65 thoughts on “Full Cruz: House Impeachment Is ‘Kangaroo Court’ | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  • Chuck Todd is the worst interviewer. How about let the person complete their sentence before you interrupt you left wing hack.

  • Just once it'd be nice to see a reporter not let a GOP member move on until they answer the actual question they're asked ! These sound-bite platforms do more harm than good >_<

  • Driveway Turtle says:

    Cruz is a boob. He needs to go but people in Texas are too stupid to recognize it. I should know, I live here in Texas. It's astounding how ignorant people are.

  • The Democrats' Trump-Russia collusion HOAX was/is a COVER for THEIR actual actions to help Russia!

    1) Burisma owner [Mykola Zlochevsky] was/is RUSSIA ALLY!

    2) Top Putin aids (Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov), reported sources for Clinton campaign/DNC paid for Steele dossier!

    3) Ukrainian who helped Hillary via Manaford and Steele dossier was PAID BY RUSSIANS! (Serhiy Leshchenko)

    4) The Obama-Biden-Clinton (2008-2016) admin immensely HELPED Putin and Russia via promised and delivered "flexibility" on missile defense, New Start nuke treaty, Putin-loving Iran deal, Uranium-One deal (allowed Russia to take ownership of 20 (TWENTY) percent of our (USA) uranium production!)

    5) Obama-Biden slashed OUR (USA) military to near shambles!

    6) Obama-Biden denied desperately requested military assistance to Ukraine…during initial Russia invasion of Crimea!

  • Ted Cruz looks so stupid with that Caesar biography behind him. He'd like to be an emperor, but he's just a mealy-mouthed toady.

  • I have to agree with Cruz that Trump is some sort of untamed animal, but I am not so sure I would say he was a Kangaroo….

  • So amazing that when Fiona Hill came to Congress about the Ukraine fiasco and said that people should stop pushing the false narrative that Ukraine meddled in the US election.Elise Stefanik responded angrily saying that Republicans were not doing that and she is wrongly stating what Republicans believe.Well you are seeing an awful lot of Republicans saying that.How does that fit with what Rep Elise Stefanik so forcefully argued? I mean she surely has proven herself correct.No Republicans are saying Ukriane meddled in the US elections right?

  • Milton - Canada says:

    So what about Obama, this is about Trump now not the past.
    Can the republicans deal with the present and not the past?

  • It is admitted that Ukraine is corrupt and yet they want to have them investigate. I would think the CIA, FBI etc should investigate.

  • Tim Russet would be embarrassed the way Chuck doesn't interview all he wants to do is argue. He only let's DNC Dems talk. What a disgrace. How rude. Ukraine did meddle so did Russia China UK Australia etc .

  • Chuck Todd is so biased along with most media. SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Keep naming every single view is pro Democrat. We the people see how the media hates our President. We see the bias and the hate. We will re-elect President Trump in 2020. LOL

  • The question republicans can't and Trump won't answer. Why did Trump wait until Biden entered the race to ask for this foreign investigation into corruption involving him?
    Answer: Because he is so controlled by narcissism he didn't realize that asking a foreign government to do something he knew would directly interfere with our domestic elections and benefit him personally as a private citizen would be dirty but to do it as president is an act of treason.
    His supporters are not patriots.

  • charles bromberick says:

    The "TELL" is Cruz is full of it,  Republicans ALWAYS talk fast and studder when the facts are against them.  There are NO Smart, honest Republicans anymore.

  • Where’s all the evidence that trump did nothing wrong? Where are these meeting memos showing Ukraine interfered? An op-Ed?? Are you kidding me?? Is that all they have??

  • Milton - Canada says:

    Cruz in no way was going to say thank-you back to Chuck at the very end!
    He was so mad and never wanted to get called on the info Chuck was right about.

  • Ted Cruz never went to college, and it is painfully obvious when you hear him talk. He wants so badly to be smart and use big words, but he is only working with a 20 watt light bulb.

  • Cruz betrayed his wife and family in allowing Trump to attack them. Teddy speaks about Trump being tough on Russia. LIAR!!. Cruz is lying. Trump attacked China trade to help Russia. Look at the fool, taking it in the shorts. WHEN WILL THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GET SOME BALLS AND STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE? GUTLESS AMERICAN POLITICIAN.

  • It's really sad to see all of the corrupt republicans fall all over themselves trying to protect the most corrupt president in history.

  • Chuckie Chuckie Chuckie, We The People Have absolutely zero reason to believe what ANY American "intelligence" agency says or briefs congress on. They have zero credibility. Much like the FBI, CIA, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX. Do us a favor NBC shut down and rebrand, that's the ONLY thing that will save you.

  • Much Better job this week todd.

    Anyone else hear the background laughs.

    Thinking this is laughable does not lack decorum

    Thank you!

    Adding circus music would probably be appropriate at this point.

  • American school system has been broken so long and 50% of it's citizens are not smarter than a 5th grader. This mass ignorance was planned years ago so the rich could screw the poor. We are all going to be extinct by2040 because of greed. bye y'all

  • Chuck Todd: "That is exactly why impeachment was written into our constitution, they did before they even wrote our laws sir."

    Ted Cruz: "Uhhhh duhhhh."

    Chuck Todd: "What is the definition of a misdemeanor?"
    Ted Cruz: "It was a term, uhhh, the framers used uhh…. but the democrats, the democrats have a tell!" Didn't know the answer so he tries to change the subject, LOL. Check please.


  • When you have got a Platypus (rarely seen) defence, you have to say Kangaroo court, because Trump was Kangaroo caught. The impeachment is in the pouch.

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