Fox News’ Smug Advice to Fast Food Workers

Fox News’ Smug Advice to Fast Food Workers

right now in new york city there’s a
magnet for strike going on a restaurant workers are striking because they were
raising the minimum wage they want to be at least fifteen dollars an hour
significantly higher than is currently fifteen thousand hours the minimum wage
in new york now they want sixteen dollars an hour or so it’s thing i know
there are many things they said dot absent friends were talking about it and
they had some advice for the workers who are currently making hourly nine dollars
an hour which puts them up more than the poverty threshold for a family of four
which is which is great now those people are turning up so far to friends and
step into the some advice is going to write to me he says here’s the deal your minimum-wage worker
that’s an entry level salary if you’re good you’ll get a raise we know from people who worked at
walmart for decades that oh yeah i definitely erases all the time of the
program if you know midway trail i’d hate never and i wanted
to agree with brian kelberg but i mean not like an entry level i can get you
not the entry level job probably ought to be poverty level i mean if it’s not
poverty level that they are there’s no poverty i mean at some point we know what country with no proper but
protein back and forth and slow it’s mostly the lowest salary theirs yet but where is that set that sourcing movie at fifteen dollars
an hour and i mean i bloody hard luck but i didn’t bother if okay now killed media’s right in some sense
you-know-who he and i tell this to my nephews route
one was getting out cause i guess that’s somewhere i guess i someone you know
work their way out now what he’s massively wrong about is
that images that make balancing you think ok i’ll just put in my twenty
thirty years and i’m really now that you’re going to go from like
nine dollars about all the lettuce and celery uh… you know of seven years from now
on yet so i think they have a total of misunderstanding of how the real economy
works they live in their own bubble where they like what i was on fox news
for a long time but i did it was i was tall x experience it right and what you guys out there if you just say they don’t want to be a
millionaire like i have for parroting republican dot blots on that it’s sad because like at one point
america you did you start off in a shitty job
factor something in there wasn’t degree of social mobility but they’re saying you know started at
minimum wage shut up just do that but then they’re their advocating for
policies everyday and fox’s that work to make sure that there’s no increase in
pay long term for american workers and i
think it’s a quarter of the progress of argument which is that everybody’s gonna have some decent level of opportunity you never medieval things out but you
got at least have an opportunity and these guys are opportunity crushers at
every step whatsoever with what we just have along
with the minimum wage pace with inflation like that she’s been a long every single
year automatic set up by the way to to president obama srebrenica tues
discredit the originally said that they building and we should go up front nine
fifty and believe back in two thousand nine we first in august now he’s like lord it for five years
later was committed now now look through bones of reading but to
his credit he should keep up with inflation from
their office and by the way that it kept up with
product image this productivity in this country over
the last several decades has been kuwait that mean we should not copy it was a
lot of money boxes in like twenty two dollars so easily fifteen dollars in new york ny
one of the success of cities and countries totally on real estate review that in
this conflict climate it’s unrealistic but if we actually shared the product of a team of people part of
people created which the middle class the workers they would be a part of it and so they’re not just going to attack
you know the the striking workers there’s a lot of the
day in a single moms so tune in to your reaction striking in your own personal
work yet mad actually about issues as i like that
were about there’s really you know that there is there is and this
is the second round of insofar as there is that the uh… and so it’s building
in building and so will see where it goes from here so uh… brightly continues at minimum
wage is never meant to be career wins i do work hard to get higher you’ll get
more money here’s the other thing as hard as it is in some cases because
you’re a single mom ur single dad you’ve got another job you’ve got another job on top of that
c_o_ two incomes because when you’re working your
forty-hour minimum wage job trying to raise a kid on your own what you need to
add on top of that is a forty hour weeks dot plenty of those kids are gonna do
very well there are could describe me that i don’t want like and also they
want the monster stay at home in the first place if the by the way if she says well i
need help with day care simply by it but wait a minute about one fifty a_m_
also we get to minimum-wage jobs and i get kids what kind possibly take a look at the bottom up
but i don’t think it’s all going forward and i guess would be ok if people come
after me like maybe my younger sister they get pregnant the best abort yes i i’m sorry that cause i would have
done so yet another note i sent you that had happened did you have any kids again
aboard any of them and then you’ve got to work two maybe three job
whatever tracing come right back where you got to have asked me if you order
placed doesn’t want provide birth control part of that detweiler sources i didn’t know what
westland and then once the kids and they care if the people of use them because the
dropped about this america studying what’s inside


100 thoughts on “Fox News’ Smug Advice to Fast Food Workers”

  • Has anyone considered that when wages stagnate or decrease people cannot afford the services of the bootstrappers,you say you started your own business from nothing….what are you going to do when people can no longer afford your services ? this economy is slowly imploding and these people may be falling off the clif before you but your turn will come.

  • I know, this country would turn into a shithole like Nigeria or Moldova. Politicians in those countries are so poor that they even take part time jobs

  • I have an idea. GO TO COLLEGE!
    I live in San Jose where the minimum wage is $10 and it is much harder to find a job because of fuckers voting to raise the minimum wage. I even got laid off because the stupid Hollister I worked at can't pay for all the workers!
    Fuck you libtards!

  • These people working as hard as they do are the reason why MacDonald's is so rich. People, get real. Not every one can afford, has time, is able to, or is intelligent enough to attend college. But does that mean that these people should be forced to starve and die? Google Minimum wage adjusted for inflation and know the truth.

  • It's hard to tell, I agree that fast food workers deserve a higher pay, but come on, every time I go to any one of these fast food places there's always NASTY, RUDE employees, mostly teenagers, those don't deserve higher wages

  • Min. wage adjusted for inflation would be $4.14/hr. Plus, statistics show that min. wage earners are not poor. If you think about it a low min. wage will actually help the poor in that most of the poor either don't work or make a low wage but still make over $9.50/hr. A low min. wage will allow businesses to pay those full time worker more, allow the jobless to get jobs, allow a fulltime worker to get a second part time job and keep cost of living down.

  • A vast majority of min. wage earners are not poor, 89% of them in fact. A high min. wage is hurting those that are poor from getting a second job since no company is going to pay a part time worker that much, or getting a job in general due to low skills.

  • That is something liberals don't realize. If you raise the min. wage you hurt a lot of jobs that are for supplemental incomes. A min. wage job is not just an entry level job for a person with no experience but can be a part time job. Businesses are not going to pay part time employees that much since they are unreliable, or a high risk. I live in a place with a min. wage higher than the national rate and that is what businesses are advertising, jobs but no part time or night jobs, only full time

  • bullshit. What happened to personal responsibility. If the fast food workers need more money maybe they should get another job. Or they should have gone to college. If you cant provide for yourself than your a slave and the provider is the master.

  • they are replaceable. i would laugh if they went on strike and got replaced. What are you a communist. how well did that go for the USSR. 3 million dead because of starvation. hmm yeah i would rather have that.

  • Wow…the ignorance of that post is astounding. First off, a lot of poor workers DO have 2 jobs. Someone shouldn't have to work 60+ hours a week just to make ends meet. There are generally not many job opportunities in poor areas, and the school systems are absolute shit. I received a proper education, which is how I managed to get into a good college and a degree. Some people aren't that lucky. You're insane if you think that life is JUST about how hard you work. There are other factors.

  • well if everyone made money we would all be poor. and if you dont have money then dont buy a TV, dont buy internet, or a smart phone, or dont eat at restaurants every day.

  • I love being poor in America, I have section 8 housing, a free phone, medicaid, Cable TV, a car, High Speed internet, and food stamps. I live better than 4/5 of the people on this planet.

  • Fast food jobs (and the like) are not meant as career choices. They are intended as fill in work for students and people in transitionary situations. Anyone with half a brain knows that you can not raise a family depending ONLY on income from one of these jobs. Well paying jobs only are obtained by working at hard in a specific industry and with proper education. Training opportunitys are always available for all building trades, medical as well as almost anything else.

  • I grew up with 2 siblings in a 2 bedroom rented apt. Never had ANY luxuries of life as a child. At 19 I began training as an electrician and got a loan for schooling and training. I'm now 48 and I live in a 1.1 million dollar home, have 7 rental condos and pretty much have everything I want. I don't make a TON of money but I dont spend stupidly. As an apperntice I made $5.00 pr hour for 4 yrs. I now earn 120k and I am self employed and happy. My point is I started with 0.

  • Wow? Look up to me? Lol. I appreciate that. My point is that I'm not a high scholastic achiever, but hard work in a targeted area…will pay off. What do you do?

  • Here in Denmark the minimum wage is about 20-21 dollars*, yet we only have very few people working minimum wage jobs as a career. It turns out that your notion, that you have to motivate people with salary, is completely misguided, you can apparently also motivate people with social status alone.

    *We also have much higher taxes and everything costs more relatively, so it is probably wealth wise close to the 15 dollars.

  • Increase the wage…then the price for the service provided (food) will increase too.  And in addition the workforce WILL be cut.  People don't think.  

    These aren't skilled jobs to begin with. 

    But then again maybe there is a good side to this.  Since the workforce will be cut and the lazy morons will be weeded…we will have workers who actually do their job and do it well…

  • Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to think that working in the lowest capacity at a fast food joint is going to "pay the bills" for a family? How entitled/ delusional do you have to be to think that a low-skilled, low-hazard, labor non-intensive job should pay $15 an hour?

    These types of jobs are meant for teenagers and people (through no fault of their own) who lack the physical or mental capacity to perform more intensive work.

    Should minimum wage rise with inflation? Sure. However, money is EARNED by producing or providing a service. No one OWES you more than the work that you provide. It is not their responsibility to provide you with what you"need" or want.

  • CantWorkDeezGadgets says:

    Lol, people irk me when they talk about how they worked hard and started at the bottom at some company and worked their way up to a career. Lol, you know how difficult it is to find one of those jobs compared to finding a fast food job? Lol, I've only found ONE such opportunity, but the distance was so great that I had to quit eventually because driving 50 miles to work every day started to take its toll–plus I wanted to go back to school which was in the opposite direction.

    $15 is too much, but let's be real, do people think it's that easy to find a job where you can get paid while simultaneously learning a trade? Where I live most of those positions go to white guys who know somebody on the inside.

  • the problem is that if you raise minimum wage, there will be inflation will follow, no matter what you do with minimum wage

  • Yay, 80-hour workweeks!

    I'd LOVE to see the upper class do the work that the lower-middle class has to do. Where work is actual physical labor instead of cushy meetings, and where the only hope of financial advancement is to deny one's self the time to actually do anything with the life they're improving.

    Oh, right. Most of the upper class inherited it.

  • My first job was McDonald's and guess what it sucked. Not supposed to live on the wages. Get off your ass and get an education, believe me you can find different work and move up and build experience. At that point you can get an education, or better yet tests, learning resources, etc.. are all over the internet and then you can save a little cash get certs and get a real job. I am not saying it is easy by any means, but it can be done. Please get off your ass and stop blaming others for your lack of motivation.

  • I am still struggling to move up, but I have found there is work out there for those that are willing. It may me digging ditches or working at a factory or literately in shit but the work is there if you are willing to do it.

  • Man you guys are a some sorry mother fuckers. It is obvious that you son of a bitches have never suffered under this capitalist system. You might as well team up with Fox News and expand your fucking ignorance.

  • Denmark did not fall apart when their min wage went up to $21 hr nor did Australia fall apart when their wage went up to $16 hr. Good for them I hope they get a union and $15.

  • 15 dollar an hour fast food wages means no one who makes less than 20 dollars an hour will ever eat there. Good luck with that Micky Dee's.

  • Race Card'Over'Played says:

    Want $15/hr do what successful people do, GO TO COLLEGE get a BS degree or better. Masters will pay at least $25 up to $100/hr or more depending what you do.

  • If you have a part time fast food job with a family of four (you're assuming a single earner family), then that is the problem. For my first post-college job, I made $13/hour at a place that required a degree or trade school. If fast food paid $15/hour, I would have quit my stressful job and taken the burger flipping job from an unskilled laborer.

  • Australia has a Minimum Wage of $16.26 an hour. The USA has a Minimum Wage of $7.25 an hour. I Big Mac Combo in Australia costs $7.50 it costs $6.50 in the USA. Clearly a McDonalds worker is better off in Australia. Ohh but that high Minimum Wage will cause Unemployment the Right will Cry. No Sorry Unemployement is far lower in Australia than what it is in the USA. America the land of the Free and the Home of the Working Poor. $7.25 is a 3rd World Minimum Wage.

  • McDanald can't afford higher wages , the CEO s  probably want to lower the wage so they can afford their lifestiye,  admit it , it has gotten expensive for these guys to live.

  • Seriously , who still eats that garbage??I honestly wonder how they stay in business..They don't get my money, or the money of ANY of my family or friends.. I really don't know who eats this crap…


  • I'm a Kiwi who has been living in Tasmania since 2007, and minimum wage is a fraught subject. I think Australia's minimum wage is too high, the US is too low, and NZ is about right. 
    I do believe that there is a sane way to figure out a good minimum wage however. What does it cost to stay at a cheap boarding house e.g. a backpackers place and eat at a cheap restaurant for a week? A 40 hr work week should cover that, as a minimum. In Australia that standard would cause a drop in the minimum wage, but in the US that would probably be an improvement.

  • I'm sorry, $15 bucks is excessive. If you deem that to be low, find a better job or get a trade. Fast food is for young kids or college students, not adults who want to remain stagnant.

  • DigThatCrazy Beep says:

    They pay more at $9 an hour to flip burgers than they pay employees to make bullet proof vests for police and military. The pity train for your $15 an hour plea has left the station…

  • Lankey Bastard says:

    15 bucks an hour? To wait tables? MAYBE kitchen staff (The people who do the REAL work) but not wait staff.

  • Sandra Noneofyourbusiness says:

    The CEO of Walmart's salary is 966 TIMES the salary of the average worker (not the LOWEST paid worker, mind you- the AVERAGE worker).
    I don't care how highly educated the CEO is compared to the other workers- earning almost a THOUSAND times that of the average salary is shamefully excessive.
    Don't get me wrong- I believe the CEO should get paid more, but 966 TIMES MORE??

  • Wow, "just started" he said, and this was back in April, and now it's July. I never heard about a restaurant strike. …the revolution will Not be televised.

  • OMG! For all you ignorant, uneducated ass-wagons who can only get a job at fast food places: You SO DO NOT DESERVE fifteen dollars an hour! I mean,look at what you do for a living.Flipping burgers is such a demeaning and UNIMPORTANT waste of time. No one ever died from not getting their hamburger on time, yet Pharmacy Techs and nurses make far less than that yet we hold people's lives in the balance if we don't get them medications in time. WE are the ones who should be getting a raise because WE have to go to school to learn how to protect people's lives and make sure  they get their needed medications on time. Fast food jobs were NEVER intended to be a career move to support a family.

  • I'm sorry, you just don't deserve it, unless you went to the Sorbonne or the Cordonne Bleu schools for cooking, you just do not deserve it.

  • Of course you need to start somewhere but if you are too stupid to work your way up then you deserve the poverty that you keep yourself in.

  • I work up to 39 (they won't let you go over 40 because it counts as overtime) hours a week at a major fast food company. 7.25 an hour. And after all the taxes are taken out, I make about 450 every two weeks. That's about 900 a month (if I'm lucky) If you already have one job, most employers don't want to heir you because that first job constraints your hours of availability. I'm not unskilled or a poor worker, I'm young and still in college. Paying for most of it out of pocket because they lost my FAFSA forms and didn't inform me until the due date for payments had already passed. Cheapest rent available that's even moderately close to campus is 600 a month. Then water, electricity, food, gas, car payment. 

    But yeah, 900 is totally enough to cover all that. I'm clearly just bad at managing my money and lazy. These corporations are totally right!

  • I agree McDonald's should not be a career. However, what if the only jobs hiring in your area are part time, minimum wage jobs? I live in a rural area where this is the case. Most businesses have hiring freezes in place, add to that the fact that multiple coal companies (one of our primary sources for jobs) are closing down, laying off workers on a massive scale. We are in a situation where people are fighting to even get one of these part-time, minimum wage jobs. It's not that we don't have the ability, work ethic, or intelligence to work a better job: better jobs (for the most part) simply don't exist here. Would I like to go to school or move out of state? Yes, but like many others, lack the funds to do so. On the other hand, the vast majority love their home, have ties to the community, or flat out can't afford to move out of state. The common saying here is, "Don't complain about your job, because there's at least ten people who would do your job without bitching." As someone with an outside perspective, what are your thoughts or advice for the people in this predicament?

  • Angelreborn Kuroko says:

    As someone who works in fast food and gets paid 8.50 an hour I say the work is manageable and easy. The only reason to demand higher wage are the terrible customers. Like for real give me AT LEAST $10 an hour and you can tell me that I'm a piece of shit for someone else's mistakes in the kitchen. I don't care. For $10 an hour I will be the nicest person alive. But at 8.50, you're definitely going to get retaliation for spitting in my face, and yelling at me for burgers I don't make. I mean…yeah….lol not $15 though I'm not stupid. Even I know $15 at fast food is crazy.

  • "…it used to be you started off with a shitty job in a factory, and then…"
    shitty, entry level factory jobs used to pay enough money to support an entire family. Higher demand for work (more jobs in the country) and more valuable dollar are to thank for this. The minimum wage had nothing to do with it. Take that young twerps.

  • DanielOlsson says:

    start somewhere ? tell that to the children starving in Africa because we the capitalist pigs have stolen the planet

  • the real question is why are you supporting a family of 4 on min wage? either get promoted or find a new, higher paying job. thats the logical thing to do not waste time crying about it. man up.

  • ha, people are getting raises! they jeep raising min wage! thats a raise. quit complaing and understand that if you are 26 and work at walmart and arent promoted it's because you dont deserve it. nobody is forcing you to work for min wage or for walmart.

  • NymphetaminexXxGrrrl says:

    I thought minimum wage was 8.00$ an hour…was i getting ripped off when i worked restaurants and gas-stations through high-school? Or has minimum wage changed that much over the years?

  • Fox News hosts are overpaid, and need to be replaced with bots.

    They themselves are not immune to what is coming in a few years with the advent of robotics/automation/ai in replacing many blue collar and white collar roles.

    If I am still alive to see the day a robot is sitting behind their desk giving the news instead and they struggle to look for work at McDonald's I will be happy.

  • Hezekiah Ramirez says:

    I have a compromise. Let teenagers who work a few hours a week to get spending cash or whatever work for 10-12 bucks. Cool. Everyone else gets a living wage. Win win, right? Yeah… I'll hold my breath.

  • Divine Falcon says:

    It's really strange that Americans are still behind on things that are the norm in the rest of the developed world. Healthcare, social security, food regulations, politics, education, wages, law and prison system…they are backwards in ALL these areas.

  • lol machines will be replacing the minimum wage worker soon. At 15, I was working at McDonalds. Do something to improve your situation.

  • Fox and friends .WTF are you talking about. Fox is so worried about its cash flow. But 40 and 50 years old workers getting min wage.

  • Wages need to keep up with inflation, plain and simple. Anything less is immoral and wrong. Employers were paying living wages in the '70 and '80s and earlier without struggling, whay can't they now? It's pure greed.

  • So much of what you said about labor wages and where people stand in society by their job is so wrong on so many levels I think I’m gonna have to take a vacation from you guys.

  • bleedinggums roberts says:

    Im surprised they dont get 15/hr already in NYC. And how difficult would it be to succeed in NYC unless you are highly skilled in some specific area? Great video guys.

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