Fox News’ Ridiculous Reactions to Obama Deal

Fox News’ Ridiculous Reactions to Obama Deal

we’ve seen some republican politicians
freaking out over obama’s proposals but it’s not just the politicians we also
have some some pundits freaking out and i think that the reason that they’re
doing that is that there’re their policy positions if they
would actually say to her extremely unpopular so i think the only thing that
they can fall back on now is trying to pretend that obama is being fully unreasonable
it doesn’t seem to you working now but it seems like a coordinated media effort so it’s an example that let’s start with
uh… with programmers are ridiculous comparison to a historical event sizes too bad you know this is really an insulting meal word i grew up with would you showed on
the screen robert e lee was offered easier to just
have to match and he lost the civil war there have been aggressive women three
percent of the world and that they did not hold the house
republicans who want the house so this is not exactly unconditional surrender
but that’s what the administration is asking other
programs it’s something i was so much because the the fact that you’re simply in the
beginning of negotiations staining your bond position they find soem deeply offensive into reality is the exact opposite since for the first time president obama did
not do unconditional surrender to them their outrage and before we don’t know
how to read you remember famous line by john being on sixty minutes when in the last negotiation is he said i got ninety eight percent of
what i want it from a bomb and when they don’t get the ninety-eight
percent but what they wanted immediately they like shocked in children and i i can’t believe it i think it’s more ridiculous even in
that act i think one maybe i wasn’t a good student or something i had to look
up the deal uh… that he’s referring to out one it
seems like a pretty reasonable deal it actually read the the details of of the bargain that
was done but and also i love that like to make an
analogy for fox’s audience you have to go back hundred and fifty years off because the good old days and i will
have a substantial portion of the boxes audience is old enough to perhaps that are out for but return for
that actively and i thought generally got have bad
diablo and i thought it would happen to him there uh… are act and i don’t think that
patrick is making a point right he’s not i’m sure he has a look at the the actual
bill either the department since he was in high
school or whatever yaa but he’s just mega don’t point and it states that what
you’re saying jack which is paper resistance to the front disturbed yet and this is not like yet understand something that’s really important in this when lead surrendered right in the national
surrounded it was af uh… it would be in a sense the most
part rapid negotiation in american history play a right now that’s so and
this is a right in the beginning so this is likely to say i would like you to not
leave the the temporary then send this out those like out there and organises
the and plus there were allowed to keep their side arms and their ponies and i
think the best incredibly reasonable jamaica spoke of a man who is obviously just
read the text red wikipedia early for the internet fund so we can touch other
weapons norfolk dot gov krauthammer goes on actually he has done some advice for
the republicans remained when respect they obviously expect the republicans
who came on everything ivan republicans are simply walk away the president is the president he’s a
leader day are demanding that republicans explain all the cuts that uh… they
want to make we had that movie and a half ago where paul wind present a budget series
reeled budget would real cuts and they expect republicans intend to do this
again republicans have been a while companies and i think they have leverage but just let me let the latest clothing leverage they have up and what
not to be fair the bush tax cuts get extended that then the although riding
will try to expire ok so we do nothing legislatively that would be completely
to our benefit but anyway you keep pretending in your alternate universe
that you have the leverage and that the president should offer the deal you want
to have to stroke their audience our audience just lost an election they want
a feel-good so that it has become a political conceptual is that what it’s about the dispenser but i i actually have converted no
question that you guys are right about that they did so the audiences sigapp
gladiator that night biasing today actually do live in an
alternative statement like that with the issue and megan they’re not so wrong because
of the last four years of allah has given them ninety percent of what they
wanted and in you know and they have a
corporate c_e_o_’s on their side and those guys almost always win right and they’ve got enough democrats
the senate so that i think that they are genuinely to some degree in in you see
across the world politicians and the pundits they are genuinely shocked but they’re
not getting what they want immediately or what we give you some more examples
of actually we we show you some of the details of the plane you can look up
what is your cell split it seems very reasonable i think considering that
obama’s enough to win but we’ve got some some other statements from uh…
conservatives this is kimberly straw solve wall street
journal says this is something out of wonderland and
ours combined the most frightening aspect of the white house proposal is
that it wasn’t error so she is obviously shock absorber and
too to see if that’s ok carolina one st journal of enough of course on by the
river dot that basically they are streaming in
unison yeah so we’ve got another this is eric
erickson of red state says nothing good can come of negotiating
further the g_o_p_ should pass what they want and probly go home but the democrats they’ve sort things
out of what prison without that put the pag uh… but it again the ultimate reality
the g_o_p_ should pass whatever they want and then what you know what you want to
control the house it wouldn’t be that doesn’t mean it’s the law of the land
apple again there were like we pass it in the house we waited and that’s not how it works no revising bachmann earlier this year
saying well the house should just uh… takeaway about there but you can’t you can’t buy yourself so
it doesn’t understand the government works but mentally i think that they’re
they’re relying on the fact that a lot of our audience probably does not very
good understanding since they can’t news from fox news is walking through
negotiations from you know as you begin to see it all of the issue off their cases and politicians are fine on on that side of the ball lineup
completely is this a political strategist organized resistance disturbed general thrown over their
hands and screaming and taken my bangalore and really think it’s a
natural reaction i don’t think i mean they’re always organizer will have the
same time points the center but this was the media so it wasn’t whose before they got leaving got the
email best at what they have anything to get it was this genuine thing of like i
don’t understand i’m supposed to rule the world why is this guy not immediately doing
what i want


100 thoughts on “Fox News’ Ridiculous Reactions to Obama Deal”

  • You clearly don't understand the difference between "health care" and "health care coverage." Everyone's COVERED in Cuba and Venezuela, but what kind of actual health care do they get. What you're basically saying is, "Yes, I'm going to drain Medicare to fund Obama's new government monument he built to himself, but he still says they're 'covered' so it's okay!"

  • Your comments consisting of nothing but racist insults truly show you are a deep thinker.
    You could be the next Hemingway with your eloquent prose. (snark)

  • The Grey Fencer says:

    protip: I is the correct word in this occurence, not me
    protip: asinine bigots, should not speak, especially on the internet

  • "Romneycare does not have a rationing board/death panel,"
    OBJECTION your honor! This witness is clearly mentally incapacitated, the defense moves to have this witness declared unreliable.
    Motion granted, I declare this witness retarded, prosecution, do you have anything intelligent to say? Anything at all? No, then case dismissed!

  • What is so great about the analogy from Fox News is that, in the analogy, Obama is Abe Lincoln, and the Republicans are the Confederates who freak out and start a war over an entirely reasonable request from Lincoln and a congressional majority — stop torturing and enslaving human beings.

  • lol i was just listening to it in the background while i was doing work and i realized i have no idea what the hell they are talking about

  • If I was Obama, I would be a dick on that one… I will just say "Oh, you want to pass whatever you want. Ok, well, anyone on the democrat: no more negociation, don't even show up in the house… I got a veto, I will veto every single bills from the house until these crying babies of republican are ready to negotiate! Oh, and if you are piss and going to cry on fox news, let me ask you this: Now what bitches?"

  • Actually, because of the number of person paying the medicare tax and the level of exise on the Cadillac plan, ain't "Romneycare's" "death panel" bigger than "Obamacare"?
    Beside, if you are so worry about rationing, why don't you ask the government to put an "opt-out" signing card for internal organs? Since one of the most significant reasons for rationing in health is the lack of organs, and that an opt-out system generally bring more organs…

  • We learn from it brother, we learn the danger of money in politics, and corporate media.
    That's why I'm so conflicted over the levison report decision, because I see the extreme corruption of Fox news and I can already see Murdoch's repulsive, hateful influence dragging our media into the same shit-pit. But of course free speech must be protected.

  • D: Here's a good solid plan that fulfills our needs. Read it. Let's do this.
    R: No. (immediately throws plan in trash) It sucks and it's stupid and it doesn't do anything. Go away.
    Public : WTH is going on? Everything is messed up!
    R: It's D's fault. They are stupid and incompetent.
    R: We have a great plan to fix everything (give doodle of an elephant taking a dump).
    D: That's just a picture of an elephant taking a dump!
    R: We did our job, but D does not want to cooperate.

  • Fuck that stiffy Charles Krauthammer. Wasn't so smart not to dive off that diving board to fuck urself up then, so what makes ur stiff ass so smart now! LMFAO!

  • tyrannosaurusinf14 says:

    krauthammer is paid by faux news to be a keeper of the faith. his argument is essentially, never mind that we lost an election that we kept telling you our viewers was in the bag. your faith is being tested. pay no attention to reality, keep hope that while the rest of the world tells you you're a lunatic, your faith will be vindicated.

  • Yes, it is. From Wikipedia's 'Synopsis' of South Carolina's Declaration of Succession: "The specific issue stated was the refusal of some states to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act and clauses in the US Constitution protecting slavery and ***the federal government's perceived role in attempting to abolish slavery.***"

  • I like you guys…..its funny simetimes how the republicans think the law works……you cant simply say let the house pass what ever it is and then be the law of the land……

  • "if the war WERE about slavery, none of these things would be true"

    IF the war WASN'T about slavery then why did the Vice-President of the Confederate States of America state explicitly that it was?

  • "Romneycare does not have a rationing board/death panel…"

    Neither does ObamaCare so just shut the fuck up. However, every private insurance company does have a rationing board, or at least did until the ACA prohibited insurance companies from payout caps, denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and recision of policies on a whim.

  • Such violent rhetoric. Are you going to go Jared Loughner/James Jay Lee on me? If a private insurer denies me a claim, I can appeal it. When government puts you on a waiting list, what are you going to do dummy? Write your congressman? And the caps were so high, that they would only go on to affect less than one percent of the population. and premiums are currently skyrocketing, up $3,500 a year on average when we were told they'd be cut by $2,500. Give me my caps back!

  • What violent rhetoric? I didn't threaten you in any fashion. Regardless, there aren't death panels or rationing boards in the ACA. If you continue to insist you're correct then give me the section and page in the act that proves your assertion correct. Next, premiums have been skyrocketing for decades. My guess is you don't pay your own insurance or you'd know that. Lastly, no one ever claimed premiums would go down under the ACA only that they'd rise slower. Idiot.

  • "Shut the fuck up"? If you really believe you're right, why would you feel the need to use such thuggish language? It's called the "Independent Payment Advisory Board," and it was created solely to ration health care from seniors. The Democrats have been slowly losing the seniors' vote since the 90s, so they had to be punished right?

  • We should go over the fiscal cliff, except we should replace all of the tax increases with spending cuts. If we want to grow the economy, government needs to be restrained in size and more resources need to be kept in the private sector. Raising taxes on the rich is a step in the wrong direction, and the GOP should never back down from that.

  • Yeah…..go ahead skelleton head and walk away from the negotiation table and We will see you at the next election and finish the Republican TeaTurds once and for all. These stupid people don't realize what cost them the election!! Amazing

  • "It's called the "Independent Payment Advisory Board," and it was created solely to ration health care from seniors."

    Complete fucking lie. The IPAB is tasked with reducing waste in Medicare WITHOUT while maintaining or enhancing the level of care already in place. See, I knew where you were going with this, I knew you were wrong, yet I'm sure you'll continue to insist you're correct. Do you now see why I have no respect for you?

  • Yes, and when the NHS pulls the plug on over a hundred thousand seniors a year without consent according to whistleblowers, that's "cutting costs" and "cutting waste" as well.

  • Look, I'm sorry the facts don't fit the garbage you're being fed by the right-wing noize machine. Why don't you try googling Independent Payment Advisory Board and actually reading about that section of the ACA that pertains to the IPAB.

  • Canada and Scandinavia are more free market than US. Canada has a lower corporate tax, lower property tax, and didn't buy into the carbon trading schemes. Same story with Scandinavia. The overall tax burden on business is higher here, when you factor in state/local/federal taxes. Also, in Scandinavia, they embrace school choice and vouchers, which only Republicans talk about in this country. As for deregulation, the government has its fingerprints ALL over the housing bubble.

  • Your denial of global climate change due to human intervention is quite alarming and says something scary about your own comfort in maintaining constant ignorance.

  • Yes, the carbon dioxide is going to get us, and we have to ship all of our carbon taxes to ManBearPig so he can swim up to the Arctic and save the polar bears?

  • Does anyone else see the Republicans as having a false sense of outrage? The "Grand Bargain" idea has been their objective for the last 30 years and Obama is giving it to them on a silver platter.

  • Guys like the one on FOX news is nothing but a media whore that would sell his sole to the devil for a couple of dollars. What a IDIOT.

  • As I said, when you put state/federal/local taxes together, the overall burden is higher here than Sweden or Canada. We also have worse regulation, which is why Canada and Scandinavia's unemployment rate is consistently lower. This idea that we're ultra-capitalist more comes from that we have a huge population, and a lot of large, well-known corporations originate here, not our system of government. Also, Clinton, Bush, AND Obama are all banker sluts.

  • Not really, because when you look at overall entitlement spending per capita, we're on par with everyone else. It's just that so much of it overall goes to seniors with SS and Medicare, exorbitantly expensive programs. SS alone takes up 23% of the total federal budget, more than all military spending. How about instead of taxing small businesses making over $250k, like Goldman Sachs slut Obama, we tax Wall Street flash trades and other transactions? I'm a Republican btw.

  • Canada, Sweden, and Iceland don't have immigration policies put in place since the 60s designed to make them third world countries. We've been taking in more legal immigrants every year since 1965 than every country on earth put together, 75% of whom from the third world. When you measure whites, who are set to go under 50% of the population in the mid 21st century as designed, our education and health care, rankings, and average income, outranks most of Europe.

  • Minority registration in turnout went up in every single state that implemented photo ID requirements, but you won't hear that statistic on Madcow or Oblubberman. Karl Marx said it himself, always accuse others of what you are doing, and as the Democrats and the media protect these big city fraud machines, they'll accuse any threat to them of being the actual suppressors. By the way, we're taking the Senate in 2014 and Obungholecare can be completely defunded with only 51 votes.

  • DeadFishFactory says:

    It went up because people became motivated when their rights was being infringed upon. It's still a shitty law.

    You always hear about guns and ammo being bought in record amounts when gun control legislation is introduced. Therefore, we SHOULD introduce stricter gun regulations, right, you fuckhead?

  • Wow, what awful logic and what a terrible comparison. So essentially, there's no way to prove one way or the other whether it's actual voter suppression no matter what the data says because you'll always have an excuse?

  • DeadFishFactory says:

    It IS voter suppression. The GOP even admitted it. Why else would you introduce voter ID laws and call for limiting/banning early voting?

    The difference here is that everyone knows WHY they are doing it, so they need to exercise their rights before they try to take it away. Same thing with the 2nd Amendment fuckheads.

  • Oh, you mean Charlie Christ admitted to it, who got ass-raped in the primary and then went on to go speak at the DEMOCRAT National Convention? You mean a guy with an actual bone to pick? And the only fuckheads are those who pretend that there's any consistent statistical evidence pointing to gun control lowering crime rates. But what's the point? You're right-brained thinkers anyway.

  • DeadFishFactory says:

    I'm not talking about gun control lowering crime rate, you shithead. I'm talking about the surge of gun sales due to gun control legislation PROVING that gun control legislation actually helps people express their 2nd amendment rights. Just as YOU are arguing that voter suppression laws actually help people vote.


  • The gun control legislation wasn't actually passed, unlike voter ID, so your comparison is beyond a joke. Gun sales have been up since the recession started, since before the EBT Messiah became president. And once again, by your standard, there's no way of proving that voter ID actually suppresses voters because if minority registration is up, it's BECAUSE of suppression. It it's down, it's BECAUSE of suppression. See how convenient that is?

  • DeadFishFactory says:

    The photo ID laws are blocked pending ligitation, so they are not enforcable right now (they can threaten you at the polling place all they want, they can't do anything about it right now if you don't want to).

    You're failing to understand the point. When your rights are UNDER ATTACK, you tend to fight against it by doing it. That is why when gun control legislation is introduced, gun sales go WAY up.

  • I believe Robert E. Lee lost slavery for the South: you call those good conditions? Sure, for the slaves it was, but the South probably still hasn't recovered economically.

  • You're right about one thing, 2010 was a GREAT year to have a landslide. And those congressional districts will remain drawn as they are for the next eight years. This was your big chance to take back the House with President Kardashian on the top of the ticket, so you're going to be looking back on '09 and '10 as the good ol' days! As for which states receive the most federal money, it's a mix of red, blue, and purple states. New Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia are all in the top ten.

  • chasetheguitarplayer says:

    You are 100%, totally, factually wrong on that last sentence. Our education, healthcare, rankings, income, and satisfaction and happiness are all LOWER than Europe. We're 37th in healthcare. We have the most free-market healthcare system in the developed world. That's just 1 (one) example.

  • Let me repeat myself, when you measure WHITES, our education, health care, and income rankings are higher than most of Europe's. We have more of a bad student than a bad school problem, but that's what happens when you have an immigration system designed to turn you into a third world country. Satisfaction and happiness rankings are bullshit as such things cannot be quantified, and those health care rankings by the WHO have been widely panned for their methodology.

  • Minorities who gang up on Republicans, with 70% of Asians voting Dem, 85% of Muslims voting Dem, 95% of blacks voting Dem, are the only ones turning this into a racial issue.

  • Because if they don't vote how you vote, they are racist. Sure… That's how it is… It isn't because you alienate them… It's not because you believe in a white christian establishment… It's not because of anything you guys do… or say… or whats on fox news… Nah it couldn't be… It couldn't be… It has to be someone else… Someone else… They are to blame… Yeah… Its Never my fault, or how people like me act towards people… Its never us…

  • Dire most of the Moocher States are red states.. However Texas is one of the few red states that actually sends out more dollars to the federal government than get back… One of the few.. Most of the loud states on this issue tend to be the biggest moocher states though.

  • IT would be interesting to hear opposing viewpoints on this issue from people that can have the last word instead of editing tidbits from other networks, I don't think that you guys are fully wrong. But it would be nice to hear why other people think they are right.

  • Frankly I hope for a second civil war (even though it will not happen) it could be just the catalyst we need to completely revamp out political system, get rid of the parties, and I would LOVE the excuse to legally kill some people.
    Great idea Krauthammer, just tell the Republicans to obstruct and not cooperate at all. Ass fucker.

  • The "free economy" republicans ideology and plan: Deregulate the financial market, allow stocks to be over-capitalized so those in the know can drain IRA savings, implement tax cuts to the rich and say they will create jobs but hoard the money in bank accounts and try to eliminate the capital gains tax. Then blame social security, medicare, the elderly, the poor and disabled for the economic crisis. Seriously, it's time for Republicans to take responsibility for their mess.

  • At this point, maybe it's better to go over the cliff and try again when the new congress comes in. If Republicans are actually led by Grover Norquist, they probably don't have any authority to cut a deal anyway. Think about it, speaker Boehner is saying Republicans are "afraid to be seen raising taxes" but are willing to let taxes for 98% of Americans go up. VOTE REPUBLICANS OUT.

  • MagnesDrachen13 says:

    You ever think Republicans skim history books just to get enough pseudo-knowledge to appear to know what they're talking about?

    "Hmmm, let's see here…Hitler…invaded Poland…..America wins the war. That's all I need"


    "Remember, Obama is JUST LIKE Hitler…who invaded Poland…."

  • Lukas Skliuderis says:

    Obama is probably the worst president ever dollar WILL collapse its just a matter of time now but dont worry u dirty liberals it will get fixed but not by you ofcourse

  • Lukas Skliuderis says:

    oh don't worry he has 5 more years to go and dollar is about to crash and alot of other shit will happen so don't you worry !

  • dijados makedon says:

    I watched this movie since I got extremely worried about the economy and had not a clue how to handle it. Cash money does not necessarily mean a single thing anymore. So I decided to do some investigation and came across Goldiverse. I am so fortuitous, I can certainly change my savings from cash to different currencies, to any precious metal any moment I need. The state can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Bing it Goldiverse.

  • Because he couldn't immediately fix the mess the previous president and his cronies got us into, therefore he's the worst. Yeah, whatever.

  • Lukas Skliuderis says:

    doesn't seem he cared much about it and he didn't fix it after all these years and is not going to fix it deal with it he's THE WORST and will be know as a president who crashed dollar

  • Lukas Skliuderis says:

    don't make me laugh left will be crushed it people will see that left wing loons can't run a country the only sad thing about this is that it will take a catastrophe for people to realise it

  • 97% of CLIMATE scientists, and seeing as the vast majority of institutions of higher education are government subsidized, there's a conflict of interest. And criticizing alarmism is not the same as denying that any climate change takes place.

  • The man has been in a wheelchair since the late 1970's. What is wrong with you?! 4 weeks old post, but you ignorent comment still it still makes me sick.

  • ridiculous comparison?!!–its an f'ing analogy–then they start to disect it…of course before hand looking up the civil war on wikipedia…

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