Girls Expectations In Love || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Girls Expectations In Love || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Hey! What’s going on?
– I’m spending all my time thinking about him. You’ve been a very popular couple. What is wrong?
– I always thought there are only two types of boyfriends. One, who are over possessive and keep calling all the time
and two, who hardly care anything at all about the girl. But my guy is so different. He cares a lot for me
when I’m around. But, once I’m out of sight, I go out of mind. You’ve known him for so long. Didn’t you read him yet?
– I got into a relation with him only after reading him well. But now, I’m confused.
He never does what I expect him to do. How insolent? – Who is? You?
– Yes. I’m insolent as I’m avoiding you so much. No, you are not. You got it all wrong.
– Yes, I always get everything wrong. No, I don’t get anything wrong.
– I said I get everything wrong. If you understand me well, you won’t get it wrong.
– I understood you a lot more, that’s why I feel I’m wrong. What is your point?
– We argued 2 days ago only because of you and you aren’t sorry? Even you know you were at fault. Yet, you aren’t guilty.
– I was already irritated and when you messed around with me. Fine, you were pissed then. You could’ve apologized later.
You didn’t talk to me until I started talking again. You don’t care about being with me?
– It is not that. I know you’d be with me anyway. So, I waited for you to talk first.
– That is why I called you insolent. I won’t talk the next time. You should break the ice and even apologize the next time.
– Let’s see who’ll break the ice the next time too. When do we have a fight again? I’m sorry. You seem upset.
– I was upset, but now I’m pissed. I had a lot to do at work whole of yesterday.
That is why I couldn’t respond to your calls or texts. I called you and texted you dozens of times.
Despite knowing I wanted to talk to you you couldn’t even pick up the phone
and tell me you were busy? Were you that busy? I was really caught up with work.
Believe me when I’m saying the truth. I’m not saying you’re lying.
But I’m upset you didn’t even reply back even once. I didn’t because I had work pressure.
Also, I can’t keep texting all the time like other guys do. I’m not asking you to keep texting
like the other guys. But a simple, ‘I’ll call you back, love you’
means a lot for a girl. Even a small texts brings joy to us girls.
– Alright. I’ll remember that. Forget texting, I’ll say it in person.
I love you. Shall we meet in the evening today?
– We’ll meet tomorrow. Shall we go to a movie tomorrow?
– I don’t want to watch any movie. Shall we go on a trip this weekend?
– We’ll think about it. Hey! What’s up?
– I’m busy, I’ll call you back. May I have your order?
– Please, come back in about 5 minutes. How long have you been waiting for me?
– You ask like you care. Are you done being busy?
– Not really. I still have some work to finish. But that isn’t very important.
– Oh, had it been urgent, you wouldn’t have cared coming. Please, don’t say that.
– Why won’t I? It’s been 10 days since you made time for me and it’s been a month since we went out.
– I know that. Even I want to be around you but I’m too busy with work.
– I want to go out on a drive with you. If not drive, I atleast want to sit and chat with you.
But you aren’t even making time for that. It isn’t that I’m not making time. I’m unable too.
Please, don’t be mad at me. Come on, say something. Shall we go out this weekend?
– Are you sure? – I am. Alright, then.
You are forgiven. So, you see, it is me who should
always break the ice after an argument. Even after I ping him, he doesn’t even reply sometimes.
– I’m reminded of something. Before, they used to type us long messages and we used to
give them single worded replies. Now, the tables have turned. Do you think my guy is even reading my messages anymore?
– I don’t get these guys. Sometimes I wonder if I should get married
to such an inconsiderant guy at all. It isn’t such a big problem to leave them,
also, it isn’t a trivial either to let it be. The next time I meet him,
I’ll tell him he should make some time for me. I’m not totally satisfied
with my relation. So, what is it you said you wanted to speak about.
– I want to talk about our relationship. Are your parents finding matches for you anything?
– No, it isn’t about that. I just wanted to clear a few things.
– Go on. Every girl expects few things from her boyfriend,
like surprise gifts, trips etc. I’m not expecting any of that from you.
All I want is you to spend sometime with me. Even if you can’t meet me everyday,
I atleast want you to chat on the phone with me a little. When you are online and still don’t reply to my texts,
I start doubting who you are chatting with and I start feeling so down
that I don’t even visit my friends. I feel we both are drifting apart each day.
Not that I want to ditch you but if this continues,
we may not be happy forever. You know I don’t mean anything
if I’m not meeting you often. I agree, I’m not responding to your calls
and neither am I taking you out like I should. I don’t know how to express my feelings.
I can’t express my love for you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you enough.
– Alright. Even I’ll try to understand you hereon. And I want you not to repeat these mistakes again.
– That I promise. I love you.


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