100 thoughts on “Fox News panel breaks down new impeachment inquiry transcripts”

  • "I now do recall."
    With that stunning reversal, diplomat Gordon Sondland handed impeachment investigators another key piece of corroborating testimony Tuesday. He acknowledged what Democrats contend was a clear quid pro quo, pushed by U.S. President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, with Ukraine.


    The real reason they want to subpoena the whistleblower

    is so they can publicly crucify him.

    His reputation is in danger. As well as his life.

  • Republitards spent millions impeaching Bill Clinton over getting a BJ from an adult woman, but whine like babies when Dems want to impeach over serious and important government matters. What a bunch of loser idiots.

  • It’s over for the orange clown..sonderland just admitted an illegal quid pro quo. Add to that Rudy’s henchmen have stated they want to cooperate with congress. I can’t wait to see trump and all his cronies locked up

  • The entire world is caught up in this Impeachment "Kabuki Sideshow" as a deflection from The Apocalypse, much the same way that the passengers aboard the Titanic swayed to the music of the ship's orchestra, all the while knowing full well that their demise was imminent … Rev 12:1 fulfilled on 9/23/2017! Better get ready.

  • “When they say that Trump is weakening the United States—yes, he is. And that’s why we love him.”

    — Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of Mosfilm Studio and a prominent fixture on Russian state television

  • Another Smoking Gun Lol. Read the transcript!! Why r the Depositions behind closed doors? Who is the so called Whistle blower (Scaramella) connected to?? Biden, Schiff, Misco, Chalupa, Brennan etc. Need I go on? Helloooo. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see right through this.

  • The last time I checked there aren't any jobs that specify "leaking" as a job description. They should be doing their jobs!

  • Republicans, STOP. THIS IS NOT, NOT, NOT a worthy issue to even vote on! It is CRAP, just MORE CRAP, thrown at our President! GET A FRICKEN SPINE! Your middle of the road wording is what will hurt the Republicans. Be strong and call CRAP, CRAP!

  • Rudy Giuliani ??? does he have a security clearance ?
    Trump QUID PRO QUO ?
    Breaking The Emoluments Clause and The Nepotism
    Treasonous Trump
    Traitor Trump

  • The State Dept. is upset because THEIR plan for Ukraine is different than the Presidents. The President is upsetting their apple cart and they state is pushing back. The State Dept. has forgotten whom they work for. The President determines the policy. It's a power struggle pure and simple. State Dept. vs the Executive branch. Democrats vs Republicans.

  • It's a crime when this lady with lying fork tongue speak too much crap & pushes Flatulence properganda out of mouth bumHoleO, too much – Flatulence is not good form DemocRat environment if you don't believe this ask loser Demo-Hypocrite Beto O'rourke.

  • Wassily Kandinsky says:

    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    ― Issac Asimov

  • This insane impeachment inquiry is called in the Third World, TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. All the transcript coming out of the Schiff Snake Pit go directly, fresh from the copiers, to the MSM like venom meted out to readers and viewers.

  • A president bribing a foreign leader for personal gain is impeachable. It's in the US Constitution (the constitution that Trump calls "phony"). Facts are facts.

  • The old Kentucky home is turning blue.Virginians, your state has flipped blue too. And that wave of impeachment backlash, isn't getting through. And Trump, it's all because of you.

  • Excepts and not full transcripts are only being released? That means they can set the tone in what they want people to think. This is just so wrong.

  • Jelliot Williams says:

    It’s amazing the difference between ACTUAL JOURNALISTS at Fox News who uphold journalistic ethics.
    Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on the other hand follow no such ethics- nor are they required to because THEY ARE OPINION HOSTS NOT JOURNALISTS

  • You are a crime just hearing your lies this non impeachment is a joke I can't believe how sad these dems are they don't have a clue between real and fake its sad its all about power and money not about America

  • brannon broadnax says:

    Lol the host didn't want to hear the damaging info, whenever someone said something she didn't like she cut em off and said, " I dont see the President's name in all of this. " lol the whole testimony is about what trump did to start all of this.

  • No wonder young people reject Christianity. All these lies and corruption from the republican gop are the opposite of the teachings of the Prince of Peace. Hypocrits!!!

  • News FLASH Judy Miller the President can use anyone he wants to for purposes of foreign policy. You and your media hypocrite acolytes ignore what Biden, Hillary, Obama etc. did while you focus on what you imagine the president did.

  • So far all the witnesses have said there was a quid pro quo. We have a “perfect call” that was moved to a top secret server. We have $400 million of military aid that was withheld against the wishes of Congress. All the information points the same direction: that the president is Guilty of using the power of his office for personal benefit.

  • Stephen Prewoznik says:

    Another sales pitch. Judy exults that Volker's testimony about what the " whistleblower" heard from gossips ( somewhere /sometime) is nullified by the presence of the typewritten transcript of the phone call posted on the internet.
    So Judy's joy at Trumps trouble tells me WHAT Judy is. TOO SAD.

  • Every defense for Trump's impeachable conduct is falling apart, the witnesses are collaborating the story. How crooked of republicans to want the initial stage of depositions to be made public, make sure your witnesses all can get their stories straight from watching the prior testimony. That is NOT how an investigation works.

  • man these people are full of it.. I could care less if its released little by little.. it does not change what is being said in these under oath testimonies by these ambassadors and administration workers.. this is not good for trump period.. and I really wish everyone would stop trying to put spin on his crimes.. i mean u Republicans are acting as if trump is god jeez smh. find another Republican that doesn't bring as much embarrassment and drama to the presidency.. u have other Republicans right now who want to run against trump that I'm sure can do a better job for the party

  • Let me break down this impeachment . Trumpy was all frightened about Biden beating him in 2020 so he threatens Ukraine to open up investigations on biden and his son in hopes of smearing him like he tried with the Russians on Hillary. The Ukraine's are hesitant to do that so Trumpy withholds the 400 million military package that was approved by the Senate to force Ukraine to do as Trumpy says. That about sum it up.

  • Come on trumpers, a dog would do a better job as President, than this thin skinned whimp pretending to be anything more than a moron criminal. If he did not have his daddy’s money he would already be in jail . He is and always has been ???

  • really by these comments …it doesnt matter what they say you already have hate for this president so it won't matter. He has several people all the time on his phone calls. Do you really think that he would do something like this knowing that they are looking for anything to pin him to the wall? if you do your not too bright.

  • “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein

  • Noctilucent Studios says:

    Impeach Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and his entire staff of aiders and abettors.

    The White House and White House affairs are supposed to represent the 330 million American people….not the tawdry, law-breaking re-election campaign of a disturbed manchild tearing the country to divisive shreds with strange links to Eastern European cash and oligarchs.

    Impeach Trump and company and Make America Great Again.

  • I have to give you credit you professional bull lshiters are quite amazing you can sell ice to Eskimos but we’re not Eskimos dumbass

  • Are we a society under the rule of law? Did the president break the law? Yes. He did. Clearly, he offered a quid pro quo to a foreign power in an attempt to undermine the voters of this country, so that he would personally benefit. This is what the evidence and witnesses indicate.

  • Why can’t we just get the latest news.look on YouTube same old news mixed up with the latest news so you don’t no witch one to open some of that stuff is a year old you don’t no what’s new an old till you open it just waste your time just put out the latest news

  • Trump and the Republicans lost Kentucky and Virginia becomes more blue! Fox avoids Trump's 2020 problems and whines again about Adam Schiff. More Republicans will now retire.

  • John Rushworth Jellicoe says:

    Treason isn't an Impeachable crime, also; obstruction, Bribery, Use of the Presidential powers for own gain, Lying, Threatening witnesses… Its ridiculous that testimonies and fact could be allowed to change that!

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — A State Department envoy told lawmakers it was his "clear understanding" the U.S. government intended to withhold military aid from Ukraine until the country committed to investigations sought by President Donald Trump, including into a political rival, according to a transcript of the closed-door interview released Wednesday.

    William Taylor told impeachment investigators he understood that the security assistance, and not just a White House meeting for Ukraine's new president, was conditioned on the country committing to investigations of Joe Biden and also Democrats' actions in the 2016 election.

    "That was my clear understanding, security assistance money would not come until the president committed to pursue the investigation," Taylor said.

    He was asked if he was aware that "quid pro quo" meant "this for that."

    "I am," he replied.

    The testimony from Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, further connects the Trump administration to a quid-pro-quo agreement involving Ukraine that is now at the heart of the House impeachment inquiry.

    — November 6, 2019

  • An open question as to how closely Trump is tied to all these events?! Rudy already said he was doing all this for Trump. What planet am I on..?

  • The Democrats need to look for 25 more candidates. The current bunch is not going to beat Trump and this second fake investigation is leading nowhere, again. We're in for another embarrassment, like the anti-climax in the Mueller nonsense-case. ?

  • Best comedy show in ages…..the MAGA's , Trump & FOX screaming how unfair Trump is being treated. Well, in 1974 Nixon used the same tactics as all of you are: lying, delusional, attacking the media. Well, that turned out perfectly for our country and the world. Further proof that , "ya can't fix stupid".

  • It's no longer a question of what they did or whether there was a crime! Even Sondlands changed his testimony once all the other diplomats revealed the truth.
    It's now whether Republican and/or Trump supporters care about the American Constitution or not?

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