Fox News: NBA War On Christmas?

Fox News: NBA War On Christmas?

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the word questionnaires has been removed from the title criticism federal holiday it’s not
like you could just pretend it doesn’t even have time to take a look at anything and ironing
table in the end real that’s crazy their brand the crazies endless and now today i write we print stunning new
enemy in the war christmas basketball box mason just posted a store with this headline the n_b_a_’s war on christmas whose story expects the n_b_a_ for scheduling
five games on christmas day news flash for fox the world doesn’t stop turning discuss this
christmas you know who else works on christmas cops firefighters the doctors priests are they all part of the war on christmas did you know n_b_a_ teams have played a christmas
day since nineteen forty nine desert island in a very long war christmas one particular team the los angeles lakers
have played a christmas day thirty six times including the last eleven years does that make colby bryant the most sacrilegious man in america that is like his basketball the dallas cowboys
are playing in this christmas exclude alice america’s t_v_ waging a war christmas is well and incidentally sixty six and being stripped off during hannukah this year tonight in here fox is complaining about those well or how they gave her plate during ramadan by says is that what’s might not mind awalnet
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100 thoughts on “Fox News: NBA War On Christmas?”

  • @ChristianMission : Have you ever seen a fundamentalist without a religion? Atheism is NOT a religion, just like not-playing-football is not a sport of its own.

    And there's no denying of the facts I mentioned. Check out encyclopedias ! These are books with a real value.

  • Its a known fact that 2000 years ago everyone thought the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around the earth, and of course we know that to be completly false today.

    I'm just wondering why the creator of the heavens and the earth Jesus Christ didn't know that and if he did why didn't he tell someone.

    ps no other religions god told them either.

    I beleive in God but every religion on earth is a farce, created to take money and power.

  • Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

    They got this story from Phil Jackson of the Lakers. He said " it's like the NBA doesn't care about Christian holidays" in regards to the games on Christmas day .

  • amazingbollweevil says:

    If I tune in to Fox News on Christmas day and see an empty studio or re-runs of the previous day's news? If not, I can claim that Fox has joined the war on Christmas.

  • redstrawberrymuncher says:

    I think it's funny that they're complaining about all these games on Christmas and claiming its an affront to God or whatever, when I would bet a lot of money that they will be watching those exact games and so will most of their viewers.

  • @FumingPoliticalPunk ok..but who does Fox news talk about all the time? MSNBC and the "so called" liberal media. So your point is a moot one.

  • okay this is so fucking stupid. Fox News really has lost their minds.

    Even though I don't believe in this idiotic theory of a "war on Christmas," I will say that it is dumb if people have to resort to Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. But honestly, it's not something to get so worked up over

  • @ChristianMission okay i agree it's stupid if an extreme group of atheists are going out of their way to "destroy Christmas"

    that being said, does it really matter if some public places do not choose to decorate for Christmas? I mean Christmas is a holiday for spending time with family. Honestly, I couldn't give a flying fuck if my village hall decided not to put up a Christmas tree, as long as I have healthy family members to spend time with.

  • anyone find it funny that this stupid bitch is complaining about the loss of "red and green," which coincidentally are the colors of the two things Fox News hates more than liberalism: communism and islam?

  • GhostInTheShell29 says:

    @fluffynoses OMG.. I never thought of that. Christmas is really a communist muslim plot to take over the world!?

    Must warn Glen Beck.

  • @wimscheers : you know who else is gonna work on Christmas? the pope!!! …such an anti-Christian bastard trying to destroy Christmas!

  • If Fox Nation really is concerned about television broadcasts on Christmas, why not suggest to Rupert Murdoch that all of Fox go dark in observance? Let's see how far that idea flies!

  • Schweí Übersteigen says:

    FOX"NEWS"! What a collection of fucking psychotic agenda-driven idiots!! Are people really this dumb to fallow this bullshit as factual News!??.. That's scary!

  • Hey losers- just actually let people enjoy their Christmas.

    If it doesn't affect you, shut it.
    If it does….

    🙁 <–My sympathy

  • Does anyone wonder why TYT continues to promote the fake and crazy? I mean really, TYT is becoming the ambulance chaser of news. There's plenty of legitimate news but we want to make sure that the lowest common denominator has a platform other than their own making to promote their lies. After all, If I don't tell you what Palin tweets…how else would you know?

  • IAMtheNewWorldOrder says:

    Lol. Pretty soon the republicans will have nothing left to enjoy about America except Nascar and Church, since everything else in America is controlled by the enemies who want to ruin their way of life.

    But how much do you want to bet all these dumbfucks who agree with this now will be enjoying the fuck out of one of the games tomorrow.

  • @FumingPoliticalPunk I'll accept that answer. It'sjust a shame our major news networks are more interested in showcasing their political agenda instead of just reporting the news…..and they wonder why our country (America) is so bitterly divided.

  • @Loakum because our children are taught to be average at everything and excel at nothing, along with that, it keeps the stupid stupid, and the smart get bought out by the corporations. basically if your not stupid your bought out or targeted as an enemy by the media which uses the idiots as its minions. not to mention the absurd number of idiotic religious fascist we have in this country.

  • @cne08

    Yeah I saw that right after I commented, in fact. Close call I would've been cheesed if I had missed that, I know its just the prelims but still

  • Well daggonit Cenk, when are they planning to give you your own show? MSNBC has you on there enough! They need to just make room for you………..

    Then I could sit next to Anna or JR.

  • If you are one of the few thousand Americans who accidentally sets their house on fire this Christmas by trying to deep-fry a turkey in the house, when the fire-department shows up, be sure to ask them why they hate Jesus.

  • Nobody is forcing Christians to watch NBA games on Christmas. They are free to worship their imaginary god as much as they want while I watch the Lakers/Heat game.

  • The 'war on christmas' is stupid, but equating the necessity of essential services with the NBA is a dumb analogy that only makes it look like Cenk is just saying things to trash Fox. Liberals hate FOX, conservatives hate MSNBC. Each side only makes sense to itself.

  • They've been at this "War on Christmas" spiel this same time of year for a few quite a few years now. They are seriously making me hate Christmas. I look around and everyone always seems to look forward to Christmas and Christmas shopping and getting off work for Christmas, then you tune in to Fox News and they say there is some sort of anti-Christmas movement. WHERE!?!!?!?! Who the fuck is against Christmas? They are the only people discussing this!

  • There have been sporting events on Christmas for as long as I can remember. Watching the game is part of many families' Christmas traditions

  • December 25th is ascribed to the birth of Jesus, and Jesus was all about the spending of money by people to buy him gifts, because he deserves it. Plus the colors Red and Green are what he is all about man.

    ….WOW America is fucked.


  • Hey Fox News, I'm playing NBA Jam and having Obama and Clinton dunk on Palin and Bush's asses.
    Btw Palin is so good at stealing o_o

  • I thought Faux news would have shut down for 24 hours on christmas day since they hate people working on christmas so much. Have Faux news also declared war on christmas?

  • I'm sick and tired of religious people bitching and moaning about stores being open on religious holidays or even Sunday. Fuck off the world doesn't revolve around your religion.

  • Katie Steddenbenz says:

    @Jerry35551312 the fact that you respond like this and behave this way is proof that you are brainwashed and are in general a negative egotistical person. If you can't take it then don't give it. Cenk is a very arrogant man when it comes to conservatives even though his view of conservatives is distorted and should be only used as entertainment not news. while he has a good heart and some good opinions. Fox has good and bad, so does msnbc. MSNBC is as responsible for our problems as fox is.

  • Katie Steddenbenz says:

    @Jerry35551312 one day jerry you will have to grow up and understand that the only reason you resort to name calling as embarrassing as what you just did is because you have nothing else to say. MSNBC recieved bailout money from the federal reserve just like mcdonalds and harley davidson that ron pauls audit provisions revealed. Why didn't cenk EVER cover this? because it goes against his interests at MSNBC. He plays the political machine just like everyone else up there. FREEDOM FOR ALL!!!!!!!

  • i think the war for christmas is cool i want to have some fun i mean come on people shouldnt work on christmas or they shoukd be payed triple to do so

  • @TopSideUp I'm brainwashed? No, actually I think on the issue, not the source. When it comes to Fox news, everything they deem 'evil' or 'immoral' is something that a rational human being would realize is just a excuse trying to upset people over something that doesn't even matter in the long run, illogical fuck.

  • Katie Steddenbenz says:

    @Jerry35551312 Your resort to name calling like "illogical fuck" is pathetic. You play into the left right paradigm perfect. MSNBC mostly talks about things that don't matter and some that do and its all about how government is the answer. And then Fox is the same but they hire polar personalities. However FOX business is very different. Freedom watch is one of the best shows on TV right now. You just listen to too much tyt where they teach intolerance and arrogance. Your so hateful its pathetic

  • I think fox news goes a lil overboard with their war on Christmas but I get where they are coming from because everybody says happy holidays now instead of Merry Christmas and I dont like that because its always been Merry Cristmas why do we have to change it all of a sudden!?

  • @SickSchizophrenic actually, yeah it kinda is. i've had some before. i'm not all that religous at all or anything, so i tend to be sinful sometimes 😛

  • I imagine there are many non-Christian basketball fans. And there may also be some families that like to celebrate Christmas day by sitting around the TV and watching NBA games.

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