Fox News panel analyzes the Dems’ investigations into Trump in 2019


100 thoughts on “Fox News panel analyzes the Dems’ investigations into Trump in 2019”

  • The anti god party GOP once again ignores all truth of wrong doing and puts up any sham for the deplorable’s too Argue why it makes sense. Lmao at morons ?

  • This so called news is so biased. You don't talk about the facts and reasons. What fool listens to clearly biased news. Pres Chump is a traitor to the country.

  • You can't expect the government officials to lock themselves up. So nothing but talking points will ever happen. Just look how long the people are in place and corruption for all

  • It's simple, Nancy just wants to make sure the Senate finds Trump guilty, just like they did.

    When it gets to the Senate, they'll acquit Trump, and put an end to this farce of an impeachment.

  • Dennis Applegate says:

    Plain and simple this is a Coup.The MSN has became a co-conspirator in it.Along with agencies and Departments and their deep state operatives.We are in a fight for the very soul of America. If Trump loses this fight, America is lost as we know it.

  • J walking is breaking the law right so what are you talking about law is the law so do the right thing (people)plz for the kids in the future plz

  • Please stop trying to convince me that what is wrong is not wrong enough. I am so angry with people like those in this video and those who are supposed to lead the country.

  • The mueller report said you cant indict a sittinf president…it DID NOT say he was innocent…Donald kept doing dumb sh!t because thats who he is and finally got caught and confessed…

  • Did your experts read the report? It did not say that Trump was innocent in fact many of his people went to jail. The American people are getting sick of Fox News

  • "Fox News", what a joke! They do have an entertainment panel, but it's not concerned about any actual news. You'll get better news from Saturday Night Live, or The Onion than you will from this propaganda report.

  • Trump and Moscow Mitch guilty of Jury Tampering Re: Senate Trial – Violation of their Oath of Office , Particularly with the Oaf in Office!

  • A Twitter spokesman confirms that the platform has suspended some of the MAGAsphere accounts that Trump RTed in a tweetstorm last night — for unspecified violations of Twitter Rules. Some of the accounts looked very spammy and suspicious.

  • Boris &Natasha Baddonoff says:

    Did You Know That The European Union Has Passed A Law To Become The Speech Police For The Entire World?
    European Union Countries Can Order Social Media Platforms Like Facebook To Remove Content Worldwide, The European Court Of Justice Ruled On October 3rd 2019 , If One EU Country Deems Something Illegal It Can Order Facebook To Block All Equivalent Content In All Other Countries, Even If It's Not Illegal In Those Countries.
    The Ruling Establishes European National Courts As Global Speech Police.
    Wake Up Mr And Mrs America Before It Is To Late.
    Doesn't Our First Amendment Mean Anything To Anyone Anymore?
    Didn't The United States Of America Provide The Internet That We Created To Make The World A Better Place To Live?
    I Love My Country,
    I Love My Fellow Americans, But I Have For The First Time In My Life Begun To Hate My Government.
    I Do Love This President Though And I Hope And I Pray That The American People Will See The Truth And Give Him Four More Years To Drain That Stinking Cespool Of A Swamp Called Our Nation's Capital.
    God Bless America,,
    And Now Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat.

  • clayton mccormick says:

    if they could have gotten him for jaywalking they would have settled for that, they could not even get him on that, look at the charges nancy brought, jaywalking look good in comparison.

  • Lets all see Donnie diapers HS and college grade transcripts! He hides them. WHY??? They can't be worse than his countless sexual assaults and years of fraudulent taxes. Can they?????

  • Trump is perfectly good, the bad people are everyone in his inner circle who lie, cheat and deceive, are indicted or plea guilty to something.

  • Democrats love Donald Trump. They support 95+% of what he does that's why they have to cry about rhetoric all day long every day. If you really oppose Donald Trump you're not a Democrat. That's the least, last and dumbest way to oppose Donald Trump.

  • Look America getting real tired of the Abuse in the House look everyone knows the Dems under Obama made millions off of Russia,China, Ukraine in back room deals Fox news stop playing stupid you know when Trump took office Dems went into a panic trying to cover there criminal deals with Russia, Ukraine,China Adam Shift,jerrry Nadler,Hillary Clinton all make money off China, Russia, Ukraine Dems party is owned by China,Russia, Ukraine America tired of being sold out took advantage of lied it's over Fox news stop playing stupid you look bad

  • jbone •----=_-==〈 says:


  • Bailey Henderson says:

    Trump will not impeached , Disney will cancel amphibia and other tv shows Disney is no stock for liberals who are lazy and hate Montana and other cold states

  • It was obvious to anyone impartial that Mueller had absolutely nothing to do with the report apart from his name being on it. Cant get into that! Cant get into that! Cant get into that! what a load of garbage he came out with and the report proved to be a massive negative stain on American justice.

  • it's funny how they are always getting mad cuz this one didn't investigate the things that had nothing to do with their investigations but when someone does try to investigate the recentt July 2019 behaviors of Trump with taxpayers money, they obstruct. What you learned from the Mueller report is nothing because you didn't bother to even let the reality sink in your head and you are still being paid to say the opposite of the truth.

  • Lets see, who is wrong here. The fbi, cia, justice department , and state department who participated in Muller report. Orrrrrrr, this group of einstein's (sarcasm) talking heads. Hmm, seems like [email protected]$kd Russian news is getting worse by the day.

  • Steele was discredited and used fake intel. Carter Page was set up. CIA/FBI docs were altered. DNC caught paying Fusion GPS. Nellie and Bruce Ohr handled fake doc. McCain sent Steele doc 5 times… Why am I watching this crap ? Disparity in your face…

  • Just so you know, russian rödents, Warren will be our next President! LOL…and expect a flood of women to take over many government positions! LOL…The misogynistic and racist russian propaganda has backfired “biggly”, the slávś have LOST again!!!

  • it's so sad that this generation don't understand that Impeachment doesn't mean removing the President and that Democrats have wasted Millions of Dollars from the American Hard Working Tax Payer.

  • As I watching fox some time I am understand why so many people trust Donal J Trump in 1976 during presidential elections the right wing propaganda was about how the left will take our freedom steal our lands take our money and I believe everything single thing they said with out realize that we did not have any lands or money so what ever fox said people believe the damage it's already done the door is open for a future president to ask any foreign country to interfere on USA elections when. You put party over constitutional laws you just enter to the third world politics

  • This whole system needs to be reworked. Because both sides point fingers at both sides and they both suck. Why are we sticking with this two party system that doesn't work?

  • It's just sad that the Democratic party's the FBI and all these other agencies is not doing their job to protect the president of the United States they sold their country out because they're pissed off at the president of the United States is pulling out the dirt the trash and the liar and son of a b**** it don't need to be in office that's why everybody's Running Scared but American people is starting to see this????

  • The first impeached president to refer to anyone who dares to oppose him as "HUMAN SCUM", the first impeached president to announce that "he wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love" about a freaking COMMUNIST dictator, AND the first impeached president to refuse to allow testimony that could exonerate him if he WAS TELLING THE TRUTH. Just exactly what do those God-fearing "Christians" see in their phony messiah?

    "But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.

    "The reason many are not shocked about this is that this president has dumbed down the idea of morality in his administration. He has hired and fired a number of people who are now convicted criminals. He himself has admitted to immoral actions in business and his relationship with women, about which he remains proud. His Twitter feed alone—with its habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders—is a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused."

    -Christianity Today

  • The President of the United States of America is solely responsible for how he deals with other countries, President Putin is solely responsible for how he deals with the USA, whose deals have worked for the USA. The public can say, the media and press have zero responsible in put, they can guess, but a 5 year old can guess, and currently the 5 year old is smarter then the media and press. And the Democrats have passed on guessing, there answer is would be would you repeat the question. No national foreign leader takes President Trump as a fool, the democrats, media and press leaders largely can't believe why Americans would vote for a guy that tweets and yells at the press for being stupid, but Americans can see results the president make in their daily lives. That being for all his love for Americans he also like them, the democrats, media and press leadership can't stand to be foolish, yet everyday more people are better off because of his leadership. The problem with lying is truth, the problem with truth is history, and the problem with history is "it is final". The great reporter will in the future not be those of today, history will show that being wrong as a reporter will if you're lucky get you forgotten, but never forgiven. The likes of Maddow and Todd's will be a foot note, not in a nice way.

  • Broadstreet Flyers95 says:

    Neoliberals will not go after Trump for what they should because the mass majority of our government is guilty of it. If the Dems really wanted Trump impeached and removed. They would investigate how he took prid quao pro with the Saudis for the billions a year in that record arms deal he signed. He gave the Saudis billions a year in taxpayers dollars to fund a genocide in Yemen in exchange for building his Hotels in Saudi Arabia. Here is the issue lmao Corporate Democrats outside of Bernie Tulsi Ro Khana Omar Talib and AOC are for funding Saudi Arabia and the genocide in Yemen. Because the corporate democrats like Majority of Republicans outside of Rand Paul are bought and paid for by the military industrial complex and the Israel lobby. All FACTS. Really think about it the Democrats just passed Trumps expansion of the defense budget by how many billions of dollars? Yeah they really think he’s guilty and a treasonous traitor with Russia but give him more power money and bombs to use for what they say is Putin’s puppet? Give me a break! This whole impeachment circus is designed by the establishment to brainwash the low IQ American general public. The neoliberal Democrats would rather have Trump than have a real progressive like Bernie in office or Tulsi or Yang because they are not corrupt taking big pac money and beholden to their billionaire donors and the Israel lobby like 97% of DC!

  • President underground criminal, Donald J Trump. We’ve been trumped, America. 15,000 plus lies and you still support this enabled baby.

  • Mueller didn't even know what was in the report.

    He was more surprised by his report than anybody else in the counrty.

    He didn't write.

    The media and the info leaked to them, was highly weaponized by
    these (democrats),as they keep calling themselves ! They weaponized it and leaked it to us so they could manipulate a specific response and appearence !!
    Take a look and read it. They did EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE, AS THE CONSTITUTION SAYS !!
    This is what they have been doing on every issue they pick up.
    I can't believe we haven't publicly, hung every last one ,of them on the Whitehouse Lawn !! THIS IS THE END OF AMERICA ! A war is coming.

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