Get Lucky – DAFT PUNK (feat. Radio Elvis) // UCLA #9

Get Lucky – DAFT PUNK (feat. Radio Elvis) // UCLA #9

Ok, I know you came for
Talk about it …… but I’ll tell you about Daft Punk with “Get Lucky” We are in 2013
And it’s on the album “Random Access Memories” With 9.3 million copies sold, This is one of the best selling songs
all time ! * LA FRANCE ! * The guitarist of the song,
Nile Rodgers is the one of Chic band. The guy wrote this … It is also the guy who composed for: How Pharrell Williams has land on the
song? He is at a party at Madonna’s place. He admits to the 2 robots (the Daft Punks) that
It’s Nile Rodgers who has influenced all his work. In scientific jargon, this is an alignment of planets. More vulgarly, this guy has a big p*ssy blow !!!
(french expression to say get lucky) On the title, there are also 4 other musicians
Which have played with almost all the greatest blues and jazz artists. The melody is 4 notes …
4 notes that repeat, 4 notes that look strangely like their old single “Around The World”. I say COMPLOT! Whether you could consider it a f*ching lazy thing … Whether, you could consider they get to do a lot with little! I take my hat off, Guys ! Finally … Helmet! Beware, “Get Lucky” does not only mean to be lucky. It also means, in American slang,
“sleep with someone” By the way, Sony music Belgium has published condoms with effigy of the single at its released! The title refers not only to the sexual act … But also to the alchemy of the encounter. It’s mostly their 1st studio album, which they usually record at home. The Daft are so afraid of being hacked,
A type was nevertheless obliged to Take his car, cross the United States To bring the final version to the label. It does not prevent that the album has nevertheless leaked on the Internet… For the record,
The father of one of the 2 Daft Punk, – the one with the helmet … –
Was the producer of Ottawan And of “La Compagnie Créole” !
(Famous french caribbean group) “Bal masqué” !
(name of a song) And it’s to tell you if the guy,
He knows everything about Malibu Coco… I do not understand, actually …
The guy does not tell me about Radio Elvis He wanted me to put on a helmet!
I do not understand ??? Daft Punk – Get Lucky


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