42 thoughts on “Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News”

  • Momchil Andonov says:

    5:28 there is no way for this pin to come out by itself while the cable is firmly plugged in so probably the Apple technician did it. Also what a clever way to void warranty – install water sensors also activating on humidity!!!

  • Internet Guy says:

    Apple deserves to be destroyed. So does Google. So does Amazon. Tens of Thousands are leaving the West for a reason.

  • Which rich idiot fixes their stuff at genius bar…. everyone knows they rip you off lol. Just get it fixed at a 3rd party store.

  • I've told people sooo many times: A lot are designed to fail. Genius business, but immoral capitalist bullshit.

  • demine100018 says:

    welp that proves it. My phone is boot looping and all i wanted them to do is to repair the phone problem they wouldn't repair the phone because it was a hardware issue and wanted me to pay for basally a new phone. On top of that they never even open the phone what they could repair for all i know it could be something that cost $150 to replace which i was willing to do. welp i will never know.

  • Fix it Force Morrissey says:

    Apple disables all YouTube comments. Shows how much apple fucks care about customer feedback. Yeah just buy another?…. If you own an apple, or work for apple. I hope you die soon so the rest of us with common sense and decency can live our lives without someone raping our hard earned money… (liberals) yeah California can blow up too.

  • Francisco Vazquez says:

    so sad that a company like apple loses credibility for cases like this… but yeah, I had a similiar problem hier in Mexico, and the people at the store they always have the same speech, is awesome…

  • I have a cracked screen on my MacBook Pro 13" (2016), in apple they were charging me $500, but in the rossmann website they are charging around the same price for getting cracked screen. Can anyone help me with that?

  • Louis, I kinda knocked two audio resistors off one of my motherboards. I wonder if I can fix it myself. I just need the correct resistors and all your awesome tools.

  • Denying right to repair, to me, feels very similar to Games as a Service. You buy these things, but can never take full ownership of them.

  • Brick Building Fun says:

    So the components cost more than the computer itself, meaning that Apple loses money on every sale of new devices? I don't think so.

  • DeathHawk 449 says:

    Thank god im not one of those retards that use Macs. I knew the scam they were running with when I saw the specifications and the price compared to my custom built pc, more horsepower and processing power for less money, can’t beat that compared to an aluminum tin can! My $1200 PC has almost 2 times the processing power of a shitty $4000 Mac Pro.

  • Why cant people just buy Galaxys instead. Or Pantech or something if they are low on cash. Problem is, apple is like Louis Vuitton. They are buying it just for the stupid logo. It's a fashion sense. And what's more, you have to do "unauthorized" jailbreaking in order to get your iPhone to do things that all android do out of the box. Things that I have seen as completely normal and expected these days, as an android user. Android is basically PC and iPhone is basically Mac. Nobody who knows what they are doing buys a Mac. I want to see a gamer, for example, who buys a mac to play hardcore games. I'm not even sure if you can upgrade cpu, motherboards, g cards and whatnot like normal with a mac.

  • allnighter2011 says:

    no surprise there…manufacturer repair is always much higher than the small shop around the corner for many reasons, be it auto, electronics, appliances, etc.. first they usually don't do these kind of tweaks or makeshift solutions, they just replace parts..and secondly, their setup is much different where their cost to repair is higher than small shops cost, due to the manpower cost, more sophisticated equipment, QA/QC process, etc…just a lot of overhead… now does that mean they are better? not always…its just what it is

  • This title is extremely misleading. Apple employees always have the best intentions for the customer. They get evaluated by Apple by the satisfaction feedback of the customers, not how much money they make from a repair.

  • samer hammam says:

    Thousands of iphone 7 show no service after update and there is a recall due to faulty motherboard yet Apple garbage store refuse to fix it I have 4 devices and each of the devices was rejected for a stupid reason one was "unauthorised modifications " which make no sense but they still refuse to fix they know the motherboard is faulty and its the device they sold is defective but refuse to fix apple supervisor told me the only solution will be to through the device in the garbage, is there any way to fix this issue without apple scam store ?

  • So you're surprised that a company that charges extra for a fkn headphone jack and disk drive is ripping people off on repairs?

    If you buy aople, you deserve to be ripped off for being a trendy Starbucks dumb ass with zero critical thinking skills.

  • Apple is like a fkn sickness. People are cult like with it. Why do people like being over charged for technology that is so damn limited and have to pay extra for all the standard things like a fkn disc drive.

    If you by apple. You're a consumer sheep and beyond stupid.

  • Joel Vazquez says:

    All the Genius bar guy had to tell him was there's water damage so would be more expensive to fix it then buy a new one.

  • Steve Powell says:

    I dread having to take any of my Apple devices into a genius bar as on every occasion in the past they are always trying to make it more of a problem than it is. As someone with a technical background I won't be ripped off, but I can see how easily other people could be. We already know how much Apple likes to separate us from our money with these mad prices and incremental hardware updates. I much prefer the option of Android, however, from a security and data point of view Apple cannot be beaten and we already know it costs a lot of money (millions) to unlock a locked iPhone…

  • do i the only one to think that loyal cust who had been ripped off and still buy their product is an absolute idiot?

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