So you just watched the new Fox News weather
show. And as a Fox News viewer we would love to
hear some of your feedback. So, what did you think of the program? I didn’t like it. Alright, and why not? I don’t like the rain. Excuse me? Your show said it was gonna rain. I don’t like the rain. Uh okay, great. What about the set design and the lighting? It was fine. I just don’t understand why y’all gotta say
it’s gonna rain everyday this week. I mean, some rain’s fine but everyday? Well, it is going to rain. How you know the future, you ain’t no magician? We have meteorologists, who–
Ya but people like the sun. Why can’t you say it’s gonna sun? I mean everyone knows mainstream weather always
says it’s gonna rain so people stay in and watch more of their TV shows. I seen people on Twitter saying it’s gonna
sun. Okay well the radar says there’s a three percent
chance it won’t rain. Maybe we could make sure to mention that? Uh yeah, that’s a start. I got some other ideas too. Get ready for some beach fun because it is
going to be sun, sun, sunny thing week with a 97% chance of rain. Do you two agree? Absolutely, it will without a doubt be sunny. That is ridiculous. What about the rain last week? Now that was a false flag operation. That’s bullshit. The deep state is controlling the weather! Hey honey, what’s the weather supposed to
be? The TV said the rain was responsible for jobs
going overseas and the sun is a fascist conspiracy to prevent minorities from voting. I’ll bring a jacket.


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