100 thoughts on “Full Panel: Democratic Establishment Fears Sanders Nomination | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  • makingadifference says:

    Make America a Democracy again? What is it now? These people are so over the top!!! Bernie may be leading in the so called polls but just wait Trump won't be so nice to him like those weak minded people he's running against now. When people really learn what all this"FREE" stuff will cost thrir eyes will pop out of their heads.

  • Carville is lonely because he in fact is a fool and everyone knows it, even the elites within the party.
    His mindset is stuck in the 1970s to 1990s and everyone can see that.
    And it's sad to see how MSNBC is striving to label Bernie Sanders as a plain old Socialist in the meaning of this word from at least half a century ago.
    They aren't even willing to write "Democratic Socialist", they just write "Socialist".

  • Chuck, you and MSNBC are a bunch hypocrites. Bernie is not a socialist . He is a Social Democrat, please call it what it is. We have our eyes wide open and you are not scaring anyone. Trump will get Clubbered by Bernie.

  • Woke Authoritatians think democracy is a diaster, wish for oligarch saviors to subvert the will of the people: NEVER #DemocracyOrBust #FireChuckTodd #FireChrisMatthews

  • Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    Common,get serious.every poll had Hillary winning by a know Republicans don't poll cause they believe polls are controlled by the media.and a lot of them are.the country isn't voting socialist when there's a booming economy and lowest unemployment in decades.tou guys aren't living in reality.over 60% of the country approves of the job Trump is doing.they don't have the hatrade torwards him that you people have.

  • Do you hear the framing why should the Democrat party be stopping the people from what and who they want ! Chuck you need to stop this ish

  • Chuck Todd – Are you reading the comments?? No one agrees with you! Exactly why do you want Bernie to be taken down? Are you against every American having health care? College? Clean air and water? etc.?

  • I’m more curious of the aftermath of what the general election is. Will the socialist wing of the democrats split from the establishment? Will establishment democrats form a coalition with the Republican Party?

  • The American people are sick of billionaires like Bloomberg and Trump buying elections. As Bernie said its socialism when the poor need help but its capitalism when trump gives his billionaire buddies like Bloomberg tax breaks. Bloomberg voted to elect bush in 2004 WTF is he even on the ticket as a democrat he belongs in RNC with his buddy trump.

  • Another bunch of clueless Mickey Mouse Marxists TV Pundits that honesty believe that their Twitter feed represents reality and if they think Bernie can ever get elected as US President they are utterly delusional in the extreme, especially running against president Trump FFS
    God only knows what you losers are going to do this time he wins FFS
    Can I suggest that instead of Howling at the moon like you Pathetic losers did last time maybe you could all try Mass Hari Kiri Live on CNN ? They could certainly do with the ratings LOL

  • So the establishment attacks Bernie's age, yet, they don't mind listening to fossils like James Carville, who always reminds me of Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie… can't they do better with the pundits they dig up from the grave?

  • Bernie looks great but somehow my brain is raising red flag. Everything is free I don't pay a dime and billionaires will pay for us and also open borders, somehow I feel can't be fulfilled unless we middle class pay high taxes. I like free stuffs and don't want to pay for it. But we have to see if everyone likes govt doing everything for us…

  • Why is the general tone of everything I hear how do you stop Bernie. Fox News covers Bernie better nbc you pushing the young people away I suggest you start doing actual journalism and stop with this bias opinionated pieces

  • The difference between Trump & Bernie, is that Trump is a scam artist & Bernie cares about the people he’s speaking to. His entire career has been fighting for his voters.

  • Bernie is the only person giving to the masses they can understand. No other candidate is offering anything besides removing Trump is a priority. What after Trump is removed what will they do? They are not talking about that only being critical of Bernie Campaign of M4All, Minimum wage etc. Pete? he is in the pocket of the Wall street. He has changed his tune since goint to wine caves. I dont know what he is promising them or what they are directing him to do for the funds they are giving him.

  • If Bernie wins the nomination, I'm voting for Trump. I hate Sanders that much, he's not a Democrat, he's an independent socialist, furthermore he's old and just had a heart attack, his time on this Earth is limited.

  • So, what will be really interesting is if MSNBC gets on board once he's the nominee, or if they will continue to undermine him from the corporatist lane. I did make myself giggle with an image of Nina Turner explaining in a UK diplomat party why Meghan was out.

  • Yet democratic voters don’t fear Sanders. So, the “establishment”, which must mean the DNC, better get with it and represent the voters.

    Feel the Bern!!!

  • diane iverglynne says:

    I just wrote a big long thing and lost it…lucky for you guys. Basically…tags don't do any of us any good. Keynesian econ 101 everyone is in times of greatest gap of wealth in a laissez faire system the gov has a moral and expedient responsibility to step up their work at bolstering the labor force of the nation. Our preamble separates defence and justice from "provide for the common welfare" intentionally. Bernie never mentions but I'm sure that Yale included in their recent findings that Medicare for all will also eliminate Medicaid. When reason steps up reasonable people listen. Most Americans are reasonable. So this centrist retired Christian lifelong Keynesian/socialist Rem (who is a patriotic direct descendant of Samuel Adams no less…) Is voting Bernie 2020. Don't fear the socialist tag DNC…fear us!

  • I would vote for Bernie if he was only his brain in a jar lol idk he’s been strong and going hard for years since announcing he was running for president so I’m not too concerned that he had a heart attack or whatever

  • The people want Bernie. The Democratic Establishment needs to take a back seat. They screwed him for the 2016 nomination. Donald Trump Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate needs to go away, voted out, except Mitt Romney of course. A good man. Faithful to his oath.

  • The Dem establishment are just Republicans without as much hate on minorities.
    All Bernie is doing is bringing back the two party system.

  • shereca swearington says:

    They hate Bernie Sanders so bad but this is what the people want! Trump can’t read can’t be decent he’s racist why would you not want Bernie Sanders y’all tripping

  • Socialism will be the end of African-American and Hispanic-American. I rather vote for Bloomberg than to vote for Bernie. You guys say you hate Russia, but Bernie is the bringing communism to the USA.

  • Thisto shallpass says:

    Every single mention of Bernie is negative hit pieces. I don't understand the goal. Look at the voters for the answers not speculative opinion or at the least have people on the show that represent progressive's and debate it with them. That's what we do and your the "pros".

  • Chuck Todd – “this calandar is a disaster……… for those people who are hoping to stop Bernie…..which I never said I was part of that group….. Bernie’s a Nazi”

  • You realize you are talking about a presidential candidate who a large percentage of the people in this country support? I’m much more moderate than progressive, but Donald Trump and the division he has created along with conversations like this have propelled Bernie Sanders to the front. He is authentic and I respect that, I agree with his message but not with how he plans to execute those changes. But keep I’m having conversations that show how much you don’t want him in office and you guarantee he will be running against trump.

  • A group of people literally discussing how and if the democratic establishment could subvert democracy to stop Sanders. I thought that what Sanders stands for ARE democratic principles! So disappointing!!

  • This is all BS. They have tried all kinds of tricks to get people vote establishment super pacs fail, cheat in Iowa fail, hire a billionaire to split vote fail, these people are worried because their money is in jeopardy

  • smirk Mc flerkin says:

    Maybe dont be greedy yes men for rich interest we need the people need a new "new deal" since the 70s weve been marginalize and pandered to and lied to….

  • Hehehe! Chuck and his goons sitting around the table talking about how the establishment won't let Bernie win. Mofos, YOU are the establishment!

  • 🤓🤓🤓🤓People in power get to promote their agenda. Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, who was an independent for a long time. Bernie sanders was able to co-opt the Democratic Party , because the Democratic Party forgot what it stood for. Now you have Joe Biden who's proud of being friends with segregationist while trying to ride on the backs of Black Americans and people of color. Latinos and immigrants know a Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Klobuchar, and so it goes will carry out the Latinos' agenda, look at how they have co-opted the civil rights movement, clayburn in South Carolina went for Joe Biden, what three strikes wasn't enough?? Who can carry out a progressive constructive Black American agenda???😮😮😮🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔who should want to???😒😒😒😒

  • smirk Mc flerkin says:

    Everyone on this panel would have to pay higher taxes under a Sanders presidency thats why its any one but bernie in these guys and gals brains.

    Pay your share you shills

  • The DNC (Donors NOT Constituents) and DCCC (Donors' Campaign Cash Committee) and the Democratic Party gave up on working people during the Reagan era. Sanders' success is because the party has changed its focus and now serves its donors almost exclusively. The people will replace the party leaders with true public servants who will stand up to the corporate takeover of our government, the outrageous tax giveaways to the rich and powerful, the exploitation of sick Americans for profit, etc. The list goes on and on. Sanders will win because the party has failed its voters. And idiots like Carville are too blinded by the DC bubble to see the writing on his own face.
    The DNC (Donors NOT Constituents) and DCCC (Donors' Campaign Cash Committee) are currently on a voter suppression mission to deep six Bernie's candidacy. Perez, we're watching you and your underhanded b.s.

  • Hi Chuck, if you wonder why Bernie supporters get upset at you, before calling them Nazis, maybe you should ask yourself this: would you ever run a segment titled "Can anyone stop Hillary?"

  • A good NewsAnchor or Jurnalist will immediately invite Sanders for hours of interview to detail on how Bernie Sanders would deliver his hardcore promises.. People has the right to know his delivering strategies before votes for him

  • They’re not even being discreet anymore they’re openly having a round table plotting to stop Bernie Sanders, are they suppose to be journalists or is there a new name for them?

  • Wow, they sound like “brownshirts”, isn’t that ironic… the establishment, that hasn’t helped the working people, are worried about why the people aren’t voting for their candidates…

  • What Bloomberg said is classic and right, Bernie and his supporters(Trump&Trump supporters) play the election "game" wrongly that divided the country further by electing a representative of their interests into the WH, which is the job the Congress should do. POTUS should be the chief executive officer who makes decisions for the entire country. That being said, electing a person like your neighbor widespread among voters is a correct way for choosing house representatives and senators, but a wrong way for choosing a POTUS. If you want a "United States", then you should play the game according to the classic way, otherwise, you just hijacked the game and the election and the country into a tool for your own interests, which is not an election for the United States anymore but a power struggle for the Divided States. Today's polarized political environment resulted in unbalanced economic strategies in the past 40 years which was not only domestic policies but international strategies as well. You will lose all you paid in the past 40 years for the strategies as if you abandon the strategies had been done which were the reasons why you hated the establishment.

  • True, it is nauseating. Who watches Chuck Todd? He is not an intelectual, just a pundit with an agenda. If people wants Bernie, Bernie has to be nominated.

  • Bernie's message:
    1. Free College
    2. Medicare for all

    Oh yeah, that'll win over the Never Trumpers and bring back dems who voted Trump– NOT!

  • Christine DeVeaux says:

    Chuck Todd has really been losing my respect over this primary season. He seems to create the negative narrative against Bernie. And never gives ANY positive points. Please STOP! I will stop watching you as will so many others.

  • So instead of asking “how far can this grassroots movement go and grow” the media keeps asking how to stop a movement set on taxing the rich and moving to healthcare for all. Lets you know just how much NBC hates the average viewers…

  • For the last 45 president elections a man has taken the position, the latest being the worst of all elected in history. Isn’t it time to shake up and change this position with a woman instead of a man. A woman may well be the best choice to bring us together, to settle all the noise and equalize the playing field. There are two very good women running, let’s take a chance and break away from a man in this position.

  • The GOP no longer has any credibility. They cannot be trusted to bring justice where justice is needed. If they can do this to you during this impeachment…what do you think they are doing behind your backs? I have never been one to vote for a particular party, I’ve always voted for the person. But, after listening to both the HR and Senate trials I’m convinced that the GOP is far more corrupt then I ever imagined. I will never vote for another republican again because of what I’ve witness over the last 3 years. It’s difficult to regain confidence in anyone if their mouths are constantly flapping but saying nothing of consequences.

  • TheAvengersRising says:

    While the primary is still going and once Bernie wins the nominee, House Democrats need to investigate all the damage Trump's trade war is inflicting on the economy and they better do it now!

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