Friend VS Best Friend Ft. Dhethadi || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Friend VS Best Friend Ft. Dhethadi || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Are you okay?
Get up, slowly. Are you fine or do you want to go to the doctor?
– I guess I should. I hope everything is alright?
– I guess I hurt my leg. I wasn’t talking about you.
I hope everything is fine with the stairs. I was just kidding. Don’t you look around while driving? So reckless!
– I’m so sorry. How could you drive so rash?
And why aren’t you wearing a helmet? I’m only going to the next street.
– Only to the next street? Rather take a walk then given that you’re too bad a driver.
Did you even clear your license test? Because of drivers like you,
I opted for a life insurance. What a prick he was, right? I’m so sorry!
– Can’t you look around while driving? Can’t you look around while driving?
– Forget it! It is my fault! – Cut it! What is your problem now?
– What if she bumped into me? But she didn’t, right?
Tell me this. Why didn’t you honk? Because this street had no traffic on it.
– You’ve to honk before each house to avoid these accidents. I should honk before each house that I pass?
– We’re sorry. It is.. You think you own this road?
– Yes, I do. I own this building aswell. Tell me why didn’t you put on your helmet?
– I’m carrying a helmet. What purpose would that serve?
Get out of my sight before I lose it. Get going. What a prick.
Let’s go. We were at fault.
– I know. But, screw him. Jahnavi, check your Whatsapp.
I’ve sent you my wedding invite. Oh, cool!
– Send me Sushant’s number aswell. I’ll send one to him too. Yeah. Right away.
– Do attend all events. Sangeeth is on 25th.
– We many not make it on 25th. We’ve plans. But I’ll be there
for wedding. Your brother’s wedding is next week, right?
– Yeah. Why didn’t you invite me yet?
– Why even bother? I know you’d come. Why would I attend a wedding
that I’m not invited to? You would if it is your
best friend’s brother’s wedding. Would I? There is no wedding without you around.
– That is true though. Quite literally, I mean.
Who’d run all the errands if not you? No, I’m skipping work today. I’m feeling sick.
– What’s wrong? I’m running a temperature.
– Oh! Alright. Take care. I’ll see you later, then. Bye.
– Sure. Bye! You skipped work today?
– Yeah. What for?
– I’m running a temperature. Is it? Oh, crap!
My temperature is more than yours. Well, actually, I’ve diarrhoea.
But telling that to everyone sounds gross. Served you right for eating all junk.
Did you take any pills? Yeah, I did.
– How many times did you have to.. Seriously!
You’re so gross. Hello.. – Hello..
– Is Jahnu home? No, she isn’t.
Who is this, by the way? I’m Gauthami.
– Gauthami? I didn’t hear her speak of you. I’m Jahnavi’s colleague at work.
– I see. Jahnavi asked me to come here.
She wanted me to pick her up for the evening. I see. Please, come in.
‘I never seen this girl nor heard her name?’ ‘Wonder how long she’s been her friend.’ I’ll rather call her up.
– Good idea. Hello!
– Hi, Harika! How are you? I’m good and you.
– I’m good too. Be seated. Long time it’s been since you’ve come home.
Would you have coffee? Why be so formal?
I’d have asked you if I wanted coffee. Come on, sit now. How is life? How is everything?
How are your parents? And you’ve slimmed down a lot. Parents are good. And I’ve slimmed down?
Maybe it is because Jahnu eats my share of food too. Why don’t you ask her to get fit?
She gets pissed whenever I ask her to slim down. She’s getting pissed
even when I ask her to slim down. She is becoming so moody lately.
Did she have a breakup or something? I don’t think so..
– Tell me if that is the case. Don’t worry.
I’ll talk her through it. Nice. And have dinner with us tonight.
– Sure! But, please make Naatu Kodi curry for me. Done. I’ll make Ragi Sangati to go with it.
Now call Jahnu and ask her to come home soon. You’re aswesome! This topic is important.
This topic is very important. This topic is very very important.
This topic is very very very important. Alright. I’ll study these.
– Do call me up if you’ve any doubts. Alright. I’m going home now.
– Okay. Thank you! What are you upto?
– I’m studying the topics Gauthami told were important. You want me tell you what they are?
– No, I’m good! You only want to pass the exam, right? Just start your answers good and end them good.
The middle part, the evaluator wouldn’t care. Don’t forget to write ‘Hence Proved’ at the end.
– Is that it? I just bought ‘Contra’ game’s casette. Let’s play.
– Great! Let’s play two players. I hate olives!
I wonder why no one else has a problem with olives. ‘She hates olives?
How strange is this lady.’ One pasta, one french fries
and two Virgin Mojitos. Here, have these olives!
– There is one more. How can you even eat those?
– How can I eat those? Olives are bae. Not as bae as you are though.
– Whatever. Here, have the crust part that you like.
Would you want to order anything else? Get us the check, please. Really tasty!
– Yeah. The bill is on me.
– No! It is on me. I invited you here. So, the bill is on me.
– Don’t even bother. Let me pay. – Let me pay.
– Let’s split! Ma’am, here’s the bill.
– Thank you. Rs. 1000! Cool. The bill is on you.
– Why is it on me? Let’s split. Who has got a job among us? You.
Who is earning among us? You. So, who pays the bill? Me?
– Correct. Jahnavi, are you okay?
Heard you had a break up. I’m okay. I’ll be fine.
– Everything will be fine so, don’t worry.
Everything will be normal soon. Sometimes, break ups do you good.
Call me if you need anything. Why don’t you come out with us?
– You guys carry on. I want to be alone for a while. Wipe that sad look off your face.
Be happy that you broke up. I’ve always been telling you he was a prick.
But like always, you didn’t pay heed. That guy wanted you not to be friends with me.
Glad you broke up. What do you say? Shall we go shopping?
– No! I’m too tired. Cut it
and come with me. Has your cab arrived?
– It is two minutes away. Got any plans tomorrow? How about we go out?
– I’m meeting Harika tomorrow. I see. Carry on. Some other time, maybe.
– Sure. My cab has arrived! Bye!
– Bye! Shall we go out this Friday?
– I’m going out with Gauthami this Friday. Gauthami! You’re new best friend, right?
Carry on. Infact, you have to go with her. No, she isn’t my best friend..
– You don’t have to explain. It is true that I cancelled all my plans for Friday
thinking we’d go out together. But it’s alright. Carry on. Go meet her even now.
I’ll rather leave as you don’t even care for me. Hear me out! Gautami, this is Harika. Harika, this is Gautami.
Finally I could get you both to meet each other. Shall we order something?
– Sure. How about Mojito?
– Mojito, huh? Cool! What is it?
– Jahnu never told you the Mojito story? No, she didn’t.
– Too bad. Shut it, will you?
– She’s your best friend. I thought you’d have told her. Tell me!
– It isn’t important. – It is a crazy story! Actually, it isn’t crazy at all.
– No, it is. I’ll tell you. Stop it! It is nothing.
One day, I had a Mojito and then I felt drowsy. That is the end of the story.
It is. She should know given that she’s your best friend..
– Please, no! Stop it right now! Then is the bill on you?
– Yeah, it is. It is a crazy story. You’ve to hear it.
– Tell me. – I will, sometime later. Hey, guys! This was our take
on ‘Friends Vs Best Friends’. I hope you enjoyed it. And look, who is on my channel.
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– I loved it. I hope you guys loved it aswell.
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– Dhethadi! You’ve to dance!
– I’ll dance on your channel sometime. Atleast tell our audience
the Mojito story. Well, I’ll tell them later.
– I’ll tell you all on my channel.


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