100 thoughts on “George Conway on Trump’s defense: What are they afraid of?”

  • I would like to thank men like George Conway, Andrew Napolitano and others that are or were devout Republican Party members before the election of Donald Trump to the office of POTUS. They have been willing to speak truth to power and despite it doing no favors to their image or career options in the conservative socioeconomic environment; also pointed the necessary fingers at such open prevarications perpetrated in front of the entire US Senate. It is a service that is much needed and I thank you, Mr. Conway.

  • America is in decline. Senators know the truth but don’t want the American people to know it. When the Senate of the United States sheds its honor in its refusal to seek truth, America is in decline; and it is the Republican Party that has brought us here.

  • The Republican party is not worth voting for.
    I'm 24 years old and the only references i have for what a Republican presidency is like are from GWB and Trump.
    Democrats like Bernie, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren have a vision for the future.
    Meanwhile the GOP became the obstructionist party, the trillion dollar-deficit party, the economic crisis party, the war party, the racist party, the anti-democrat party, the corrupt party, the big business party and the Trump party.. i mean what are they really offering for the future of young Americans?

  • Trump resulted to using extortion only because he could. It’s rude
    It’s bad enough the states have 82 bases all over the world and can “protect” the stolen oil from the states.

    Yet North Korea can use help
    Children can be guarded from being taken from there schools and sold to the sex trade. But
    Only interests to the states is worth being protected.

    Come on man
    The states have the upper hand because of there locations.


  • I think that this guy and his wife Kellyann play a game in dealing with Trump…I'm surprised that Trump falls for this game that they play. She probably goes home & tells him everything Trump does & her husband goes after Trump…Kellyanne probably hates Trump but she & her family need the money that she makes. There is no way that they oppose each other regarding Trump…it's a game that they play…and it works!

  • Pssst… nobody believes you. This is not the Impeachment trial. Dems were happy enough with the evidence they had at the time of them Impeaching Trump. Why do they feel they have insufficient evidence now? … let me say it then. Its because they have none. They keep asking for more in the hopes of self-incrimination for Mr Trump. They are metaphorically and systematically trying to pick the lock of the Presidency. Make sure and do your own research folks. Saying that, if you are backing Impeachment then you already know whats up don't you? Remember, what you support will become your surroundings.

  • I don't feel the defense of Trump is really about him or his credibility. This defense is about holding control over the distribution of the worlds financial assets. The reason Trump is being defended is because Trump is about Capitol gains for the wealthy. Republicans will always defend the money and do not have a care about equality and justice. Yes Republicans will give into minor bills but there's always an interest in receiving rewards for it. As for Trumps wired mind, he is set on the disability of narcissistic disorder that defines who he truly is. Trump has been sheltered from diversity among a variety of social-culture and had been brought up to believe that he has a standard above any other with the upbringing of a spoiled rotten, gets what he wants childhood. Trump was not loved, he was a creation from power and money. The only value Trump has is his money,he himself as a human being is way below the expectancy of a respectful,dignified,moral diligent man.

  • The Democrats lost an election and they are poor losers. They have been on a three year mission, along with the sycophant media to find a crime and have failed, so they just make s*** up.

  • Why are Republicans so afraid if Drumpf, he's a bully. If you fight back against a bully they retreat…..fight back, don't drink the Kool aid.

    Drumpfs lawyers are liars. Drumpf and his attorneys decided not to go to the investigative hearings. They didn't want to participate.

    Republicans were also participating in the hearings. Lies….lies to say they weren't allowed to participate.

  • George don’t want to burst your bubble, but your own wife KellyAnne is full complicated in the lying to and scamming of the American people. When are gonna speak out on that?

  • Amend the Constitution. EVERYBODY gets 1 term of 6 years. Suddenly everybody, but everybody, will put the Constitution, the country, truth, honesty and all other civic and moral values BEFORE this shameful farcical behavior of choosing party and career over all else.

  • It's disgusting that the Republicans are making a complete mockery of this trial. It seems that loyalty to a traitor is more important than loyalty to the American people.

  • This fat boy is going to cry when trump is acquitted. If there was evidence it would have come out. Democrats are going to take a hard L here.


  • sheeple

  • Charles Darwinson says:

    Democrats have forgotten the American Ideal of innocent until proven guilty. Trump does not have to prove his innocence.

  • Club4 Millennium says:


    The LEGENDARY JOHN MCCAIN moment is what this is all about now!

    Anyone republican courageous enough to step in his legendary shoes will get a spot to be in the revered place for real American HEROES!

  • Haha these comments are funny as hell!! You democrat retards are going to be eating shit at the end of next week when trumps acquitted!!

    For anybody to be a democrat or a liberal I feel sorry for you and I guarantee that you probably only make $15 bucks an hour!!

    It's amazing that the Dumb Dems get to just repeat the same nonsense over and over and over. Do they actually "think" that Americans are to dumb to see that this is just another Hate Trump farce because they can't beat him in 2020. Drain the Democratic Swamp! Not only that…Trump should have made a huge public announcement that Biden was going to be investigated. …. WTF is wrong with these people….if Biden is a crook..which he most likely is…. why would the Dems or anybody for that matter including the American public want Biden to even be aloud to run for president. Looks like the Swamp is protecting their own to me. There is justification to investigate Biden….especially since he's running for president. … looks like it's the Dems that are trying to hide corruption. ..and everybody who looks at this without their Hate Trump glasses on should see it plain as day.

  • George Conway is very emotional about THE Integrity of the RULE OF LAW…

    It is a Grave Day for ALL AMERICANS. The GOP Senators CAN'T possibly look their children and grandchildren in the eyes and tell them, "I am doing what's right for you"

    They must be quivering privately and personally and their CONSCIOUS will eventually eat them up. But, most importantly; they MUST BE VOTED OUT….. PERIOD AS WELL AS DRUMPF😵😵😵😫😫😫😫💩💩💩💩😳😳

  • The republikkkan side of the Senate is just as corrupt and as guilty as Captain Stupid himself! How the F/¢K can you have a trial without witnesses, or the documents that can prove the Big Orange Dumbass is guilty?

    Are we really supposed to be that stupid, and believe they're doing the right thing?

  • Big Daddy Baleion says:

    men·​da·​cious |  men-ˈdā-shəs  
    given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth.

    Good word usage. The issue is, the people we really need to be speaking to, have a 10th grade average education. Use simple words. We're not going to reach them if we're talking above their heads.

  • Fat ass must have lost election as a Republican trump wouldn’t endorse fat boy buy him a cheese burger so he will quit being a condescending fat bitch

  • I don’t understand how joe Biden then Vice President can withhold 1 billion from Ukraine unless the person looking into the company his son works for is to be fired ! But trump asks for investigation an the democrats want to impeach him! Does anyone think this is one sided?


  • This guy does not look like he even believes himself. Shifty character. Impeachment is a scam. You can't hide from that fact CNN. You are an illegitimate news source.

  • Breaking News, several Senators were taken to the hospital with mental problems and psychotic episodes including hearing strange voices. According to sources, the mental breakdown was caused by the inhumane conditions in the Senate and the force exposure to Adam Shithead and the Communists bullshit and mouth diarrhea for several days.

  • After three years of stress related illness, being hacked by Russians, with the help of google & facebook, near suicide and full-out depression related to Donny Fat-Lips & Putin in the WH… the conclusion any rational person would have reached is the following:

    The GOP now stands for Communist-Lovers or simply 

    GOONS OF PUTIN; ABLY  lead by RUSSIANS & politicians’ GREED, at the top:

    (!) Treason-Trump

    (2) Moscow-Mitch

    (3) Liar, Lenin-Lover Lindsey

    These Goons of Putin are obviously motivated by FEAR, certainly NOT by


    Chris Wallace has his handful being that he is the singular reporter on FOX News who has demonstrated respect for: Freedom of the Press to learn the truth for We The People, discovery of the truth for We The People, that we are then afforded knowledge required to bring about JUSTICE, the RULE OF LAW and that we might direct our Senators freedom to actually be holding CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE for High-Crimes, Treason, Bribery, and two-faced, hypocritical mis-representation of the facts, on Tweeter/Twitter, whatever.

    Putin, Facebook, Cambridge Analytics, and the Goons of Putin Party entered the WHITE HOUSE and rigged our elections and frightened members of the Electoral College & now the truth is showing (thanks to truth-tellers in the House of Representative) that Democracy & The USA Constitution is open to Goons of Putin giving us a CRIMINAL for president us the truth colors of the Senate.

    Goons of Putin are greedy, gun-totting, Communist-Lovers, and will be voted out of office for their HIGH-CRIMES of unwillingness to get to the TRUTH, with witnesses relevant to the Bribery and acts of treason by these mad-dogs and scared rabbits.

    Prove me wrong, Republican Goons of Putin! 

    Demonstrate to

    WE THE PEOPLE that you have truth, justice and 

    COURAGE to face the TRUTH or be voted out of the SENATE and live with the BLUE WAVE of WE THE PEOPLE, who want:



    JUSTICE and

    the removal of corruption, Putin, and Traitor Trumpety from the 

    Executive Branch of our USA.

  • Vanessa Hernandez says:

    If you have evidence. SHOW it because talk is cheap and the Justice sitting there is not a bozo he knows what's going on minute by minute

  • If Adam Schiff was pissing down CNN’s leg they would still think he was magical 😂😂😂
    By the way CNN , what ever happened to your other poster boy Michael Avenatti ,
    Remember you guys were touting ( HIM ) as the next president . We haven’t seen Michael on CNN for a while now , come on CNN bring back Michael, bring back Michael, bring back Michael 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oops, sorry, didn’t mean to be that sarcastic .😂😂😂😂

  • This Coronavirus could be a warning from God to impeach Trump. It is spreading through your eyes to America..Wake up before its too late

  • Anthony Gurirab says:

    What a fake hoax impeachment trial going on in MAGA county. Listening to Schumer Chucking on his lies. And CNN heading reads of Remove Trump? Remove they write, why not remove the MAGA President at the ballot box? Remove sounds like conspiracy

  • Ambassador to Ukraine from the Obama Administration, Marie Yovanovitch, ordered the State Department to monitor conservative journalists, as well as Trump allies.Dems spy on anybody! Do they learn that in Constitution? Liberty and law are under attack from DEMS! 👍 Corrupt Biden, Deep State and ALL Dems corruption must be investigate! Biden should not be above the law! Adam Schiff and Pelosi Mafia must be investigated too!
    And the democrats talk about abuse of power yet they do it every day? The democrats are acting like dictators!

  • Kurt Eric Munroe says:

    Why are Americans fighting for democracy in the Ukraine while the Ukraine is not lifting a finger to help us resolve this impeachment matter? Where is the Unkraine? They seem to be hiding out with White House witnesses.

  • more bogus lies listen I feel like it's really unfair that if we get reported on our channel we get removed YouTube got to do thier jobs and remove CNN cause CNN gets reported more than anyone on YouTube

  • They are using our tax money dollars to pay the house for sessions of impeachment  !!!!  Crazy.      Imagine what we can do by now with that money for us citizens. 
    Calculation: Members of Congress Are Compensated for a session for day . $7,200.23 per Day
    A member of the U.S. House of Representatives earns $174,000 per year. So, given that the House was in session for 191 days in 2019, that works out to a salary of $910.99 per day. Each House member is also provided with a budget of $944,671 to cover staff costs and another $256,574 to cover office expenditures.
    After dividing those costs by 191 days in session and adding the resulting figures to the base salary, you’ll come to $7,200.23 per House member for daily wages and office costs.

  • Go watch the video of creepy Joe Biden bragging about how he threaten to withhold $1 billion of foreign aid to the Ukraine if they didn't fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son Hunter Biden and Burisma….  Why does creepy Joe and Barack Obama get away with their quid pro quo?  Is it because Democrats are Hypocrites?

  • Trump Friday became the first U.S. President in history to personally address the Right to Life March in Washington and CNN didn't even show one second of it!
    How God-damn dishonest!
    It was history even if CNN didn't like it!

  • He is so right .They know he’s guilty and they will go down with him! That’s what they fear. Their only chance is to do the right thing and remove him.

  • Wow, Biden bragged himself that he was withholding funding until the investigator was fired that was looking into his son's sweet deal. Is that white privilege, nepotism or just pure corruption?

  • On one hand, George Conway speaks the truth here. On the other hand, how did it take him decades to notice that Congressional are dishonest and blind to the national interest?

  • George the "Manatee", their not afraid of anything, just trade witnesses & let Joe & Hunter testify, what are the Socialist afraid of? I can't believe Kellyanne married that obese Manatee!

  • Repugnicons are afraid of the truth, because the TRUTH flies in the face of their position for the past 3 years covering up for the liar bone spurs

  • Well throw his bad ass on the stand since its unfair that he was locked out and the mighty one is supposedly pouting like a red headed stepchild who should pout for being mistreated, so to fix this is to stop mistreating this child that's been wronged likewise let him take the stand so that he can be questioned and undoubtedly continue to lie and become chewed to pieces and removed, as simple as his struggle to tell the truth.

  • Don stinky fingers lemon the homosexual pervert that just got charged with sexual assault can dry all your liberal tears when Trump gets re-elected ! Believe the victim CNN how come down lemmon still has a job ?

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