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  • Charles Styron says:

    Donald Trump has every right to investigate corruption, Biden and Mitt both and soon you will see Nancy P, come into play. there will be 6 total whistleblowers, all from the CIA.  Donald Trump is exposing the corruption, because he already has the proof. Watch how he speaks with positive  a position.  He has spoke about it for 20 years its all on the internet. He has proof, and Democrats have hear say. He has documents .  Ask any lawyer which carries more weight

  • Here's a thought. Mueller wasn't able or wasn't allowed to investigate Trump's money IE tax returns and finances/who was standing good for his loans? If anyone? How his money was coming in from who if there was laundering taking place? That has to be the reason he doesn't want anyone to look at his financial documents. I believe there is where he is beholden to the Russians.

  • There was a dastardly conspiracy between Trump and Russia. Mueller could not prove it because of the massive obstruction of justice on the part of the evil Trump Regime who lied and refused to answer questions. Any other narrative is false. Every other narrative is false. Now Trump is doing it again, but this time he is doing it in plain sight and is caught. The only consequence Trump will understand is impeachment, conviction, indictment, trial, verdict, sentence, imprisonment.

  • Lowry is a LIAR. 10 counts of Obstruction does not suggest Trump did not collude with Russia. The reason stated by Mueller not to indict was because of the OLC guideline not to indict a sitting president. Todd and Welker failed miserably in the silence to allow Lowry his false narrative.

    This is why Democrats get made at media for perpetuating false narratives by partisan hacks like Lowry and give them a platform to do so. BTW, where was any Democrat on the panel to dispel Lowry's false narrative since Chuck and Kristen wer not going to do so?

  • Dawn-Marie Langlois says:

    It is so disgraceful that meet the press have disgusting self serving republicans. HATE THIS VENOM SPEWING LET FOX DO TRUMPS BIDDING

  • The GOP is morally and intellectually bankrupt – they sold their soul for a tax break and some judges . The problem is once you sell your soul you don't get it back

  • Chuck, Ron Johnson made you look like the fool you are. I can smell your bias through my phone. The whole world is laughing at the media in this country. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • The question is if they don’t try to get him out. What will he do to win next time time. Power corrupts.But Trump has always been corrupt.

  • Chuck Chuck, you know exactly what's going on, and you keep spinning this to confuse your audience!!! You have sold your soul, and lied to the American people, and history will show you're a fraud!!!!! SELL OUT!!!!!

  • According to the AP, "'If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,' Mueller declared." There is also the OLC opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. Rich Lowry is lying, and the fact that Chuck Todd doesn't point this out is why I don't watch the news anymore.

  • You can tell who has read the Mueller report and who hasn't. It says very specifically that Trump and those around him destroyed evidence, lied or just refused to answer questions or delivered requested materials so it was unable to prove that Trump did anything wrong but they could absolutely disprove that he was innocent.

  • WHY OH WHY … does not one of you understand that trump has access to all intelligence files on every Republican? Is there anyone who does NOT believe that trump would not use "compromat" to coerce anyone into supporting his regime? Come on people.. ask THIS question.

  • O. Kay Henderson is just as stupid as the people she represents. Listen to what she is saying – she is describing an insular bubble that right wingers live in, are desperate to live in, and have no desire to think about anything outside of the bubble. Idiocy is going to bring down this nation. The two right wingers in this segment are totally dismissing the Mueller investigation while ignoring the facts of that investigation. Right wingers are just plain dumb, dumb, and dumb.

  • Iconoclast1962 says:

    It is clear at this point that there is a big scandal. And, the white
    house does not have control of the narrative. As long as there
    is no serious economic downturn, the inevitable impeachment
    may not damage Trump that much.

    However, if there is an economic downturn, the impeachment
    could easily destroy his administration. The voters have shown
    that they can tolerate impeachable offenses. But, they will never
    tolerate impeachable offenses during an economic downturn!

  • Republicans act as though the Mueller report cleared Trump. Mueller testified that if Trump wasn't president he would indict Trump. But I will take it a step further. Mueller did not do his job fully. By his own admission, he didn't follow the money, talk to Trump of his kids. So after doing HALF of an investigation he said he had enough to indict.

  • I strongly believe that trump has done things that are so much worse than we know. For this reason the GOP needs to protect him or the entire party is gone.

  • there is no such thing as "duty constituted" probe with Trump. Lowry is full of it. McConnell ignored all those rules you speak of by obstructing Obama's presidential duty to nominate someone to a vacancy on the supreme court. Lowry picks and chooses what he feel is ethicall or not.

  • The Mueller Report was very damning. Mueller basically was begging Congress to impeach, but Pelosi and the Democratic leadership dithered away the moment. This allows propagandists like Lowery to claim there was "nothing" in the Mueller Report. It's good that Pelosi has finally opened an impeachment hearing. The delay, however, seems to have emboldened Trump to continue breaking the law.

  • GOP Position: Only Poor, Powerless Immigrants Must Obey the Law.  And “Drain the Swamp” only means get rid of Democrats, because CORRUPTION by DJT & His Half-Acting-Cabinet (RE: members 0% independence) now LEGAL.  Once illegal immigrants follow the law, so will the President.

  • He is responsible for his conduct EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. he is in office. Seeking foreign interference in a US election is not an impeachable offense? I will not have this President, any President, dilute the standards of his office to this extent. 12 months from an election has nothing to do with it even if, as he likes to joke, it’s 120 months from an election.

    Come on conservatives, grow a spine! Your prevarications has set back the movement 50 years!

  • The Republicans seem to be forgetting that Trump not only made the phone call, he held up congressionally allocated aid as blackmail. Further, he didn't just want Ukraine to investigate Biden, he wanted it announced publicly and wouldn't release the aid until they did so.
    Just discussing the phone call leaves out a lot of important facts.

  • Isn’t the reason the Ukraine is so quickly back in the news after Mueller Trump himself? Didn’t he hear about Schweitzer’s book thesis and was so eager to prove he’d been set up in the Mueller probe that he pushed and pushed Giuliani to find dirt that it alarmed senior State and intelligence bureaucrats that led to the complaint? Isn’t it putting the cart before the horse to now blame Democrats again? Haven’t we also seen that before?

  • Marius Thefaker says:

    The Mueller report DID say there was collusion but the DOJ spread a false narrative of that conclusion and actively conspired to remove the apparatus of law enforcement to prosecute Trump for it… the swamp runs deep and Bill Barr is King Toad…

  • Trump be Trump: A guardrail is a check on Presidential power. I used to think conservatives would want checks on that.

  • Watching Rich Lowry in this segment seemed to check every tick box in this New York Times article (published only the day before!):

  • I need your help America because I am so shocked. Why are Trump and his supporters acting like it is NOT serious and important for Ukraine to investigate a possible candidate (Joe Biden) who is running for the president of the U.S., and to pay them for the investigation not important? Are they that dumb? I'm shocked! Why did he want to secretly investigate Joe Biden of all people??? HELP!!!

  • The problem is Rich is that everyone told trump foreign interference was illegal. Graham even had the FBI director say that in front of his committee. Yet trump did it anyway, what else can they do? He is lawless

  • Trump signed a letter of intent to build trump tower Moscow while running for office and lied to the country saying he had no potential deals in Russia. Putin approved the trademarks for the project the day after the election.

  • Any president you solicits a foreign country to help him in a US election is a Benedict Arnold. Anyone trying to justify such illegal activity are accomplices.

  • Hiroader11 The Analysts says:

    Got away with Russia collusion but now Ukraine is ask to assassinate a political opponent's character along with China… Here is the Senate watching Trump peeing and calling it rain.


  • hathorearthfyre says:

    Every time I hear someone use the "there was no collusion in the Mueller Report" excuse to negate what's happening now, I WISH someone would rebut with the fact that he's colluding NOW and the only reason no collusion was found by Mueller was because he was denied interviews/documents and other materials. If he had had all of these Russian phone calls that are hidden away now, he surely would have found collusion. Trump openly asks for help. Stop allowing people to use the lie that there was no Russian collusion.

  • Did one panelist seriously say that it is false that Russia interfered with US elections with the cooperation of the Trump campaign?

  • Soliciting something of value in an election from a foreign government should be punished, no matter if it is only 12 month until and election. What happened to the 'rule of law party'?

  • My congressman Charlie Crist has voted 95% with AOC and Pelosi and I hope everybody in his district votes to depose this guy. Crist is a scab and needs to be removed, especially after he intends to endorse the impeachment for nothing. Crist probably just wishes he was Biden’s son.

  • Richard Stengel is still pretending there was a conspiracy between Trump and Russia? LMAO. Nice panel you've got there, Chuck! Totally not mis-informing the public. Good job on pushing back on Stengel's lie. eyeroll Oh wait, you didn't say anything.

  • I would think a trump tweet attack would be a great thing to put on your resume unless they are afraid of physical danger

  • you can't tell the Russia story without including the Israelis which no american press will ever do – which is also the reason we are here – if we could get Israel out of our politics and stop being their war machine we could get back to making America great again – trump just wants Israel great again. I have to read the Israeli press to find out what our politicians are really up to.

  • There's a term called cognitive dissonance,. When we refuse to see things for what they are and create our own fantasy world.

  • Lowry is spreading misinformation the Mueller Investigation uncovered a lot of criminal activity that has yet to be fully disclosed to the public, however if anyone wishes to follow the threads Carole Cadwalladr on Brexit, Cambridge Analitica, Arron Banks, Roger Stone, Michael Cohn, Steve Bannon, Nigel Fararge, Wikileaks, and the FSB Russian Intelligence, the Kremlin and Putin…Donald Trump has violated his oath to the Constitution since taking office beginning with the emolument clause, obstruction of justice, and to anyone that follows foreign policy he is undermining the U.S. security at every opportunity…Donald Trump and his Administration is destroying our democracy along with the silent GOP that remains complicit with attacks on our democratic institutions and spreads disinformation daily…

  • They finally caught Trump !! He threatened Ukraine to fire his son's prosecutor in "6 hours" !! Look up the video, it features Joe Biden telling this story. Trump is going DOWN !!

  • American area 51 deception. the secret
    is the world. coordinates system computer. hacking america. quantum field wave. human nervous system. using the human brain..billy millygan



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