FUNNYBONE UNTAMED (Nigerian Comedy & Entertainment)

FUNNYBONE UNTAMED (Nigerian Comedy & Entertainment)

and thank you thank you thank you thank you but first of all I'm not happy use this thing Coco now for a diesel come come come come come Bobby starfish me just a fish me thanks campus thank you listen gentlemen thank you for having me thank you thank you thank you appreciate thank you in order to profit from London yes so I'm actually my accent why go through this so permit me you know for a while I don't sound like I'm still dead so you can select you hear what don't forget it amiibo so once in a while my accent who crippled because if oh man no matter where we go Iraq sense citizens imani after alimony accent very cheeky I'm your apostle after all one word in between kick War II the inside you can take it away thank you for honoring me despite the economic situation I just said this one out but will the country had we had this change will be so plan a more radically boss as we day before at this after day before our shows the fool our actors who to change their work the imaginary the Commission is a funny born in a Porsche at a yes answer but why Latin is repair a Kenosha and for us with your face I guess the tompa tompa dont board us prostitute I do it's really hard now the emergency yesterday my desk open ex coming the actual night baby baby wow you're straight smooth yeah harem yay so baby Wow it is a big show Alibaba Bobby Am I Wow other coming I say yeah super with how much is the ticket I say with you see all this information in logistic advice they say you a pony born a you can joke – can you shut up you're a joker which I am so ok I want to get a we will achieve me happy price ok fine business please stop at the price that's it I said so so thank you as you saw after the show what will you do beside a very show I'll just go home just like that – yes now yes you casino a parachute a surprise you will go you spend happy night oh the shade my mother came in today and AXA Chiaki Sarah your show he is the new model as you said no mommy okay miss OH – boo how much how much portion of spoke English Bible econia good as I owe me 500 thousand e to the 1 2 3 4 separate aha until yes say where will I sit at the table jumbo hello Miss mulattos the got Rita funny most motor speeds something around a little overdone it's a my brother happened there Uruguay's as none Long Goodbye man Ponyo Ponyo a killer coffee maker yarn is a the flammable no uncommon as a local family not on summer one team is English on on whether nautical I don't if you want join and your ebook or do don't do and you bring it down play freely untamed don't not until composite F contains correcting Commissioner games I repent ammonium at an Iranian public I see Macedonian pine boy Otto yellow Pippo yato Warren it an Easter yellow the blood is change homology Harada yoson bloody in ruffle mother you know who Oh Allison gentleman in my festering liquors my first time having people sit down to watch me on my show happy about it happy about it but you'll be joy you know when I'm a switch to my normal accent it would be as well to perform now if you enjoy it was in London where our first show who busted mouth it's not mouth mouth because over there you know over there you know you open addiction distort bucket like away how the math even but your mothers are the color do they buy my sense but that Mouse now over there every show up at one hour it would take bridge the people who stand off poor outside who dream water come back that's him in his brief and I said to myself because of the present during comedian way deeper from London to show the same week I do here today I too right now Italia all a decrease Gemini guava now ladies and gentlemen my mana came all the way from China for this show he's not the most my lovely mom is over there when it was bandwidth most athletes a lot o the dance you dance it down divided we didn't house after Sigma ETA this one over here it is shown right and I had it's a duty under Tibet Amano episode them because Nam – three happiness upon abort mission mode Hashanah wahoo pimento freemen varaha speak or not Reba my mama my mama I love her die this woman stop up on my head will be small man what I never lies my mom had my life with me the ball it is especially yes I yes is yes if you fell you know I know it's no my mother come to the where she stopped making up like a long time ago when she turned on a game fun ok will you run again grand emission good ones I'm Katie yes 94 yes she tends born again not my mom unity like he taught me the truth I see be with word my mama that anything my liver friend too we service together to me that boy is shootin horribly he died no jokes among them if you go school look at me friends and he'll bring in a room each careful be good to yourself proper bad friend and I enjoyed sub boy sittings but I am elated hosting see me I was calm why my mother talk to me my mom the Lafayette my land my mom Thomas telegraphers cure beer virgin because as a virgin if you pray for – my mom is a woman my mom Maya mom my mom is old man Tommy she would not get to school the effect is no pleasure in sex sex is nothing come on habits operate programs are you exactly – Bernard a division fine can I enter school diploma one clean tip to clean here one please get to click tide yes please final year at the Oklahoma room I just thought somebody fallen top me I just closed my eyes in Vera's two minutes I felt a sensation I mean you like industry – I know a decent man stop now my mother is shot does no my son Jesus I'm your son other times you call me and I want to buy this these are my shop all the money comes from here – anything I talk picking that up now this man what I again this woman mommy video my dad is late but that's all I wish she were here today you know he's one man who didn't wait to see me get to where I was headed you know what my biggest pain in life is that I forgot to give my father a dime before he died you not a failure demand a comedian and a relaxing in there now to watch me I'm um a my dad who dick people my dad attend school right booty Channel well my mom attend school Bosch is on there now for school when I got issues I bit you know crappy ever know who to call when I get from my mom oh my I call my dad now see why I bad my dad not this million at 7 p.m. in my house two days even went in don't dive once ever not I'm already in magic it should be a situation videos from eyford an actual man where forward 35 boys one girl my only sister they look 1 any man will be fine and calm our area Thursday where my father 11 happen I went in from bacteria man left my sister four legs Pam its akahoshi love Aneesa Jesus Korea rather terrible at the ball time for a shot to make we can all be mathematize how are you caricatures or what Yogi's now if you please never decide nickel PR belly I depend me yep women don't like sex they're too high one man is obsessed look you a titty bar so I will shave you size but we went on the camp I welcome our models were born when our mothers as this second hard work my mother senator for backward only time were using suppose people said how will home Bob became only profession is reason why a team and your team to move it is you know on board I've seen for me Vida life now magic double wanna accuse me now usually what are in effect hot now woman ah ah teddy Tommy ah baby tell me a baby shower maybe what David I'm not yet dead let me guess except yet let me dead no baby Tommy Tommy now if only spell without proof publicly is the missionary staff and the Nevada column mission it is public you it's me Sean easy no stress Amazon forest direct easily hey na botanist lie down oh you are simple and a breast reduction Rosalita Chinua Achebe's with E and see what she regards of it with ease ladies and gentlemen why because this is comedy Kimmy Kimmy told me oh I'm dead damn oh my ho I'm not a Chara she to death when a ball Brimley parodies [Applause] westosha Jocko let's go see Akuma I'm not seeing you should we see you by now let's cause you're Jack Oh Raja they took you to decide please zoom or certain personnel all right you know Duffy I like your style if you take your witness may give your strength whether you know people is not real opieop did one carry bread it's a market only you want let me tell you [Applause] mommy you're like a bird no more children No Oh see my mother mommy I love you my family preser with breath now my what I said you say any woman would be about you is she – month schedule Monday see the man future one Kevin girl look you she don't know Obama wife years ago settled expressly you thought kept him baby sometimes from the Guru who came after a while he happened Goodluck Jonathan in case you don't know forever now with a patient here – now one find out she stood by him from the onset to the day he admitted that makes you a good woman you understand but that was then nowadays women at the toes one girl at Alam baby Luka me my future is bright look at my here with me in the future together we'll make it killer whenever they go a little approach before now I don't know armadas know who define boy who know fine who oddly who nobly they married for the quality for the man of bet she'll be married for instance they might fall off my mother did not know my dad kills a potato man did stretch my dad she was 17 my dad taught man for handsome my mom Caribous adapt and everything you were gone both for you don't know why you go by a Roselli pero se llaman musica para ver la casa you see basilica Ron tsubasa stays no si todos son Amanda no my dad so despotism Chicago's see my mom Louis Louis Louis be born cheese photos portes de Hispanico marrón de Rome when lo que el distrito each other comedians now entertainin paracelsus go 700 businesses sonofa Zubin so good FN Mito kilo Tahoe my boss is brief Anna no Iran Maria de presenter Mendizabal naga wife trapesius freaking pretty Devon children begin to grow hemp seed oh she dodgy Shahnaz Pahlavi katsuragi's are extra nervous Bobby Giada be ladies look around eso es todo esto ha Eddie will you marry me quesadillas tango today's obokata man finder posthumous eyes the Apollo if s LC pizza lady parts LCDs LC Tata Amazon grammarian should you find it apparently because our services for a traditional for god sake if you go abroad characters they are named the Founders Day Brad Pitt's Viva Mendez Forest Whitaker Tommy roba battle arenas for Nigeria it addresses the confessors it is a name city permission pizza Dominic polyester days and Nan services re name Arita Raja a third bar about it in yellow only a surgeon Pano's he had inland in Iran at all therefore Nellis I didn't know he was that was fulfill a version of the dacotahs passing live testimony ELISA Lam a Leo's the main one I wonder who Vanessa creepy Oh Melly oh my goodness happily with carrucha amazing is fun shadows are until Cheryl I know all about they are using today and explaining me and Donna why I said to myself about sugar shaker my mom trouble yo with manam chicken please put that claw potatoes why please civilian she didn't make it Wow do I try not to make it fine sir I know I'm a fan too Oh Ganesha it affect me share here mister much for a woman was Shambhala from day one even a barbarous immersion therapy sabaha I think water how are you are you doing happy I wasn't asleep for this life work hard to meet people who knew so before when I was young Ali proposes mkd pink magazine hot naga to do here even above open pramik club even about openness and animal cells own own or no oh another self parameter in my life for today I'm seeing I be face to face I be you don't do my soma bliss bliss yep nada our something when I was wrong pants I think Dida we're inside to our stores I don't know it's phenomenal to grant it we're inside I can't L avoid and I guess up to me for Naboo wow you look nice look at your parents Amity shows hi section the first Oh me hace dos de los de drop on zombozo me los dedos de chihuahua de semana que que si one woman human man : uma dishes hello poisoning I don't know what do you say people I be number give anything can I don't know house no no me t Fatima how are you pregnant that was that was now adays or determined or is there enzyme let me kill us first you look them it will make you back oh no you like me say something not much in it I don't know I don't know Tommy sour sauce wait when I go see I told what nah I don't wanna you call me here let's go she'll put too much poop I like to go oh my god this is past button or the esos you're not that money you know whole gang keep all the puzzler you know times like this we need whoa want to keep now we'll see the full record soon here on the god oh my god oh my god now please well no – fine now with your money now with progress and now we battle Matilda beyond our own conglomerates at the whole it ought to find it's just a point okay please whatever let's forget what are you a lot to find and gotta find when pocket this is just a good morning the rest are for design all the time trap in Paris we connect you know to hold not too fine for you just take a morning I joke who look after now you get over the blessed aegon I took I do know Marissa Chapel is it all [Applause] again you know now do I got the working time he goes Abu Germany when your wife's fine in Oakland sure Bobby Bobby Bobby rocky man tangible Christabel speaking fine I suppose on I said a superb son David how are you hoo-boy you say my dad is Bobby I said are you sure you took you to be son thank God for Mama we're over here see my mom Alicia I guess he says I put a fine maroudo's why not Ramudu ladies and gentlemen every guitar said tonight others are instead or my career as a midget but America vol 2 were compared to what analyze why liver man and wife all my toes are meeting tonight techno 20 boom now watch me


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