Getting to Know Pete Buttigieg | The Daily Show

Getting to Know Pete Buttigieg | The Daily Show

– Pete Buttigieg, mayor
of South Bend, Indiana and famous boy detective. (upbeat music) First things first, a
lot of people are asking, how do you pronounce
this guy’s name? It’s pronounced Pete, okay? It’s like peaches, but
you just stop, all right? Pee, that’s it. Oh, and as for his last name, we’re still figuring
that one out. – Pete Buttigeg,
Buttiget, Buttigeg. – [Female Anchor] South Bend
Mayor Pete Buttige, Buttigeg, I always say this wrong. – [Male Anchor] Buttigeg. – [Female Anchor] Buttijeg. – [Male Anchor] Indiana
Mayor Pete Bugeteg. – Buttijeg. – [Male Anchor] Buttigig. – Buttigig? – [Male Anchor] Mayor
Pete Buttedgedge. – [Male Anchor] Pete
Buttegeg, edge edge. – On Pete Buttigieg. – Peter Buttag, the
mayor of Indianapolis. – [Male Reporter] Best way
to pronounce your last name? (laughs) – Buttigieg, but
around South Bend, they just call me Mayor Pete
and that’s fine with me. – Oh thank God, Mayor Pete. We’ll take Mayor Pete,
we’ll take Mayor Pete. Yeah, because people are really
struggling with this one. It’s not Buttiedge,
it’s not Buttijay, and it’s definitely not Buttag. (audience laughs) But now that we’re on the same
page on how to say his name, what has he done? – The guy who’s only
37, Pete Buttigieg, boasts an impressive resume. First elected mayor of
his hometown at age 29, a Harvard educated
Rhodes scholar, as well as a Lieutenant
in the Navy reserve. – [Male Anchor] Took an
unpaid seven month leave during his mayoral term for
a deployment to Afghanistan. – [Female Anchor] Not
only the first openly gay Presidential candidate,
he’s also a newlywed. – [Female Anchor] Would
be a President of firsts. The first to be elected in
his 30s, the first millennial, the first openly gay
Commander in Chief, and the first Mayor. – This is the only chance
you’ll ever get to vote for a Maltese American,
left handed, Episcopalian, gay war veteran,
mayor, millennial. (audience laughs) – Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Maltese American? Are you guys telling me
this guy is part little dog? (audience laughs) Because if that’s true, he is gonna win every white
person’s vote in this country. White people love
them little ass dogs. (audience laughs) Love them! But seriously though, I can
see why people are impressed by Buttigieg, right? He has such a unique bio. He’s a veteran, a Harvard
graduate and a Rhodes scholar who’s openly gay and also
so young that if he served two terms as President,
when he came out, he would still only be 46. Yeah, plus he’s
a concert pianist and speaks seven languages,
including Norwegian, which he learned just so that
he could read Norwegian books. (audience laughs) Compare that to America’s
current President, who has read zero books and
is fluent in zero languages. Now if you’re
watching this, going, “Trevor, why are you only
showing us the positive things “about Pete Buttigieg?” Because that’s all we
could find, all right? (audience laughs) No, I’m being serious. There’s no dirt on
this guy, like nothing. Usually candidates have
some skeletons somewhere, but even his skeletons
are singing his praises. “He gave me calcium
for my bones.” (audience laughs) He’s the Mayor of
South Bend, Indiana and host of Nathan For You. He did a Fox Hall, he did
a Fox Town Hall on Sunday and he showed that visiting
Fox doesn’t have to mean that you endorse them. – You know, a lot of folks in
my party were critical of me for even doing
this with Fox News. I mean, when you got Tucker
Carlson saying that immigrants make America dirty, when you’ve
got Laura Ingram comparing detention center with children
in cages to summer camps, then there is a reason why
anybody has to swallow hard and think twice
before participating in this media ecosystem. But I also believe that
there are a lot of Americans who my party can’t blame if
they are ignoring our message ’cause they will never hear it if we don’t go on
and talk about it. I hope you’ll join me in
making sure that that next era is better than any
that we’ve had so far. (audience claps and cheers) – Thank you Mayor,
and thank you – wow, a standing ovation. – Wow, standing ovation. Pete Buttigieg went on Fox News, trashed their most
popular anchors and then got a standing
ovation at the end. That is amazing! (audience cheers) That is amazing! Because if someone
came to your house and told you how
ugly your kids were, you’d probably be like,
“Get the hell out of here.” You wouldn’t be like, (claps) “Someone had to say it. “You got a big ass head
Billy, you got a big ass head. “Someone had to say it.” (audience laughs) And it wasn’t just the audience. Some reporters on Fox News
actually credited Buttigieg for coming onto their network. But the kids with
the big ass heads, they weren’t as happy. – Mayor Pete, who desperately
needs a re-Boot-i-gieg. Now when he wasn’t
pushing for tax increases or lobbing lame cheap shots,
he was trying to pass off political pablum as some
type of high minded oratory. Maybe we should call him Pope
Pete, because don’t you love how he – because he attends
church, we’re supposed to treat him as the be all
and end all moral authority or the arbiter of
who is and who is not operating in good faith. – Okay? (audience laughs) I get that Lura Ingram
is trying to diss Pete, but I don’t know if she achieved
that by calling him Pope. (audience laughs) People like The Pope. It’s not a great diss. It’s like going, “You know
this guy Steve is always “walking around being
a dick to everyone, “let’s call him Big Dick Steve. “That’ll show him. “Everyone will know what a
big throbbing dick he has – “I mean, he is.” Pete Buttigieg,
democratic candidate, mayor of South Bend,
and real life Boss Baby. (audience laughs) Over the weekend, he did
an interview Axios on HBO, and one thing he said
took the reporter a little by surprise. – If you were to
win the nomination, they’ll say you’re too
young, too liberal, too gay to be Commander in Chief. You are young, you are
liberal, you are gay. How will you respond? – People will elect the person who will make the
best President. And we have had excellent
Presidents who have been young. We have had excellent Presidents
who have been liberal. I would imagine we’ve probably
had excellent Presidents who were gay, we just
didn’t know which ones. – You believe that we’ve had
a gay Commander in Chief? – I mean, statistically,
it’s almost certain. – Like in your
reading of history, do you believe you
know who they were? – My gay-dar doesn’t even
work that well in the present, let alone retroactively. (audience and Trevor laughs) – Oh man. That was such a great response. I love how the journalist
was like, “who?” (Trevor stammers) It’s so funny that
the journalist thinks because Buttigieg is gay, he automatically
knows who else is gay. Like gay people can even
recognize each other across time, yeah? It’s the same way when I
tell people I’m from Africa, some people are like, “oh
my God, you’re from Africa. “Do you know Mufasa?” I’m like, “No, you idiot. “We went to different
high schools, come on.” (audience laughs) Also, Buttigieg is
a better man than me ’cause you realize he could
have said any President is gay and that guy would’ve
believed him. Yeah, he could have been like, “Well, Thomas Jefferson
was totally gay.” Guy would be like,
“What, how can you tell?” He’d be like, “Oh I can tell.” (audience laughs) Pete Buttigieg, mayor
of South Bend, Indiana and kid who always
asks for more homework is getting attention for
what he’s saying in his ads. – Pete Buttiegieg has a new
kind of position or an ad this weekend that
was airing in Iowa about education, listen. – I believe we should
move to make college affordable for everyone. There are some voices saying,
“Well that doesn’t count “unless you go even
further, unless it’s free, “even for the kids
of millionaires.” But I only wanna make
promises that we can keep. – [Female Anchor]
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, a Bernie Sanders supporter, slamming the new Iowa
front runner, tweeting, “This is a GOP talking point “used to dismantle
public systems “and it’s sad to see a
Dem candidate adopt it.” – Ooh, Pete, you in trouble. (audience laughs) This is an interesting one. Pete Buttigieg says that he
supports free public college, but it shouldn’t apply
to rich people’s kids. And in response,
rich people said, “What the (beep) is
a public college?” (audience laughs) “Is that like a public toilet? “I think I’ve heard of those.” No, but jokes aside,
this ad is getting a lot of backlash, right? Because Buttigieg has
basically drawn criticism from the progressive
wing of his party, because they argue, if the
government provides a service, the service should be available to all of its citizens, right? It’s the same way a
public library doesn’t ask how rich you are before they
let you in to masturbate. It’s a public library,
everyone can masturbate, that’s what it’s there for. (audience laughs) Now, despite the backlash,
Buttigieg’s campaign is still steadily on the rise. The major change
from the last debate is the rise of Pete
Buttigieg, all right? Mayor of South Bend,
Indiana and the only adult Michael Jackson would be into. Over the past few
weeks, he has surged from the middle of the
pack to take the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. So now, between Buttigieg,
Biden, Warren and Bernie, this has become a four way race. And if you include Corey Booker,
it’s still a four way race. (audience laughs) So with Buttigieg
rising in the polls, tonight the moderators
asked him something a lot of people are wondering, why should a teenage mayor
from South Bend, Indiana become President of
the United States? – Mayor Buttigieg, let’s
talk about your record as a candidate. Why should Democrats take
the risk of betting on you? – In order to defeat this
President, we need somebody who can go toe to toe,
who actually comes from the kinds of communities
that he’s been appealing to. I don’t talk a big game about
helping the working class while helicopter-ing
between golf courses with my name on them. I don’t even golf. As a matter of fact,
I never thought I’d be on a Forbes magazine
list but they did one of all the candidates by wealth and I am literally the least
wealthy person on this stage. – Yeah, Pete Buttigieg
may be the poorest person on that stage, but
Bernie was like, “Yes, but I look the poorest.” (audience laughs) “And that should
count for something.” You know, it’s actually funny
how running for President is the only time people brag about how much money
they don’t have. (audience laughs) All right, it’s like they’re
all bizzaro rappers, you know? “Started from the
bottom, never left.” (audience laughs) “Started from the
bottom and my whole team “is in the exact same place “because there’s been
no upward mobility “for the last 30-40
years in this country.” Why do you think your candidacy is catching on like wildfire? – I think it’s actually
all the same reasons that made my candidacy
kind of unlikely. The fact that I’m a mayor
at a time when people are frustrated with Washington and looking for different
sources of leadership. The fact that I’m from
the Industrial Midwest, which is a place that Democrats
have sometimes struggled to connect with. And the fact that I’m
from a new generation, which I think raised
some eyebrows early on, but I think it’s
one of the reasons why it makes sense to do this. And I think all of those
things that we thought might be constraints
when we got into it, it actually helped demonstrate
that I’m not like the others and I represent
something different. – I think you’re not like
anybody, to be honest. No, because when you look at
your resume and your story, it genuinely seemed like
you were created in a lab, specifically to run – no,
I mean, listen to this, this is who Mayor Pete
is, just a little bit. I mean, listen to this. You have someone who is a
Rhodes scholar, a war veteran, gay and religious, speaks
multiple languages, and you’re from the Heartland. You also have
executive experience, like what’s the major scandal? You should just tell us now. There’s gonna be – like,
where are the bodies? Are they in the basement? Are they – – No bodies. – No bodies? Is that just you? Is that how you’ve lived
your life and then happened to coincide with the
Presidential campaign? Or is this what you’ve
cultivated in your life? – I mean, most of
the turns in my life came as something of a surprise. Even when I was interested
in politics as a student, I never would have guessed
that local government would have been where I
found a lot of meaning. I’m not sure I would have
guessed that moving home to South Bend, Indiana
would have been how I would really find purpose and
kind of make my fortunes. Not a financial
fortune, but you know, my kinda professional life
would be so fulfilling. I think, so much of this
is the element of surprise. I mean, five or 10 years
ago, you would not have said, “If we’re gonna cook up the
ideal Presidential candidate, “let’s have a 30-something
gay mayor from the Midwest.” Right? – It’s almost like you’ve
come about at a time when society is at a place – – Yeah, in no other time in
the last 200 years, right, would somebody like me have
fit a Presidential campaign. But we’re living in this
moment, maybe the only moment, for the last 200 or
the next 200 years. But I think when you’re
deciding whether to run for any office, what you gotta
do is you look at the moment, you look at the constituency
– the district or the city or the country or whatever
office you’re running for – say, what does it call
for in this moment? And to my surprise too at first, I realized that this is a
moment that just might call for somebody like me. – More recently, you’ve
been thrust into the news in and around issues regarding
voters who are black. People have said, “Mayor
Pete, it feels like you have a blind spot when it comes
to black voters in America.” Whether it be the fact
that in South Bend, when South Bend’s
economy rose up, black people didn’t rise up as
much, they stayed in poverty. You’ve had issues in
and around conversations around the black Police Chief. What do you think
you’re gonna do? How are you going to
appeal to black voters? – I think a lot of it is
the importance of outreach. So there are people who
will find their way to you, and those are your
core supporters. And then there are the people
who will never hear from you unless you reach out to them. This is important
for me back home too, not everyone knows
that South Bend is a racially diverse city,
we’re about 40-45% non-white. As you mentioned, we had
some very painful issues, especially in my first
days and months as Mayor around race and policing,
around neighborhoods. We have a lot of racial
inequality in our city, not because we want to but it’s shown me that good
intentions are not enough. You have to have intention
around your policies. And we’re working on
everything back in South Bend from black entrepreneurship
to investing in historically
disinvested neighborhoods. I think the same thing has to
happen at the national level. These racial inequities
didn’t just happen, they’re not an accident. They’re, in many cases, the
consequence of racist policies, which means we have to have,
not just non-racist policies, but anti-racist policies,
if we’re ever going to see these things equalize
in our lifetime. And I may not be able to
convince every voter out there to be for me, but at the very
least, I need to make sure that every voter out there
knows that I’m for them. (audience cheers) (upbeat music)


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