Friday, October 25

Friday, October 25

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (upbeat music) Thank you. Thank you for watching our show and say hello to my co-hosts, the studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) I’m in my office minding my own business. Next thing you know, Megan Stallion’s on the phone. Well you know we talked about Megan Thee Stallion yesterday. Do you remember the makeup story about her makeup artist came for her because she said she does her own makeup and all he does is touch it up and I don’t know what the truth is or not. If you have a makeup artist and the makeup artist is supposed to do all the makeup and then if you want to touch up, I was telling you yesterday, then you go in the bathroom, you start taking it down a bit, filling it in more, you know how we do girls, those of us who know a little bit about makeup. It’s like a collabo effort but with the makeup artist leading the way. Anyhoo, he got on social media, I was telling you, and basically cursed out, without using curse words, his boss Megan Thee Stallion, like, no you don’t do your own makeup, blah, blah, blah and he did it on social media. Like that’s supposed to be a private phone call, even if he’s mad at her for what she said in the Vogue interview for The whole thing’s there. But he was supposed to call her privately and they were supposed to have it at civilizedly. So coll abo I was talking to her, I was like, “Look girl,” I still haven’t even met her but we’ve had a few different phone conversations over the past few months in new life. Not my fault. Anyway, and so I said, “Did you fire the makeup artist?” She said, “Of course.” So I said to her, I said, “Have you found a new makeup artist, are you in a rush?” She said, “No, I do my own makeup.” I was like, girl after my own heart. I like her, I like her. Anyhoo, so we exchanged telephone numbers with our bookers, her booker, my booker, our booker, she’s coming to the show, it’s just a matter of, (audience cheering) summer is over so there’s no more hot girl summer but she’s definitely having a follow me fall and then into a winning winter. So when she gets ready to come here, we’re gonna have a good ole time just talking like two girls. (audience applause) T.I.’s wife Tiny, who we love, was told that she shouldn’t marry for love and she was told that, she was talking about it on a podcast about she and T.I. Take a look at this, listen very closely and then we’ll talk. I was like why do you think people get married today? Well, I don’t know, but I’m gonna tell you, I will never forget that when I was about 16, 15 years old, Aunt Joyce, Candy’s mama told me, “Do not marry for love, “marry for”, what’d she say? (snapping) Security. Security. Suzanne, wait hold on, hold on now, Suzanne, do not marry for what? Love. Do not marry for love. Love. Here’s the thing, I believe in marrying for love. I do, I’m sorry. (audience applause) I love love, I love to be in love, I love the idea of marriage for love, I don’t like the idea of marriage for money. I know I always tell girls go find a count, that’s because I feel as though there’s certain girls that you’d be better off just marrying for money. We all know women like that or whether we read about them in the papers, whether they’re our actual friends. Me personally, I’m a sap sucker when it comes to love, as you know. That’s all right, I’m climbing out of that pit. (audience cheering) But love doesn’t pay the bills. So to me, the biggest thing that Aunt Joyce or mother or a family friend who’s older should tell a 16-year-old girl is not don’t marry for love but make sure that you have your own career, your own money. Respect to all the stay-at-home house wives but there are many of you who are staying at home but you come from money so you never really had to grind. And then there’s some stay-at-home housewives, ’cause I know them myself, who had a great career and decided, I’ve saved up my money enough, I’m a stay-at-home house wife now, I’m gonna have the babies or whatnot, but to me, as a woman talking to you young girls watching and my co-hosts today, I would say don’t get bitter on love. Don’t let these broads bitter you out that love is not out there. Don’t let them do that. There are good men and there are bad men but most of all, all you have in this world is yourself. So you save your money, you make sure you don’t have more kids than you can take care of, if by chance you get divorced and you’re a single mom. Get your own thing going on. And also, I would never get married again without a prenuptial agreement and Suze Orman, and you know what, my friend Suze Orman, you know the money lady, she said, and she’s said this for years, like years before I knew I was in peril, but she said, “Wendy, every woman and man “needs a prenuptial agreement, “whether you’re the garbage man, “the maintenance man, “or the chief of cardiology at St. Luke’s, “everyone needs a prenuptial agreement.” They’re so unromantic but you know what, they really do cut to the chase in a certain kind of way. And if you have your own career and your own money and your own get out pass then it’s easier to love, there’s not as much stress and stop having so many kids so that, ’cause the kids always get left with the mom. Now you’re stuck with four kids. I don’t mean stuck, kids are a blessing, most of the time, but kids are a blessing, but you know, okay, I think that Tiny and T.I. when they got married, they got married for love, though. I don’t think that this was some sort of hood hook up. What their marriage has turned into over the years, everybody’s marriage turns in to something different over the years, and I think that they still have love for each other. It might not be that same school girl in love that she was when she first met him, and maybe there was infidelity on both parts the whole way but in the name of major, I want to see them together. I like Tiny and T.I. Their show Tiny and T.I.: Friends and Family Hustle, it’s one of my favorite cute shows on TV and it’s on TV, that’s all. (audience applause) Megan Thee Stallion has some good old stories behind the scenes. We’ll talk when she gets here. She’s a wild one. I love her. I was like, like I want to ask you why do we call you the stallion? Is that sex every hour? Like why do we call you the stallion and what all’s going on? And who’s her boyfriend and all that stuff? I said, “Meg, when you come, “I’m gonna ask you all the usual stuff, “just so that you know, “and you always have the right to say, “Wendy, no comment.” And that’s the great thing about our show. If you tell me no comment, alright fine, but you know I’m a pusher and I’m gonna push until you say stop. And I understand. So Kathy Griffin is blasted by a male newscaster during a live interview. No, she did the blasting to him, I’m sorry. His name is Sam. Sam is like 50 years in LA news. He’s an entertainment reporter. Well, Kathy was on KTLA, Sam’s station in Los Angeles, and she mentioned how hard it is being an older woman comedian. That’s when thing got kind of awkward. Take a look. And by the way, I still do not have one single day of paid work ahead of me for the rest of my life. Now you tell me that’s not ’cause I’m a 58-year-old female in comedy. Yeah, take that guys who make the decisions but this movie’s doing really well–
I think there’s a lot of 58-year-old comedians that are working out there. Are you? Name five women. I’m not into the comedy thing.
I thought so. What is this guy? What’s with the new guy? Look, the point is it’s a male-dominated field, which I don’t really want to hear your take on that. We got guests here every day. Yeah, okay, that’s all right but you should know your stats though. Anyway, working in a male-dominated field is something where I deal with that sort of thing every day. So I spend most of my day trying to talk to older white guys and explain, I just want to do what I do. (audience applause) Well, I don’t recall having that kind of conversation when she came here. We had a good old time, we talked about a lot of stuff. I like Kathy Griffin. By the way, Mark Krisky, I believe is his name. That’s that news reporter who was talking to her, the other one on the end. He’s been there for 20 years so she knows that he’s been around. She was joking with him. But you know Kathy does have a point. How many female comedians that you can name over 58-years-old, which is how old Kathy is? But right off the top of my head, I was like uh, I can name more than three. I came up with a few over 58, Luenell, Lisa Lampanelli, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosanne, Sandra Bernhard. Where we going with this conversation? But I get what she means because it seems like, and we talk about this all the time, and it doesn’t matter what your profession is, it seems like people have had enough with us as women after we turn, it depends on if you look like a raisin at 40 ’cause if you don’t moisturize, then 40 really becomes the new 60. I’ve seen a lot of rough 40-year-olds, just saying, but we women just seem to have an expiration date, particularly depending on the career that you have. Like I would pay to go see a Kathy Griffin standup. What I think Kathy is not reckoning in her own mind is, and Kathy, I told you this behind the scenes and maybe in front of the scenes, you went too far with a bloody Trump head. You went too far with that. We’re still not allowed to burn the American flag and there are plenty of Americans who don’t even like the American flag. But that’s illegal. Even like when you hang your flag outside of your car dealership that you own or outside of your home on Fourth of July, the flag is not even supposed to be tattered. There’s some sort of law about that as well. You’re not supposed to have rips in your American flag. You can’t take a real American flag and swath it around your body and use it as a Halloween costume. Those are things that are dyed in the wool, right, Norman? Didn’t you grow up knowing that stuff? No, no, no, but this is a styrofoam head with ketchup. She went too far. Yeah. It was a styrofoam head with ketchup but he had on the Trump wig. We knew who it was. And whether you like your president or you don’t like your president, he’s still the president and it’s still illegal, as far as I know. Right. But it’s also been two years. Two years! And people have done worse. I mean people have done much worse. I say (audience applause), I say (audience applause) Kathy should be forgiven but she shouldn’t be so defensive. And if I were her, I would keep politics out of my jokes. I would just tell jokes about crotches and my mother and my friends and my dog, something like that. I would just keep politics out of everything. And Kathy you can do it. Two years though is really soon to come back ’cause two years seems like a long time but for what you did and it keeps getting brought up. I mean Billy Bush made a comeback. He made a good comeback. And no, he doesn’t look like this. I don’t know where you got this picture right here. I mean that’s not a bad looking Billy Bush right there but do you watch Billy Bush on that show he does? Extra. Extra? Billy Bush has a whole body transplant. No, no, and I mean that, I don’t know that he got plastic surgery, I’m joking, but I mean that in a good way. It’s like his wife divorced him, you know what I mean? Everybody left him for dead on the side of the road, except for me, I was always cheering for him saying he shouldn’t have been in trouble for that. It was Trump who said everything and Billy was just sitting there awkwardly laughing. But now four years later, four years is nice amount of time, and he’s back on that Extra and I watch it every night. It’s on the Fox.
Uh huh, it’s a good show. Yeah, I watch the Ernie Anastos and then it swings into the Billy Bush. So it’s a good old time and he’s really pleasant to look at and he knows his gossip and I forget all about the pee jokes with Trump in the back of the bus. He’s got Jennifer Lahmers there and they’re talking the hot topics, I like it, but yeah, Kathy, keep going, girl, just keep going. But you’ve got to take some blame for the things that have happened to you. I’m sorry, Kathy, but that’s the way I feel. So here in New York, the Countess Luann de Lesseps, she got caught trying to mislead her fans. Quite frankly, I don’t think she was misleading them, I applaud the countess. There’s a poster of, you know she’s doing this cabaret show, she goes all around the country and she sings those cabaret shows in low cut things with no back and no bra, and there she is, leaning on the table and shimmy (burps) what the eggs and anchovies is going on? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Throat transplant in aisle three please, anyway, so she’s shimmying and shaking and singing those songs and she’s got that deep, throaty voice. I haven’t seen the show but I can imagine it being really sexy and really tongue and cheek, the poster, here it is, for the Countess Cabaret show, I love the word cabaret, has the New York Times quoting her, or quoted as saying, her show is inspiring. Well if you actually do your research and look at the actual New York Times story about this show, they say tickets to her show quickly sold out inspiring Miss De Lesseps To add a second date. As far as I’m concerned, she’s correct, the show is inspiring, that’s a word that was used in the quote. So she puts on her white gloves and her sexy gown and she goes out there and she’s inspiring. I don’t find anything wrong with it. People in my hot topics morning meeting were saying she’s being deceptive, she’s lying to the people who want to buy her show and whatnot. She wasn’t lying, she was just tweaking the truth. That’s all. (audience applause) And by the way, she’s back, Luann is back to dating her ex-boyfriend. Now he’s her cabaret talent manager. I don’t know how old he is but they look really good together and they say his name is Rich Super. Well look, so her next show is in Wisconsin. She goes to these places, Rich Super, I guess they stay in the same room, they have a good time. She’s in love or loves him or whatever. She still looks really terrific and inspiring is necessary in the quote. She just tweaked the truth, she didn’t lie. Right. When’s that show come to New York? I’ve been asking you, please. It comes to Montclair, New Jersey, I think, sometime in January, I believe. Oh no, I’m busy. Oh no, no, no, no, no, that’s the thick of winter. I got to cross over the water to get there. I don’t live in Jersey anymore. No, it’s cold. So Ben Affleck is looking for love online. Well people in the morning meeting, they were very surprised that, he goes in and out of looking great. To me, this is a good looking Ben. Not quite the Jennifer Lopez Ben but definitely not the Jennifer Garner Ben. Oh there we go, there we go, there we go. He can look for love on my line. Look, (giggling) yes Ben. Here’s the thing, he reportedly is joining this elite dating app called Raya. Don’t get any smart ideas, they will vet you out. Look, it’s very exclusive, it’s very high end. You have to have a certain amount of M’s in the bank and it’s four people in the creative industries. No, not okay. I don’t want him to date another actress. I don’t want him to date a director or something like that, a creative person. I want him to date somebody who’s, the cardiologist, the law professor, the doctor, something like that. I just feel like two creative people together, and I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m just in my mind, two creative people together, are always disgusted ’cause one’s doing better than the other in the same industry or they know so many people alike and I don’t know, and I’m not surprised that he joined a dating app because I would join a dating app. I don’t belong to a dating app. I haven’t had to go there ’cause my dance card is full but (audience applause) with people that I’ve met in real life and that I like but I’m more of a communicator. I’m very, very old school like that. Like when we sit and we talk with each other, I do oop. (audience applause) No, I do this for real. So for me, as a communicator, I think that was the first time in the whole 11 years. I know, yes, yes. I’m shocked. Dab, did you catch that? Got it. Perfect. But look, like I do this for real. I come from a family of communicators. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time watching TV and stuff. We read books and had conversations and things like that and there’s certain things about human contact that to me will never change, like there’s too much texting, too much emailing, not enough conversation, not enough eye contact. People are scared of one another and just become, it’s just corny, you know? And I’m not saying I have a whole lot of boyfriends, but I’m saying that I’m happy with who I meet in person. But I don’t see anything wrong with online dating. I’m not discounting that. For those of you who don’t have time to meet people in person or you don’t have your lip balm and your eyes aren’t done right and you can’t look at guys in the eye, then do online dating, but don’t get creepy with it. You have got to have your fishing rod cast in many ponds, like I always tell you, before you find your Mr. Right. So anyway, good luck to single people, good luck to Ben, and we’ve got more great show for you. (audience applause) (giggling) Up next, our hot, this is, I’m comfortable with you so I apologize. Up next our Hot Talk Panel is here to break down the biggest stories of the week. Ow, so grab a snack and come on back. Ow, ow! (upbeat music) Good to see all, welcome. Okay hi. It’s time for another edition of Hot Talk. I love this. Joining me today from, it’s our old friend Brian Balthazar. (audience applause) And from Juicy Scoop Podcast give it up for Heather McDonald. Welcome back, Heather. And for the first time on our show from Morning Express on HLN please welcome Melissa Knowles. Nice to have you Melissa. Thank you, such a pleasure to be here. By the way, no relation to Melissa. Anyway, all right so Dennis Quaid, we talked about this on Hot Topics yesterday but I wanted to talk further with my panel. He’s 65 years old and he recently got engaged to a 26-year-old graduate student. She’s studying for her doctorate. Heather, is a 39 year age gap too much? I think it really is, especially for a lifetime. I think they can still have a few fun years but when he’s 80 and she’s 39 still ready to rip it, it’s not gonna be so fun having to push the wheelchair to the club. It’s just not. Brian, he’s got two 11-year-old twins and another child only one year younger than her. Right, he can legally get Medicare, she can legally buy beer. It’s a big difference. But what are they really talking about? They don’t share the same music tastes. I’m glad she can rent a car ’cause soon they won’t want him driving one. They don’t have much to talk about. Melissa, what do you think? Okay, so I guess I’m on the other side here because I have some life experience. Now do tell, now who are you? Well between husbands, ’cause I’m on my second one now, very happily so, I dated a man who was more than 20 years my senior– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, 45 and 65 is one thing, 40 and 20 is another thing. How old are you? I’m 37. Okay and how old is your husband now? 40. But this is between husbands. This is when I was dating and seeing what else was out there and while I was seeing what else was out there, he and I did have something in common. We both helped with the same nonprofit, that’s how we met. And when a man is that much older, he had never been married before, which was kind of a red flag– My father always says that. He didn’t have any children and he knew how to wine and dine me. The only issue was on that second date
How you doin’? No but when a man is that much farther along in his life and his career, he has the ability to introduce you to new things. So those can become your common interests. But the problem was second date, he was already trying to call me wifey material and I was like I’m just trying to date. But I think that’s what it is, 20 years is okay, and I think that absolutely they could have chemistry and I think Katherine McPhee and David Foster have the music going, I think there’s a love now. I’m just talking about like if it was my daughter, I’d be thinking about 30 years from now or 20 years from now, it’s gonna be difficult. So have a good prenup, have your baby right now, because you can’t wait too long. And he has kids already that are older than her. So they’re calling her mom and she’s younger than them. No, no, no but he’s got twins that are 11 years old. Now see if I’m 26 and I’m dating a 65-year-old man, I don’t want anything to do with your kids, not the one my age, I don’t care about these 11-year, I’m 26 years old and so you have to think about things like that. When the kids come for a weekend at his house, she’s gotta be bothered with that. No, I don’t think that’s selfish, I just think this is not a match made in heaven because their 39 year age difference is just too much for me to process. She’s 26 and he’s 65 and his kids are all grown. I’m sorry. Just a lot. Anyway, so our next story’s about Megyn Kelly. You remember Megyn Kelly was on TV for the first time since, well, she had that talk show that nobody liked, but she got paid more than all of us in the room for doing it, that’s white privilege, and then the show, yeah, yeah, I have a sting on that. Did the show even last a season Joelle? One season. One season (laughs). Anyway, so she was canceled for defending blackface costumes. She wasn’t canceled for that, she was canceled ’cause nobody was watching but one of the many things that she did that people didn’t like about her, because she was unfriendly and unlikable on daytime TV. But one of the things she did was she defended blackface costumes. Melissa, it’s been a year since she was canceled. Is it too early for her to come back? I don’t think it’s about the amount of time that has passed. I think it’s about the lesson. Did she learn her lesson? Is she apologetic? Is she genuine? When she gave her apology, what bothered me the most is it was more of a I’m sorry if I offended you, not I’m sorry because this is wrong and I’ve learned my lesson. That’s my issue. So it’s not about it’s only been a year. It’s like well if she came back in six years and she still hadn’t learned her lesson, I’m not trying to hear her. I think a year after being canceled is too soon to come back in the name of Kathy Griffin, and Kathy waited two, it’s just too soon, especially to come back after something so offensive to so many people. And when we’re talking about that, I love Kathy, she’s an inspiration to me, I’m a stand up comic, but I’m sick of the boohoo. I don’t have a network show. Well neither do I but I still make a great living and so do 99% of the other comedians whether they’re gay, white, straight, black, male, you go out and make your money and you put on a good show and people come to see you and that’s all that matters. Wow, Heather. I didn’t expect that from you. No wait, let me just ask her to stop focusing on Kathy and focus on– On Megyn? Well for Megyn too, I feel like, no, if I was a network executive, I would not give this woman another TV show but what’s great about today is that if she wants to work or have her voice, she can do it on YouTube, she can have a podcast. She got $15 million for her show, for her first season. I think it’s killing her that the only Megyn Kelly making a comeback, I think the only Megyn Kelly making a comeback right now is Charlize Theron because she’s playing Megyn Kelly and she looks even better. It’s in the movie, yeah. It’s gotta be killing her that Charlize Theron is getting all the good Megyn Kelly press and Megyn Kelly can’t escape Megyn Kelly. You can come back as often as you want but do people want you back? That’s for the audience to decide, right? Anyway, so the next story everybody, there’s a college in Indiana and it made students wear boxes over their head during an exam to prevent cheating. Personally speaking, I think that this is brilliant. Brian before I come to you let me take a post from my co-hosts, have you ever, co-hosts, clap if you have, cheated in school? (clapping) Really? It was 100% unanimous, not just in our meeting and from me but everybody else and all out in the halls, the crew, Suzanne, everybody’s cheated. I think it’s brilliant to make them wear boxes but Brian, they had the kids, if they wanted to, bring their own boxes. Bring their own, right?
If you’re an expert cheater, you know how to write real small right here on your box and cheat. Remember all the cheating up your arms? Please, papers up here. That’s what I hear.
Come on. Well I think when they found out Lori Loughlin was the proctor they were like let’s put some boxes– Good one, Heather. Good one, Heather. I think that this is great, Melissa, you don’t look like you’ve ever cheated. Hey, hey, hey, both of my parents are attorneys and so I will not admit to anything unless my attorney is present. I think it’s a brilliant idea though to keep people from cheating. Here’s my problem though, if you don’t get to pick your own box and someone gives you a box to put over your head, was raw meat in this box before you put it on my head? What was in here? I’mma have to talk about that.
Yeah, and what’s the impact on your hair afterwards, right? I want to look cute when I’m taking my test. I feel like when we went to school as kids stuff like this happened all the time but no one found out about it. I think we all have one of those crazy stories like can you believe they made us do that? I think this is kinda brilliant. I think it’s hilarious. I think the box thing is brilliant and okay, we’re not going anywhere with our Hot Talk panel. Up next, some of you had a problem with me taking my son Kev to the strip club. We’re gonna talk about that next keep it here. (upbeat music)
(audience applause) I do Hot Topics but I was a hot topic last week. I happened to have mentioned about my time in LA when I received my Hollywood Star of the Walk of Fame and I told you guys, (audience cheering) and I told you that I brought my son to the strip club and I admitted that this is not the mother that I thought that I would be. Kevin is only 19 years old and he’s a sophomore in college and that normally is something that a father does with his son, if the boy wants to go. My son asked me about this like three months ago. I was like are you kidding me? Do you read the headlines? Do you know how crazy I will look, as if your father hasn’t made us look crazy enough? So I didn’t do it. But while we were out in Hollywood and I got the star and I was with my nephew, who’s 25, my son, who’s 19, and I was just feeling it and I was invited to the strip club and I asked my son and my nephew, do you want to go and they said yeah. So I grabbed my manager Bernie and James, the security guard and whatnot and we went to the strip club, I didn’t have ones, they gave us strip clubs, my son and nephew hadn’t been before, didn’t know how to make it rain. They were just dropping ones. And so look, they brought the platter over, it’s money that you give back into the club. You don’t take it home. And I was like look boys, here’s how you do it. I’m showing ’em how to do it. We were there for no more than a half hour or 45 minutes then we left. The boys, they had their experience. I took him, not his father, okay Heather, judge. Go ahead, judge. My son is gonna be 17 in a few days and now I’m someone that I’ve been at a strip club twice in my whole life. So it’s not really my thing. But I think what you did was fine and I think more moms of boys need to take the sexuality talk on us a little bit. I think the future of men will be better as far as date rape and things like that if we explain to them what it does to a woman when they’re not respected. And women who work in the strip club, they are entertainers. So by you going and showing them how to respect a woman and– Spank her in the butt and drop money on her? Not be cheap, not be cheap.
Not be cheap, give money and also not be overly grabby and everything, which is the rules of it, I think that is fine and I think it’s probably better that you as the mom was the first experience so that he could see that–
I didn’t even feel weird. I was surprised, I didn’t even feel weird. And also I bet the girls were like beyond excited to see you walk in. They were, they were like calling me Miss Wendy and apologizing for having to dance on me. Miss Wendy, I’m a teacher and I’ve got one child. I’m like turn around, just come on, come on. Brian? For me personally, I’d rather have my mother perform open heart surgery on me than go to a strip club but I think it’s all about the relationship you have between the two of you. He wanted you to go. It’s not like you forced yourself it upon him. So I think that it’s all good. If anyone’s gonna show you how not to be cheap to the ladies, it’s Wendy Williams, right? Just saying. All right, here goes Melissa. She’s brand new to the show and she’s got the judgment face. Go ahead, Melissa.
Well then let me go ahead and break it down. I respect you wanting to do that. I don’t get to choose how you cultivate your personal relationship with your son.
Would you take your son? Uh uh, Beckham is not going to a strip club with mommy. Now will I go? Yes, but I want to be able to take my, oh there he is. That’s my son. Now he’s one, obviously, we’re not going to a strip club, we’re going to see some puppets or something or Sesame Street, however I could not imagine doing that, teaching my son to respect women at home is what I’m gonna do. I don’t disagree with what you do. I’m not judging what you do but for me, I could never do that, I could never do that.
I don’t do that but I let my kids watch Family Guy, and probably people would have a problem with that. But I want them to cultivate a great sense of humor. So I’m okay ’cause that show is freaking hysterical. Wait, so you’re gonna be like, go ahead twerk something? Are you paying for lap dances too? No, I’m not paying for lap dances but I’m saying I appreciate like how everybody has their own thing. One would think that was very inappropriate for me as a parent but for me in the comedy business, I’m okay with that and I’m okay with Wendy taking her son. Well I never in my life thought that I’d be okay and be that kind of mother, just so you know, Melissa, I have very conservative values regarding being a mother but due to the circumstances of my recent life, I do a lot of things that I never thought that I would do, not my fault. You’re stepping outside your comfort zone for yourself. Again, how you cultivate your personal relationship is how you do it and I think it’s beautiful that you have a wonderful relationship with your son. I want you back, Melissa. I want to come back.
Brian, you’re a regular. Heather, I’ll see you again soon too. For my panelist’s information, go to Up next, Ask Wendy. Don’t go far. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) All right, it’s time for Ask Wendy. How you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? Good, who are you? I’m Shannon. Where you from? Toronto. I like your eyes. Thank you. So how can I help you with? So I’ve been living with my cousin for the past year or so. She’s been single and dating. Is this your real cousin or play cousin? Real cousin. Yeah, single and dating. This particular guy she’s been bringing home and introduce each other, we said hi, but we hooked up six months ago, yeah. How long has she been dating him? Well, for the past six months but I think it’s getting serious. So she’s been dating him for six months and you hooked up with him six months ago. Like prior to that. Oh prior to that. How much prior? Maybe like a year. Okay, Shannon you have to, this is only a one hour show. Dear, come on, how did you meet him to hook up with him? Through a mutual friend. Okay and you hooked up one time or a few times? A couple times. Okay, did he remember you when your cousin– He did, he did. Now how did your cousin meet him? I actually don’t even know how she met him, to be honest with you. How long have you lived with your cousin? For the past year. Okay and you don’t talk about this? Well because she’s really private and at the same time, when she’s dating someone, if they’re not serious, she doesn’t really bring them around. Okay, so what’s your question to me? Should I tell her? Yes. Tell her now because you didn’t, now hold on, hold on, hold on, ’cause you didn’t poach on him behind her back, you were already with him and what you didn’t do is, and that’s your blood cousin cousin? Blood cousin, cousin, cousin. You should’ve told her on the first date, I know this guy, ’cause not only is she your cousin but she’s also your roommate. So you could be homeless and cousinless at the same time. As soon as this show is done, you got to fly back to Toronto and have a sit down with her. She might be mad at you but he didn’t cheat on you with her, but this is too messy. There’s other men in Toronto. All right, take care. You’re freezing. We’ll be right back with Wendy, What’s Good? (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) It’s time for Wendy, What’s Good? Our first comment comes from Jazzy Belle. Jazzy says, “Wendy, what’s good? “I tried to make it to your Hollywood star reveal “but unfortunately I got there too late. “I went the next day “with a bottle of Windex and paper towels “because I’m making sure that your star stays clean “and shines bright. “Congratulations, Wendy.” You’re familiar with Jazzy Belle. You know she’s got a podcast, Women in Hip Hop, she’s been here on the show, thank you Jazzy, so funny. (laughing) Thank you. Our next Wendy, what’s good comment comes from Karen. She says, “Wendy, what’s good? “On Monday in Hot Topics, “you talked about Lady Gaga “falling off the stage while performing in Las Vegas “but you didn’t put her into your legendary Fall of Shame. “Why?” I know, I said that after the show, why? So let’s just do it now. Let’s induct Lady Gaga into our Fall of Shame. There ya go. (laughing) Our final Wendy, what’s good comes from Brittany and she says, “Wendy, what’s good? “Thank you so much “for sending me your pink poof for my 30th birthday. “I had a blast and all eyes were on me. “I took a lot of photos “and even twerked in the club in the poof.” Oh my gosh, Brittany, okay. She says, “Wendy, thanks “for making my birthday extra special.” See the thing, you’re welcome, Brittany, the thing about the pink poof, remember, I love my poof, I miss it very much but I wanted to share it ’cause some of you can’t stand it but those of you who like it if you would like to wear the poof for your next event, it is a showstopper. It’s not for the faint of heart. Go to, Brittany has already sent it back so now is your chance to be the next one with my poof. We’ve invented a new segment called Poof There It Is and we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Star Flashback. Let’s meet our player. What’s your name, where you from and what do you do? Hi, my name is Jodie, I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a fashion PR, how you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’? And you know I’m a sucker for hounds too, love it. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna win though. All right, this is Star Flashback. Let’s see this picture and you have to tell me who these people are. Don’t help her. This is so easy. Can I get a hint?
No. No hint? They’re all black. Is it Destiny’s Child? Yes, Destiny’s Child. You’re going home with a 60 minute massage from Haven Spa. We’ll be right back. Nice job. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) I want to thank my guests today. I had a whole bunch of fun. I want to thank my co-hosts right here in New York City. People are from Pakistan, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Brooklyn, Toronto. You’re gonna be homeless by the time you get back there. You better talk to your home girl, your cousin. On Monday, as usual, a full hour of Hot Topics plus Trendy at Wendy. I’ll study my Hot Topics for you. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye bye. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Nice.


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    She publicly made his career of working for her a minor thing when he probably works very hard. So the only way to defend that is by going public. Public embarrassment and private apologies DO NOT mix. Period

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  • In South Africa, we not allowed to use our flag as a rug, as a costume, as something to wear on your body, not allowed to burn it, rip it, etc. Kathy lit that match & burned herself out, now she's gasping for air…sorry. Very distasteful, Wendy, burping on live tv. Wow 🙁

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