Friday, November 1

Friday, November 1

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show.” (audience cheering and applauding) (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on and mean it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ Whoo-Whoo, how you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering and applauding) I know, me too! Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo. Whoo-hoo, whoo hoo. (audience cheering and applauding) Thank you for watching us. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering and applauding) How you doin’? How you doin’ (clearing throat) Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering and applauding) (upbeat music) (audience cheering and applauding) It’s really cold in here, and I know this is like blanket, and for all of the weight watching I do, I feel like I’ve gained a hundred pounds. But no, not really, it’s just so cozy. Gosh, if you could just touch this. Suzanne.
Yeah. All right, let me touch it. Oooh, oh, it is like a blanket. Right? Yes, it’s like you’re dressed for bed already.
Right, exactly. It’s wonderful, it’s good. Exactly, but it’s real thick on the waist. Yeah, it looks great, it looks great, yes. (audience cheering and applauding) So Niecy Nash is getting a divorce from her husband Jay. (audience groaning) Now you know, they’ve been married for eight years, and Jay is an electrical engineer from Newark, New Jersey. And Niecy’s been on the show before talking about how she loves her some Jay. She announced it on her Instagram to all of us. I was so shocked when I heard this that I just, it’s weird, they say it was a mutual decision. I love Niecy, I don’t know Jay, but he’s from Jer, so I love you too, Jay. (audience laughing) According to our friends at the “Daily Mail,” Niecy’s career caused the tension in the marriage. Well, I could see that. If they’re married for eight years, that means they’re probably together nine years altogether. You know, like, what the blue lips is going on? (audience laughing) (audience cheering and applauding) I will never understand it, but I love my people. (audience cheering and applauding) Anyway, so here’s the thing, when he met her, just say if they were married for eight, and now it’s nine years, do they have a child together? Not together, she has three and he has one. Okay, so no children together. This should be a clean, easy divorce. This is the thing, and her kids are also grown, I believe, like 19, 25– 24 and 19, yeah.
There you go, old, er. (audience laughing) So this is really a time for a woman to take hold of her career if she’s still young and poppin’ like Niecy and really make things happen. So when he first met her, she wasn’t hanging out with Gayle and Oprah and doing things. But now she’s vacationing with Gayle and Oprah and doing things.
(audience groaning) Yeah, yeah, yeah. (audience cheering and applauding) And Ava DuVernay and all that this past summer. And I guess Jay probably thought he was meeting an actress with a career, but he was solid with his, and I guess he thought that she’d already plateaued. But what happened with Niecy is, she went up as opposed to down.
(audience groaning) Sometimes that happens. (audience cheering and applauding) Do you watch “Claws?” Yes! Okay, she’s on that show “Claws,” and he was really uncomfortable with her sex scenes. But you know, Jay, you married an actress. What did you think you were going to get? If she didn’t tell you, no, I don’t do sex scenes, no, I don’t do kissing scenes, no, I just wanna, then that’s one thing, but Niecy is an actress and she does it all, and Claws is doing very well. And I’d rather Oprah than you. (audience groaning and applauding) I’m not talking sexually, I’m talking in terms of… (audience laughing) (audience cheering and applauding) It’s still a blanket, you know what I’m saying? And I still, you know, you know. Anyway, and they live in different cities. Like “Claw” films in New Orleans and Jay is at home in L.A. being an electrical and an engineer, probably missing Jersey and the whole East Coast, ’cause I would, and then she’s down there screwing around with the sex scenes. Well you all, at least you don’t have children. So you only have to just get divorced. Niecy, good luck, and Jay, you’ll get another, ’cause now you’ve been touched by a star. So now the next girl will be like oh, wait, hold on now, you’re Niecy Nash’s ex-husband? Jay, you’ll be fine. (audience cheering and applauding) Okay, clap if you’ve ever done an Airbnb? (audience cheering and applauding) I did one once, and we were there for three hours. (audience laughing) Look, look, and we thought, this is when we were an intact family, not anymore, not my fault, anyway. Anyway, look, look, look, we get to the Airbnb, right? So we get there, we rented in Beverly Hills, and it was behind gates and all up Mulholland where Kevin Hart crashed, all up Mulholland, very scary. And we get to the house, and the house was okay. It’s really something how all you have to do is say Beverly Hills, all the houses aren’t Beverly Hills, you know what I’m saying? Some of those places are dumps, and you know what I’m saying. We didn’t stay in a dump, but I’m just saying, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, we stayed in a seven, but we’re from Jersey. Well, not anymore, but back then, we’re from Jersey, so we’re calling up and trying to do it. It was a seven on a scale of one to 10. I wanted a 10, I wanted a pool, I wanted the lounge chairs, I wanted to invite people over, I wanted to have a cook come in. ‘Cause I’m look, ew, at an Airbnb you have to buy your own food and stuff. All right, well, let’s budget this vacation right. So you know me, I don’t spend at the last moment, I’m cheap. Like eight months before I’m saving to get the cook and the chairs and a great place in a gated community and Beverly Hills. We get there and what do we see? Bugs.
(audience groaning) Yes, exactly, exactly, bugs. And on a scale of one to 10, I don’t travel for a seven. Not after I’ve been saving and working for eight months. You know what I’m saying? (audience applauding) So I tell Young, I’m like, “Look, “don’t unzip anything, we’re not bringing anything “to the bedroom, no, no, no. “We’re gonna stay right here in this living room.” And Big was yelling as usual in the other room, on the phone, getting us out of there. And we went to a regular hotel. I don’t do an Air, but that was my first and only time. I don’t do ’em, but let me tell yous something right now, if you are doing a Airbnb and you’re one of the renters, you gotta know who you’re renting to. And I mean, vet them all the way down. Now, we used to be a lovely family. Not anymore, not my fault. (audience applauding) But I’m just saying, you gotta know who you’re renting to. Now, if you rent your home to Fetty Wap, what do you think you’re gonna get? Okay.
(audience groaning) Fetty Wap is being sued for trashing his Airbnb. (audience groaning) In the Hollywood hills. The landlords are suing him for a hund, $170,964.
(audience groaning) Uh huh, mm hm. I don’t know why we know it down to the nickel. (audience laughing) Right.
How dare you? ‘Cause we got the receipts, we got the court documents. He stayed in this place for three months. Monthly it was $35,000 a month, he paid that. See, this is what I was looking for. And it’s actually similar to what we got, except when we walked in we see the bugs. I’m like, “Oh no, oh no, oh no.” And then they jump in your luggage and fly back to Jersey and infest your house, oh no, no, no, no. So the lease prohibited smoking in the house. Well, what do you think a Fetty Wap is gonna do? (audience laughing) The house smelled so much like smoke they said they had to repaint it because the house reeked of smoke. I think that that was an exaggeration. You know what I mean? Do you smoke? No. Clap if you smoke. (light smattering of applause) Happy birthday, sir. You’re an OG of the smoke thing, uh huh, yep. (audience laughing and applauding) Everybody prohibits smoking, but that’s why you go outside. Did you see all that outside istry that he had? You know, the lounge chairs and what. Fetty, why couldn’t you have just walked outside and smoked?
(audience laughing) And also, renters of that Airbnb right here, why didn’t you, well, you didn’t know it was Fetty Wap, ’cause his real name is Willie– Maxwell, Willie Maxwell the Second. Willie Maxwell the Second. And he probably wore sunglasses so you couldn’t see the dead eye. So they had,
(audience laughing) they had no idea it was actually Fetty Wap from Patterson, New Jersey. Seven kids and six babies moms, okay? Now you know that comes with some smoking. (audience laughing) Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look. Then Fetty, they also accused him, first of all, they said the floors were horrible, they needed to be repaired, ’cause he’s stomping out his butts on the floor. (audience groaning) Well, his name is Fetty. (audience laughing) Not Freddy, and he denies Willie. Right, right? They say he left holes in the walls. Look, I don’t know, I don’t know about a hole in the wall, all I’m saying is you rented to Fetty Wap. This is your fault. And oh, they said that the furniture was broken up. (audience groaning) Honey child. (audience laughing) They said, look, look, look, look, look, he was throwing mirrors off the balcony. (audience groaning) Seven years bad luck, seven years bad luck, seven years bad luck.
(audience laughing) (audience applauding) In my opinion, this is his last $170,000, ’cause I haven’t heard from Fetty or Wap or Willie in ages, so he doesn’t have this money. Like, where’s he gonna get this money? At least he paid the rent, though, the $35,000. And don’t you get, what do you call it when you leave a deposit? A deposit, just take what you can out of the deposit. You’re exaggerating about the house smelling so much like smoke you have to repaint it, so you stop. Second of all, just go to Home Goods and buy some new mirrors. And from now on, you Airbnb renters, need to vet out who you rent to. And you uncivilized people, Fetty Wap, you need to behave, because you’re on your last leg. (audience applauding) Uh oh. No, not uh oh. I’m just delighting in your company. Aw. I like it here. Aw. (audience cheering and applauding) So, the Countess Luann, who I love, you know I love her, she says that the cast of “Real Housewives of New York” is happy that Bethenny’s gone from the show. Oh! Oh, well, what I’ve shared with you before is I really do like the Andy channel, I think it’s 109 on the Sirius, and I listen to it ’cause he’s got all the housewives and all that other kind of, like I like it. And one of the shows that I always have happen to be in the car during the time of it, the “Jenny McCarthy Show,” and I love Jenny. Jenny curses, all the commercials are about women’s sexual health and what we need to order to get it in better. (audience laughing) It’s lady talk, so anyway. Countess Luann was on Jenny, I missed this episode, but we have it for you, take a look. I’ll miss her, but at the same time, you know, when you’re around her it’s like walking on egg shells. I mean, how do you feel, you know Bethenny. I mean, I would feel relieved as hell if I was a cast member. It’s kind of like walking into, like in your childhood, if someone was like, I never know what kind of mood my dad’s gonna be in or my mom’s gonna be in. So you’re walking on egg shells. I don’t personally like to live in those type of environments, it’s unhealthy, it’s up and down, up and down. So that’s why I’m like there has to be a little bit of– Oh, I think the whole cast is relieved in a way. And it also leaves breathing room for other women to shine and show their personalities. Because a lot was Bethenny coming in and kind of stealing the show. (audience groaning) And that’s what the show was. I don’t think Luann’s jealous, I just think that Bethenny has a beefier plot line. I like Bethenny, I do. (audience applauding) And in my opinion, the top three housewives are NeNe, Bethenny and Vanderpump, that’s it, that’s it. (audience applauding) New York is gonna be at a loss without Bethenny, you know. And I can’t figure out who to replace her with, but I was thinking, walking back and forth and wringing my hands and really thinking, and the first thing I thought of was damn it, man, I had such a great time with LisaRaye McCoy, but I forgot to ask her would she be a Beverly Hills housewife. She’d be good on that, they have no black girls and she’s got the attitude, okay, right? But here in New York, though, the New York housewives, who would be good? And I said June Ambrose, June is a stylist, she wears the perfect red lipstick all the time. (audience applauding) She’s married, she’s got a kid. She’s one of them young and pretty New York City girls. I also like our local newswoman, Rosanna Scotto. She should be, Rosanna should be a New York housewife. She’d be fun, you know? She wouldn’t spice it up too much though because she’s a newswoman, so she might not be that spicy, but she’d be just enough, coming in there. Anyway, Jenny, by the way, happy birthday. Uh huh.
(audience applauding) I like your costume. Anyway, all right, back to Suzanne Somers. Who love, you know I love her. Suzanne is 73 years old, she’s been married to her husband, the lovely Alan, he’s 83. Aw. Uh huh, they’ve been married for over 40 years. They got the kids.
(audience applauding) The world is not perfect, but in a perfect world we would all be like Suzanne and Alan. I love their love, I told you I met them the first time, they came on my radio show when I was not here on TV, but they took a chance and they came on. And then we forged a relationship. And now they both have been her a few times. I love Suzanne Somers, and I love her husband Alan, 83. But here’s where the love stops. (audience groaning) (audience laughing) (burps)
(audience laughs) Suzanne says that she and Alan have sex twice a day. (audience cheering and applauding) Which, by the way, that didn’t work for Niecy Nash, ’cause Niecy Nash used to say a BJ a day keeps the bitches away. (audience gasping and applauding) Ow.
(audience laughing) My jaws. So Suzanne, listen, listen, listen, this is a medical moment, pull up, this is according to Suzanne, she says that they get weekly hormone injections to stimulate a part of the brain that puts you in the mood. Well now, look, I love Suzanne, but here’s where you get the fork in the road. You go over there with your whack-a-doodle thing, go ahead, go ahead now, go ahead. First of all, Suzanne, do you even have the patience? No. You’re half her age. Yeah, no, no, but I wouldn’t– Twice a day.
No. Twice a month if we’re lucky. (audience laughing) And you’re back in the same bedroom. I’m laying right next to him. (audience laughing and applauding) Oops. No, no, we’re keeping it real. I’m tired, I’m tired, we workin’, we got a lot going on, I’m tired. We’re working, we got kids, you gotta moisturize, you gotta take a nap, you’re busy with your mums. Yes, yes.
I’m busy with the cats. Yes, yes, yes. (audience laughing) I don’t believe that part. Clap if you believe what they’re saying. (smattering of applause) Well, clap a little louder, ’cause we got more great show. (audience cheering and applauding) Up next, from the “Real Housewives,” we got Dolores and we got Margaret from Jersey, so keep it here, grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ (audience groaning) Please welcome Dolores Catania. I call her the black one.
(audience laughing) And Margaret Josephs, come on out. (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) You’re black.
I’m black. (audience cheering and applauding) You look good. I’m trying.
Hi, Dolores. Thank you.
Thank you. Margaret. Wendy, nice to see you. Nice to see you again as well. Come on girls, come on girls. Come on girls, come on girls, nope, nope, first, no, untuck. Untuck.
Shoe cam model. (audience cheering and applauding) Okay, you gotta lift, lift and separate. Lift and separate. Lift and separate, come on. Dolores, get in there. Dolores, Dolores, Margaret. I’m bad on the shoe cam, I’m so sorry. Margaret– I’m screwing up the shoe cam. Well look.
The Marge, sorry. Dolores, I affectionately call you the black on, ’cause when I look at you sometimes, you look like a sister, and then other times you don’t. What is your deal? I just found out, because of you, you’ve been saying Black Dolores, and my mother actually thinks when you’re on TV, she can’t see that good, she says, “Dolores, you were on a commercial today.” And we’re like, she thinks that we look alike. That we look alike? My mom thinks that you’re me, yeah. I’m black Wendy.
Yeah, you’re black Wendy, I’m black Dolores, it’s true. So I have to tell you, my dad is 3% Nigerian. He just did his DNA testing, so does that work? It’s enough for me. Black Dolores, you’re a beautiful woman. Thank you. And you’ve got great coloring. Thank you. Now, Margaret, we were at the fashion show for– Chira Boni Petite Row. So, I don’t recognize Margaret, because she didn’t have the pigtails. It was nice to see you there, by the way. Yes, great to see you, and your sister, your fabulous sister. Yeah, I was with my sister. And the dimpled chin is everything. Oh thank you, it’s (laughing). Now, have you given up on the pigtails? I thought that they set you apart. I didn’t recognize you ’cause I didn’t see the pigtails. You know when somebody goes with a signature and then– Yeah, I still wear the pigtails, but I’m always in costume. I’m like a full-blown drag queen, you know? I’m always head to toe costume. So whatever theme I’m in, I’m doing a different hairdo. Our people, our people. Yes, yes, yes.
(audience applauding) All right you girls, what’s going on with Danielle this season? By the way, I like her, but we can talk about her ’cause she’s not here, so go off. That’s our game.
That’s the rule. Yeah, that’s right, if they’re not here, they don’t have to know.
Right, right. Well, you know, it’s been a crazy season. Obviously Danielle, our relationship has, it’s like a ship, it sank and sunk. It’s like the Titanic. But I survived, I was on the top bunks and she was in the downstairs. (audience groaning) You know what I’m saying. It’s just, we’re just not the same people. She’s not really in our group as much as she used to be. She’s entertaining to watch. I found that in her–
Yes. But when you’re close with her, it comes with a price. It’s not for free, that entertainment is not for free. Oh! What do you girls think about Teresa? I watched for the second night, second time last night. Twice, you watched it twice. Yeah, I watched last night. You have to watch it twice, yeah. What do you think, does she still love Joe? I say no, you don’t have to agree with me. I think she loves him, but not in the way of a husband. Yes. I don’t think she wants to hurt him. I think she would love a peaceful exit, for them to separate. They love their children, they both love their children very much. And they’ll always share that. I love them, you know I love Gia. No, you’re about to have an in-law out of you. I almost called the priest. I saw the picture, your son took Gia to the prom. (audience oohing and applauding) I want a wedding right now. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. They’re took young to get married, though, but I’m just saying.
I know, I’m just waiting. I mean, if I could have called a priest right there. Teresa’s like, “You’re like an old Italian lady “the way you’re carrying on.” But she took my mother and she sat my mother down and she said, “You shouldn’t have to stand too long.” I was dying. She’s very polite. She’s an old school– It seems like the four daughters are gonna grow up to be smarter than the parents. That’s what I told you through the TV. That’s the dream of all of us. Of all of us, all of us. She’s a great mother. Do they actually date or was that just a prom setup? That was, no, they originally went to get, that was something, she asked Frankie to the prom and he was going to ask to take her anyway. But they’re our family friends, like friends. So right now, I wouldn’t want it to happen right now because it’s not gonna work. No, no, no, but I’m saying, are they really boyfriend and girlfriend? No, no, they’re friends from little, just friends. Well, Frankie’s got a really good body. Frankie’s cute. I’m not gonna look at the screen, but let’s show the picture.
No, look. Nope, I’m gonna look at you. Aw, Frankie.
That is some, that’s an eight pack.
(audience applauding) Not gonna get me arrested. How old is Frankie?
He just turned 21. So he’s legal, he’s legal. And he’s such a good boy. I’m not looking. Okay, so Margaret, you’ve been with your husband for 10 years.
Yes. And you cheated on your first husband– I did.
With your second husband. I did. Now, according to percentages, it’s only 10% of cheatation– Cheatation, I like that, that’s a new word. Turns out in a relationship.
Yes. Yes, we were very lucky. I believe Joe and I were meant to be together. But he was a house worker. Well, you know what, I needed someone to fix the pipes. I mean, what am I gonna say? (laughter and applause) You know, that’s what it is. He is, he’s a contractor for sure, and he’s fabulous. Though I got more done when I was the girlfriend. I mean, that’s a fact. He’s a great husband, he is definitely my soul mate. We were meant to be together. Does your husband, ex-husband, flip out? Um, you know– How’d he find out, were you all in the bed and he walks in? No, no, no, no, no, no one leaves a happy marriage. And we obviously had issues in our marriage. And I’m very close with my ex-husband. I adore him, Jan’s the best. We all get along famously. My ex-husband comes over for coffee, we get along really well, Joe will go over and fix things in my ex-husband’s apartment. We’re super tight, we’re super tight. What am I gonna say? I’m not tight with mine, Wendy. No, we’re getting to you in a second, Dolores. I mean, Dolores, that’s why Dolores and I get along well. Dolores is basically in a thruple. Yes, she’s in a thruple. Do you know what a thruple is, can you tell everyone? A thruple is when you have three people in a relationship, a thruple, not a couple. Okay, so here’s Dolores’ deal. It’s not like what you think. She’s over in Jersey, she’s got her boyfriend living in the house, she’s got her ex-husband living in the house. And then you got hot Frankie dating Gia. That is your boyfriend. That’s, yeah, David Principe, he’s a high-risk pregnancy doctor, he’s a perinatologist. Oh, mm, I smell money. Yeah, oh, he’s, and he works all the time. And he’s the only one that really does what he does for his patients. He delivers them still, he’ll go in the middle of the night. He is devoted. And so while you’re, while he runs to the room to go to the hospital to deliver, you’re home with your ex-husband. Yeah.
Who, by the way, no offense, we played the Who You’d Rather game in the Hot Topics meetings, and everybody would rather your ex-husband. That’s okay.
Maybe not to keep him. No, just a throw down, real quick. Well, you gotta think about that for a minute. You better be ready for that. That’s not for free either, that type of man comes with a lot of other things too. Well, that’s why he’s your ex. That’s why he’s my ex. No, I get it, yeah, like a one time do. I’m looking for a little peace in my life right now. That’s why I have everyone live together. That doesn’t make sense. So they all live in the house together, which is like weird. Who do you sleep with? I sleep with David, but here’s what the thing is. David, Frank is building a house for David. David sold his house, wanted to move closer to me. Frank is a contractor now, building a house for David. The house wasn’t done, his lease ran out, he goes, “Can I live with you?” I said, “Of course, you can.” And that’s how it all happened. What am I gonna tell the guy, no? And you think I’m crazy, look at this, look at this. (audience laughing) I don’t think you’re crazy. (audience applauding) I am a big fan.
Thank you. Look, Doug is wrapping me up, but I’ve got to ask you about, you can talk about her ’cause she’s not here, I love Siggy Flicker. Doesn’t mean you have to agree. I can say I love Siggy, yes.
I can’t say that. She’s on there twice for one moment. Okay, Margaret, why can’t you say it? We just never made up. I really tried numerous times. And I think she’s a great, a good person– She moved to Florida, she’s not even in Jersey anymore from what I understand.
I wish she did. That would be so good for me. Oh, she’s still in Jersey?
Yes, yes. We’re in neighboring towns.
She’s both places. But you know what, we were just never the same, she can’t get over things, I can move on. I can have an argument with you, move right on. I don’t hold a grudge, she’s a little bit of a grudge holder. And Dolores and I couldn’t be as close when she was in our circle. There was an issue with the two of them. I’m glad that they’re separated now. And I’m also friends with Siggy, but I don’t see her, we’ve gone different paths. She’s in Florida all the time, I’m very busy. She was supposed to be the Millionaire Matchmaker and all that stuff, I mean, Siggy had a thing going on. She introduced me to David. Yes, that’s true. (audience laughing) There’s so much more to talk about. I’m so sorry, our time is up, girls. I really do adore both of you. (audience cheering and applauding) The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Wednesday nights at 8:00 on Bravo. Up next, my friend Judy Joo is here, and she always brings good stuff. (audience cheering and applauding) We’re gonna talk, don’t go far. (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ After break, friends, it’s time to eat. And here to show us some delicious recipes is the author of the new book, “Korean Soul Food.” Please welcome back my old friend, Judy Joo. Hi, Judy. (audience cheering and applauding) So good to see you. Good to see you again as well. You look amazing. Thank you, Judy, so do you. You got the glow of love, I understand that you’re in love with, um– I’m not in love, oh my God. All right, in like.
In like, I’m in like. With?
There’s this guy, a Midwest boy, a nice white boy from the Midwest. (audience laughing) A banker.
A banker. A banker.
Yes. So he can match you dollar for dollar. Possibly.
As you can see, she’s very successful, don’t be shy. You crack me up, you crack me up. What are we making, Judy? You always bring something good and I always love your sauces. My sauces are great, I love that you love my sauces. We’re gonna make some kimchi arancini, off of the Italian arancini, and also some royal tteokbokki. You know what, you gotta use your fingers and get involved. I just washed my hands, so I’m clean, I’m ready to go. That’s great, it’s good, it’s good. So you’ve had arancini, right? No, Judy, you teach me this stuff. No, it’s an Italian thing that they make with leftover risotto rice, right? So I was like, you know what? We’ve got tons of leftover rice in Korea too, so why not make something else. Is that it?
That’s before we dip it. So you can try this.
Okay, okay. And this is a hot sauce, this is sriracha. But then there’s your special hot sauce. Yeah, I don’t like sriracha– You can try it with this. And I don’t like that thing that Mexican food is, what do you call it? The chilolo, or whatever, chilolo. That green stuff on top of Mexican food. Oh, oh, pico de gallo. No.
No, okay, I don’t know. It’s like grass.
So anyway. This arancini starts out with some white rice, and I’m gonna make this rice taste really good. So we put in some kimchi. You like your kimchi, probiotics, good fermentation. And then we’ve got some parmesan cheese. Mmmmm. Scallions and some seaweed. Sriracho.
Sriracha, it’s good. No, not sriracha, what do you call that thing? Cilantro.
Oh, cilantro. That’s not a hot sauce, that’s an herb. No, but I’m just saying, those are the two things– That you don’t like. Yeah, sriracha and hot sauce. Yeah, that’s good. I mean, whatever I just said. Cilantro, that’s super hot. This is really good. This is the rice, we’re gonna mix it all together. But you’ve gotta make this rice taste really good. And so that’s also part of this sweet soy sauce that I’ve made that’s made from soy sauce, vinegar, miran, some garlic, sugar, gochugaru, which is Korean chili flakes and sesame oil and ginger. And then we take some of the rice– Now Judy is very close with her mother. Yes, I love my mommy. Who doesn’t love their mommy? (audience applauding) Does your mother like him? Oh my God, it’s been like a month or two, one month or two months, nobody’s met him yet. It’s very new. Is he here today with you? No, he’s not here today with me. He’s adding dollars and cents. He’s in London. Well, that’s where you were at one point, partially. Exactly, exactly, exactly. So we just make a ball, we put cheese inside. (audience laughing) Judy, don’t get shy now. I can’t believe we’re talking about my love life. We always do.
We do, we do. And then what we do is that we basically– Which rhymes with Judy Joo. That’s true, it’s true. Some flour, some egg and some panko. Look, all these recipes are on It’s true.
Just relax. We’re just cooking with love. Yeah.
(audience laughing) Now, what is this? This is, no, don’t eat that, that’s raw. Oh, I was about to poison myself. This is royal tteokbokki.
Duck? No, tteokbokki, duck is this. Tuk, it’s rice cakes. How do you say it? Tuk.
How do you spell it? T-t-e-o-k.
Oh, tuk. Tuk, yeah, tuk. How you do? How you doin’?
(audience laughing) Exactly, and so I brought you a royal dish because you’re the queen of hot topics, so we had to bring something royal to you, to the queen. (audience cheering and applauding) Oh.
This one, yeah. They keep telling me–
Exactly. What are these eggs, why are they so small? Quail eggs, quail eggs. Oh, quail, that’s fancy. Yeah, yeah, a little bit fancy, because it’s royal. You’re the queen, honey, you are the queen. They’re runny in the yolk though, am I gonna get sick? No, no, no, that’s nice to have a little gooeyness. You want that nice kind of gooey flavor. Yeah, exactly.
(audience laughing) These are the rice cakes in a soy, I marinate the meat in pear and sugar to tenderize it. It’s a little fancy, you gotta go fancy when you go royal, you know? It’s good.
I love it, I love it. (audience cheering and applauding) Well, this dish actually has, there’s a spicy version, which I’ll cook for you next time. Usually there’s the either the royal version with soy sauce base or there’s the spicy version, which is very, very hot. Now what is this?
This is the duck. This is a rice cake, it’s kind of like a chewy gnocchi. It really is, it’s like chewing gum. It’s like bubble gum. It’s good though, right? It’s like sticky rice.
It’s very flavorful. It’s sticky rice, it’s sticky rice. And these are just a couple of the recipes from my new book, and enjoy. I must tell you something. (audience cheering and applauding) Look her up on the googler schmoogler. Judy Joo is a world class chef, and she’s been around for a long time. And now she’s almost in love. I’m in deep like.
After one month. You’re killing me.
For more information on all of these recipes, go to, we’ll be right back. (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) Come on, let’s go.
Let’s go. All right, we love birthdays here at “Wendy,” and today we’re celebrating Ravaldt, did I say it correctly?
It’s Raval. Raval’s 35th birthday, happy birthday. (audience cheering and applauding) She’s here with her mother, Valda, how you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, thank you. What makes your daughter’s birthday so extra special this year? First of all, Wendy, I’ve got to say I’m elated to be here! I’ve been looking at you for 10 years. 11.
Well, 10, okay, 11. Over 10 years.
It’s okay. 10 years, she’s been watching the whole time. I love it.
Thank you. I even tape it when I don’t see it. So what’s the deal with you two? Okay, the deal–
Mother/daughter, but more. Yes.
Yes. The deal is, Wendy, I’m a cancer survivor. (audience cheering and applauding) And Raval, who lives in New York, here in New York– Where do you live? I live in D.C.
Okay. I came from D.C. to see you.
Okay. Raval, who lives in New York, New York, and she’s in the entertainment industry as well. Oh, what do you do? I am a host, I’m an up and coming Wendy. Okay, Raval, okay now, all right now. (audience applauding) So Wendy, when I was going through the cancer, Raval dropped everything that she was doing to come down to D.C. to care for me. (audience applauding) And Wendy–
You only have one mother. You only got one.
Yeah, yeah. Wendy, I just praise God, I praise God for Raval. Raval, Raval, mom could go on and on. She could go on.
One more thing. What?
(audience laughing) I just wanna say that I also praise Him for healing me, ’cause I am in remission! Of course, of course. (audience cheering and applauding) So look, I’ve got something for you guys. Since you have such a great daughter who took care of you and now is back in New York on and poppin’, I have a special gift for you for your birthday. Oh well, thank you!
Whoa! I have a necklace, and this is from our friends, everybody, at You should go there, I got mine on order already. Here you go.
Thank you. Wow, Wendy.
It’s an infinity necklace with a beautiful engraving of both of your names. Oh!
Yes. And Valda, relax, we got something for you too. It ain’t even my birthday. But you gave birth to her.
Hey! (audience cheering and applauding) Here’s your necklace for you too. Your family necklace is engraved with your loved one’s names. You can do this yourself. Enjoy the necklaces, ladies, and thank you so much for going out of your way to be here. (audience applauding) Do what I do and what they did, go to By the way, your’s is rose gold. Ooooh!
Oh yes, oh yes. I love it.
Oh yes. Everything can be personalized at an affordable price just in time for Christmas or Hanukkah or anniversaries and more. Go to and use the promo code WENDY15, you know why? ‘Cause the 15 is for 15% off your next order. We’ll be right back. (audience cheering and applauding and upbeat music) ♪ Whoo hoo ♪ Everything you love about the “Wendy Show” is available at, we’ll be right back. Strike a pose, Nicky, he goes to FIT. The tickets are free, We’ll be right back. She was at the Star in L.A., and now she’s here in New York for this show. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy,” bye-bye. (audience cheering and applauding) Nice. (dramatic music)


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