G.I. Joe Fans are Losing It Over the Latest Snake Eyes News! (Nerdist News w/ Maude Garrett)

G.I. Joe Fans are Losing It Over the Latest Snake Eyes News! (Nerdist News w/ Maude Garrett)

– “G.I. Joe” fans are losing it over the latest Snake Eyes news! What up? It has been a dull few
years for “G.I. Joe” fans. The franchise has been radio
silent on the big screen since its second installment,
“G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” stormed into the theaters back in 2013. Which has left fans wondering what’s next for the Real American Heroes. How’d I do, guys? – [BComp] Good. – Thank you! A reboot, a third film, or is it just staying on ice until Hasbro gets its shared cinematic toy universe balled up? But all that changed this week when, after six years of absolutely nothing, we were suddenly bombarded with more news than we could handle about the toy line turned comic turned
cartoon turned film series. Not only did Hasbro and Paramount announce that fans are getting a new
“G.I. Joe” spinoff film, but fans are also getting (explosion)
a second brand-new “G.I. Joe” spinoff film. (gasps) That’s like two-for-one! And if that wasn’t
enough, one of the films is set to focus on everyone’s
favorite ninja commando, Snake Eyes, as he joins a ninja clan, which we can assume will be the– – [BComp] Arashikage. – Arashikage Clan, as he seeks revenge for his father’s death. But who could possibly portray Snake Eyes, the man of few words who is the epitome of the classic strong, silent type? Well, “G.I. Joe” fans,
let’s call them Joe Bros. Isn’t that what they called
the Jonas Brother fans? – [BComp] No, no, no.
– [Crew Member] Yes, it is. – You know what? Don’t,
shh, they’re Joe Bros. Well, they were over the moon to learn that the all-around handsome man, the star of “Crazy Rich
Asians,” Henry Golding, my future husband, is in
talks to take up the mantle of Snake Eyes, who was
originally portrayed by Ray Park. You know, from–
– [BComp] No, don’t. (Maude sings part of Darth
Maul’s theme from “Star Wars”) No. (Maude sings a couple more notes) – And it didn’t take long for
Joe Bros to hit up Twitter with their thoughts on
this film and its casting. Like @mikeruello, who said “(beep) Yes!” (grunts) “Snake Eyes is my
favorite G.I. Joe character,” fire emoji, fire emoji,
fire emoji, goat emoji. (imitates goat bleating) And we think that most
Joe Bros would agree that Snake Eyes truly is the GOAT. However, @iancass
brought up a great point. “So here’s the problem: Are you gonna keep “Henry Golding’s handsome face underneath “the mask the whole time?
Because that’s Snake Eyes.” I mean, have you actually
seen Snake Eyes’ actual face? Because maybe you don’t. (dramatic brass note) If anyone does that to
my baby’s face, though, there’ll be problems. (laughs) @drkdude_ says this is more
of a feature than a bug, saying “I’m down for a #SnakeEyes movie, “but I’ll pay extra if he doesn’t say “a (beep) word the whole movie.” I’m just personally making a point that if an Australian swears,
it’s so much more aggressive. (beep) yeah! Now, not to get too nerdy,
but he has talked before. Issue 102 of Marvel Comics’
“G.I. Joe” line, just saying. Hey, anyway, when can we
expect this “Snake Eyes” flick? Well, it’s right around the corner, because it’s got its eye
(laughs) on slithering into theaters for an October
2020 release. (hisses) Thank you. But this is only half of the story, which means you only know
half of the information. And if knowing is half of the battle, then you’re only prepared
for half of a half, which is also known as a quarter. And that’s of the battle. That other film that we
mentioned is also in the works, but we don’t know too
much about it just yet, other than it will feature
one of the more obscure characters in the “G.I.
Joe” lineup, Chuckles. Now, for those of you who didn’t save your “G.I. Joe” file cards, Chuckles is the team’s
undercover specialist, which debuted in both comic
and action figure form back in 1987. But for those of you
chuckling as to why Chuckles, of all characters, should be in the movie, you should know that Chuckles is no joke. He’ll (beep) you up. If you pull out your long boxes,
there is a great miniseries from 2009 titled “G.I. Joe: Cob-ra,” or “Cobra,” if you’re living
in America, which I am, so I’ll adjust, that features Chuckles infiltrating the Cobra
terrorist organization to try to bring them down from within. So basically, it’s “Donnie
Brasco” meets “G.I. Joe,” and, as executive producer BComp put it– – [BComp] It’s awesome! – Hell, yeah! So how would these movies
tie into the two movies that we already got in the Joe-niverse? Well, “Snake Eyes”
appears to be a prequel, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a couple of returning faces there. We probably won’t see Dwayne
“The Rock” Johnson reprise his role as Roadblock,
because he’s too expensive, but we could see Channing
Tatum suit up again as Duke. Because we’re not gonna see
him any time soon as Gambit. Now, between these films, it seems like there are interesting things
in store for the Joe-niverse. Could these movies be
the next step in Hasbro’s plan to cross-franchise
toys’ shared movie universe? Who knows? So we’re gonna have to
wait until “Snake Eyes” hits theaters in October 2020 to find out. But what do you folks think? Did you like “Rise of the
Cobra” and “Retaliation”? What’s your favorite “G.I. Joe” episode? Ours (mouths “BComp’s”)
is where Cobra Commander carves his face into the moon. Why did he do that? – [BComp] So every night they would have to look up and see Cobra Commander. – Yes! (laughs) And does this mean that we
can bring pork chop sandwiches back into the popular vernacular? – Pork chop sandwiches! – Let’s discuss. Nom, nom. Thanks so much for watching, guys! If you did like what you saw, why not give us a like or subscribe? Join the clan. If you wanna get notified every time we go live with the show
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in the pop-culture world. Aww. (bright electronic music) (beep) (cards shuffling)


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