Fox News Mixes Up Tina Fey & Sarah Palin

Fox News Mixes Up Tina Fey & Sarah Palin

there’s also a sparky by audible dot com the great thing is is that even though
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make any mistake but it was real roger ailes make it fair
for him with the maybe this was intentional because we don’t believe any interpret that uh… part like when they did a story on studio
shirley chirag ran a picture maxine waters or was a storm at sea waters restoring
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well i don’t know their black women who cares nobody’ll bother efforts that’s foxnews philosophy regarding
black women freeway here they were on the full story
of the fox news blond girl i don’t know where name there all the same look at me confusing hot blonde women
embody any better m_i_ any better filled her spot is running for a higher on surveillance this week team out it’s all i found her pale and
an exclusive interview with fox news the former v_p_ candidate that she still
fifty-fifty about it went well but i think she died how we’re dean has a warning for
democrats he says payment could be president obama okay so anyway in the world that story
it’s a straight-out first name last week working said that uh… pale and could
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i was talking about roger ailes all dot com is the leading provider of
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100 thoughts on “Fox News Mixes Up Tina Fey & Sarah Palin”

  • Bartholomew Fatima says:

    Sarah Palin is already a caricature, so Tina Fey hardly makes any exaggeration. I honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the scripts of a Palin speech and an SNL sketch. But if there were pictures of both Palins, that makes it a little easier; pretty dumb mistake here.

  • I hope she does run. That will be the funniest shit ever. Can you imagine her in a serious presidential debate?

  • Unfortunately, Palin could win. This country is so stupid–the crazies who are all fired up for this dim bimbo could get out in force and outnumber the reality based.

  • Rune Munch Pedersen says:

    I just think they took the one that looked better. It's not like the Fox audience will know the difference.

  • @ecwaufisxtreme You're delusional, man. Or engaging in edgy satire. If the latter, cool. If the former, please take off the tinfoil beanie and neck your meds. If you don't we'll have to help you put that loooooong sleeved, hug-yourself-tight special jacked back on.

  • @qualityrkc I didn't say anything about Bush–although he was nowhere near as dumb as she is. But Obama is so much better than she is. She makes mistake after mistake and can't admit it. She says idiotic things but goes on insisting she's right. She's a fundamentalist nut and her husband is a member of an anti-USA group. She quits jobs before she's finished and she speaks in nonsensical sentances. She sounds like a yammering chihuahua. I would go on but I'm running out of characters.

  • If Palin becomes President, move to Canada or Mexico, so at least when her term is done, it will be easy to move back home

  • @qualityrkc I would rather have a smart non-crook. Also, you're talking about someone who has their finger on the button. I'd rather not have someone push it accidentally.

  • Privacy Violated says:

    TYT hosts can no longer bash fox news about their dumb blonde news anchors, not unless they get rid if their own two dumb blonde twits they bring in from time to time.

  • @HugeJohn51 I was gonna say you should move to Russia but then i remembered that she could see you from her house in Alaska.

  • America's favorite political lunatic is saying that America's favorite dumbass can beat the American president that killed Americas most wanted terrorist. Yeeeeeaaaaa. And I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna have sex with my wife like BEEEEYYAAAAAWWWWWW!!!

  • @HugeJohn51

    Don't move to Uganda they are terribly, want to execute homosexuals, give life in prison to parents who don't out there gay children, they believe in child witches and torture children of all ages for things like local fires, bad harvest, and sickness.

  • watermelonygoodness says:

    @HugeJohn51 The US with Sarah Palin as president would not be as bad as Uganda. Come on. Move to Canada. We won't bite.

  • watermelonygoodness says:

    This was intentional. Just like it was intentional of them to play a clip of a different, larger, rally, when describing Glenn Beck's rally. Fox is turning on Sarah Palin. They have started referring to her as, "Contributor Palin," instead of, "Governor Palin." This is completely intentional. They want to discredit her enough so she doesn't get the GOP nomination, but not so much that she can no longer contribute to them and bring in the ratings.

  • @LibreVisionNetwork Implying president Sara Palin won't mistaken Canada as a state and send 200,000 troops there to defend the "Northern Frontier" from the big bad Russians.

  • As much as I dislike Fox News, to be fair, that picture of Tina does look a lot like Sarah or at least it does on my iPhone.

  • LOL….The Young Turks don't have any business making fun of ANYONE. Cenk spent several minutes PURPOSELY explaining in detail how Weiners Twitter account had been hacked and Weiner was just a poor vitcm!…LOL.. but liberals are so hateful they just can't help themselves.

  • @Gyerfry I'm sure you can give some examples of Republican hate but for the most part liberals OWN the hate department. And I dont' want to hear the lies about racism, homophobia and Mediscare B.S. that iberals perpetuate in order to try and make themselves look morally superior. The dregs of society have banded toghether and now call themselves liberals.

  • TheEvolver311 says:


    " I dont' want to hear the lies about racism, homophobia and Mediscare B.S. that iberals perpetuate in order to try and make themselves look morally superior"

    lol, the republicans prove they are morally superior by choosing to name things "the Moral Majority" etc…they don't do dirty tricks like advocate for poor and elderly, or attempt to combat xenophobia.

  • @TheEvolver311 "combate xenophobia"??? Are you talkng about illegal immigration? The American peoples ancestors worked hard to build this country and it's wealth. This nation is the LEGAL citizens inheritence. Liberals are FRICKEN CRAZY if they think we will stand by while they just give it away to who ever walks across the border.
    "advocate for poor and elderly" I guess thats what you call letting Medicare go bankrupt. Democrats have NO plan to save Medicare…just demogogue those who do.

  • TheEvolver311 says:

    @mytube373 xenophobia actually covers a few issues, you just choose to pick illegal immigration. a liberal answer to that problem is to hold business' accountable for insuring they do not hired undocumented workers. the conservative answer is to make a police state in which we are all subject to the whims of a individual cop as to weather we look like we belong.

    the dems haven't let medicare go bankrupt, americans have simply supported the rightwing "starve the beast" mentality

  • TheEvolver311 says:

    @mytube373 the republican plan to save medicare? how can a political party that has run on the platform of abolition of medicare have a plan to save it? they have been starving the beast, running the government into the ground that is the ideological drive behind the GOP.

  • @TheEvolver311 I agree with you about the police state and making people feel uncomfortable. However, although I agree with holding business accountable, that alone will not work. And where is the outrage toward the illegals from the legals? If profliling is REALLY their concern, shouldn't they also be mad at the illegals for contributing to the problem? It just doesn't seem as though thats their real issue.

    Medicare and all other entitlements are expensive. The money is running out.

  • TheEvolver311 says:

    @mytube373 "Medicare and all other entitlements are expensive. The money is running out." = starve the beast. that has been the GOP strategy for over 30yrs, cut taxes without cutting spending in order run up a high deficit, which in the future would create a deficit crisis in which the party could abolish highly popular public programs.

    punishing business is the most effective way of curtailing illegal immigration, if it isn't easy to find work, migrant workers will be less likely to come.

  • xplodingboy79 says:

    Haha, Ben. You're not any better than Fox in the use of random hot blondes. Case in point: Misty and Jacki?Jackie?Jacky? However she spells it.

    They're ok on the Reality review show, I guess.

  • @upabittoolate Yes I know Medicare and retirement social security are NOT entitlements. I was trying to say in the very few words I had left in that post, that Medicare, Social Security and entiltlements like foodstamps, medicaid, etc. are too costly. I just don't see how we can keep paying it. Raising taxes isn't going to be enough. If the goverment would keeps their greedy hands off SS, it might be fine. But they won't leave it alone. I guess that makes them retarded.

  • upabittoolate says:

    @mytube373 If you knew that, you wouldn't have that comment afore. Also, you must not know how food stamps work because they actually STIMULATE economic growth. Medicaid isn't costly either. It's the administrative things that cost the most money in health care. But I guess since you're just regurgitating neo-con screed, all this is over your head.

    Fucking moron.

  • @upabittoolate I'm glad to get your thoughts on this because it really reminds me of the liberal train of thought. You people seem to believe that the government is the answer to all our problems. Food stamps stimulate, Medicaid isnt' costly, etc. Conservatives believe that government is the problem. The government, especially the Obama administration is SCARING THE SHIT out of businesses and they are afraid to do any hiring or expanding at all. "Spread the wealth" a job killer.

  • @UncontestedTruth Thanks to Roe vs. Wade, I think it would take another SCOTUS ruling to change abortion law, not congress.
    " steal the land from the people who were here first." Those people came from the same place everyone else did. They just walked here across the temporary ice bridge that formed between Russia and Alaska thousands of years ago. And if you think they are flooding into this country for anything else but the wealth that WE created… are crazy.

  • upabittoolate says:

    @mytube373 Nice. You've made up a red herring instead of demonstrating a command for the subject matter. Also, you've tried to spout philosophy as if you speak for all conservatives. You're an idiot.

  • @upabittoolate You voted for the worst president in history and will probably vote for him again KNOWING that we have LOST over 2 million more jobs since he took office. KNOWING that gas is $4 a gallon and he has done NOTHING about it except tell people to buy more fuel effecient cars. That goes beyond idiocy. Maybe you could explain to me what makes Obama so good for the country?

  • upabittoolate says:

    @mytube373 You don't know who I voted for. As for history's worst president, I wasn't even alive when Coolidge was president & I wasn't old enough to vote for George H. W. Bush. You're officially placed in the moron category. Ron Paul is NOT the guy. Have a good day.

  • Tina Fey played Palin pretty good comedically…
    but GINNY GOODWIN would get an freakin' OSCAR playing her in a drama!

  • Ben has been 100% hilarious…I actually have been appreciating him more than Cenk, at least since he got that show on MSNBoring.

  • misslilyskye says:

    smartest thing i have read in a very long time. but don't worry, he's gonna win. The republicans just can't seem to pick anybody half decent anymore. oh wait, there are no decent pachyderms.

  • soccerguy325 says:

    Yeah, I am confident he will win. America won't be stupid enough to vote for Romney as its president. Especially after 5 months of him being humiliated and bashed by Obama. He will be so pathetic.

  • I know. I don't and never have really supported McCain, but Romney is 100 times worse. He is like someone God put on this earth just to ensure Obama getting a second term.

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