100 thoughts on “Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation”

  • Boom boom boom! Here comes the Pain!!! God bless our President And God bless the men and women in uniform! May God protect you all during this FAKE Impeachment Inquiry!

  • Buckeye Shift you are so pathetic and acting like a spoiled kid! Cut it out and grow up now…..get out of Congress and get a real job idiot! Trump 2020!

  • maria bartiromo said today her inside sources told her this Friday Oct 18th I.G report is gonna drop! Deep state is desperate

  • Talk about theatrical, lying, DISGUSTING, CORRUPT, despicable- Cory Booker is it! He and Harris sound just like each other – Sickening!!!

  • The American people will not forget this political coup attempt, the do nothing socialists democrats are now officially unelectable for many years to come. They have shot themselves in the foot big time and opened up a can of very large worms that will devour them.

  • IsAnything RealAnymore says:

    Corey Booker has quite a low IQ. He would be lucky if it was equal to room temperature. Corey would make a better "whistle" blower… Along with Schiff! They both love blowing things.

  • Manumalo Taylor says:

    Donald is the Most Greatest President in Historical you may not like him and how he Runs the Country and how he go after the Corrupt it’s time for the Americans to see for them self How they being treated in a very long time Agree or not Yes, We has being Cheated on Treats Bad We could never know What is going on in the Congress And Democratic and Republican on both sides We knows we all Worked very hard for a Living some Work 2or 3 job just to Make Sure Family Paid the Bills Food on the table You can arguably about all the Things is going on but Remember God is by this President side he wants to help the Americans People and the Country You can dislike our President but for me i wouldn’t think too much about the time President because he’s a Genius man Good in business you can say things about out President but that’s not stopping him from Going after anyone is Stealing from the taxpayers money he looks after the Americans People not by choice by God He choose Donald J .Trump to Drain the Swamp ok not to my knowledge i wished you all Keep Support our President its Historical in America God blesses you all and God blessed our President ♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • How can people just be “living their lives” while this is happening to our President through liars in OUR congress. Please inform yourselves and friends, pray for our Country, for our President and honest men defending our institution.

  • Screeching Climatechangeretard says:

    What's really Unbecoming of a US senator is the half truths and lies and fake kiss photo ops pretending he's not a closet homosexual

  • Damien Hamilton says:

    'If it wasnt for double standards democrats would gave no standards at all.' Never truer words have been said.
    Its taken me a while to work it out, but Giuliani is a deadset genius. When Trump was under threat he kept looking like he was giving away information that would incriminate Trump. Truth he made it look like there was more to the Russian story then there was so the media went greater and greater into their conspiracy theory. With the double standards in corruption he knew it would position Trump as the anit corruption President. Brilliant!!!!!! Ill admit I thought he'd commited a heap of mistakes early on. Well played sir.

  • Mafiosi guiliani. Good fella. They won't answer questions cause they're cooked. How befitting Thanksgiving is around the corner, these turkeys are done. Stick a fork in them. Lol!😅😆😁😄😂🤣

  • the dnc is throwing everything they can against the wall , to give their media clowns enough water to muddy the waters . they did so much fed up stuff and you never hear about it , they don't comment about it . the closer these swamp killers get the more non sense they create

  • Oldliver Goodhag says:

    Listen to stinking schitt he's gone back to laws and the constitution and doing this for the people.him and Pelosi and Nadler allways fall back on this line.What a bunch of disgusting communist wanna be'es..

  • TheObsessivePainter ! says:

    Cory Booker is a piece of trash. Giuliani for president. I hope he runs in 2024 and takes up where Trump leaves office.

  • Edie Darlene Edgmon says:

    I would pay good money to watch Spartacus Booker “question” Rudy Giuliani!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!! It would be a bloodbath!!!! Giuliani would rip him apart; it would be delicious!!!!!!!!


  • Bunch of opinions no facts, so because she “thinks” things she believes they’re right . And all these old heads do is call ppl names hahahaha like children.

  • This guy at the end says ppl are being “bitter “ hahaha yet he is calling names and letting his emotions get the best of him. And this ignorant broad talks about the Kurds dieing like it’s no problem. What a joke of a show.

  • The American workers and President Trump have the right to be mad as hell.
    “It’s pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the Intelligence Committee Democrats colluded on this. Now I know as a fact that anti-Trump attorney Mark Zaid with Adan Schiff’s committee was working with this leftwing democrat CIA whistleblower, changing the whistleblower rules to include "rumors" "gossipy" a Month before the report. Now anybody can write a complaint just for the hell of it. I know more corrupt CIA officials will write complaints. 
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of anti- Trump attorneys. Intelligence doesn’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job that included others, probably activist attorney  Mark Zaid, Adan Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  • Everything they're talking about as far as the corruption if it was on the level why are they trying to hide the information so therefore what is Rudy trying to hide

  • Randall Landfair says:

    Michael Atkinson was Senior Council to John Carlin who was appointed by Obama to be Robert Mueller's chief of staff when he ran the FBI.

  • What is more Un-Constitutional than Schifty's fake impeachment….how dare Schifty Adam point fingers and accuse any one of being un-Constitutional for refusing to testify before the fraud that Schifty is carrying on….when is Schifty going down?  So sick of him and his lies….he's just a dirty little worm.

  • Here's a thought for a sweet dream tonight. Fiction, a criminal will never admitted wrong doing until proven quilty, will blame everybody else except itself until the end, fake news. Facts, criminal always convicted by the majorities. Good night

  • If Giuliani presents nothing by hard evidence he has gathered for some time now, how can anyone from the dems camp refute them?

  • Former FBI agent? Could that be Peter Strzok? 🤔FIGURES.You know how they say, the most wanted man in America? Adam Schiff is the most hated ugliest man in America.

  • Pierre Jeanbaptiste says:

    Pelosi you got impeach you but not my President Donald Trump
    You Pelosi Schiff and maximi bull kaka demagogue immoral corruption

  • timothy newsome says:

    There is no doubt this was an attempt to overthrow an elected official and The Constitution has been a door mat. Thank you Joe & Rudy. It appears that you realize the devastation of this for the country and needs to be countered with a harshness of consequence!

  • Trump wont prosecute ANYONE. He cant thin the DemocRat herd of uncorrupt people if he wants to get re-elected. He needs the DemocRat front runner to be corrupt so he can win and then will do nothing after the election.

  • Booker you ruined Newark and are a non player in the election. Guilliani would eat you up and spit you out. I am glad you are about to exit.

  • Yeah…I agree bieng a clown sometimes but this is way more than be a clown, this is crazy, bunch of comedians and liars, and I used to love rudy and …OMG!!! he went from hero to zero trying to mislead us. SHAME. I trusted trump too, ….well.. old man just can't change. crook,liar. Shame on us repuplican.

  • I’d feel safer doing business with the mob than I would Judy Ruliani! Laura Ingraham is not a journalist! She is creme de la creepy!

  • What a turncoat Graham is. He goes the way the wind blows if it’s in his direction. I really thought he backed the President. That’s why the democrats get their way all the time😡

  • No matter your party, the "CITIZENS' EQUALITY ACT" would separate the traitors from the PATRIOTS of this country. You've got to look it up, and play it forward— you'll see. It was on TedTalks.

  • Smart for Giuliani to not testify until there is a fair trail. NotSoSmartacus is a sad clown. Pelosi’s wrap up smear tactic is not going to work this time.

  • The only things you & Donald will be doing is having, Sleepovers with Michael Cohen, 3 to a Cell Oh until Michael leaves yous behind, sorry Rudy but you were well warned, millions of times over & your needing to keep your Trap shut Laura you just add to peoples troubles, Ya Fanny

  • As long as uh, I speak softly and uh, say uh, alot, uh I sound like uh, I'm sincere and uh know what I'm uh talking about uh.

  • I think they are carrying on too much about the so called whistle-blower as its way past that and Trump has already hung himself and I'm writing this after Sonderland has already appeared so this little chat had turned out to be a load of garbage.

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