100 thoughts on “Full Johnson: GOP Attacks Press Over Trump’s Ukraine Actions | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  • So anything against the democrats = Fox News conspiracy. Good luck with that. I’m glad Republicans are more hesitant to go on left wing news sites.

  • He's a lying dog. The Republican idiots started their hate against Obama right after he was inaugurated and it continued for eight years.

  • Reprobates extrodinare, Buzzard fuzz Toad has the mark of the beast. God put him in an alternative reality that there is no return from. Mangy Scream Media has no mercy

  • MSDNC, CNN, ABC, CBS, et al are not media outlets. They do not primarily operate on 'ratings generated income'. Most are financed through elite clandestine political organizations both in and out of government power. There is no public accountability in normal ratings based, business model terms. They are straight up propaganda machines, financed by elites seeking to increase their political power. There's a reason the 5 richest counties in America are immediately adjacent to DC. Centralized power equals corruption. It encourages media centered power structures that have agendas. Trump, as inarticulate and challenged as he is is doing wonders attacking and breaking up these decades old cesspools.

  • Chuck pushes negative connotations in his intro and then ask why the senator is defensive even when chuck knows he's baiting a senator and lying to. then chuck acts like he doesn't know what the senator is talking about. which makes him a two-faced lying hypocrite. and many more!

  • Anything the GOP or Trump says at this point is irrelevant – there is enough evidence to impeach Trump from now until Election Day, so if I were a Congressional Republican I would begin working to get my Party back now, before it is too late. Mitt Romney knows this. Johnson doesn’t seem to, yet. Mad Hatter Johnson’s way over caffeinated from the Tea Party. Freedom Caucus is just another word for nothing left to lose.

  • The CIA killed JFK and the FBI helped cover it up…Americans with a brain know they can NEVER trust those two organized crime syndicates…

  • Chuck Todd and company, 'The feckless in the tank for the DNC activist media,' 40+ years and counting. " You can fool some of the people some of the time BUT you can't fool all of the people all of the time", with one exception if you continue to watch the Chuck Todd's of the advocacy MSDNC Media!

  • the biggest difference between Clinton's opposition research and what trump did is that the latter is using the power of the presidency to blackmail Ukraine into investigating.
    this is an objectively significant abuse of power.


  • Dicky Anderson says:

    How bad is all of this footage going to make you look when the truth inevitably comes out? Is the money really worth it Chuck?

  • Chuck YOU FARLEY! Chuck, why didn't you just say 'Senator PLEASE, I'm not asking you I'm telling you! PLEASE tell me and my sinking viewership what I want to hear! You Leftists are delirious.

  • Chuck Todd needs to go. NBC news will never, NEVER have any credibility until he is gone. He has never been good but the last 3 years have been ridiculous

  • Dear NBC: Please stop inviting those who, like and including Sen. Ron Johnson, use your platform to avoid answering your questions (asked for our benefit) by spewing propaganda. Let them have their chance, then compile their misbehavior into an exemplary video, so that whenever you are castigated for not inviting them, you can response with that pattern of evidence. Thank you. Your work is appreciated.

  • Chuck Todd is becoming more satire than opinion journalism. Senator Johnson did a good job dealing with such a bias platform.

  • No one trusts NBC news anymore. They will look back on this 50 years from now and laugh on how biased NBC became during this time in our country. Chuck is a complete joke!

  • Does any citizen trust this Senator? The American People's answer is to reshuffle the power structure one way or the other and let the chips fall where they may, Democrat or Republican are accountable to the People.

  • Just cut him off and proceed to the next segment. He was completely disjointed, non responsive and desperate to get conspiracy theories out.

  • Michael Weston says:

    "Fox News Conspiracy Theory"… "Right Wing Talking Points"… AKA Reality! Trump or BUST!

  • Why are Americans even appearing on a militant DNC presentation like Meet the Press anyway? Their only function is to spread disinformation, and cover up the crimes of Democrats.


  • Oh course Ronnie had to act like a moron on Meet The Press HE WAS ONE OF THE 3 (R) SENATORS TO AGREE WITH BIDEN ON GETTING RID OF THE CORRUPT PROSECUTOR. So now he has to lay on the sWord or get burned at the Tweet by King trDump. I guess he took the sWord.

  • Ron John is hilarious. He doesn't trust anyone, but Manafort, he acknowledges was convicted, wasn't framed, but everything else has some other truth.

    😂 Just wait when trump is headed out the door for good, and he'll backtrack and contradict his previous contradictions with another contradiction. Comedian

  • El Sucio Federali says:

    Tim Russert weeps – for what was once….a solid show – mostly objective.
    Ted Turner weeps – for what was once….the first, premium cable news channel.

  • Robert Tomasko says:

    No wonder NBC ratings have dropped. Reporters like Chuck are completely biased. Senator Johnson clearly winced to the fact that the LEFT is trying to connect aid and investigation together to remove trump. They have already been through this with Russia Collusion but it didn't end in their favor so on to the next. If this was a Democratic President we wouldn't be having this conversation. Smoke and mirrors from the LEFT.

  • Fergus Gilbert says:

    Chuck Todd has no class and is a low life who has no intrest in seeking the truth. He is a disgrace to the journalistic profession

  • Apache Resources says:

    Wow how embarrassing. Look at our politicians. Completely broken. Which is proof that the system is broken. They are products of the political system. The sound and act broken!

  • The headline is a lie. Chuck Todd is not the press, he is a Democrat progandaist posing as a journalist. Everyone knows Chuck Todd is a hack working for a so-called news network that is nothing more than than an establishment talking head. Why else would they hire current and former CIA operatives (James Clapper, John Brennan, Philip Mudd and list goes on and on) to give you the "news".

  • anthony magliaro says:

    Chuck Todd is a disgrace. He's not a journalist he's a talk show host posing as one..his bias against Trump has been exposed time and time again

  • @5:14 Chuckie asks a question similar to When did you stop beating your wife? Really Chuckie these are the type of questions a "journalist would still be asking in 2019? How stupid do you think your audience must be to ask such a leading and bias question? Why would you think your audience is this dumb? and why are you not embarrassed by such antics?

  • Typical example of attempting to engage in intelligent debate with a lib. Try to get your point across amid a series of interruptions. Sorry Chuck, it ain't "pretty clear" to me that you're only dealing with the facts.

  • when did interviewing become debating? The role of the interviewer was always to ask questions, not to argue and debate. This has been going on for a few years now. Any pretense of impartiality has been lost. And the sad thing is that they are defiant. Credibility used to be everything to a journalist. I happen to believe these so-called conspiracy theories. So am I just written off? Doesn't Chuck have some ethical obligation to set the record straight? Of course not. This is all a farce. I used to watch Meet the Press religiously. This show is partly how I became informed about government and politics. This was a smart show for smart people. Or so I thought. Just bright lights and make up and propaganda. I hate to say that but after Chucks outburst and scorn toward people like me who have the audacity to be skeptical.. I dont know what to say.

  • You poor dimwit Leftists. Well, some of you. Look no further than the ratio of 'Likes vs Dislikes' on YOUR Network? Trump is exposing corruption…'Draining The Swamp' they call it, and your Golden Boy Biden has been exposed and the Mocking Bird Media doesn't know how to react because…they've been had by a Brilliant POTUS and Trump is making them ALL look stupid at the same time. This is really fun to watch.

  • Todd is a disgrace! Chuck should resign or at least never pretend to be a journalist again. He is nothing more than a political hack and disgrace.

  • NBC has lost all credibility with the public that can still think for themselves they are banking on hood winking the dumber public at large mainly those living on the east and west coast who have been indoctrinaternated by the liberal run public schools and liberal Colleges

  • Hey Mr. Todd, I'd love to come on your show and debate all of your fake Russian hoax, your lying cohort of bashing a Righteous president… I would bet just a common man like me could light you up on politics more actually than your big filibustering in a 6 min interview…. I challenge you to a live debate.

    Dont be SCARED

  • Oh my goodness Todd are you getting a kickback from the Democrat party? Stick with facts, every time someone tries to tell you guys the truth you try and turn the tables. You are clearly not about the truth. You know you have a bias to the left. What happened to truth in the media. Strzok,Page ext……. I get my information from the congregational hearings, you see both sides without the bias media. And seeing what you guys did to cover up the truth is unbelievable.

  • “Do you trust the CIA?” What an open-ended question! Chuck asks the question several times, repeatedly interrupting the Senator and preventing him from making a reasonable argument.

  • Sandesh Roberts says:

    Another witch hunt by dems and the liberal media. Dems better do the real work you have been elected to help America grow. stop this dirty and corrupt politics.

  • Chuck Todd is so incredulous. There is no reason for the American people to trust the CIA or the FBI. Trump has caught on and touch a nerve throughout America. MSNBC is so crazy left that it cannot even do honest investigative reporting. Terrible to watch.

  • Aaron Gatzemeyer says:

    Bring on Hunter Biden. If Chuck's company can afford him now. Get Candace Owens on at same time to do q & a. Not biased c.Todd.

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