43 thoughts on “GGN News with Gabriel Iglesias | FULL EPISODE”

  •   hi snoop im  BLITS FEVER 27 YEAR OF EXPERIENCE,RAPPER,SINGER,PRODUCER,DANCER,SONGWRITER,COMEDIAN,CERtIFIED TELEVISION / STUDiO PRODUCER, CERTIFIED ADOBE PREMIERE EDITOR, AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIAN,GRAPHIC /FASHION DESIGNER, CARTOONIST ENTREPENEUR. I love the strains I make hardcore boom bap hi hop all censored just over flowing with raw energy I have my own show for 7 years now the tv studio director love my show so much he gave me 3 time slots in the same day I would love 2 open shows for free with you collaborate creative insights and let our intelligence merge can you send me jpeg of background for your show so I can promote your show on my show I have been promoting your music for a while all the hardcore snoop dogg classic " I want to rock " " niggas and bitches " " gin and juice " and list goes on

  • smack down76 says:

    Gooooooood shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, Snoop! First time watcher now long time subscriber. . Good to see your not out to hook and hang those who come to kick back! ! That's a HIGH in my book 😎

  • Zango_86 Gaming says:

    14:34 This right here is why Snopp is the man. Just down to earth real. No bullshit, no games, just chill.

  • I was at the knoxville cinema center where he was there on oct 9, 2017 and he told the audience about this! I went to it right after the show.

  • The walking dead shirt he is wearing is aweome!! Also him taken a sip at 5.06-ish..after hitting that blunt…..😂🤣 yeah I know that feeling

  • Rioma ZambeR says:

    Me encanta que ambos estén tranquilamente fumándose uno, mientras graban este vídeo.
    Me gusta que la cultura de la weed sea tan chill out. Bueno, por lo menos aquí. Jejeje.

  • Chicago Finest says:

    I’m here because I want to I never knew about a special in Netflix so I’m the only here that didn’t know about any show .

  • Bradley Sears says:

    Man I love fluffy and snoop.. so I as soon as he said you can see the interview on YouTube man I paused Netflix like I was hitting the air brakes on a semi…lmao

  • Darien Ravenwolf says:

    I will say this much, In all the years i lived in socal, I wished i would have met snoop, One is i grew up with a respect for all kinds of music thanks to my mother, but mopre so that snoop was one of the favorites and my grandpa from my mothers side use to tell us kids he met you, and he use to travel and sing in a barber shop group., and i had always wanted to meet him to one meet an awesome performer, but also to see if that was true. But now i'm in TN and struggling to hang on to what memories i have given allot that's happened in my life, But ever getting to meet snoop would just be awesome and another amazing person i've ever gotten to meet. That and it would shut my roomies up that don't believe me of everyone I've met famous wise and i never once went fanboy with them but wish i could have had a picture or something with them. But in my heart meeting them just made me happy and shows what hard work can do for people…… I wish i had gotten to do voice work for cartoons and such, but all i've had happen i wouldn't change for anything, I mean i still would love to do voice works for anime and cartoons, but it would be one of those miracles in my life if it does, that and meeting snoop would just be the bomb.

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