100 thoughts on “Gaetz slams impeachment witness for Barron Trump joke at hearing”

  • paradigm respawn says:

    Referencing Swallwell, who recently reinforced his Internet Credibility with his "bnrrrrttttt heard 'round the world" is a Great Way to stinky up the Argument.

  • Well you should use your 5minutes to defend not to attack. How are you going to get results by attacking the witnesses?Well you should have told them that, no use you telling Martha .

  • I don't understand Martha's point here: dismantle what argument? Gaetz got Feldman to reveal that he changed his mind about Trump having committed an offense-most likely after the Dems put the heat on him. Fox is shifting (no pun) to the left- all except for Tucker, Hannity, and Janine. New company policy for all the news readers at Fox thanks to the Murdoch sons' wives.

  • WildwoodClaire1 says:

    Matt Gaetz is a monument to how far a dissolute frat boy with a well-connected, rich daddy can rise in this time of surgically-exact gerrymandering.

  • Is anyone else mildly concerned that these professors are employed at our top law schools? I think we need a huge educational overhaul in this country. Start with re-instituting civics classes in elementary school. Teach kids about the constitution when they are young.

  • divine angelvoice says:

    Karlan do not see or understand that "we" is when Trump include the good American people. That woman is so full of hate because Trump won THE AMERICAN PEOPLES HEARTs, he is loved and respected because HE IS DOING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND THAT IS EXACTELY WHAT A REAL PRESIDENT SHOULD DO. Karlan we feel sorry for you because you don`t have that love in your heart, you have taken the dark way and there will not be any peace and joy for you. Shame on you.

  • REGARDLESS of what you think of the current president or past presidents, their MINOR children have been and should always be off limits. It's a low blow from a radical lunatic to pick on and make fun of a child/children!😡

  • Madman Gaetz has it all wrong. The day YUGELY rough for the Republicans. (Many more to come) NO question about it. And, sycophantic Trumpsters, Barron was NOT attacked. His father was MOCKED, just like he was by several heads of states at the NATO summit. Trump is to blame for ALL the mockery and negativity that comes his way. He’s been a dirty, racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, pathological lying con man extraordinaire for more than 50 years. He also projects on to others exactly what HE says and does.

  • CNN half of Americans are for/against impeachment…, I'm sure 75%-80% support re-election when looking at their 401k! POLLS are made up, just like Hillary was going to win easily.

  • Not a Republican, not even an American, but looking from the outside in, when you have people saying that Trump should be Impeached since prior to being inaugurated surely you must look and think is this legitimate or is this just a play because you do not like the President. At the end of the day everything the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing a Democrat has done, Foreign collusion by Hilary and Quid Pro Quo by Biden.

  • the Dims 'charges' of Abuse of Power, etc… are just that 'Charges' oft repeated… with no evidence to support any of their 'charges'…

  • C'mon Martha, the DemocRATS testimonies, dismantled themselves! Give me a break! Martha is not always the brightest star in the sky!

  • Matt Gaetz rocks! Los Angeles has tons of money & love for the gang of Republican patriots who are spoiling the party of the traitors Schiff & Nadler & Pelosi. Keep up the good work Matt! California loves you and LA County had more votes for Trump than any other county in the US.

  • Matt gaetz, we are proud of you what a rebuttal to this Idiot. Florida is very, very, very Happy we elected you to the house.

  • The abuse of power in the media, including Fox, makes them a guilty party, accessories to a cabal of criminals called Democrats. The world repudiates a sold out media that attacks us the People and the great President Trump. They are brainwashed or compromised.

  • Why is the interviewer pretending that the Dem's fabricated argument is even remotely legitimate enough to take seriously? I can't wait for Guantanamo to start filling up.

  • These Professors live in the world of academia. They are perhaps great orators. They are highly prejudicial in their opinions. You won’t find much common sense or any evidence for impeachment.

  • S.O.C. Mark Hillman says:

    Constitutional Scholar? More like a sore loser.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Liberal Disease of the mind… Otherwise referred to as toddler's disease..

  • 🙈🙉🙊the do nothing Democrats on the fast train towards the senate.. but the tracks end there ..then 💣💣boms away

  • I swear I could smell how foul prof. Karlan is right through my TV!..As if her mouth being full of crap , her entire appearance just looked nasty to me!..
    I'd bet the men sitting beside her were about to gag from the stinch!..

  • What business is this of dragging a minor intervista impeachment process and questioning no 13 year old ever should be involved or question about this I don't have the maturity they don't have the education they don't have the emotional stability yet to even make those kind of decisions or not mentally developed yet everybody knows this you don't put this kind of stuff on a child shoulders or country is run by mature adults they don't act mature they don't act like adults but you certainly don't drag a 13 year old minor into your Witch Hunt process how about we drink your kids through the mud because you're an idiot Democrats

  • The HORROR! The SHAME! Saying that Barron wasn't a real Baron! It's an OUTRAGE! It's almost as bad as wearing a coat that says "I DON'T CARE. DO YOU?" while visiting CHILDREN in a CONCENTRATION CAMP!!!!

  • shannon washburn says:

    Martha, Im beginning to wonder about you. Are you using your own words???Or are you married to a lawyer who feeds you this dribble, so youll repeat it on air? are you being brainwashed by a liberal?😝

  • If President Trump is guilty of abuse of power,then all Presidents are guilty of it. All presidents use their power to push their policies and use the power against other countries,as the house of representatives use their power. All abuse their office in one way or the other.

  • Karlan maybe educated but she is still disrespectful and ignorant! Go soak you head QUEEN OF MEAN , and bully more children!

  • The Professor Noah Freman looks, acts and sounds like the poster child for the snowFlake culture.
    Between him and the woman who had to bring in the President's minor child for ridicule, shows you the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome that is prevalent in colleges these days.
    If you ever needed a reason not to send your child (children) to any of these Ivy League Schools, all you needed to do was watch any of the cable news shows the day they embarrassed themselves on national television.
    It truly was pathetic to watch.

  • Something I have to say regarding Martha; Is it just me or is Martha becoming a Dem sympathizer? This isn't the first time I've seen this side of her, she also carries the odd countenance look, almost like she's challenging her guest. She has been leaning that way and seemingly siding with that evil faction for some time now. I don't like her. Personally, I think that Congressman Gaetz answered her 'question' quite calmly and accurately; I wouldn't have been so kind…

  • I don't have young kids but if I have them I won't send me to these universities, these so-called democrats experts are completely disgraceful, they are biased, it's really a shame to see them not interpreting the laws but showing us how they hate President Trump.

  • These very kind of useless morons socialist professors are why some members our family withdrew from college and I REFUSE to give my hard-earned money to support these damned, rabid, Fabian socialist leaning colleges who insist upon hiring this lot!

  • Pam Harlan was NOT making a joke- none whatsoever intended as one can easily tell from her countenance. She made a perfectly rational and logical analogy using the concept of titles of nobility and the reality that Trump's son's name is one of nobility but not the title as such. If others laughed at that, that is their problem. If that was in fact Melania 's tweet, which I doubt it was, it was mis-placed and heartless in view of not only DACCA children here but equally important the hundreds of children locked up in cages at the border and a clear example of abuse of power and by any standard of child protective services is substantiated neglect. Now THAT is something Melania shd be concerned abt as First Lady and she has never uttered one word publicly abt that deplorable situation. Gaetz is out of line!

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