Frustrated Brother || EP 10 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

Frustrated Brother || EP 10 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

Sir, you called for me?
– Go out and get in again. – Whatever. Sir, you called for me?
– You are detained! – Thank you, sir. Thank you? Do you know what getting detained means?
– I do. That’s why I’m thanking you. I’m done with you. Unless you bring your brother..
– You won’t detain me? – I won’t let you into the next sem. Sir, why bring my brother here when you’ve made up
your mind to detain me? I’m not resisting, am I? Like I’d have cared if you had resisted.
Get your brother here. If you don’t.. If I don’t?
– I’ve his number. I’ll call him. – Sir, please, no! I’m detaining you
only to let your brother know about you. I even compiled a list of crap you pulled
in college till date. I’ll tell your brother all of that. Sir, you’ve no idea about my brother.
– Will he slap me for detaining you? – No, he’ll slap me. My point exactly.
– Fine. Since you insist, I’ll get him here tomorrow. Keep a first aid, an ambulance
and a doctor stand by. Also, inform the cops beforehand. It may help.
– This guy is scaring me. You know why I summoned you?
– Yes, because you’ve detained him. You know why he got detained?
– Because you detained him. You know why I detained him?
– Because he had to get detained. You know why I wanted him detained in the first place?
– How would I know without you telling me? Then hear me out. – I am.
– Out of 100 days of a semester, he doesn’t even attend 5 days. ‘There are 100 days in each semester? I never knew.’
– And also.. – Hold there. I compiled a big list. Let me go through it.
– We’ll go step by step, so I can chide him accordingly. – Alright! You, idiot! Your sister-in-laws wakes up so early
and makes you breakfast and lunch.. Hit him. Harder!
– And you don’t even attend classes? Stop it! Let’s talk frankly for minute.
When did your wife ever make me breakfast or lunch? You’ve a point. But, I do need some emotion
to beat the crap out of you. – Fair point. Brother, you work very hard and earn money
and pay my college fees but I while away my time without attending classes.
How is this for emotion? This will work.
– Come on, get worked up! Grab my collar. I work very hard and earn money
and pay your college fees but you while away your time without attending classes.
You don’t value money, do you? What’s next on the list.
– Let me check. I got it all covered. – Very good. He smoked a cigarette in the college’s canteen.
After he saw me seeing him, he made smoke rings. You made smoke rings?
– I asked you to buy me a ring, but you didn’t. So, I started making smoke rings.
– Come here. Just for that you made smoke rings? What if you wanted a chain instead of a ring?
You’d have made chain out of smoke rings of hookah? How dare you smoke hookah.
– Brother, I’m bleeding. – First aid, please. What’s next.
– L-Let me see. In his 2nd year, he courted a girl.
They went to movies, went to dates went to parks..
They even went into the bushes. Is that true?
– You told me we need to share our feelings with people. At home, I can share my feelings with you and your wife.
And in college, I have this girl. She even consoles me when I fail in exams.
– When I say you need to share feelings with people I meant with people in general.
Not with a girl with whom you go into the bushes. What’s next?
– Isn’t it getting a little violent? – Shut up and tell me. Well, sir, it was just my opinion.
Anyways, he courted another girl in the 2nd semester. You’ve two girlfriends?
– Well, even the government’s motto is ‘One is correct, two is limit, three is imperfect’.
Also, you keep telling me to be in my limits. So, I decided to take her into the bushes too.
– Get up! The government’s motto is about number of kids
a couple should conceive. It isn’t about number of girlfriends. What is next? – I’m sure this is a fracture.
– Sir, you’re becoming too violent. And that is because he deserves it.
Also, isn’t this why you called me here, to set him straight? To set him straight, he should atleast be alive.
– Shut up and tell me what’s next. Only if you promise you won’t beat him anymore.
– I promise. – I don’t believe you. Tell me, what’s next?
– He started boozing in 1st semester of 3rd year. I thought you’d have been boozing since 1st year.
– Actually, I was. He got to know only in 3rd year. Sir, please, he has some explanation for it.
– Explantion, you think? Fine, let’s hear him out. My friends moved into a new pad.
We wanted to boil milk as per custom. But we ran out of milk.. So, you instead boozed chilled beer?
– Sir, please, calm down. You seem more dangerous than my wife.
– Be glad my wife wasn’t here. What’s next? In the 2nd semester of 3rd year,
he was caught ragging. Ragging is quite common these days.
– Not a student, he ragged a lecturer. Ragged a lecturer? Is it?
– Well, I was in my 3rd year but that lecturer was a new joinee.
So, technically, he too was my junior. If you ever raise your hand on my student..
– Finish your line. Are you planning on killing him?
All students are like this. They booze, they smoke, they get girlfriends,
they bunk classes. What is so wrong about it? You tell me, you wanted to detain him for the same.
– Says who? He can appear for all exams hereon. You heard that? You can write your exams.
Now, I’ll leave for work. You people wasted my time. Why was your brother here? To set you straight
or to set me straight? Only our viewers can answer that. I need a week’s leave.
– What for? – You see this? I need time to recover. Just one week? Take a whole month’s leave. But, leave me alone.
– Thank you so much, sir. One of my friends faced a similar situation.
We tried to turn it into something funny. Based on true events. If you liked this video,
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