43 thoughts on “Garlic festival shooting: Three dead in Gilroy California – BBC News”

  • Why are all these shootings happening? What does the shooter hope to gain? An infamous reputation and a lifetime in prison. Nothing good can ever come of this. Personally, I am glad the shooter was killed. Once anyone committs that type of depravity, they lose their right to live, anywhere, including prison.

  • Who was it that forewarned us about Latino / Mexicans going about illegal activity and creating Murder statistics?  Hmmmmm, anyone?   Well it was Donald Trump!   The shooter crossed states to collect an illegal firearm to return to this event with the intention only of mass murder, he is from Mexico!  NO News outlet (the MSM) have told us anything about agenda or motive! And there is always a motive! So what's the truth here? Liberal inspired for the Liberal agenda because the current establishment refuses to tackle gun laws? Possibly religiously motivated and the MSM refusing to use the "M" word again? Or was this a "drugs/Money" thing? (making Trump Correct again!), the MSM want you to believe it was (as stated) a "white man" which is WRONG! Funny how BBC online has a completely different advertised "Info" than what they DID STATE on air (TV) – "19 year old Santino William Legan"  The motive in accordance to more localised news reporters sates that the suspects Instagram account spoke of hate towards any mixed race or mixed race or origin and they had found a "hate book" used by "supremacists".

  • wannaseesomestuff says:

    People in USA are crazy. They refuse to believe the problem is Bec of the guns and yet no other developed country has this problem. USA has a much higher murder rate than any other developed country in the world. It's sad

  • Civil life in America is shut down.
    Social control through intimidation, all this violence to make people so scared they narrow their social activity down to work and home.

  • Killjewskilljewskilljews

  • When will they learn that violence only baguettes more violence,
    They'll tell us they'll improve gun regulations but its nothing we haven't herb before


    why are there press conferences anyways? shouldn't we be giving press conferences all day long ? for every single homicide in every single town and city?


    :46 so exactly where and when are they being interviewed then? did he drive down the road and wait for reporters? lol.


    so 20 something odd shots go off and people are running yet this woman doesn't know whats going on, must have been really quiet bullets.

  • 港独台湾滚出中国领土中国龙 says:

    How dare US say human right when its people are shot by guns for no reasons. seems in the US HUMAN RIGHT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN LIFE.

  • luis sanchez palacios says:

    Thats why we cant enjoy good things happily and calm… (shootings in theathers, festivals and theme parks)

  • Captain America says:

    My state laws allow us to carry a gun in public, no permit required, and we don't have shootings at festivals, because the nutjobs know bullets will be flying back at them if they try something stupid. California is a state with strict gun control, and gun free zones everywhere, which is a magnet for the maniacs.

  • Santiono a islamic terrorist of Iranian and Italian descent used a AK-47 already illegal in California at a gun free zone. Said he hates whites and mezitos. These are the facts.

  • Once again, America shooting, and the people and news reporters are saying this was such a devestation, even in a calm place like this. How can this happen?

    Easy, you're living in a country, which has stores that sell guns! even a 16 can walk in a store and buy one! Trump also won't change the law, cause he's for the guns. How can this happen you ask, America? BECAUSE YOU LET IT HAPPEN! I'm sorry, but it's true. Protect your home, or the citazins of the USA. Your choise.

  • Richard Heikkila says:

    And trump supporters are already celebrating the death of the two children murdered. There will be a special hell waiting for trump and his supporters. Even the cops couldn't have cared less. They are in league with these brown shirt trump supporters.

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