22 thoughts on “Germany's culture of Holocaust remembrance irks right-wing AfD | DW News”

  • For some reason ,the new Germans arriving today do not seem interested in remembering in the way we have framed the anti Semitic past of Germany, they have their own cultural perspective and we as privileged white Europeans should never dictate to a person of color how they should view their world . European Union Uber Alles .🇪🇺🤡

  • Lets be realistic, without a nation being proud of themselves/nationalist , that nation cannot be more advance. Why vietnam can independece from french? Because nationalism. My suggestion is just being proud of your nation. Dont be fooled by liberal + globalist. And honestly speaking that (((J))) is not good people either, they helped Mao ze dong created RED china and my grandparents were forced to emigrate from china

  • Lauren Padgett says:

    We should know more about Germany than just the holocaust. In America, we aren't taught more than that.

  • Europe needs Germany to lead. How will Germany do that when it is teaching it's children to look backwards at a single failure from 2 generations ago?

  • Modern-day Germans have nothing to be ashamed of for anything that happened before they were born. They need to be proud of their country.

  • john Stewart says:

    They need to move on… Also embrace the truth of what actually occurred, look at the evidence written & physical and move on…

  • usa, britons, france and nato are doing injustice in Afghanistan, iraq, syria and many places killing innocent people

  • it wasn’t only WWII. It was also WWI, 19th century genocides in various African states like Malawi and Southern Africa were millions of Africans were slaughtered in other to make room for German settlers. Once we forget the past, it’s bound to repeat itself.

  • G P A Martin says:

    Remember the Shoah, take honest pride in due attentiveness to detail and precision, and wipe the floor with the Greens.

  • Raymond Boutrous says:

    No amount of remembrance of the past, through history books or monuments, has or will deter what people will rally behind and do when progressive regression in the living standards of a populace takes root.

    It's only a matter of time before the next economic collapse, which will tick the clock of doom ever closer to the next midnight.

  • Raymond Boutrous says:

    Time unfortunately does not stand still and history has and will continue to repeat itself along the same broad brushstrokes. The stakes and bloodshed proportionally getting bigger as more people inhabit the Earth.

    We've been eliminating each other since the dawn of civilisation and will continue to do so to its very end.

    It's human nature.

  • Ja I hear often that the war was something good. It was "a nice purification of Germany and Europe" and "it's time for a new war."

  • 2:55 yes. Rembrance is unique for Germany.

    Where is the Rembrance culture for France? For China? For Italy? For Spain?

  • Good for the AfD. German children shouldn't be taught to be ashamed of their country. How can "remembrance culture" not be unhealthy? The morbid liberal rule-by-guilt is appalling.

  • There is nothing wrong with guilt and shame. As an outsider, I feel this honesty only bring honor to its younger generation. Just like a person without fear can not be truly brave. Generosity from the poor carry so much more weight than charity from the rich.
    Facing and overcoming this dark history will only make Germany stronger, not weaker.
    It is already evident how huge populations in Japan’s neighbouring countries continue to see Japan negatively due to its denialist and revisionist position on WW2 atrocities committed by Japan. While German has emerged as an important and respected parter with its EU neighbours.

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