Fox not BBC President Trump tells British PM Theresa May – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

Fox not BBC President Trump tells British PM Theresa May – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

I’m Theresa May. I’m Donald Trump and I’m very popular in your country. Watch Tracy Breaks the News — on Fox News! — 9:30 p.m. BBC one Only on Fox News. BBC One. Fox. It’s BBC,
actually. It’s BBC Fox. It’s fine.
Don’t you have foxes everywhere?


53 thoughts on “Fox not BBC President Trump tells British PM Theresa May – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC”

  • Dardania Lion says:

    Actually Fox News is 100% pro Trump but BBC is more neutral. I consider BBC the most independent news channel in the world.

  • Michael Nolte says:

    When will the BBC start to discuses the Sentencing Council proposed Public Order Offence Guidelines that will make posting on the internet any material that the government deems offensive a crime with a six year prison sentence. So if you post and one person complains that their feelings were hurt, the person in the UK who posted the comment will get six year prison sentence. Fascist Germany looks like a better place to live. You can already be arrested for hate speech, that is offending someones feeling through saying something they dislike. Hate facts, that is quoting facts that are published and factual but hurt someones feelings. One of the most stupid and totally Fascist rules in the UK. Now six years for posting something that hurts someones feelings. The truth is no longer the issue, just feelings. Next we will have work camps (concentration camps) to re educate those whose opinions don't agree those in the government. Free speech is gone from the UK. This government has lost all legitimacy and needs to be abolished.

  • play to the left then swan of back to the usa to avoid tax john lennon sang about the poor while buying property all over play to the poor then stab them in the back

  • Trump is played by Anton Atamanuik and I highly recommend you find his series The President Show (Comedy Central) on YouTube…the new season is starting soon but there's a treasure trove of clips on YouTube. He/it is fricking amazing, a bazillion times better than Alec Baldwin…for a pants-wettingly funny example look up The Porn Star Song…holy Heck it's so funny first time I nearly gambled and lost…and now I watch it every time I go into a this-can't-be-real-life spiral…um…I'm on a 10-times-a-day habit!!! ;o) ENJOY!

  • I'm just going to dislike this because the system these people work for is insanely evil and they create these joke characters to mock the taxpayers, who are ultimately slaves to this evil. If only people knew

  • gheorghe toader says:

    Gray coulore is coulore of iluminati and is aluminium and all coulores of Vatican in romano chatolic church are from iluminati organization and Satanism must to be stop now because control bilioners americans and all bilioners with pope francis and preots of Vatican and want to destroy all nations with malefic powers and all nations can see youtube now because iluminati organization want gold diamonds and all money from all bilioners americans and all bilioners from all nations to make all people sclaves in Usa and in all nations in this planet and God say I judge Lucifer and now from My Tron with Jesus my Son with all my powers with all angels heruvims serafims and all Univers we comand all nations to leave in pace and to leave the Adventist church to leave and to be my people and to stay in pace happines grace with prayers for rain for Terra because who kill a adventist christian must to be judge now and i make this with Jesus with Holy Spirit and with all angels and with Seven my Spirits

  • Gordon Pattison says:

    Latest poll showed that BBC licence holders were evenly split.
    49 percent saying its left wing and 51 percent saying its right wing.
    Always been the case. BBC can't afford to be too biased.
    Does anybody seriously believe CNN and Fox are fair and impartial?
    Fox is so biased it's laughable but it does represent redneck scumbags after all.

  • Dean J. W. Ferris says:

    If only Baldwin was as good at acting as this guy and not an ass maybe people would find him funny.

  • Hey, Prime Minister Theresa May, explain to President Trump why the White House is called the White House! No, it was not due to renovations or lacking of other colour of paints! Go on, tell him! Hint: War of 1812! ???

  • Doenjang Stew says:

    I love British Comedy, especially Mr.Bean and Benny Hill. Thank you Brits. It would be better if there was English subtitles as much as possible.

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden says:

    He’s back! Thank god. Hope it’s the same sinister and dark humor of his “the president’s show”. And maybe a better hit across the pond in the country that birthed spitting image! Good luck! And stay on the dark side my friend!

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