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  • Timur Sultanov says:

    Чурюмов-Герасименко (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) is actually pretty easy to read for Russian…

  • CriticalElixir says:

    WHY HUMANS CANNOT VENTURE INTO OUTER SPACE: Humans must NOT venture out into outer space because space is the biblical bottomless pit "abyss" mentioned in Revelations – the solar system was heaven prior to man untill Lucifer rose to power on one of our planets and when Yahua cast that planet out and removed the 5th dimension from the solar system, those angels morphed into human eating monster Annuks of thee abyss such as Draconian and grey aliens. The Bible tells us the creator cast that planet out and so the fallen angels there are no longer loved, they hate because God and certainly the harsh elements of space "hated them first." In a nutshell when one is tortured, one tortures, they torture humans to death as a food. There are many species of fallen angel and co. Psalms 89 10 states "thou has broken Rahab in pieces, you scattered the sea of the great dragon." RAHAB, (Planet X) was the planet Lucifer invented MONEY and POLITICS on and then Yahua destoyed the solar system and earth had to be re created as stated in the Genesis account.

      Yahua is the name of the creator who is a definite person with an actual body in a definite space in time in a location above you can literally point to and "there is no one else." His throne is in the sun.

        All aliens are terrestrial angels and co. They are not celestial angels, who are still in heaven. No, these are extremely evil beings, they are real and the Bible is not a fairy tale and they eat humans. God told Lucifer, a Draconian angel in Genesis: "on your belly/APPETITE you will go, dust/HUMANS you WILL EAT. Draconian eat by means of horrific torture where in the blood is bitten about thee eyes, genitals and soft parts while the victem still lives and 10cc of adrenachrome is collected and eaten for dimensional DNA grounding and shape shifting ability/portal travel. Draconian and co. are very real and space is not for humans don't be fooled by entertaining  "educational" you tube videos such as this one.
       Thee aliens plan to provide space travel as a common commodity for thee average man… begs the question who HAS gone to space and actually returned? Thee answer is obvious not everyone on the planet is a human now. "just as in the days of Noah, so the presence of the son of man will be." In Noahs day only 8 souls were of preserved alive with human DNA – the rest were aliens basically – the creator has informed us in the last days HUMANS – "will become as rare as fine gold."
       If you feel out numbered, consider that a god send.
         FACT: Space is the most lied about center of attention to the clever shape shifting Draconian because the history of this solar system involves, stems from the rise of Lucifer (he invented MONEY, and POLITICS on Rahab, creation ruling creation vs creator rule.) because angels used to live on our planets before we did, NASA is a Draconian fabrication to lead humans to believe our planet is run by anything BUT ancient angels who lived here on Earth and co. for millions of years before we did and if you knew the truth, the Bible would become real indeed but alas these are the days when the Bible will die predominantly. (this in turn will afford the Draconian the legal right to walk thee earth to enforce the 666 chip – a time horrific beyond your worst nightmares.)

         FACT Draconian are all about paperwork and legal rights – By your ignoring the words of Yahua thee aliens are afforded the legal right to abduct, molest and soul scalp you. 

         They need bodies to live in. 

        The Most High has said: "as for the heavens, to Yahua the heavens belong, thee earth He has given to the sons of men." That blue glow you see eminating from earth in space? ….is due to an energy thee earth emits called ORGONE that protects humans due to the fact thee earth is constructed primarily of QUARTZ.  A human will get soul scalped in space, and taken over because space USED to be the angelic 5th dimension but now 4th dimension beings hide out there and are given the legal rights over stupid humans in that region. Meanwhile planet Rahabs quartz frequency was rolled over backwards by the Most High when He spun the planet contrary to nature. It is an abomination which generates the evil 4th dimension. The further you are from thee earth, the closer you become to this forbidden den of inequity.

        The creator has provided a protection for humans now using quartz stones to magnify the natural energy present on thee earth, and this was prophecied in Revelation as "a white horse with a rider with a bow and no arrows" Instructions for making it is found on orgoneblaster site (dot com). 

       Don't be fooled space is off limits. 

  • I find it peculiar how excited Hank gets about "cannon" but is known to be against the possession of firearms by other people, posting a video about it on this channel after that one shooting.

    He should take a trip with a knowledgeable and responsible firearm owning friend to a shooting range and see that guns are just as cool as cannons, yet more portable, more fun, and also much more legal to own, especially in Montana.

  • Elizabeta Macovei says:

    Re the Orion – my first thought went to the other Orion (the one with nuclear propulsion); that was slightly terrifying…

  • essentially Nasa is going back to old school using capsules to send people into space or low earth Atmosphere instead of build a whole new Space Shuttle. love the Space cannon. I was hoping the Japanese had build a large cannon to send people & satellites up to earth's atmosphere & space. just shooting them

  • naihanchin Kempo says:

    funny thing to me was NASA made the Shuttle. Saying it would be a cheaper way to go into space. a re-useable space ship. and Now it cost to-much ..Sso we are back to disposable rockets..ironic ain't it 

  • Can you guys do a full breakdown on the NASA Orion mission please, with images… I know it's a big request… Please.

  • do something on the old orion projects, the spacecraft that we could build now and use atomic bombs and could take us to the stars! please please!

  • What year is Orion landing planned on? i dont think he said.. just september. 
    (not having english as mothertongue burns Q_Q)

  • Dempsey Visser says:

    if this space cannon fires at a astroid, wont this bring the astroid out of orbit? and seeing that it wont take long to get to this astroid, is it possible to crash on earth?

  • Hey Hank I've got a question/topic I wish to be covered! Why do we make facial expression to certain emotions? Recently, I've been watching the show "Lie to Me", and its about people who study facial expressions to solve murder cases or something like that. In the show, they claim all humans have the same expression for most emotions. Like if your sad, you would have turned up eyebrows and a pouty lip. Is this true and if so why?

  • go through the box says:

    My first name is orion and I hate when people refer to orions belt oe spacecarft so Ill probably hate the launch and my freienss making fun of me because of it

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