Fox News Plays H3H3 Clip

Fox News Plays H3H3 Clip

Ethan: Here’s a little story I had to bring up, you guys probably saw the video We made about the cultural appropriation of the Chinese dress that the girl wore at prom and it’s been it’s been a while because we were off the internet but Some lunatic went on the news and was well- just listen to this for yourself: Cathy: “And she took those pictures in these poses that were- I think she thought were Asian poses.” “But they were actually “Vape Nation” and promoting some Youtuber that is controversial in itself” *laughter* H3H3: What, she’s so like- she’s like “okay, maybe it’s not making fun of Asian people.” “Okay, but the channel that they are- is still not okay- Yeah, he’s hugely problematic.” You don’t know me you crazy-eyed lunatic! Like, that’s the best argument you’ve got in defence of cultural appropriation? “Okay, maybe they’re not appropriating, but-” but I I like how she says “I think” it’s controversial in it’s own- watch- watch it- give it a watch. You’re not sure but you’re gonna say that it’s controversy. She’s like like “I went to the channel and it seemed fine” “But like I don’t have a lot of time. I’m sure they’ve said something problematic” *laughter* “So let’s just go with that. You know, he’s a racist, he’s a bigot.” “He hates black people and he’s wasted at least thirty years of his life on social media so…” Producer: Well, do you guys remember we clowned on this woman before? On the podcast, maybe it’s personal vendetta. She on the same show with Tucker. She was the woman who um thought breastfeeding was sexist. Ethan: Ohhhh! Yeah, maybe she’s got a chip on her shoulder. Producer: Yeah, yeah, she might be out for blood- You know what Fox News does because they like such partisan hacks like CNN as a part- They’re all partisan hacks. They get like the dumbest person ever. to represent the liberal side, right and make them all look like insane cartoons. “Okay, well, here’s Carol, our kooky liberal correspondent.” *Mocking* I think that everything’s racist!” “I’m fucking crazy and I own five cats- I mean ten cats.” “I don’t use my phone at all-” She looks nuts. Get a load of that. Man I’d like to see her in a Chinese dress- not in a sexual way. I don’t mean like that. I just like that… She’s- she’s saying that she has no idea what they’re doing in the picture- right,- but it’s still problematic “I admit that the pray hands they’re doing isn’t cultural appropriation and they are not making fun of Asian culture.” “However, it’s still offensive because they’re doing a papa bless, and as we all know a H3H3 is kind of problematic.” “And I’ve already written all their sponsors. I’ve already written to YouTube there. We’re gonna get them shut down.” “This is entirely inappropriate and I heard that Ethan once… *pause* had an improper thought.” *laughter* “He once had an improper thought and I could just tell by looking at him. “I can obviously tell what he was thinking but I’ve reported to the thought police aka YouTube.” I don’t know, whatever. I thought that was cute. Cathy: And she’s praying to Papa John’s pizza! That’s what that pose is. *laughter* H3H3: Why are you angry, you just said it’s so stupid! *laughter* Cathy: but they’re actually “Vape Nation” and promoting some Youtuber that is controversial in itself” And she’s praying- H3H3: Look at Tucker, he’s just like “What the fuck are you even talking about” *laughter* Cathy: To Papa John’s pizza, that’s what that pose is! So that wasn’t a pose that is appreciating a culture, that’s a pose that is mocking a culture and- H3H3: Nice fucking try dumb-dumb! How do you get from Papa John’s pizza?- What do?- Okay, so… According to her anytime you’re wearing a Chinese dress. You need to be somehow appreciating. How do you appreciate that? How do you know if the person is appreciating, are you reading their mind? Like how are you gonna know- what it? That is such a weird argument. Well, she’s just like the biggest loon ever because Fox News, they did like casting calls. They- they interviewed like thousands of people to find this perfect Liberal kook, you know what I mean? Damn, that’s some nutty shit. No wonder Fox News listeners hate liberals. They see people like this all day. I would hate him too if this is this the shit I watched. Cathy: -They’re promoting a youtube- Tucker: The… Papa John’s Culture? *laughter* Cathy: The youtube- Tucker: So but- okay- so what about H3H3: That was the most incoherent thought, maybe statement i’ve ever heard. Producer: Look at her face even she knows that wasn’t going right, she was like “Oh, why did I just say that-” H3H3: She wouldn’t drop my name either, she’s wouldn’t dare drop my name. “I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of me even saying his name” “He’s controversial.” I love that there’s a Papa John culture. *laughter* Yeah, yeah *laughter* “I wouldn’t even say his name” She- if she would want it to be respecting Chinese culture she would have been giving praise to Panda Express. *laughter* This is so inappropriate we need a- this is the pot- the Panda Express. “They would have been appreciating Panda Express if they were gonna appreciate Chinese culture.” I don’t know what she wants But I love her and I wish her the best god bless ♪ Outro Music ♪ Subscribe


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