100 thoughts on “Gabbard reacts to being attacked by CNN, New York Times”

  • Keith Or Terri Clark says:

    Anybody with half a brain knew it was only a matter of time before the demonrats and their minions (the msm) would start to eat their own!

  • The irony of her describing what the Democrats and their lap dog media are doing to her Commander-In-Chief, President Trump. If she really believes what she says why isn’t she supporting President Trump who is actually doing what she claims she wants to do? President Trump is ending these senseless regime changes and endless wars and exposing the corruption in our government. She should attend a Trump rally and walk away from the Democrats.

  • She,s such a joke , Clinton is unhinged, These Democrats are so laughable, even Clinton is joining in, President Trump will walk it 2020

  • The MSM is truly the enemy of the people. Gabbard is the only rational candidate the Dems had and they hammered her for what, standing up to Kameltoe.

  • If I were a democrat, I'd vote for her above all the choices. The others are just "way out there"…
    They are all such "WACKOS" that are just stupid, wicked, or COMPROMISED (idiots who allowed themselves to be blackmailed
    & and turned into YES MEN. Their bad behaviors have been recorded & videotaped committing vulgar acts. Or….. they just don't have the cojones to stand up to the people threatening them and their families…

  • I think Tulsi Gabbard should consider herself fortunate to be called out and separated from the Democratic Elite. Obviously, they are feeling threatened. She is making a statement that she can back up by being a veteran herself.

  • She is what the democratic party use to be. Liberal but sane and rationale not any more the insanocratic party the lunatics have taken over and the guards are locked up poor tulsie

  • I suspect that Gabbard is a "D.I.N.O" (Democrat In Name Only), because in Hawaii you can't have much of a political career as anything but a Democrat. She should dump that Party and join the GOP.

  • She has her own will of making the USA is great, but unfortunately her view that did not fit for what happened in this Great Nation in these days.
    The one and only ,who could solve the puzzle is TRUMP.

  • I'm a Trump Supporter, but really like Tulsi Gabbard. She's a Liberal, but she's also a SANE PERSON. In fact, she's the only sane Democrat in the race. It's no wonder why the other Dems are shaken by her.

  • She is C_A Plant

    Don’t be fooled

    Their smearing her is a rouse

    She has been bought and put into place by the Deep State

  • Beyond happy she was able to call them out to their faces, on their own network, on live Tv. Once in a life time chance right there

  • I'm disappointed that she didnt call out Tucker Carlson for being corporate media. I'm a conservative and agree with most of what he says but he is very biased to the right.
    I would have been more impressed by her if she called him out too.

  • The Demonazi elite hate Tulsi for one reason, and one only. Because she is a Combat Veteran. Being a Congresswoman, or a Senator, they're okay with that. But, top of ticket…. NOPE!!

  • Tulsi ~ maybe you really are a true Republican and care for our Republic!!! You are on the wrong anti-American team right now. I truly respect our Veterans and it is heartbreaking to hear you debate on the same stage with the cabal.

  • I am a foreigner, as much conscientious as I can tell, Tulsi Gabbard is a patriot to your country, she is an underdog in the campaign, why does the power behind the curtain attack an underdog, or the less populated power, in such a no logic way? Hilary and NY time and CNN made a really bad move to accuse her without evidence.

  • Why is Tulsi an extremist to Democrats for wanting an end to war? Isn't that supposed to be their entire platform? Now they alienate her with the media as well as anyone who falls out of line in the current political narrative

  • I said on Twitter like 7 years ago that Tulsi was cool although she’s left wing I liked her and tweeted to her and now my judgement proves me right.

  • Washington Compost, Certainly Not News, New York Slime, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Vox, Young Jerks, and any other fake lefty news org. are all garbage.


  • Robert Antonelli says:

    Why on earth is she still a Democrat?  For God's sake, you think one of them would leave the party and move over to the right. What is it that the Dems do or what is it that they are giving away that keeps even Tulsi with them?  First of all, she is too beautiful to be a Democrat. Second, she is too smart and has common sense. She IS a Republican, yet I am confused as to what keeps here there.

  • I really want to see Tulsi be the democrat choice, I know this will not happen with this corrupt vile media, but the match up with Tulsi and Trump runoff would be a good reason for some hope that we still have a chance of not totally destroying our country. I would prefer that she would become the VP for Trump, what a pair that wood be! Some how this woman should play a prominent role in leading our country forward. I voted for Trump, but Tulsi being on the ballet would give me pause for thought. Go Tulsi!

  • Everyone who disagrees with Hillary & her fans is always labeled a "Russian asset" …..soooooooo pathetic….. Tulsi why associate yourself with the Democrats???……. you are so much better then they are….. If I had to vote Democratic… thankfully I don't have to… but if I did…. YOU Ms. Gabbard would be the ONLY one I would even consider voting for…….. it's a shame what the Democratic party is doing to you.

  • BestPresidentEver says:

    Listen the Dems know that it will be a very long time before they grab power back again. Gabbard is a Ploy by the Democrats they need someone in the spot light with ideas that look appealing to everyone once she gets in then it does not matter they already have the power to undo everything Trump worked for.

  • She wants us out of other countries feuds but continues to attack Trump for anything he does. Now she says he deserted the Kurds. Hypocritical you are cant have it both ways. Trump wants us out of the conflicts. The war mongers want to get rich and dont care about human life. I say put them on the front line

  • Brauna Richmond says:

    Keep up your good work Ms. Gabbard. I’m Republican and I’m listening to you. Rise above these SMEARS!!!! You are such a better person and BETTER representative for our country!!!!!

  • Debbie Damiano Billirakis says:

    Tulsi GO! 2020🇺🇸 How She got lost was a surprise to me for a choice of some intelligence running as a Dem. Trump may have competition IF she gets the nominee.

  • Argyle McGoogin says:

    Tulsi. You need to come out and declare that what's happening to President Trump is a disgrace. No more silence. The same gun is pointed at you. People are people. What's right is right. There is no difference in how you are being mistreated and how President Trump is being mistreated. You're halfway there.

  • the truth will set you free says:

    I'm not a democrat, but Tulsi Gabbard I hope gets more attention. She has a lot of good characteristics for a leader. She has character and she needs to get more coverage during the debates.

  • Am I the only one? Where is William Jefferson Clinton? Does he seriously not understand the damage that Hillary is doing to this Nation? Is he Afraid of her? does he still have Secret Service Protection?

  • I am a right leaner and a Veteran . But, I completely agree with Tulsi on drawing down our troops. I like that she sticks to her guns (pun intended) when it comes to her stance on policy. IF we were to have a Democrat President in 2020, I can only hope that it is her.

  • I was absolutely thrilled when Tulsi disassembled Kamala Harris on stage in one of the debates a few weeks back. And her responst to Clinton on twitter was savage. She also has the right position on American empire and force being used for causes outside of the interests of the American people. I was so impressed that I bought a Tusli bumper sticker for posterity's sake though I will never install it. I've heard she wants to disarm the American people, however, which is inexcusable. Throughout history, disarming a population is always the first step in enslaving it. I'd like to see her debate that topic with someone sharp who actually holds the opposition position in case I misunderstand her position. But, I can't say I was impressed with what she said here with Tucker Carlson. That said, I will continue to root for her as she faces off against the Clinton crime machine and their DNC lackeys, the chief domestic enemies of the American people. Just never for president..

  • If Hillary Clinton becomes President, CNN will assume the role of Pravda in the old Soviet Union. They will become Hillary's official mouthpiece and house organ. By the way Ms. Gabbard is the only serious Democratic candidate.


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