Gamers Reactions To The Incredible Ending Of The Final Showdown Event | Fortnite Event 2019

Gamers Reactions To The Incredible Ending Of The Final Showdown Event | Fortnite Event 2019

hey what's up y'all welcome back to mixed reactions so the most recent fall night event was most likely out the best one so far man and so far I've covered two of the most epic moments from this event and the reactions of different gamers and streamers to these amazing moments this event had everybody on the edge of their seat in anticipation from start to finish cuz watching these two giants battle it out it was like watching a full-length feature film man that's how intense this show really was as I mentioned before I already covered tour the best moments in this event but I still won very important and equally epic part of this monumental showdown and that is the ending the end it was bananas more specifically yeah the scene where the robot reaches into the vault and also the moment he pulls a secret soul from out of tilted like I've always seen that statue in there whenever I played a game but I never knew that's what it was man that statue was actually a sword man so in this video yeah are we gonna be checking out the reactions of various gamers and streamers yeah to the giant robot reaching into his bag of tricks I'm pulling off an incredible win here after all was said and done man so without any further ado yeah let's just jump right into it he's gonna go yeah he's getting psyched he's not done yet Oh what is that he pulled that out of oh he pulled something out of the loot lake think he's harnessing the power dude that monster is huge boom this is like a movie man hey buddy there's stupidly leaving you it's time for the finisher here what's he pulling out of here a sword yeah way there it is chop him up goodnight eyeball his eyeballs like squeegee it out you did it go man come on finish him come on Mack finish a mech wait what's up reaching into Tilton he's taking the statue yeah there's no way that thing's coming back from that let's go back he's flossing something about Lu Lake whoever said a new lake was right he's always opening it Kevin is that you get in the sphere let's go to look at this oh he punched him with it Infinity Gauntlet Thanos this is Thanos empower Rangers thought in Power Rangers form tilt it what we stick it into built it what are you going to do with that a super tilted what is going on the same final showdown is about to happen I'll be going in the I the robot one is it d spawning or he's turning into a skull I hope that stays in the map Easter in the flocks with one arm that's got to be illegal surely yo let's fucking go what is this crap okay he's gonna go to toe city board for the tower he's recharging his powers yo let's boogie go is he daddy is he dead wait 100 we just took a power or Oh a month what is technology oh my y'all looking no over the mech did wrong he just done them I don't have enough mad you just jump back jump back my boy what's up do you know are you serious oh my god oh my god robots getting owned who do you want to win Smith no this is insane on its way cool this is a while I can't believe it this is crazy oh he's always picking up the statue from maluca from tilted towers oh my god come on said he's escorting they're all like what he's flossing he's crossing make it up come on he's bringing the ball he's got the ball power he's got the ball power know he's got the ball power he's powering up it's the cube oh my god go Mecca come on bro come on man finish a MEK no wait yo tilton he's taking he's taking the statute no it's a sword it was a sword let's go let's go he's flossing I'm trying him like both of them in this job oh geez geez brother always getting energy oh my pull down the span is broken this it it is his final move Liberty oh he just got RKO out of nowhere this is this is beyond ridiculous this is beyond an in-game event this isn't this is a film wait what new to just get the power those are sword under the statue the whole time singularity skin was hiding a sword what a boss oh my oh my mother of holy everything it is gaming you just got lost on you go back finish you finish a mech no 3G wait he's reaching in the Tilted what's he pulled out flamie I Oh [Applause] oh my god okay who do you want to win Smith oh yeah Oh this is so cool I can't believe it this is crazy oh he's always picking up the statue from luta from tilted towers oh there's a sword in there yes a sword I don't know it was the statue a lung oh shoot he's flossing he's flossing no way what's he doing he just straight tilted one time you hate that place oh right till today statute Oh this whole time hey come on boys that's unfair Oh what is happening this is still alright at months is definitely cooked now Harry is done as well he's Tony Stark we all knew that uppercut was coming we just didn't know when always got one arm so I did see that there was a an emo which is a one-armed floss so this now makes way more sense what are you doing you're picking up the singularity statue stick it in his eye check out six old that was the handle that was the sword statue joy shedding onto Specsavers bunny we didn't go in his I went just above hot mic God how does this even nd just Yankees audience notion oh yeah wait oh dude what you getting all we just took a power or oh no Tony starts latest technology yo dude that dudes climb you know the domecq did bro he just dumb him add new just jetpack jetpack my boy what size box from up above now yo oh are you serious the black man oh oh my god there's teeth stuck well I mean um robot robot oh shoot was that he's powering his hand dudes I never lost hope I never gave up dudes Oh Mike is he dead oh no don't take don't take what's he doing oh god oh god what is it what where did he just get this sword from oh my god there was Abuk oh my gosh today javi on a crazy unbelievable ending to the final showdown event inside of fortnight was definitely a wild wild ride man but um somehow the robot was able to pull it off in the end man this is a very most definitely good on in the books and one of the most epic events of all time yeah and with a crazy event of this magnitude man it makes you wonder what am I having so for season 10 which is actually right around the corner as well very exciting stuff man I'd have to say hopefully they can keep upping the ante like they've been doing and I'm top this one once again but um that's gonna be for this one yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed it you know and um if you did be sure to leave a like in the video man and if you haven't already I'll be sure to subscribe for more so until next time y'all take care of yourselves


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