Fox News Rips Obama For ‘Fancy Pants’

Fox News Rips Obama For ‘Fancy Pants’

boxes and to criticize of the president regarding oil spill for what he’s he didn’t think it’s possible with numbers
that hostage what’s at present not increase actually
happened when he was standing at the shoreline their
yet on fancy pants and finance insurance now what of the critics are saying is that
is that any per cent of public perception is image not what you say and he should have
had on like what allan has on extra by that look
like he was a little bit more at the scene it’s awesome basie pants and he should have the right image so she dressed up with the group what bush
used to be enough by coffee how my family dress up like a farmer
not playing dress-up a lot going on a uh… on on evacuated because of what the pallet ek ambush
was a cheerleader for the like get dressed up most of the whole thing right well-regulated
press sumbly account was a busy inactivate so do blaming obama for when our own cooper
on clothes if he dressed up like a cloud over their and
pretended like he was going to personally to fix the mess i think please
please spare now to be better fox they brought that up
that i know my main that’s on the conservative blogs fears that are but shockingly enough and little balance here hooked airfares trek that they’ve spent the
rest of the time criticizing obama for not being emotional enough in that he should have just come out there but ankerium
functional as if it would make any difference but here they do recover a little bit let’s
check with numbers passionate i have no petitions to what he
is yeah this is what got to the presidency has got me out here have to do is four year
term i can uh… dean cool calm and collected at the
treasury a guy who work for and we have set records in the debates in consider john mccain
in the debates but both were rocking with a lot of a motion in the battle of course
if this is the way is this is the way you as you can ask them to act like ronald reagan
you casting that graduates bush’s they were acting authentic sure you figure if he shows
up because we’ve never seen him in coveralls before a few showed up at that have been in
coveralls people go of obviously it’s just for a lot you know it’s so many families is suggested
topical is a cease-fire and one of the reasons is because he was so relate to the party uh… course it did admit that that repeat as if you know bibi didn’t cause all that
stuff but you know i think that all bomber has a birmingham itself up to some legitimate
criticism here uh… but do you credit this do you do see for providing a little bit of
like a you know what if he does that would’ve made fun of ’em for dressing up and that you
it’s guaranteed they would have right dial of film using their uh… bushing and rate
they were so often that agree it was that actor you within actor


100 thoughts on “Fox News Rips Obama For ‘Fancy Pants’”

  • johnny718bravo says:

    @knicoal Exactly. No actual names or sources. Just anonymous people. Like Chris Wallace loves to say "People say…" or "Some say…"

  • Well I'll be darned!! Well look at this! Barack Obama thinks hes better than us with his fancy pants!! Whee hoo!! Praise Jesus!! Barack Obama believes in that god darned science, and hes a liberal who loves baby seals. The bibles right and science is wrong. You'ree all going to hell, and so do pets, and wild animals, and dinosaurs and livestock and atheists!! I think god made the earth 6000 years ago and god said to make the earth only humans and cattle. – Christians are pretty funny and stupid.

  • Hemmeligt Navn says:

    funnily enough one of my right wing 'friends' was bitching about him NOT looking presidential enough without a suit and a tie …. there is just no pleasing a republican!

  • Shit, if this counts as news, I should be an anchorman.

    "This just in:
    Obama looks the same in this latest photo. He is wearing clothes similar to the clothes he's worn in all other photos. Clearly, he is a dick bag.
    This is Fox News: Fair and Balanced."

  • Are they seriously bitching about his dress pants??? wow… its Amazing how theres nothing like shit kicker television.

  • hippowithnoodles444 says:

    "critics are saying" not what fox is saying. listen to what she says.______.

    nice rip on bush too. original.

  • demoniosolitario says:

    The Funniest thing is when you go to it says on the top left side… FOX NEWS fair & balanced. I find it just extremely hilarious. They really are condescending with themselves in so many hypocritical ways that is simply sarcastic.

  • @facemobb954
    wow you have something there lol
    Maybe in the future we would evolve to the point where such a thing is possible, and we feel physical pain when we say and do stupid things lol.

  • CrossMarksman says:

    @TheOBAMATRON The custom is to think before you speak, must not be your strong suit but nevertheless, bring on the comments. I can print them out, burn them and then use them to light the path to a place where I give a shit about what you think.

  • @dannyboone420 reagan saved us from what depression? obama's been in office 18 mos so you're comparing him with 8 yrs of reagan bullshit? bush didn't keep us from anything. the worst terrorist attack happened UNDER HIS WATCH YOU FUCKING REVISIONIST IDIOT! jeez, i wish you damned "christian"repblicans with the "family values" of craig, vitter, foley, ensign & haggert, & with "god on your side" would stop fucking lying. or, do you think cause you have "god on your side" you can lie eternally!

  • Cody Bishnoviski says:

    @hughster41 You're just lying to yourself. People should go on hunger-strikes until the CEO of fox news, Glen Beck, Bill Orielly, and Rush Limbaugh should all commit ritual Japanese Suicide on National television. Or atleast get taken off the air.

  • Cody Bishnoviski says:

    @hughster41 I respect all world views, I look down at ones that are racist and ignorant to any other group of people that don't support their rich needs. Don't get pissy and start calling me names because you don't know how to defend your political views.

  • @dannyboone420 you've talked about obama, now tell us all the wonderful things bush did in his 8 yrs. tell us how he prevented terrorist attacks, how he respected the constitution, how he responded to disasters, how he was very political with federal attorneys, how he ignored equality for all as dictated in the constitution, then tell us just how ardent he was as a member of the air national guard. before youre precum or are so quick to compare records, wait till obama's 8 yrs are over!

  • Machinistscott says:

    The brown haired idiot says of Regan and lil' Bush, "they were acting authentic". Did he really say that?

    Fox News. We act like an authentic new broadcast.

  • aarondavid826 says:

    so somehow Cenk turns this around on Bush. Jesus Christ Cenk Obama won, get the fuck over it. Move on ass wipe

  • @aarondavid826 Did you even bother watching the entire video? You would see that the guy who's not Steve Doocy mentions Bush being "authentic". Was it? It's more like Bush being goofy. Watch the whole video before you talking bullshit.

  • maxdecphoenix says:

    why is it, that before I even clicked the link I knew the clip was going to involve the current flavor-of-the-week blonde filling in opposite Kilmeade and Douchebag?

  • @mentalholocaust we DO have better things to talk about – unfortunately Foxtards don't – if he did dress down they would be bitching on how unpresidential he looked.

  • CrossMarksman says:

    @TheOBAMATRON Pauly Shore? You sure are showing your age there. Why don't you go back to your cave and leave the political issues up to the people who have the mental fortitude to deal with them.

  • Yes, indeed. Nothing quite as satisfying as an authentic actor. Or an authentic fool, for that matter. I suppose it's much easier for an actor to act like an authentic president than it is for a president to act like an authentic actor, dont' you? Now if you want to compare oranges to oranges, I think Spencer Tracey would have made a much more authentic president than Ronald Reagan did. But I suppose having been dead would present a handicap. Not compared to Dubyuh, however.

  • The Armchair Thinkers says:

    @dannyboone420 Look at the sinking of the Lusitania before WW1 it was carrying arms. Vietnam war was started because military claimed a ship was sunk by Vietnamese, it didn't exist. Why is it so hard to believe history is repeating itself?

  • The Armchair Thinkers says:

    @iloveignorantrepubs Since you have to live with these idiots and pay taxes to support their military missions I suggest you move to a country that gives sucsess a chance.

  • upabittoolate says:

    @hughster41 Tina Fey needed only hear what Sarah said. Don't try to spin this. Palin is a certifiable loon. Fuck that bimbo.

  • @hughster41 Whoa now, technically you're both right. You can see an island from Alaska which is Russian territory but you have to be quite high and on a clear day, however you can't see the Russian main land from Alaska so I guess it depends on what you consider as "seeing Russia"… ya know, the argument is kind of silly to begin with.

  • I believe people expect too much of Pres. Obama.
    They expect him to go there and fix this, show emotion, go mad, go nuts, be like Bush..etc….and now on what he should wear?
    People have lost their minds, and Fox news just takes the gold for being shit every single day.

  • CrossMarksman says:

    @TheOBAMATRON Getting closer to our decade with the Johnny Bravo reference, maybe on the next comment you can enter the 2000s. If you want to troll a video (and have any real chance at "winning") I wouldn't suggest trying on a TYT clip. Maybe go troll an elementary school, they're more in your mental weight-class.

  • @hughster41 for us europeans the biggest jokes still areG.WBush and Reagan.(Ok,Clinton too).But I guess you need better schools,before you kind of person understands that.I don`t vote for president to be best actor for the show. And with big crisis?Oh just pray like a good christian. People like Bush or Palin make me think, that in US any igronant moron can get a higher position.I don`t agree with republicans,but I think they could find more intelligent politicians.

  • Paco Hernandez says:

    Well look at how many steps it took the republicans to talk about the health care bill. First Obama didn't have a big enough bill, then they didn't think they would be allowed a position, and then they had to know how the room the filibuster was taking place in was going to look and how the tables would be setup. Stupid little things they can't stop making a big deal over.

  • If he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, they would criticize him for being informal. They're just criticizing him for the sake of criticizing him.

  • If 80% of the electorate are more affected by image than policies then 80% of the electorate don`t deserve a vote.

  • yuukisama2001 says:

    Maybe he should be "sagging" and tattooed from his ass to his ear. That works. If you're the prez aren't you supposed dressed casually? Why the hell are they talking about this shit? We got war going on, a GIGANTIC ASS oil spill, contamination of the worse kind, oh and let's not forget the storms that have ravaged states this past week and you want to talk about "FANCY PANTS". See folks need to call their show and curse them the fuck out.

  • Doesn't surprise me at all. Fox News is the biggest megaphone of ad hominems, mythical deities, and sensationalist bullshit the world has ever known to date.

  • @hughster41 Reagan vetoed the release of Nelson Mandela. Keep talking. You don't look like a complete moron yet…

  • CrossMarksman says:

    @TheOBAMATRON So your big argument for "defeating" me is that you can't talk about politics and you just attack with pettiness. So, you're basically saying you have no point and just waste your life by talking out of your ass. Alright. Go right ahead. (Oh, and good job on mis-quoting me on my statement that was right above your text-box, genius)

  • @hughster41 Many of them still do. Africa isn't a thriving country. Most of them are good people that have problems with their country dude. Chill with the white supremacy.

  • The Armchair Thinkers says:

    @dannyboone420 "Lusitania was an ocean liner owned by the Cunard Line and built by John Brown and Company of Clydebank, Scotland. She was torpedoed by the SM U-20, a German U-boat on 7 May 1915 and sank in eighteen minutes, eight miles (15 km) off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland, killing 1,198 of the 1,959 people aboard. The sinking turned public opinion in many countries against Germany, and was instrumental in bringing the United States into World War I"

  • The Armchair Thinkers says:

    @dannyboone420 The ship sinking was a trigger for the war. As for fighting communist it is interesting to note that the west was stopping people from independantly running their own country in the name of freedom. Us was supporting French colonialists! North Vietnam would be like North Korea if the US had won the war.

  • DelusionalAngel says:

    Actually for a president he's dressed pretty casual. No jacket. Etc. Do they expect him to throw on the shorts and a t-shirt? Thad Allen is an Admiral in the Coast Guard, the president would look a fool if he dressed as he dresses. Whoever is criticizing him also needs to criticize the woman in the video that's not beach wear how dare she! I watch CNN and MSNBC, didn't see either criticize this, not even when they had Republicans on.

  • Ntownsfinest says:

    @hughster41 hughster fox news even questioned her intellect. you know you are as dumb as a rock when the conservitives at fox don't back you. They were shocked that she did not know africa was a continent and not a country. She did not know the countres involved in the north american free trade agreement. she knows very little about the issues needed to be vice president.

  • @hughster41 You don't give two fucks about ANYTHING, except your money. And the blacks still are living in huts. The only wealth that has been built in Africa was raped and pillaged by white settlers, because they had better technology, and they bought what they didn't kill. Sound familiar? Yeah, you've about reached moron, so you can go ahead and STFU. Is this doosh served with fries?

  • @datniggami6 that's a lil rough, don't you think!? stopping watching fox news would be a much better way to silnce these narrow-minded war-fanatics.

  • @hughster41
    "Blacks in Africa kill each other by the millions, white people are not their biggest problem so fuck off! " It must be difficult to live in your constant state of white denial when thinking about the African situation (Sarcasm intended, moron), but quit being a dumbass. In nearly every African country where there's civil violence or strife, white people and colonization raped the country of its resources and turned its people against each other with fake class divisions they made!

  • @DisturbedHavok

    Within a group of people that see reading as something you do with cereal boxes & news as something you get ONLY on TV, asking someone what they read is a 'gotcha question'

  • @2010GOP
    Alright Mr Racist, my comment was about AFRICA. your clear anti-black bias about crime and Acorn apply to AMERICA. Get the difference?

  • @StuffKIKESintoOVENS
    Are you serious? White ppl brought Apartheid and took away all natural resources and imposed class divisions and stereotypes that guaranteed civil strife and warfare. And Rhodesia was only great FOR WHITE PEOPLE, Africans lost their money and land and resources, and when the Europeans left after fucking everything up, they left power vacuums and false systems that made sure that Africa couldn't escape its debt and civil warfare and kept white people in power after they left

  • The Armchair Thinkers says:

    @StuffKIKESintoOVENS Do you mean 2 —used derisively to indicate that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident because if so I agree!

  • @PaleoNychus I assume they are referring to the cost of his clothes and not just the type.

    Such as hes wearing dressy pants as if he just put on what was in his closet and didnt go buy some everymans pants to look more like he "belonged" there.


  • Everyone needs to quit paying attention to fox news… THIS is why the rest of the world hates America. How dare your president be calm, cool and collected… what they need is a president who wears higher or lower class clothing depending on what situation he's in. Carmen Sandiego for President.

    But in all seriousness… Killmeade is one of the most retarded people on the planet, closely followed by the "fancy pants" bitch.

  • you know the young turks guys is really annoying, but he does weed out the bull shit no one wants to hear and just shows the news

  • @smrtsTV No one needs any more evidence than the boatloads already available on YouTube and on the net to say that Fox "News" is a shithole motherfucking whining bitch. That's all.

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