.They know that by law President Trump was required to investigate Joe Briben and Hunted Briben for extortion and bribery on Ukraine. Creepy Joe has his own video where he admits to it, and even brags about having the prosecutor in Ukraine fired for investigating his cocaine head son Hunted Briben. Hunted Briben resigned in China as middle man for Creepy Joe, but hasn't let go of his 10% interest in the Chinese Company, as greed is still a horrible addiction as well. Their investigator Mueller admits no collusion as the investigation into the Briben's involving Ukraine is required by law. The democrats, Creepy Joe Briben, Pocahontas, Walking Dead Heart Attack taxer Bernie, Buttigag, Beto Dirt Eater and Green Poop Trickster, just don't have their crap together, and don't know crap from apple-butter. What a banded fool crew of misfits democrats have to choose from as if they are having an apple bobbing contest is in a commode, but it isn't actually apples they are trying to choose from.

  • Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • The bird needs both wings to fly in a democracy. Everything can't be Right Wing or Left Wing. No matter how you look at it the bird will never be balanced in flight. Not while one wing is trying to out do the other. If you try to use only one wing (in flight) the bird will spiral down and crash. Silly as this may sound, build a paper plane with only one wing then try to fly it. USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Christopher Aderson says:

    Yes looking at a lot of stuff but ignoring Ukraine corruption still it’s good that there is news channels on YouTube.

  • Who is the GIANT aide who escorts these witnesses' into the hearings?
    I mean, this guy's had his head cut off more than all of the historical French royalty combined and yet we don't know who he is! 😉

  • If trump was guilty of anything he would have already been impeached, but all the fake news, MSNBC, New York Times, and trump has every right to look into the Bidens business dealings in foreign countries and all presidents are in the past has F#&%?d over the United States like our last president who gave $260,

  • Jackknife Composites says:

    More of this will happen… Citizens United has done what it was meant to; give more power to corporations than to the people…

  • Yet another "go nowhere train" we are all supposed to follow and some of you are nothing more than a sponge to all of it, what a shame. Did some of you even pay attention to the "big" question mark over this whole "opinion" piece by Miss Maddow? No final fact just possibilities and you have once again without facts fell off the edge of reality for this hate of a man you don't like for reasons yet to be proven, but you've been told to hate him just because!

  • Rudolph Giuliani, He is the reason that Cops in NY were so aggressive, they had his backing, He is a person that abuses his power. Rudolph Giuliani Should pay for his actions and go to Jail.

  • Nancy & the Dems are getting all their ducks in a row. Yes, it may take a while but that's not their fault because Trump & his mob have woven such a tangled web. The Dems need to get irrefutable evidence (so Trump & his cronies can't talk their way out of things & so cover ups won't work anymore) then they need to put it in an easy to understand form for the American people … That, folks, is a really tall order. So while we are fed up & impatient, we have to try to be patient & trust the people who are REALLY trying to do their jobs & trying to protect America & her people. An impeachment inquiry is just another term for "fact finding mission".

  • › obama-2008-campaign-fined-375000-085784
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  • We must rid ourselves of this vermin which is ransacking our White House. And, it is imperative to urge our legislators to get on board also, to preserve what dignity may remain of the Republican party. Wake up Republicans! #WEAREBETTERTHANTRUMPSLEADERSHIP

  • I knew it. Trump's fawns over Putin because he want his name on hotels in Moscow. He is willing to sell out our country for his own personal gain.

  • Reporter – Is rudy GHOUL-iani your friend an lawyer?

    TRIMP – WHO is Ruby, Julie & Annie? I've never heard of them.

    Reporter – I'm referring to GHOUL-iani, isn't he your lawyer?

    TRIMP – I have many lawyers, you would have to ask whoever that is, and they are no longer with me. Again I have and know many lawyers, it doesn't mean they work for me.

  • The time line 
    Joe Biden  committed  and admitted to EXTORTING UKRAIN   in 2014  under the  order of OBAMA  ?
    The DON did not  come into office until January 2017 
    When the DON discovered the Extortion  he had a DUTY to  investigate  -as Joe Lost his Political immunity  -The Dims call that Impeachable because  RUDY and Barr  are investigating ???

  • Maybe he does have “great and unmatched wisdom.” Still doing whatever he wants and the emolument clause is meaningless as the G-7 meeting at his place.

  • Haha how does this flake spew this made up garbage day in and day out and bear to look in the mirror, I almost feel sorry for these bizarros

  • How's embarrassing, 2 years of blabbering about the Russian hoax which proves to be a complete farce, anyone with any self respect would crawl under a rock and never show their sad face again

  • Way things are going Trump will die in bed of old age surrounded by young whores. But everybody who worked for him is going to end in jail.

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