Fox News Shill Tells DISGUSTING Lies About Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Fox News Shill Tells DISGUSTING Lies About Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

>>They are using Islamist tactics to invert
reality. What they’re seeking, they have a grotesque
Holocaust envy.>>That’s Qanta Ahmed on Laura Ingraham Show
going after representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. Now, of course, Laura Ingraham never shies
away from having defamatory conversations about progressive members of Congress and
this is no exception. Let’s hear more of what this lunatic had to
say.>>They knew what was in the Quran where we
recognize Jews where we recognize the sanctity of Moses, the holiness of the Torah, but they’re
not. They are using Islamist tactics to invert
reality. What they’re seeking, they have a grotesque
Holocaust envy. And just hear me out on that. Islamic envy what they see as the special
mark upon the Jewish people that is the membership of genocide. It’s a terrible thing that befell the Jewish
people, but Islamists envy it. They want to take over and appear the most
persecuted, the most victimized, the most disadvantaged, while they deny the Holocaust,
while they deny the existence of Israel. This is why you are seeing this. There is nothing genuine about these politicians,
I don’t care whether they were Democrats or Republicans.>>I actually wanna tell you the very next
couple of sentences she said. She then went on to say right after that,
the question is where’s the Speaker of the House? Where’s Speaker Pelosi to not just reprimand
them, silence and marginalize them. That’s what I’m upset about. So here is Dr. Quanta Ahmed who goes on Fox
News to make up things that no one’s even ever heard before. I’ve never even heard that conspiracy theory
before. That Muslims are envious of the Holocaust,
that they’d wish they also suffered from the Holocaust? That’s definitely news to me. I grew up in a Muslim family. I have never hear that in my entire life.>>Okay. First of all, you’re absolutely right about
that, but there was so much slander in that one statement that I don’t even know where
to start. Where did they deny the Holocaust.? She referred to them as Holocaust deniers. She also referred to them as Islamists. How are they Islamists? I mean, it’s amazing how people on the right
can just go ahead and claim whatever they want. And here’s the thing that frustrates me about
the left. While we’re concerned about policing language
and making sure we’re doing everything right and that we don’t come off to strong, they’re
punching us in the face. They are lying about people, they are defaming
people, they’re doing anything and, everything to punch below the belt and, destroy what
they deem the opposition. That was a disgusting segment.>>By the way, you can see it in the tape
clear as day what Ana said. She said while they deny the Holocaust and
the existence of Israel. They do neither one of those things, especially
denying the Holocaust. I mean what a scandalous charge to put on
someone with no evidence at all. Okay. Anyway, people like Doctor Qanta Ahmed are
brought on Fox News and they’re paid generally by the right wing to attack other Muslims,
and to say, I’m the good Muslim but the rest of the Muslims are terrible people. They’re Islamists, and here let me make up
things about them and lie about them. She should be sued for what she said.>>Absolutely.>>And then to say, now, remember they should
never be allowed to speak. Why isn’t Speaker Pelosi reprimanding them,
silencing them, and marginalizing them? Why won’t they marginalize the Muslims? Hey, don’t worry though. I’m Dr. Qanta, Ahmed and I speak on behalf
of all Muslims. And then of course, Laura Ingraham goes, you
see? That’s the reasonable one. They’ve done this over and over again with
African Americans in this country, Latinos, women, and now Muslims. They bring on a puppet and go, hey, go out
there puppet and say what we want you to say. She goes, do I have the money? I will, I will. I’ll tell them whatever you want about the
Muslims. Grotesque.


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  • So, they're both holocaust deniers AND envious of the holocaust? Typical right wing moron. If you're gonna lie and slander, at least try and make sense.

  • Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s decision not to go is very honorable. It’s a powerful political statement & a condemnation of Trump, Netanyahu, and Israel. The majority of Americans and the whole world recognize & admire Tlaib’s position which is also supported by her grandmother. More importantly, this incident has brought the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians issue back to the attention of the world. Disgraced Netanyahu made a big mistake listening to Trump the ignorant desperate fraud conman! Tlaib & Omar won the public relations battle. This is also motivating the Democrats & people of decency to vote against Trump & the republicans in 2020. ???

  • Pathetic thing is most Muslims are former sex slavery descendants of the Arab Empire. They invaded Persia for the purpose of raping the women and killing off the men that wouldn't breed new Muslims. Next they all ended up with multiply wives and a whole religion propagated mainly through rape and even incest.

  • if a white person said this – it would be considered racist, so fox news (opinion side) skillfully uses a minority woman to spew this illogical opinionated filth. then they (fox news) can say – 'we didnt say it'. it is the classic use of the 'uncle tom' or sell out. unfortunately, in this age, uncle tom's and talking heads are a dime a dozen. Also- Israel the nation state is not symbiotic with Judaism. Therefore, you can criticize the actions of Israel the nation state without being anti Semitic as many of the Jewish religion do. there are members of Judaism that support BDS.

  • Stephen Goncalves says:

    Sorry no matter how much she tries they are not going to accept you. You are a woman of color and you will have a place on the bus to the camps.

  • I have always wondered why they don’t just wage an eternal war against Muslims but they don’t and they even let them into America. Hell the left almost praises them even after all the people they kill and their beliefs that trans and queers should be killed and their belief that women belong to men….. hmmmm I thought they were against that? Oh….. that is only when we (Christians) believe or say that lmao. They hypocrisy

  • Gives you an idea what a great organization the Council on Foreign Relations isn't. Ana nailed it in her charge against the US establishment left.

  • Qanta is what black folks commonly refer to as an "uncle tom".Being a Dr doesnt meant shit to me if u are a liar. Palestinian are not faking it, they are trully suffering at the hands of Isreal.Isreal should be ashamed for normalising the kind of suffering experienced by their grand parents and great grand parents in Europe for centuries. Genocide is nothing to be jealous from .What Qanta said is beyond disgusting!
    those white folks can not say shit straight to these women after being called out as racist so they got a token brown muslim Qanta to say it for them.simple minded americans will think if someone from their own calls them out on it then it must be true.

  • Fox News is not telling any lies and The Young Turds keep spelling their name wrong. When Palestinian Muslims were busy joining Hitler's Nazi army in WWII, and that woman Ahmed more than likely, a Muslim from India or later known as Pakistan has a history of scum like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, with a history of fighting the Nazis, there is no reason to lie

  • What people will for money, in a land where money is GOD. "The great thing about Americans is that you can pay half of them to kill the other half"

  • Try reading the caption on the Fox video, where it says crucial of who sponsored Talib and Omar's Israel trip, because it happens to be a group that are war enemies of Israelis. Those two rats are being paid to go to Israel and start up some trouble

  • Omar and Tlaib are terrorists!! Everything stated on Fox is the truth!! These two women should be removed from our country!! They have no business in our Capital!

  • This jihad squad is making the democrats look worse then ever , if we can keep them as the poster children of the democrats , 2020 will be a land slide for Trump , it is hard to find any one on the jihad Squad side , because at our nations core we are % 70 + Judeo /Christian

  • ArchitectOfSound01 says:

    WOW! TYT sure cut our a lot of truth bombs(Pun intended) about Islam. I would recommend watching the entire segment, so you can see what TYT is trying to hide, and why Cenk is so angry.

  • Why does Talib have the same married name as her mother. Omar married her brother. Inbreeding leads to people with less than a 70 point IQ . You know Retards. Which is the medical term.

  • All theses videos use Saul Alinsky tactics. The author of Rules for Radicals. Which he dedicated to Lucifer. The first radical. Sad brainwashed left.

  • Quanta Ahmed is a deranged wacko head nut job idiot. She has been indoctrinated by the Israelis to be a zionist & a supporter of Israel. She’s into anti Muslim conspiracy theories more than the crazy Fox News host herself. Her supposed devoid Dr specialization is not in Middle East affaires but in sleep disorder. ?
    She has no knowledge base or credentials to speak about the Israelis/Palestinians issue. She’s a guest on Fox News because she bashes Muslims in almost every sentence she spits out. That’s why they give her airtime. ?

  • 2:20 you mean like you do with white people being racist when talking about basically all problems and bad things that happen to non-white people.

  • Leslie Sinclair says:

    This women’s skin complexion really threw me for a loop. She has the features of a White woman and the complexion of a Black woman.

  • So flood Ingraham's advertisers with complaints, just keep doing it till they get sick of it. Get rid of that noxious weed. She honestly looks like she's about to orgasm while watching the other women talk. It's grotesque the amount of pleasure she seems to be getting out of it.

  • she is a Poc,female,muslim…and has f'k you tards up…that is why you can only claim "Fox News Shill Tells DISGUSTING Lies About Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar" and try to damage control…you turks are sad…

  • policing language? what…i believe there is a protected amendment that protects us from your bullshit…the more you guys and gals talk…the more you believe your own lies

  • Qanta Ahmed is a brilliant lady. She's a British physician and a sunni Muslim who is sickened by the violence of radical muslims. She supports Israel and she supports non-radical muslims. She's sickened by Omar and Tlaib and the hate inside of them

  • I like Quanta Ahmed’s “holocaust envy” theory. ? Even the Israelis & fanatical zionist evangelicals with all of their hateful propaganda against Muslims for over 60 years didn’t come up with that theory! ?

  • Damn I wouldn't have believed it before, but since they got a brown lady to say it, I guess it's true. Left wing destroyed!
    I guess I gotta go watch Fox news now?

  • Fox news always gets a person from a particular race or religion to bash their own people, it's so the racist white ppl who watch fox news can sit there, sip on their beer and say "see, how can I be racist when this person says what I think"

  • This shows how Fox News is running out of actual experts to give educated views. Qanta Ahmed is a doctor specializing in sleep disorders. What the hell is she appearing on Fox commenting about a non-medical issue?

  • What’s with the annoying voice Anna and beach attire, ? Before you know it , she will show up with just a bra, ?????‍♀️??‍♀️

  • Tozias Silverfang says:

    Thumbs up and a comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! ?
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  • One can see that she has a "grotesque" facelift that makes Cheer come across like Jim Carrey when she tries to add fuel to the fire by speaking (jibberish) ?

  • Questions??? – Where has “Freedom of speech” gone in this World as it seems only limited subjects can be discussed openly? – Why is it regarded as Anti-semantic to speak out against the Zionist Israelis in their NAZI style attempts to eradicate the Palestinian people? – Why not “Medicare for All”, why shouldn’t the average American be treated like other peoples around the world?????

  • White Christians want to feel the most persecuted. Their book practically demands it; tells them to expect it and revel in it.

  • Why no mention of Ilhan and Tlaib posting a cartoon by a holocaust denier.
    Surely TYT isn't trying to purposefully deceive their audience?

  • Lots of desperate Israeli operative trolls flooding the Text section. Idiotic Netanyahu f ed upon again!! Damage control op. Pathetic! ?

  • This Girl Can't Do Makeup says:

    If you have to pre phase your theory with “now hear me out” you know you’re going to be full of shit

  • Freeman Horton says:

    let me leave no doubt, Congresswoman Ilhan omar ain't a 'safe bet' for the voters from the Abrahamic faith background

  • Karunjit Singh says:

    "They are lying about people they are defaming people. they are doing anything and everything to punch below the belt and destroy what they deem the opposition. That was a disgusting segment" What a perfect summary of the young turks and their race baiting, deceitful and hateful propaganda. Sadly Ana is too blinded thinking that she is good and the right wingers are evil to realise that she and Cenk and the other young turds lie about people ALL THE TIME.

    PS HASAN PIKER SAID AMERICA DESERVED 9/11 and called the guy who injured an American soldier's eye a "BRAVE MUJAHIDEEN WARRIOR" Get of the internet. You guys are a disgrace.

  • I used to look up to people with the title of, "Doctor"… now, it's like not even academia and prestige in knowledge acquisition can save a psycho from themselves

  • I don’t think she is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She isn’t on their member list. It looks like it is a Democratic think tank and has all the positions of the Democratic Candidates listed, without any misrepresentation, bizarre comments,or conspiracy theories that Republicans are so fond of. All the Democratic Candidates support a two state solution, Bernie Sanders gets specific and says the ones agreed upon in 1967. ( which Israel has blatantly violated and is part of what Omar and Tlaib object to)

  • I just came to point out that the our beautiful United States of America was essentially the first nation to adopt freedom of religion. No matter how rough any religious minority may feel here, they have more liberty here than many other places. (Certainly more than religious minorities in Arab countries). God bless America, and grace be upon all fellow Americans of all backgrounds. ✌???

  • These 2 democratic women are getting death threats because of assholes like her on Faux rag news.Too bad they can't be sued for defamation or slander!!

  • Chase Jefferies-Warren says:

    Iham Omar has publicly states she wants Islam to conquer the world. Pretty sure that involves a holocaust.

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