22 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8: Breaking Down the Best Theories | Theories and Thrones”

  • Fennec Besixdouze says:

    "In the book I'm writing now, that's an important thread" lots of the Arya stuff from Season 6 is presumably closer to what Lady Stoneheart will be doing in the books.

  • Michele Conley Eckert says:

    Sorry but the guy says Umm, Ahh, Like, You Know & So too much. It’s very distracting. If your going to to do public speaking you should take some classes.. I’m not trying to be mean, just pointing it out. 😶

  • Sebastian Andersson says:

    9:40 I thought I had the shows Stoneheart-plot all figured out in season 3. Catelyn confessing earlier mistakes with Jon to Talisa while establishing Beric Dondarrion as resurrected by the Last kiss… Was a 100% sure her corpse would be washed up by the Trident in the last episode of season 3 and Beric giving her the Last kiss (finally killing himself in the progress). 
    Season 4 would be a Riverlands fuck-fest of hanging Frey and Bolton men all along the Kings road. Only ending when the rumor of the newly-made Lady Bolton in Winterfell reached her ears and the Brotherhoods journey North in season 5 would ensue. 
    In the end it would be her Last kiss (and not a weird massage and hair-cut from Melisandre) that would bring back Jon Snow in season 6. Redemption for the horror created by a woman who couldn't find it in her heart to love a motherless child.

  • Lets be honest right here, right now! George RR Martin will finish The Winds Of Winter but he will never finish A Dream Of Spring!

  • I think Tyrion promised Cersei (offscreen) that her next child that she is pregnant with will sit on the iron throne, however, I think Harry Strickland will be the original Aegon Targaryen and HE will sit the iron throne at the end of Season 8 episode 6!

  • Tyrek Earley says:

    The hound was taking off the list… when the waif was training Arya in the game of faces she basically admitted she no longer hated him and he was no longer on her list

  • Jane Huttner says:

    Night king – is he may be coming to try and get his wife back at Winterfell. There's a theory that his wife is held it deep in the Krypt and because of the heated pool she can't rise again because it's too warm.

  • I think the 7 kingdoms will be ruled independently so no iron throne. Danny will prob die but I don’t want her to

  • Gordon Adams says:

    Tyrion is going to betray Dany/Jon for his family and be put on trial and will be executed in episode 6 in the Dragonpit

  • Daenerys Targaryen says:

    I am Daenerys stormborn Targaryen, the dragon's daughter and the blood of old valyria, the queen of the first menand the andals ,the khaleesi of the great grass sea , The breaker of chains and the mother of dragons. Rightful Queen of the seven kingdoms kingdoms. I will break the wheel! #Forthethrone #raiseyourbanners

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