Fox News Should Be Destroyed for This Segment

Fox News Should Be Destroyed for This Segment

Unfortunately, now we get to the irresponsible
one I have today, the perfect sort of mind meld for you of two completely lunatic factions
who have designated themselves coronavirus experts in recent weeks. You’ve got Fox News host. And then you’ve got religious nuts. Now, when I say religious nuts, I don’t mean
everybody who’s religious in the last segment. We had Catholic priest Father Murray saying,
stay the hell home. No churches on Easter. Priests are dying. You’ve got to do the responsible thing. So when I say religious nuts, I don’t mean
anybody who’s religious. I’m talking specifically about religious nuts. So on the one hand, we’ve previously mentioned
absolutely unhinged. Fox News former Judge Jeanine Pirro, including
her seemingly drunk broadcast last week or the week before. That’s on on one side. On the other side, we’ve talked about these
religious grifters talking about sin is what caused Corona virus. Prayer is the solution to Corona virus. This clip today is a combination of the two
top religious grifter, Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, a family of Christian
evangelists, was invited onto Judge Denise Fox News show. And it is as wacky and weaponized as you could
imagine. So let’s get right into it. You won’t be surprised. Franklin Graham says it is sin that has caused
the virus. Judge Jeanine loves it. Let’s break it all down. And to Janine’s credit, she asks a good question
why would God allow Corona virus to happen? She’s not asking the question in good faith. She’s teeing up a specific answer for Graham. But at least she’s asking the question. Take a listen. Given the number of Americans thousands have
already died, you know, you must get questions like, why would God allow this kind of thing
to happen? Well, I don’t think he’s got a plan for this
to happen to us because of the sin that’s in the world. Judge Man has turned his back on God. We have sinned against him and we need to
ask for God’s forgiveness. And that’s what Easter is all about us, about
God. So love in the world that he gave his only
begotten son. God didn’t plan it. The sin caused it to happen. Judge, says Franklin Graham, and noticed him
throwing Easter in their Easter, of course, sort of canceled since the country will remain
closed. No doubt many churches in certain parts of
the country will be filled with people on Easter regardless. So then Franklin Graham continues with this
line of reasoning. And if you’re watching, pay attention to the
look on Judge Janine’s face. Like this is some incredible new idea that
Franklin Graham is putting out there, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish,
but should have everlasting life. Jesus Christ came to save sinners. I didn’t come to condemn the world, but to
save the world. And if we put our faith and trust in him,
he’ll forgive our sins and heal our hearts and he’ll change the course of our lives. And this this pandemic, this is a result of
a fallen world, a world that has turned his back on God. And so I would encourage people to pray and
just let’s ask God. Let’s ask God for help. Well, Franklin Graham, I don’t think there’s
any question, but this is giving people a tremendous opportunity to be somewhat introspective. There it is. If we trust Jesus, he will forgive our sins
and it’ll change our lives. And the pandemic is because we’ve turned our
back. Just pray. Praying is the solution. So there are going to be people who see this
and they will say, quite simply, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a man of faith. And he says we must maintain our faith through
the crisis. That’s not what Franklin Graham is doing here. Franklin Graham is appearing on a channel
that’s been minimizing and downplaying the pandemic from day one. And then they feed to their audience. A guy who says the virus is caused by sin
and solved by prayer. And we need Jesus in our lives at this particular
time. The solution is social distancing, letting
the medical experts tell us what to do. Work on therapeutics, work on a vaccine science
and staying the hell home. Those are the solutions. And when these Fox News viewers here, Franklin
Graham, insist the cause is sin and the solution is prayer, they are more likely to keep packing
the churches and potentially becoming super spreaders of the disease. And that dumb look on Judge Janine’s face
like what a breakthrough. Incredible breakthrough from Franklin Graham
here on the virus. It’s disgusting. Yes. But it’s not altogether surprising for Judge
Jeanine. The message is this isn’t about anything other
than people didn’t pray correctly or they didn’t pray enough. And it’s actually flat out vile to be people
perpetuating that idea. What about all of the good praying Christians,
by the way, who did die of the virus? I guess according to Graham, they weren’t
praying hard enough or their sins outweighed the prayer or they pray to the wrong God or
work. God works in mysterious ways or what? You’re not allowed to ask that. That’s an offensive question to people like
Franklin Graham. The problem is, in reality, almost the opposite
of what Franklin Graham says. Too many people are ignoring science and doctors. The problem is not people are ignoring Jesus. Too many people are ignoring science and doctors. And instead they’re listening to pastors and
clueless presidents like the one that we have. And of course, this is a one size fits all
explanation for these religious nuts. Jerry Falwell after 9/11 said it was the abortionists
and the gays that caused 9/11 to happen. Others said the same thing about HIV. Oh, definitely. Sin was the reason for HIV. These are horrible people. They are only making the problem worse. And Fox News continues to incubate for lack
of a better term, these ideas. And unfortunately, again, sticking with the
viral vocabulary, a lot of Fox News viewers have been inoculated against reason and rationality. And they take this stuff as if it were gospel,
which Franklin Graham, of course, probably believes it to be. Unless he’s just a straight up grifter, which
he may be, in which case he’s a bad person rather than delusional. You often can’t really tell with these guys.


100 thoughts on “Fox News Should Be Destroyed for This Segment”

  • Franklin Graham let me give you a suggestion ….if you want this Covid 19 to go away as it is a sin
    why not you ask all the Evangelist Speakers in America including yourself to take all riches and possession that you all amassed and give it to the poor and destitute of the people of America.
    By doing so God will immediately and miraculously make this corona virus disappear …or maybe God will just simply alter the DNA of the Covid19 to become just a common flu……..

  • A grown ass man giving advice from his book of fairy tales to an equally credulous host on a fake news channel in the year 2020 in the midst of an actual pandemic. Welcome to 'Murica!

  • So every country isnt praying enough? He doesnt realize that everyone prays to different gods? What happened to forgiveness? What a farce. He's trying to get people interested in his church. Im no religious person but what church was the one that jesus/god went to? Soo many issues with this guy.

  • God did not create the virus humans did. God did not allow this to happen man did. Why blame God when man creates it all. Bad and good? It’s up to us to live a certain way. Be responsible a certain way. satan rules this earth not God . God gave us rules to live by if you don’t follow them shit happens. If you live a life thirsting for power, money, self grandiose. Shit happens. Blame satan not God who lures people away from the right way to live. Just look at our leaders says it all.

  • Anna Soloweszyk says:

    During the Black Death many things and people were to blame. First their was fornicators and gamblers. Then it was people not praying hard enough and were being punished. Then they blamed the Jews, who were whipped, and burned at the stake. If other minorities lived in Europe, they would be murdered.

  • GRAHAM's logic make NO SENSE. The SPANISH FLU kills more PEOPLE in the PAST which means there are more SINNERS in the PAST?

  • People sin so this "good" god of his randomly murders a whole bunch of people including those who do repent. That guy's god is a fucking asshole. He worships a monster that in any other context would be considered evil.

  • Thomas Thornhill says:

    Franklin Graham demonstrates that religion is the best con game there is and the best part about it is, that it is legal. These grifters have found out that they can con you out of your money and not go to jail. Ain't religion wonderful?

  • I predict between now and 2021 that…

    Trumpians & Estabs* (*Lobbyist Bribed/Paid-Off/Back-Handed RNC & DNC schills) will call their traitorous followers to do the same to their rival opponants, moderates and especially those they deluded label 'unbelievers' or 'ungodly'.

  • This should make it rather easy to decide who gets life support and who doesn't. The godless only have science to depend on after all.

  • To that age-old question "If God exists, why are things so terrible?" God gives everyone their own free will. This is something so so simple that constantly gets lost in ideology. This virus is spreading because people making countless mistakes. If things are terrible, it's because we made them that way, not because God has puppet strings on all of us.

  • Pauline Montagna says:

    Considering the fact that the United States is the stronghold of the Evangelical movement and now has the worst Coronavirus outbreak in the world, by their own logic evangelicals are obviously doing it wrong.

  • It's essentially the same psychological conflict as "Make America Great Again" but (next breath) America is the greatest country in the world. God loves you but (next breath) he will destroy the world for your sins. There's many examples of this same damaging cognitive dissonance within the FOX demographic.

  • Little Miss Muffet says:

    I already said last week …… that God is hella MAD that this country elected the Anti Christ as our president …… therefore , putting the Anti Christ in the most powerfil position in the world ……….
    And then , treating this AQnti Christ like he was their God … even having trump sign their bibles ….oooohhhhhh
    UH OH ……Big Trouble in little christian butville ……God is MAD MAD MAD ……Some of you might want to chamge your travel plans regarding your trip to the after life …… I think your reservations may of gotten cancelled ……just a guess …….dont forget your sun screen or aloe vera for the burns .
    I sincerely hope I didnt offend anyone . This was a joke ….all except the part about God being extremely mad . mother nature is standing right next to him and she is ready to put a hurt on all of us . so good luck to everyone
    I for one wish everyone well . p. s. sorry God , it was just a joke …….but , it was funny right ?

  • I bet his Church is full over Easter and he'll make a ton of money. For the poor of course. He he. But I'll bet bat-shit-crazy headbanger Judge Jeanine Pirro won't be anywhere near a Church. She's a lunatic but she's not that dumb. And of course she'll be passed out on the couch cause of one too many glasses of whatever…

  • Merzetude Joseph says:

    Franklin Graham is one of the reasons why no one want to believe in God any longer ! This devil never answered the question directly ! I wonder if anyone in his family has ever got sick, and needed the help of a doctor ? If his answer is yes, what sin that family member had committed ? This devil is a liar !

  • The great tribulation just begun and will not end until 2027. Everyone, specially those that think that are untouchable by this, will die. 99.9% won’t make it.

  • Stephen Fleming says:

    I pray to God to help us with this pandemic. Who are you to say sin didn’t cause it. I also social distance, use hand sanitizer, and wash my hands a lot.

  • Graham's hate is disguised by christian "love".
    What Trump, Pirro,, and Graham don't know, is that there are forces long hidden or forgotten, that are arising in these unusual days we live in.
    They don't realize that they're turning the country upside down.
    Bleak days ahead.

  • If your church asks, tells, suggests… that you go to church, there is only one reason. Period.

    What's the difference between you going to your church, and watching your minister, pastor etc online…..


    theres only one reason why your PRO-LIFE church, wants you to try and kill yourself. Because they have become so addicted to the money you give them every week, that they- NOT those they pretend to help with that money- the church leaders, now need tens of millions of dollars each year just to maintain their lifestyle, that you give them with your very hard earned money, EVRRY WEEK.

    Please, stop and think. And read your Bible yourself. It actually says NOT to build massive big buildings and crap just to pray in, to pray to your God. It can and should be done anywhere YOU want it. Eg: your safe home.

    But that would mean billions of dollars each year not given over to greed- not to help..

  • Yes that Man has turned his back on GOD are people like FOX news and con=mentators
    supporting a liar / conman / psychopath /narcissist / sinner as a leader of the most powerful country in the world. GOD is now venting HIS wrath on America because of the sins the US has committed by creating wars continuously since WW2 killing and displacing millions of innocents victims around the world.The Christian community in America is declining and a lot of these evangelist speakers are taking advantage of the vulnerable and gullible simple Americans folks into their domain and turning it into cults whilst milking their hard earned money for themselves.
    The day of reckoning is already happening NOW in America and the events that
    follows is a testament of GOD's wrath…….to the fury of GOD>>>
    (1) Natural Disaster __ ( Hurricanes / Twister /Earthquake / Fire Storm / Floods.)
    (2) Pestilence __ ( H1N1 / SARS / AIDS/ COVID 19.)
    (3) Economy ____ ( Recession / Unemployment / Wall Street Crash )
    (4) Civil Unrest __ ( Homeless / Anarchy / Drugs / Crime / Murder/ Looting / Sadist Behavior )
    All these events are happening in America and it is so sad that the sinners eyes are being blinded by the Devil to go on their daily evil deeds unaware of the apocalyptic events unfolding..
    May GOD have mercy on the faithful believer of Jesus and protect them from GOD's wrath.

  • We heard this same crap at the beginning of the AIDS crisis. I believe it was Voltaire who asked, following the Great Earthquake of Lisbon in 1755 – if Lisbon was so 'sinful' that God caused its destruction, then why not London or Paris? To believe that God sends plagues or natural disasters to 'punish sin', is to make God a sadist, and it's utter nonsense.

  • Conrad Gonzales says:

    Stephen King Gutter Clowns got nothing on these Hellish Bozos. At least Pennywise doesn’t pretend to speak and act on “God’s” behalf.

  • If prayer will protect you Franklin show the world by going to the front line and pray in the hospital and not get infected, your fantasy God can do nothing.

  • Guys, if you end up in your bathroom jacking yourself off….trust me ….as it is time much better spent than going to church. Jesus was a fine fellow…may he RIP, but now he is not able to give a sh!t for ya.

  • Michael Howard says:

    Another FAUX edition of The Grifters Home Companion. JAY-SUSS spare us from the rising tide of evangelical bs!

  • I remember hearing my brother's pastor years ago saying that the nuclear reactors that blew up from the tsunamis in Japan was God's wrath, because I guess Japan isn't Christian. He also went on to imply that while there were "many Christians" in Japan who also likely died, that they were a necessary casualty. Pretty fucking sick.

  • You’ve put your faith in him and prayed to him for over 2,000 years and this is the result? This world that is rife with corruption and where greed runs rampant? Death, destruction etc.
    IMHO it sounds like the definition of insanity.

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    The Book of Revelation (often called the Book of Revelations, Revelation to John, Apocalypse of John, the Revelation from Jesus Christ (from its opening words), the Apocalypse, The Revelation, or simply Revelation) is the final book of the New Testament, and consequently is also the final book of the Christian Bible.

  • I know Franklin Graham is not welcome in Great Britain for his exzophobia; and I really don't think Billy Graham would be this heartless that's just my opinion.

  • Wait,….so Franklin Graham says God didn't plan for this to happen, but he preaches that God is all knowing, all seeing, and everything that occurs is part of his plan. So my question is, why didn't God see this coming, and why if everything else that ever occurred has been part of his plan why is this one occurrence in this small fraction of time the one thing that isn't part of his plan? George Carlin's bit on religion explains the hypocrisy and nonsensical arguments that religious leaders use to justify things that expose the BS that they peddle and profit from.

  • it's beyond description isn't it? The beguiled masses that follow Trump, a disgusting charlatan of a man, are so lacking in hope, so seduced by his dichotic simplicity, so needing to be led by the nose that a circus master like DJT can, for his own depraved and psychotic needs, hold them enthralled in his hands.

    The more abysmally reprehensible thing is how intelligent people in power or positions of influence, are so willing to stand by and support Trump while selling their country out.

    God save America? Maybe not.

  • Matt Alibozek says:

    It boggles my mind how Fox “News” continues operate as a news station in this country… Obviously the Republicans in Congress keep them in business.. Fox is nothing but a state run PROPAGANDA NETWORK… All they do is LIE & SPREAD MISINFORMATION… I’m an Atheist but if I was ever stupid enough to believe in a religion it wouldn’t be the religion this lunatic Graham believes in…

  • george Fitter says:

    These knuckleheads are unscrupulous opportunists who will grab any brass ring and twist it to their liking. They have no credibility and if anyone thinks they are credible, they have to raise their standards! More of trumps zombies!

  • Just remember god is all loving and forgiving which is why he sent covid 19 , ummm what ?!?!?! please show me that part of the Bible . This is why i hate organised American religion

  • vampireheart1987 says:

    Basically these Christian fanatics admit that THEIR God is responsible, that now countless people suffer and die. So why do we not blame all Christians and sacrifice them to appease their God? ? This approach has already proven itself in the past – Alternatively, we could also force the Christians to pay for all the damage that THEIR God has caused ?

  • Keisha Nicole says:

    So you can’t worship IN THE HOUSE? So, shouldn’t the people that don’t pray get the virus due to sin? Nut job. STAY THE HELL HOME.

  • Reischa Parker says:

    So, the majority of people dying in this country are poor black people. So somehow these god loving people have managed to piss off God so much he's decided to kill them disproportionately to other races. Got it. Fuck Franklin and Jeanine and any religious leaders in the Deep South right now. I live in Alabama and trust me, conservative radio talk show hosts down here are still having church services this Sunday and they are all spouting this bible nonsense. Pathetic….

  • Brenda Zorros says:

    The sin in the world is TRUMP!! Anti-christ behavior!!! Trump has wayyy too many sins!!! Trump does not behave like a Christian… Far from it. He leans towards Satan!!!

  • He is right praying will help combat the pandemic. As long as one prays only at home and pray at home. Its best people pray the entire day, only taking breaks for eating, drinking and sleeping. Do this for a few weeks and you will see success.

  • Evangelical Christianity is a cult not a religion. You don't know God Franklin Graham . Your business partner Pat Robertson said God will destroy Israel if Arial Sharon made peace with Palestinians. Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to destroy New Orleans because it was a sin city. You all are shameless like prostitutes.

  • What about the divine plan ?? What if god wants us to be aware of this divine plan…prayer is useless. Christofer Hutchins we need you

  • televangelists are the worst sinners. Taking money from the poor and using that money to buy private jets, mantions, and luxury cars. You cant buy your way into heaven. You have to have a good heart, mind and soul.

  • What a crock of shit…
    I loathe these types of bastards who try shaming people.
    That woman was pissed the other day, obviously sinning, so Covid is her fault?

  • The older generations are more religious than the younger generations. The virus is predominantly killing our elders.

  • Andrew Reiter says:

    So, sin is more powerful than God. Got it. The Christian god is not all omnipotent, my working on Sundays and cursing with Jesus Christ has diverted the plans of a universe creating being.


  • I've heard this before from some Christians. That sin creates diseases. Of course they can't go into scientifically how a thought or an action of a sin can create a disease.

  • The only reason faith in God is falling by the wayside is people like Franklin Graham. The only thing God has ever wanted is for you to work at living a good life and be forgiving and loving toward your neighbors. Believe it or not, God wants you to help yourself and your neighbors and do not give grifters all your money.

  • ronald lucero says:

    Franklin Graham is a fake minister.  It is the sins of the republicunts and trumpy.  His father is definitely turning over and over in his grave.  "Send me some money, the Lord will help you."Pirro's eyes are doing something strange.  Could it be they're searching for her glass of booze?  Her left eye is going nuclear…Nucli-eye.

  • Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m not strong enough to watch this I cannot stand either of these people, they are both despicable. I’m glad samaritans purse has set up tents in New York but Franklin Graham needs a heart transplant.

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