100 thoughts on “Full Johnson: Whistleblower Complaint Bad For U.S – Ukraine Relations | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  • People can look so "legitimate" until they open their mouths. his idea is to "pretend nothing happened" and "don't make a scene."

  • now repubs want characterize rump as a victim when he is causing the problem!!!! dam dont you all get it hes only a racist greedy selfish human that could have huge. one of the greats

  • Johnson. You would SO be talking impeachment if we had a Democrat president. It's ok. You can say it. We know. I can smell your hypocrisy from here.

  • Sinister Veritas says:

    Johnson is just twisting and contorting himself and it is downright embarrassing. Trump is a POS. Republicans did nothing to reign him in and now he has actively and brazenly engaged in trying to impact the elections. It's too late. He is unfit.

  • The impeachment should have started the day you took office for colluding with Russia. You committed a crime then and you have been committing crimes since you been in office, it’s time you are held accountable for ur actions! You are not above the law!!!

  • I wish pplstop calling the Russian Asset President because he is not presidential at all. , he has No Credulity, No Dignity.,. No Statesmanship and absolutely has No Class

  • You were getting help from Russia DURING your campaign. You were corrupt before your campaign, during your campaign & you still are.

  • Mueller could not clear trump of any wrong doing, he just couldn't indict a sitting President AND there are a few sitting in prison over Russia.. I should also mention that the GOP narrative of corruption in Ukraine is a Russian narrative

  • Really? That's an excuse to say "my behavior is caused by you"? Even worse that another person would give cover to the president for that excuse. Pathetic Republicans are such self-proclaimed victims .

  • Bona Fide Adventures says:

    Funny when has this country ever been together as one. As long as there’s Democrats and Republicans will always be divided. This country has to be divided in order to work. Good vs evil. The real question is who is good and who is evil?

  • To become a GOP rep, you must pass a lying test. This is the only way I can understand all the lying that is going on from Trump down. GOP members tell one lie on top of another even when they see themselves saying the opposite. Why was Bill Clinton impeached? How can they justify Clinton impeachment and let Trump off for far worse acts than Nixon or Clinton.

  • "We need to start understanding each others perspective." That perspective is amazingly one sided, you are a partisan hack. Come on Wisconsin, yall can do better than this clown!

  • HRC was exonerated for the emails by Comey, the state department and justice department When will these Republican sycophants stop beating a dead story.
    Whatever Clinton did is dwarfed by the high crimes of the most corrupt president ever in our history.

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    I'm from Wisconsin. I will never vote for Mr Johnson. Supporting the worst president in US history because you think it benefits your re-election. That's no better than what Trump did pushing a foreign country to investigate a political rival.
    So he blames the whistleblower complaint for the risk to US/Ukraine relations and not Trump's actions which inspired the complaint in the first place? Same Republican talking point that Jim Jordan tried to make in the public hearing of Ambassador Taylor.

  • The host of meet the press is a piece of human garbage. Just admit you are willing to lie about Trump because you dont like the fact he won fairly in 2016.

  • Someone should ask Mr. Johnson why he thinks these MATTERS should be behind closed doors when Rick Perry was extorting Ukraine for lucrative 50 year oil drilling contracts and who was benefiting from this? Why did Rick Perry who was seeking these contracts suddenly resign? He forgets to mention these facts. So does all other Republicans. Ask yourself if any of you ever saw public announcements on seeking these contracts??? When the Fox is in the hen house and the farmer don't know, what becomes of the hens?

  • This guy is a senator. He is more like a lying, good for nothing weasel. He represents the real republican party. They are mainly racist, evil, vile, lying deceiving crooks. 45 should be in jail for Treason, he is working for the Russian Government.

  • maninthemiddle55 says:

    Trump’s defenders like Sen. Johnson are pathetic, shameless and unfaithful to our Constitution. Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave. The silver lining in the sordid Trump presidency is that it will do lasting damage to the entire Republican Party, as it should.

  • Ron Johnson my senator is a republican hack ! You have done nothing for Wisconsin you should retire Ron and take an ice fishing vacation on Lake Winnebago and fall in a crack !

  • Making excuses for Trump is sickening. Blaming "leaks" for hurting our relationships is embarassing. It's about what Trump did. Nobody else. Republicans are acting like children. This is a very dark time in our history.

  • ron johnson's a good guy, smart dude, makes good points. a good watch if you skip over the chuck todd parts because he's insufferable.

  • Thank U, Chuck Todd❗️❤️

    Senator Johnson,

    You May Want To Strongly Consider The Following:

    Yes, Our Country Is Divided
    And Yes, hrc Needs To Be Adjudicated By WE THE PEOPLE OF 🇺🇸,
    But So Do WE Also Need To Adjudicate The Republican Administration Of Bush Jr.
    For 9/11/01 & Aftermath,
    Still Not Adjudicated,

    Please See Link For Details:

    💃🏽Co-Commandrezz Eroz
    Of The Mary Magda Collective
    🕺Co-Commander Jeff
    Of The Q Collective
    Of 🇺🇸
    Off-World DAN
    (Co-Founder With The Galactic Federation Of The Global Prosperity Group)
    Inner-Earth SHELDAN
    (Co-Founder With The Spiritual Hierarchy Of The Planetary Activation Organization)

  • In response to Senator Johnson. I work with children who have problems with emotional reactivity and one thing I always point out is that your behavior is ALWAYS your responsibility. You can’t blame others for how YOU chose to express YOUR emotions. Also
    Trump has deliberately worked to divide this country since before the election and has not demonstrated any concern about the division he started. The only time he speaks to the majority of the country is when he’s trying to blame them for the problems he’s creating. 8645

  • Nancy Ourricariet says:

    I’ll answer the Ambassador’s question: A disordered personality will smear your character, it’s a disordered personality’s predictable pattern. Anyone, even finest diplomat or dedicated public servant will be smeared if you dare to question ….

  • Trump: always an excuse for his bad behaviour. His way of reacting is his responsibility. He behaves like an ugly, nasty old man. He attacks, diverse, smears and belittlers people just to feel good for himself. A pity, small man. America are you still proud about your choice????

  • Do a better job NBC. Some people actually are "woke" that watch your programs. For Todd to point out towards the end that Johnson is a hypocrite to want to investigate Hillary's actual crime & compare it to complete fabrication against Trump with "Fisa Gate" when the Dems R proven to be the ones that colluded, is astounding. The reasoning in the liberal media is irrational & makes no sense. When in you're in the wrong, give it up gracefully or be prepared to look like the fools you really are. Facts definitely mean more than hearsay.

  • It almost appears as if the mainstream had a deal with the Democratic Party & they should be held liable for their constant propaganda supporting this "resistance" of stupidity.

  • Yovanovich believes she was unjustly fired despite the fact that she was an Obama holdover, was speaking out against President Trump and she was colluding with the DNC and Hillary Campaign to undermine the US presidential election.

  • Trump subverting the State Department for his own political benefit is EXTREMELY damaging for the United States. Putin must be proud of his puppet.

  • Holy sheets! I grew up in WI. Did they pull this guy out of a manure speader?? Johnson is an embarrassment to the good people of WI

  • Hey Johnson, Hillary Clinton won the vote of the American people by more than 3 million votes Without any help from the Russian government nor did she hire a bunch of criminal felons to run her campaign.

  • The reason this impeachment is occurring is because of Trump not the Democrats. All Johnson is doing is bringing embarrassment to my state.

  • All this regarding a life long Democrat who saw a weakness in the republican party and the repubs in congress too chicken $hit to respond appropriately.

  • Roberto Mizhquiri says:

    so the bystander that called in a robbery should be trial for been a snitch ?
    and the robbers should be praised for putting up with the snitcher?

  • East Prussian 1st Infantry says:

    GOP scum only care about their interests and blow jobs unless it,s their own. So Nixonian of this Wisconsin cheeseboy. What a Putinsky Imbecile! Can,t answer a question. It bugs me Reagan and Ollie North were not thrown in prison for Iran Contra.

  • Sen. Ron Johnson is the kind of person that would tell his daughter to "keep it in the family" when she tells him that Uncle Mike molested her.

  • please ron johnson don't talk anymore. you are using inflammatory language that divides our country, by using words like 'coup' , 'tormenting' trump and continuing to paint clinton as some criminal that the base loves to hate. you, sir, need to be home and sit quietly by that fire place in your house.

  • What an embarrassment to our country and the world they're laughing at us to think we actually voted these clowns in to office they're just such big sore losers They can't stand the president because he tells them just exactly how it is They always say the public wants to know the public is sick of this BS they just think they know what's best for us And that is to keep paying them to do nothing and line their pockets and get rich president trump Can't be bought that's what they hate God-bless U president trump and your family

  • New vision of the Republican Party of Trumpism-> “but it’s all their fault!” “They did it first!” “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you” 😛 Bunch of whiny old white dudes.

  • I wonder if Ron Johnson would be willing to defend Bill Clinton and criticize Republicans for his impeachment since he doesn’t think it should be used to remove a duly elected president

  • Hearsay – Evidence that is not within the personal knowledge of a witness, such as testimony regarding statements made by someone other than the witness, and that therefore may be inadmissible to establish the truth of a particular contention because the accuracy of the evidence cannot be verified through cross-examination.

  • "We solve our political differences at the ballot box." Using the office of the president of the united states for your own personal gain is not a "political difference".

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