Gator Website Builder Mange Social Media Icon Links

Gator Website Builder Mange Social Media Icon Links

In this is a short tutorial I will show you
how to edit your social icons edit site loading the
website editor open your Google Doc that has your links in it you should have a
document called my links and it will contain all of your social media links go down to the left hand side to the
bottom manage and social show here you will find all of your links for the
links that you don’t you would just go to your Google Doc click on the line
with the link of the two pages together copy link and place the link under the
proper social icon and then click OK next you would go to elements social social links icon and click into
the social links icon it will appear on your webpage and you will also see any
different options that you have for editing you can use a grid if you have
more than three different social icons that you want to you to refer people to
you can use a row or a column column overlay say we chose blue here is here is the overlay in here you could
see it is blue you can change the color by going into more colors moving the
slider choosing the color in the box you can change the design here you have
a category horizontal social icons vertical social icons and grid social
icons loops grid social icons anytime you change the design you will
see that it gives you the number of how many designs are available for instance
this is the grid social icon so there’s 22 different designs of the grid red the
horizontal social icons there are 26 different designs and the vertical
social icons there is 22 so after you choose your design then you click apply
now you can furthermore depending on where you have it you could put it
behind or we want to go to the social links icon so you have to make sure this
has managed social links you could send backwards or bring forward word you
could also duplicate it it if you click into the manage social icons you will
then see manage those social icons you can then add other social media
platforms or you can remove them if you choose to add more then you would just
click look into the box that you would like to add and click ok then you would then connect
to the social media accounts and then click OK in the docking your background
color now say we chose this as blue this would then become your background color
you have to make sure you are in the right tool box it has to say manage
social icons if you wanted to delete or remove a couple of social icons then you
would just click into your box remove the blue line will disappear when you
remove your social media platform it will reappear when you add it it and
then you click OK and here you have connect to my social accounts and more
into your advanced here you have other options that you can use such as your
animations we wanted it to bounce in and finish and once you are done save your
work preview it and make sure your links connect to where you
want your links to go this page was created especially for the gator website
builder elder and I will leave in the description the URL for the video for
creating a page to use with your Gator website builder or your website site so
you want to check all your links and make sure they go to where you want them
to go to – and then finish your preview and public and here is your website
address it’ll appear right here here and then if you just click into that as
you will see what your website looks like live ok so that was the fast easy
way to be able to add your social icon links just using the elements and then
the social and social links icon line the next video coming up will be the social sharing icons so I hope this
has been helpful and if you have any questions leave them in the bottom of
this video and I will be happy to get back to you you this is the DIY
affiliate wishing everybody a wonderful day


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