100 thoughts on “Geraldo: ‘Super snitch’ Parnas trying to craft his best deal”

  • Geraldo Is A Fine Example Of Journalism, His Head Is Just As Empty As Al Capones Secret Vault He Hyped Up. Total Jerk Off.

  • Truth is not a defense to rudeness? This entire fiasco has been nothing but an insulting spectacle perpetrated by the deepstate upon the American people driven by the MSM.

  • Martha McSally is a disgrace. All she had to do was say "no comment" or simply walk past the reporter. This is what is done all the time. His question was asked in a professional manner. She forgets that she represents ALL the people of Arizona, not just a few. She wasn't even elected to the Senate, she lost her election, and only made it to the Senate as a replacement for the departed Senator McCain.. SO she should be a little more humble… She is way behind in the polls to astronaut Mark Kelly for the upcoming election, so she trying to stir up attention to conjure up donations.. Its working. Today I sent my donation to the Mark Kelly campaign. We don't need an embarrassment like this unhinged woman in the Senate. A republic with no free press is not free.

  • Patricia Thomas says:

    The American people voted President Trump into office. The Democrats are showing that they not only despise Trump but they despise the decision of the American people as well. We still don't trust the MSM, either. Jim Acosta needs his mouth wired shut. (Beware, again, the Silent Majority in November, 2020.) I pray that God will punish all the Socialists/Communists who call themselves Democrats… well as the RINO's. (BTW: The Constitution is OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.)

  • Larry & Gail Naselli says:

    Let's use the CNN style manual to write this headline: "Manu Raju Attacks Decorated Veteran, Raises Concerns About CNN Treatment of Military Women."

  • Wouldn't you be able to call fox conservative hacks? I'm a moderate and not manipulated by media. Want real news? Listen to NPR. Straight news in no opinion forms. CNN and FOX are both complicit in today's partisan division.

  • Geraldo what a loser he's bin suckin on the tailpipe of the gop clown bus for to long they need to drive that bus back in the swamp they crawled out of

  • Remember when Geraldo took a chair across the nose from a white supremacists? Now they love him and his orange grand wizard.

  • I have a feeling the hosts, crew all know that Geraldo was hitting the flask for this broadcast. He is slurring his words called Ainsley by another name and went off the rails defending fake news.
    She was not amused and fired back with a "thank you Jerry" …very nice comeback.

  • Right it's time for Trump to tie up his shoes and act like a president, as hilarious as he is, there are children watching, so maybe we can get a presidential role model the next 4 years. Democrats need to stand down also, so Trump isnt constantly having to defend himself.

  • achristian's illuminosity says:

    geraldo and fox news. you are all of touch with reality. the demonrat left/s.e.s/liberals/deepstate have use our kindness to their advantage. and like soleimani or i call him salami because they are both dead meat. they will keep bullying us becuase we all want to do the right thing. but when will us good guys smarten up. if we don't draw a line in the sand like trump did they will keep up until we are all defeated. stand up to them and make them fear our words. let them know we are not going to stand for it any longer. i call it the third grade syndrome. new kid we must beat him up. and i hate to say it but that happend to me in three different schools. because my parents moved to ct. for work we had moved three time in a short period until they found a house to buy. i got beet up the first time at first two schools. the third school on the first day this kid while i was walking to school said to me i don't like you and i am going to beat you up. so i knocked the crap out of him and when i got to school there was three more that wanted to do the same thing. that was the day that nobody at that school messed with me any more. they all saw what could happen to them. it's a mean life. but unfortunately this has to be done sometimes. through life i learned diplomacy but these fake news are ruthless and they think they can say anything and do anything they want. i am a christian but i know if you don't stand up to these third graders no matter how old they are they will not stop until they are made to stop. i am a christian but with an attitude ….. tikkun olam

  • Geraldo,you got brain damage and its causing you to talk like cnn…just saying..because rememeber you made that guy mad enough to Punch you Really Hard On Your Nose, you were Clocked pretty hard, it happened a few years back but maybe a Major Concussion.? lol

  • Donna Schneider says:

    Geraldo, she called him out on his lies. If she had said something it would have gotten turned into something against the President. She couldn't trust him to not lie. He is a liberal hack or he wouldn't be working for CNN.

  • Richard Danache says:


  • I’m all for someone like McSally telling the fake media off, history or no history with each other. And who cares anyway. The ‘left’ does this all the time, every since Trump got elected.

  • That is noble of Geraldo to have a higher standard , I RESPECT THAT. There is a rampant "Gratification" bug loose in this MEDIA-MEDDLED world, that seems too EGO PRONE, to think that it is right to outdo others in rudeness or nastiness. Sometimes SILENCE AND A STERN LOOK MAY BE FAR BETTER; you don't stoop to their level, and you call their bluff to await seeing how MUCH MORE STUPID THEY WANT TO BE.

  • She is a public servant in a representative of the people of the United States she has no place speaking rudely to anybody and the fact that she was a fighter pilot and an officer she should definitely know how to conduct herself in amateur orderly respectful manner no matter what comes across her her desk the fact that she responded that way tells me one thing maybe she shouldn't have been a fighter pilot maybe she's not mature and cool-headed enough and collected to be a fighter pilot anybody who grew up on the street knows that if you fight out of anger you get your butt kicked

  • The word snitch means to tell on someone for what they did…. If parnas was lying you would call him what trump is …. A Liar.

  • He has helped everyone so he is everyone's president. The attacks on him are unreal and yse to be punished but with Trump they are just excepted?? Why because he wasn't a politician??

  • Geraldo tryin to be nice, I suppose — get over it. I'm sure that the CNN reporter has heard that same insult before- if it weren't SO TRUE, it probably wouldn't have shakin' them up so much. CNN known for fake news- they twist the truth like a clown making a balloon animal at a kids party ->POP!<

  • Sorry Heraldo, but it really doesn't matter if you know this cnn "Hack" personally and you think he is a nice guy. If you do the devil's work you are the devil's minion! I have always thought you to be open minded and I appreciate your demeanor when dealing with opposing positions. But defending anyone who doesn't do as you have always done, and stand on their own 2 feet and be accountable to truth and decency,,,,,, They are a schill or as the brave senator said a "HACK".

  • Dont play yourselves… you can do what you want until you do the wrong thing. Dont be mad you asked for this… they are just asking for accountability. Lmfao

  • The headline is a lie. A blatant lie.

    Do you notice how they skirted the focus of the conversation with Geraldo? I don't believe they can EVER be seen in public again. America knows. Farces like this NEVER last . . .believe that. It NEVER lasts. America is too strong a nation to accept propaganda and stupidity.

  • Is this the same Lev Parnas, the same one that Donald said… 'I don't know him at all, don't know what he's about. Don't know where he comes from. Know nothing about him,' , that was at Eric Trumps sixth birthday party? That Lev Parnas? The Lev Parnas that was on Donald Trump Juniors' Executive Steering Committee raising funds for Ron Desantis? Or was it the Uncle Lev from the Bronx?

  • Geraldo…. the Democrats have declared total war on President Trump and his supporters. I would have had worse things to say. It is time to stop being nice to these character assassins and just call them the scum they are.

  • Furthermore, she actually can take care of herself and these "me too liberal fucks" can't stand women that "walk the walk".

  • Snitch or not

    Trump still got caught

    The mere absence of George Bush says it all

    Trump is toxic to the republicans

    Doing right by the it’s citizens

    Is their last chance

    Black mailed or not

    True story

  • MrMentalflossed says:

    1:22 "If you were on the news , opinion,.. here we are 2020 ,.lot of opinion" says the hypocrite that goes on a "news" channel every day and gives his opinion ROFLMAO

  • Nice answer for a Senator who was NOT elected but placed in the job by the Governor. It was a simple question answered by an grifter who acts like her new BOSS with absolutely no class.

  • All in the scheme! SATAN'S SCHEME.

    Meghan and Harry, Royals? Ever seen orange trees yield mangoes?

    Obama was inserted into the world; Harry, into the UK; Meghan, into the seat of the Anglican Church, AOC, into the US Congress and Barack was to cultivate and coordinate the activities and timings of these acolytes and more, in pursuance of the total destruction of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization's Ways and Norms. Coming Brexit is scaring the living little imps out of these New World Order (NWO) vermin. And same Brexit is a prelude to President Trump's re-election come November 2020.

    Rome may have been compromised… We pray not. With the destabilisation and who knows, the invalidation of the English monarchy by the seemingly "youthful adventurism" of Meghan and Harry, the Church of England would be shy a leader and the Anglican world, idem. The destruction is on…

    We had warned some twenty months or so back that the pair of Meghan and AOC would wreck havoc on the world. It is ongoing…

    For now, AOC and Meghan cannot be together in the same country and neither can Hussein and Harry also. Not so much because of Trump (which is not a small stumbling block to Satan's scheme) but in keeping with projected timings. Now, you understand why Canada has turned out to be their place of choice. Trudeau is tangentially connected in this scheme. Would they find peace in Canada? Would they succeed in executing Satan's scheme? The Donald was also inserted into world politics for a purpose. Would the world understand?


    Radicalised Barry is the prowling evil masterminding all the division, intolerance and unhappiness in the US and the world at large. The 1.7 billion USD ostensibly airlifted to Iran in multiple denominations and currencies was and is a farce. This money was the kickback Obama collected for the Iran Nuclear Deal. Please note that some 150 billion USD was officially wired to Iran by the Obama Administration. Where and when has a country ever sent assorted cash to another country? WHY WAS THE 1.7 BILLION USD NOT WIRED TO IRAN OFFICIALLY? This 1.7 billion that was handled in a way to make it difficult for it to be traced, finished up in Germany and Merkel is not in the dark, at all. Obama after visiting Germany some five months back, returned to the US to purchase a 20 million property. JUST FOLLOW HARRY AND MEGHAN AND YOU WOULD SMELL THE PURPORTED IRAN DEAL MONEY SUSTAINING THEM AS WELL AS OTHERS OF THEIR ILK.


    Unless Obama and the Clinton's are judged impartially by God and soon, the USA may for a time not breath peace and the world idem. Prayers, for devil is on the prowl…

    This is a tussle between Evil and Good. In the end evil shall succumb to Good in line with God's plan for humanity. God always wins in the end!

  • Trump hasn’t been indicted for obstruction of justice related to the Mueller investigation because the DOJ believes it is unconstitutional to indict a sitting President. And if Trump is re-elected the five year statute of limitation will run out. But as of today Trump will be President for at most 5 more years. That means new crimes he commits will be indictable before the five year statute of limitations expires.

  • The movie – Money Business, starring the Four Marx Brothers. Geraldo, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo.
    The four brothers are stowaways aboard a cruisleiner in the 1920's, and somehow sendup dining at the captain's table.
    The scene is as follows..
    Waiter : Would you like to have anything before lunch? 
    Chico : Yes, breakfast.
    Captain Corcoran : [describing the stowaways]  One of them goes around with a black moustache. 
    Geraldo : So do I; if I had my choice, I'd go around with a little blonde. 
    Captain Corcoran : I said, one goes around with a black moustache. 
    Geraldo : Well, you couldn't expect a moustache to go around by itself. Don't you think a moustache ever gets lonely, Captain? 
    Chico : Hey, sure it gets-a lonely. Hey, when my grandfather's beard gets here, I'd like it to meet your moustache. 
    Gwealdo : Well, I'll think it over; I'll talk it over with my moustache. Tell me, has your grandfather's beard got any money? 
    Chico : Money? Why, he fell hair to a fortune.

  • There was this guy Luis from an episode of the Jeffersons. He got all up n Georges grill, cause he thought he was a better boxer than George. I wanna see Geraldo and Luis put the gloves on and square off mano y mano in their moustached primes!

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