Frustrated Telangana Pilla || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Frustrated Telangana Pilla || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

I’ll inform her,
bye. Harika, your boyfriend called me.
Why aren’t you picking his calls? Whatever, I’ll talk to him later.
– What’s wrong, why be so annoyed? It hasn’t even been 10mins since
we last spoke, why call me back again? He’s being such a pain.
One would have music, dance kind of hobbies. For him, annoying me is a hobby.
If I call him, he would say he is busy. If I give him his space
he would complain that I’m ignoring him. For some reason, if I miss his call,
world war 3 would start. Damn him! If I don’t turn the net off before I sleep,
by morning, I’ll have 100s of msgs & calls. Let’s excuse him for that. I have to ask
for his permission to go somewhere. He would then ask,
‘Can I join you for shopping?’ If I say no,
he would endlessly argue about it. Would he be composed once he’s here?
Nah, he would find problems with everything. Why would you buy that dress and all?
Don’t laugh, I’m serious. My partners never objected.
He speaks worse than a labourer. If you search for labourer in dictionary
it would show his name. And his friends, damn!
Problems amplify from here. If I talk to someone,
they would start their investigation. Who’s he, why’s he here & all? Not even
a questioner would have so many questions. Jerks!
As if they’re the nicest guys in town. He & his friends are the cheapest guys
one could come across. Such jerks! He can blabber all day with his friends
but I can’t even talk to my classmates. His friends always bitch about me,
Damn those Aa… Avocados. Twits! If you show up to them
they would start all emotional drama. They make all puppy faces until we accept
their love. Once accepted, they bark like dogs. They always are sweet
& pleasing at the start. Later they find some problem.
Tell me something, Won’t guys stare at a beautiful woman?
He has a problem with that as well. Basically, he has a problem with everything
that I do, from my calls to Insta posts. If someone comments ‘hotty’ under my post then he has managed to earn
himself my blocklist membership. If I ignore all this and still call him, his
conversations start or end with ‘what else’? Useless jerk.
– I’m so slow-witted. I don’t know why I’m still with him. He isn’t taking me seriously.
He would one day pay for it. No matter what I do, he doesn’t respect me.
Speak of the devil and here he calls. Helloo, baebe! Did have your lunch?
– What the fck? Oh, I miss you so much. Hi, guys! I hope you liked the video. We’ll
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to our channel, ‘Dhethadi.’ Who’s gonna inform them about bell icon?
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