100 thoughts on “Full Nadler: Impeachment Proceedings Are ‘A Matter Of Urgency’ | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  • How about letting Hillary off from clearly committing crimes by using a private server ? Was that a fair election in 2016 ? She should have been locked up !! The landslide would have been incredible !!

  • Milton - Canada says:

    If Donald is acquitted of this impeachment, the democrats can just start another impeachment
    process again if Donald decides to go against the constitution and his oath he pledged to it!

  • marianne hunter says:

    So, it is fear of the upcoming election that has you Leftists so worried. Your PAIN is on the way!!!!! TRUMP WINS 2020 BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'll take the day off so I can stay home and watch Schiff testify. Will be amazing to see him answer questions under oath.

  • Not only is Trump a threat to the next election but he could start a war and declare martial law
    in the future to stay in power!

  • I just want to remind everyone that these professional journalist under the first amendment must report to us, the American people, the truth about the corruption of our government officials. Guys like Hannity and Lora Ingram are not professional journalist, instead they are just talk show host and can say whatever they want about anything. At which most of what these non journalist say isn't true at all. In this country all professionals are held to a higher standard, according to law. Please be assured our news media professionals are of the highest quality people in the profession. I trust them over any lying politician that ever walked this earth.

  • Richard Hutchison says:

    70% of the American people understand that Trump did something very wrong. 1st Wrong: Running for president and secondly, influencing the 2016 Election.

  • The impeachment is a urgent issue if "we the people" want to keep our country out of the hands of a dictatorship. Yes, people we are headed that way mark my words.

  • 70% of the American people are ignoring the hearings. 50% don’t vote. 44% of Americans pay income tax. I can find statistics too

  • Little chubby goofball said he might let the speaker and others maybe have a say in it? Then not let Trumps lawyers show up when just asked now when he told the American people he had the right and Republicans could call who ever and could 3 days ago? They won't give Republicans time or even let them know what they are doing next to prepare for and is fair .lol. FAKE NEWS is just getting worse playing with them. TRUMP 2020 Republicans house and Senate thanks goofy Dems and FAKE
    NEWS for it ! Dems have done nothing in 3 years and Trump has done more for are Country with out their help then any President period and will go down historically even if they tarnish him. Google facts because you won't hear about it on FAKE NEWS. America is the best shape then ever!! Every other Country is doing worse in the last 3 years .FAKE NEWS do you really think a goofy Dems will win that you Go by what history has proven.

  • While conservatives and Republicans will appear on any network, including MSNBC/CNN, the liberal cowards will never appear on Fox News to face real questions. Beyond obvious.

  • Justino Nilo Perez says:

    We have no evidence none we make sh*t up as we go. abuse of power includes using the restroom. This is a kangaroo court the rules change daly. The goal post keep moving. Trump 2020 KAG!!!!!!

  • Author of my own thoughts says:

    An the HARRETZ. a prominent news source of the occupation entity Israel, said this whole fiasco is a "Jew coup" in order to gain more ground for Israel.

  • Russians elected Trump and running away from Syria to give it over to as well as still sitting on 18% of the Ukraine funds Congress allocated to help Ukraine are just more of Trumps hopes that Russia will get Trump elected again in 2020. Russian flags fly over abandoned U.S. military encampments in Syria.

  • Nader has been after Trump for years. He should read the transcripts and see they have nothing. My opinion, since they are taking all the witnesses opinion, is the Democrats need to be kicked out.

    You are going down too lying liberal media
    "Bill Barr Indicts 8 – Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions $$ in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats"

    "Bill Barr Indicts 8 – Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions $$ in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats"

  • Now u see why no ones watches these bias networks…..did they mention the unemployment rate???…..the jobs created??…. noo its all anti trump

  • Notice how Todd lets a democrat talk and yet every Republican gets interrupted every 5 seconds?…
    Watch the interview with Cruz today. Total bias.

  • OMg! House Democrats should absolutely withhold the articles of impeachment until Trump, his lawyers, and the subpoenaed members of his staff and administration come to the table to participate and testify. Do NOT let the articles of impeachment go to the Senate until Trump participates and defends himself in hearings conducted by the House Judiciary Committee!

    We, the public, have heard enough damning evidence to make our decision at the polls in November. Do not tie up democratic candidates (sitting Senators) for a kangaroo court in the Senate.

    If it is NOT adjudicated in a Senate trial, then Trump and his cronies will be prosecutable for specific crimes under the Constitution AFTER the election. 😃

  • Republicans and their president first said: “There haven’t been votes to begin article of impeachment”. There were. Second talking point: “ The hearings are being conducted in secrecy”. Not true. Hearings were conducted in live tv. Third lie and false talking point: “The “president and his legal team have not been invited to participate in the hearings”. They were but then refused to participate. The fourth and new talking point as of today: “On the eve of Christmas we shouldn’t have impeachment hearings?”. Well, since the nation’s democracy is under attack by its own leader it’s imperiled, urgent, necessary to have these hearings. A traitor is living in the WH.

  • Please make it clear
    that Trump was not demanding that Ukraine actually conduct investigations into
    Burisma and the Bidens; rather, he demanded only that they publicly announce
    investigations. That point is not perfectly clear in the Intelligence
    Committee’s report, as reflected in the all-important headers of the report. Time-constrained
    people may simply read the headers, rather than the entire report.

    Trump’s attorney has just returned from Ukraine, where he sought to legitimize Trump’s demand for “investigations”
    into the Bidens. If this false narrative is not specifically challenged in the
    written report, and elsewhere, and often, I fear that Trump’s supporters will
    continue to be misled. Trump knows this is just about optics, for them. I also believe it is

    important to emphasize, again and again, that Trump used The Peoples’ money,
    in order to extort personal benefit from his demands on Ukraine. It is
    particularly egregious that he has, essentially, stolen money from us and
    used it as his own. It’s bad enough that he believes he can do anything he
    wants and get away with it, this is also typical Trump behavior – “what’s mine
    is mine, what’s yours is mine.”

    Finally, it’s important that you not only emphasize that his pattern of behavior endangers

    our 2020 elections, as it did our 2016 elections, but that it actually put Our
    Country in danger. It opens us up to bad actors – bad countries – who,
    not only may, but probably will extort Trump and our elected officials to
    obtain what they want.


  • They should have been naked…the love fest would have made more sense. Nadler said the same thing about Mueller investigation.

  • OH Chuckie, you are so bias! Don't you know that people can see this as you treated Mr Nadler with respect & Mr Cruz so disrespectful.True Journalism is dead, bring back the journalist that did a lot of foot work instead of computers & hear says.I would like to see what Meet The Press once was——no BIAS!

  • J Westfall Davis says:

    The thinking patriots are for impeachment. I am astounded at the number of people critical of impeachment who are not aware of the charges.

  • Hysterical Vines says:

    Wrong, 70 % of people who took a poll not 70% of america and considering you have 90% of the news outlets that are marketers for the democrats taking accusations and spinning them in a way that makes the president look guilty before the evidence is presented in a court than 70% on a poll that was probaly adtervised in blue states is not that bad.

  • This guy chuckles is so funny with his false information and try’s to shout over any Republican who is on his show. People don’t watch you and they think you are funny with your inferior intelligence

  • Impeachment for a President who has done nothing but set record highs and actually takes care of our country? Sad to think four years have been wasted over total failure and all you have to show for it is anger and hate towards everyone and everything. Stop your programming now. Start looking at the other side of the story. Your welcome.

  • The American people are not stupid and tired of this nonsense.Over 3 years since Donald Trump was elected, Democrat have been trying to impeach him from one thing to the other. Accusing him racist, fascist, sexist, unfit to be president and nuclear war, trade war would hurt the economy and stock market would crash and none stop Russian collusion, Robert Mueller and now the invisible whistler blower and the opinions and presumptions of the witnesses without the fact and evidence and prove. Let wait and see if the impeachment go to senate and when the senate subpoena Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and the whistler blower and other witnesses to testify under oak then the American people will know the truth which Democrat and the mainstream media don’t want the American people to know just like the investigation of the investigators turned to criminal FBI investigation and used the fraud documents to get the warrant to spy on the American citizens and the origin of Russian probe and the phony dossier.

  • While for historical purposes the Mueller Report should be included; based upon the abundance of evidence it might just make more sense to go with Ukraine.

  • Both Nadler and Schiff have done a splendid job and conducted themselves with great courage, integrity, discipline, and aplomb.

  • The Democrats are such idiots impeaching Trump will be such an easy victory for Trump in 2020 and a Senate trial will give him a national stage to expose so much illegal stuff about the Democrats

  • Carlos María Beccar Varela says:

    Will the sewage swamp of the good for nothing radical left democrat party and the corrupt media full of chicken Schiff impeach the president without any witness, without any facts, without any victims and without any crimen?

  • We're Kurdish very happy thanks too all people's helping impeachment trumps destroying Kurdish country too make USA great shameful for USA political

  • Johnny B Perkins says:

    Here's our case – There's no evidence of this or climate change or anything else we refuse to look directly at. Won't look, can't make us, our case and we're satisfied with it.

  • Sergio Alvarado says:

    We the people stand up to Truth and Honer. If you don't agree, We are lost Choose the next election. your future depends on it??

  • I think it great how they don't answer the actually questions that matter, but don't fail to speak badly about Trump. From day one it has been bash Trump. Now it's impeach him. But they don't actually know what or why they are doing what they're trying to do. I'm happy that Trump has not agreed to statements or private meetings about this issue. We have idiots in office and Trump sees that.

  • No president has ever done that he says, No president has ever been under investigation every single day of his term either!

  • 2020 elections should be protected immediately – this unruly and complicit GOP will not convict Trumpf even if he committed murder on 5th avenue and they will lie, cheat and steal as much as they can with zero disregard for integrity and principles in 2020.

  • This is the beginning of the end for the Democrats .From quid pro quo to bribery to what next . Wait until it gets to the senate . Adam shiff , the whistle blower , hunter biden , Joe biden , whistle blower attorney who said the coup is on in 2017 will be called . The truth is going to come out . No impeachment in the three that have ever been has had his rights taken away . That is why Trump did not cooperate . After all of this it will die in the senate the truth will come out in the senate trial . This will all blow up in there faces once again . Trump will get four more years . Nadler is delusional Democrats are heading for a train wreck it is coming IG report out today ! Trump 2020

  • IG report out today . Cant wait to see what that says . The investigation into the Russian hoax and how it got started that is now a criminal investigation . The Democrats are going to be exposed they are liars and the ones who are dangerous to the democracy . The truth will come out Democrats are heading for a train wreck coming soon . America sees what they are doing . Buckle up Democrats your heading for a big fall ! Trump 2020

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