Fox News Host Shuts Kellyanne Conway Down For Politicizing Pandemic

Fox News Host Shuts Kellyanne Conway Down For Politicizing Pandemic

On Thursday, Kellyanne Conway appeared on
Fox news with host Harris Faulkner to talk about the government’s response to the pandemic,
you know, to just kind of give an update on where we stand on everything. And also as Kellyanne likes to do, get in
a couple of jabs there at some democratic leaders across the country. But this time Fox news wasn’t having it and
Harris Faulkner would not let Kellyanne sit there and try to launch political attacks
during this discussion about the pandemic. Take a look at what happened. In the last two days alone 4,400 ventilators
have been sent by FEMA to the state of New York. We know that the governor there has said he
needs more and more as do other States. We are trying to go to the places most in
need where we see those clusters that are there and growing. I do think it’s very disappointing that the
mayor of New York city himself was riding the subway on March 5th and telling people
to go out on the town March 2nd Kellyanne, I’m going to stop you on the politics. Well, it’s not politics. It’s that we have a very dire situation in
New York city that is not politics. I think it was politics to say go out on the
town. we do have a dire situation. We do have a dire situation, and I. And we’re talking about. But that’s why this, that, look, I think this
unanimously passed in the Senate is the point. So there’s a reason why Kellyanne Conway would
obviously want to take some shots at the leadership in New York and that’s because the state of
New York, the city of New York, they’ve all essentially had to beg the federal government
to come and help us because we are overwhelmed. Our hospitals, many of them are at capacity,
over capacity. We are tens of thousands of ventilators short
and you send us 4,400 we appreciate it, but that’s still not enough. We still need more. We have it in this city bigger than anywhere
else in this country at the moment. Please do something and they’re calling out
the federal government. But on top of that, people around the country
have looked at New York and they understand that they are doing everything they can. They are fighting this. They are being true leaders here, and they’re
comparing that to what they see from Donald Trump, and that’s making Kellyanne Conway
mad. So Kellyanne Conway wanted to get those shots
in there, and luckily Faulkner wouldn’t let her and Faulkner was 100% right on this. This was not a discussion about politics. This was not about policy. This was about what’s happening? What are the latest updates? What is being done? Thank you for your time, Kellyanne. But that’s not what Kellyanne Conway is all
about. She is not about to get in front of a camera
if she can’t take at least a few shots at a couple of Democrats across this country
who happened to be doing a better job at something than her boss.


100 thoughts on “Fox News Host Shuts Kellyanne Conway Down For Politicizing Pandemic”

  • Is it just me or am I seeing that most of the Reporters and Newsfolks who are, FINALLY, confronting this corrupt administration and other Government officials tend to be Women???

  • Is it me or does KELLY ANN CONWAY look uglier every time she appears on tv it seems that no amount of makeup can make her look better

  • I can't stand that psycho "woman"! I put woman in quotes because you have to be a human to actually qualify as a woman. She really is a garbage person!

  • Basketball Coach says:

    What shots you asshole because she said the mayor should not be riding the subway,Thats all she said. No kellys right !00% cousin this is why your still an asshole . When Trump does the wrong thing they Talk about right away. We are sending what we have to NY. So stop the fuhking hate asshole.

  • Reggie Glubber says:

    Making sure an orange orangutan hears your "twisted" disjointed comments about anything and everything. She is disgusting to listen to.

  • Merendo Bereglidditz says:

    I'm surprised I got through that clip.
    Haven't been able to stomach that
    insufferable bitch much recently.
    The Wicked Witch of The West Wing

  • Kellyanne is trying to deflect and lie so that the world will somehow forget that trump said a month ago that there was only 15 cases that would soon be down to zero, that he gutted the CDC, disbanded the pandemic response team, and refused test kits from the WHO. And these are just the tip of the pile of crap known as trump’s handling of this situation.

  • Trump Would Date His Daughter says:

    Being political is her only function, she has no decency. Being political and spreading lies are what she’s paid to do.

  • You don't know what the f**k you're talkin about! Get your facts straight!
    Your hospitals are not at capacity! Not even close ! And what about Cuomo and the 5000 masks he had forgotten he had?
    Quit being a liar fat bald man!

  • Everyone else can besides Fox news ?
    That's right republican are evil. Most republicans are working right now, truckers, police, doctor's, EMT s, firefighter. As the great Democrats hide like babies.

  • lorenmorgan2010 says:

    FOX NEWS IS SPIN PROPOGANDA for trump and has always been…but now they can't deny the pandemic that was being called a " hoax" by all their anchors…their trying to save an already disgraced face!!!

  • A massive class action lawsuit is brewing against Fox News, for their early disinformation campaigns, which have resulted in lives lost.

  • Kellyanne Conway AKA skeletor ?
    Needs to go to a hospital that has the coronavirus overwhelming, and take a deep breath. ?

  • Stephanie Smith says:

    If fox would wake up and stop this nonsense we would be better off everyone would atleast be on the same page TURN OFF FOX NEWS IT'S HARMFUL TO YOUR SOUL

  • Jerrell Bevers says:

    I wonder what message the president was putting out on those days she mentioned. I'm sure it was in direct opposition to what health officials were saying while simultaneously bashing Democrats.

  • Aliaksei Lapitski says:

    Well I guess, it would be unfair to blame only Trump and his administration for such a lack-luster response to pandemic. They already showed what they are capable/incapable of when responding to Costa Rica, California fires, hurricane, etc…so all of the voters, who put Trump and his people in as well as didn't allow Trump to get impeached after him showing everybody the depth of his ineptitude over and over again share in this responsibility. All of those Republican senators filibustering any efforts against Trump should share in this responsibility for the death toll US incurred because of their lack of courage to act and remove Trump, when they had a chance. So I hope two things don't get lost in the aftermath of this. First, Trump and his administration bear most of the responsibility for this, but US Supreme Court, Republican senators and MAGA voters bear the rest of it on their own shoulders.

  • the best thing the media could do is stop giving her access to the camera and stop broadcasting what she has to say because it's all lies to begin with.she's just going to use the media as a political platform and she's going to use this virus in the whole situation as a means to an end for Trump and his campaign

  • I always get 4k and 30k mixed up. Maybe I can get a high paying government job? Oh, wait…my bad. I forgot I was disqualified due to my whole not hating brown or poor folks.

  • Someone at Fox news has a soul? Hot dam, everyone needs to go buy a lottery ticket. It is sad that this reporter will probably be fired after this.

  • Kellyanne will try to justify what trump does by saying look at the Mayor of NY. If you're going to call 1 out, Call them both out or call yourself a hypocrite.

  • Freewheelin' Franklin says:

    Once you open a can of worms, you can't close it back up. Trump made it political when he accused the democrats of creating the coronavirus as a hoax. Any and all political swipes at Trump are fair game as of that moment.

  • Michael Snyder says:

    Wow somebody at fox actually standing up to Kellyanne and she continues to prove Kellyanne is dumb as she looks. As to Kellyanne she should be gagged.

  • Kellyanne Conway gutter scum playing gutter politics like her leader shows this leadership characters when the public dying on the streets shameless woman

  • Not an ounce of care. When there is a legitimate need that the entire world us facing, what is there to argue about? Why even interview Kellyanne Conway?

  • Trump is overwhelmed in the presidency and Putin isn’t coming to his aid either. So he attacks those that show he isn’t capable of doing his job.

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy says:

    People like Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump see situations like this as a game that they have to win, so they take any opportunity to attack their enemies. Even if the world is ending, they'll still find a way to politicize it. Meanwhile, people are DYING, but they could care less, they just want to be right at everything.

  • Theyve been using the "Corona virus" as a political tool. They will keep doing it, recognize the bull ? when you see it. #votehimout

  • Is it just me or are these videos starting to be half news and half advertising…. Sheesh I wish YouTube would quit fucking with my favorite channels monies…. I wanna hear more of their thoughts and less about their sponsor

  • Oh and I checked outside… No flying pigs….. Fox has been challenging the trump staff a lot lately. ???? it's looking like the girlfriend has had enough of their shit and wants out lol

  • Kelly can donate her tax payers pay check to the red cross……we all know that WHORE only thinks of her self just like her boss.

  • Michigan governor told by medical supply vendors they were told by feds not to sell to Michigan

  • The Fox talking heads have finally come to realize that coved 19 doesn't care about your political stance, its an equal opportunity killer. Time to stop the BS and get real. The lies and incompetent leadership will only lead to a higher body count. Don't listen to the lying conman in the oval office and his enablers they are dangerous.

  • This whore Kellyanne Conway is soooooooooooooooooooooo full of that trump bullshit she is like her lord and master trump oblivious to the people who are dying each and every day their family should sue the federal government for their lack of support.

  • trump is a horrible actor he can’t play President, and he’s even worse at playing a doctor !!!!
    And his co-stars are just as bad . Please let’s change this channel on them ASAP.

  • * Kellyanne Conway wants to sell the Trump narrative of "You did it too!" like any 5 year old arguing about her brother's cookie theft.
    * I was expecting a discussion of the rate of "Alternative Health Outcomes" instead of fatality rates.

  • Trump is just pissed off because corona virus is running the country and taking over his spotlight while grabbing his saggy balls!!!!!!!SAD!!

  • Are you willing to die for the top % so they can stay rich? This will be Trump's next advertising ad. He wants people to go back to work at the peak of an epidemic so that the stockmarket goes up. How many average people have shares in the stock market? not many.

  • The reason she behaves that way is because she is actually Smellyanne "Slippery Slimy Sneaky Snake-in-the-Grass" Conjob.

  • characteristics of Trump & what he's done to the Republican party… REPUBLICANS; Reluctant, Egotistical, Petty, Uncouth, Bias, LIAR, Ignorance, Cowardice, Asinine, Narcissistic, Sociopath.

  • the reason i call them "RepubliCANTS," is cuz there's just SO MUCH, that they just CAN'T do… like how they can't answer questions, or stay on topic. they can't state THEIR OWN opinions. they can't work with others. they can't follow rules. they can't own up to their mistakes. THEY CAN'T APOLOGIZE! they can't admit to being wrong. they can't get over themselves & their willful ignorance & selective hearing. they can't just b honest. they CAN'T shut the fuk up & LISTEN! they can't learn new things. they can't b rational. they can't read between the lines. they can't hear ALL of EVERYTHING. they can't see what's right in front of them & they just CAN'T LET SH!T GO!! … they just … can't get right, boss… ?‍♀️ they just CAN'T…

  • She is also jabbing New York because let's face it; the entire nation is tuning in to hear what acting President Cuomo has to say.

  • Bullshit having Fox News Now wants to do and hear facts?!?!?!? Just wait for now they may be pushing back but when this is over they will go back to Fake Faux News and State TV!!!! They need to be sued and then shut down for spreading lies and misinformation to their viewers!!!! That is what needs to happen!!!!

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