Get More Sponsors For Your Events

Get More Sponsors For Your Events

welcome to the event manager blog video series this video is brought by event and be the number one blog for event professionals hey this is Samantha from NMB and today we talk about how to get more sponsors for your events whether you're hosting a conference a trade show or even a charity event chances are that in order to be profitable you're going to have to have sponsors on board however in many cases that's easier said than done selling sponsorship doesn't come naturally to you then here are some top tips to deliver great results your sponsors are your customers never forget that your sponsors are your customers the first question before launching an event shouldn't be do I have a great venue lined up or can I get people to come instead the first question should be can I sell sponsorship to companies who want to reach this audience thinking of sponsors as customers first will not only impact how you program your event but also how you make decisions that will affect the attendee experience every decision has to achieve two things one it must make for a better experience for our sponsors two it must make for a better experience for our attendees if it doesn't do both of these things then it's not something that you should be doing know where you add value a mistake many event planners make with sponsors is trying to bundle everything they possibly can into a one sponsorship package try to take a longer-term view sometimes you have to walk away from a deal and the revenue if it jeopardizes the future of your event a great example this is around data a sponsor often asks for details about those attending the event but this tends to be the core value of the event if you share this data with your sponsor what's their motivation for signing up next time don't sell yourself short get proactive sponsorship is hard to find you can't sit back and put a link of a sponsor pack on your website and just expect money to come rolling in you need to work hard knock on some doors make some phone calls and send a lot of emails often these requests are cold to those who haven't heard of your event but there are a lot of things you can do to increase your odds make use of LinkedIn if you know the company that you want to approach search for that company's name on LinkedIn and look at their employees and find the one that has the right job title the person that you'll want to speak to is usually a boss or someone very senior who gets to work early and leaves the office leave it work wonders to make your phone calls or send your emails at on conventional office hours for this exact reason LinkedIn can also help you out even if you don't know what other companies to reach out to just find one company that matches your sponsorship profile perfectly and look at the people also view data in conclusion a lot of great event managers don't think that they can sell sponsorship but they're wrong every event manager is a great problem solver so just think of selling sponsorship as a project with clear steps to take and you'll deliver great results just like you deliver great events thanks for tuning into this video get more sponsors for your events this video is brought to you by event and be the number one blog for event professionals remember to subscribe to event and be on YouTube and Facebook and if you enjoyed this give us a like thank you for watching


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