Fox News host DISMANTLES Jared Kushner live on air

Fox News host DISMANTLES Jared Kushner live on air

Earlier today, President Trump’s son-in-law
and senior adviser at the White House claimed the Russia investigation has been more damaging
to the United States than Putin’s meddling in the 2016 election. Jared Kushner speaking publicly for the first
time since the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted final report came out last week. Jared Kushner says, he thought the whole thing
was “kind of nonsense.” That’s a quote. Here’s what he said today during the TIME
100 Summit. Kushner: You look at, you know, what Russia
did, you know, buying some Facebook ads to try to sew dissent and do it, and it’s a
terrible thing, but I think the investigations and all of the speculation that’s happened
for the last two years has had a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple Facebook
ads. Jared Kushner’s diminishment of Russian
interference is both disingenuous and deceptive. The attack on our democracy involved much
more than the purchase of a few Facebook ads. From the Mueller report we now know, the Russians
made contact with multiple members of the Trump campaign, including Jared Kushner, attempting
to change American policies and promote Russian objectives. They repeatedly received Trump campaign polling
data from a member of the Trump team. They discussed possible business deals, policy
goals, and getting dirt on Hillary Clinton, with the now-president’s son and others. They conducted cyber espionage, stealing e-mails
and distributing them to help candidate Trump and hurt Trump’s opponent. They sent Russian operatives to America, in
person, to learn the landscape and generally sew division in America. They broke into state and local election computers. They invaded our nation in both the cyber
and physical worlds. The United States indicted 26 Russian nationals
and 3 Russian companies and the Mueller report makes crystal clear, and all US intelligence
agencies concur, the Russians are STILL trying to damage our nation, interfere in our affairs,
and influence our election. Special counsel prosecutors interviewed Jared
Kushner for his contacts with Russians, including the infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016 with
Donald Trump Jr. and the president’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Mueller wrote that while there is evidence
of communications between the Trump campaign and Moscow, there was no coordination. But on the matter of Russian interference,
the Facebook ads Jared Kushner referenced were but a sliver of Russia’s attack on
America. This is Fox News’ Shep Smith speaking out
against Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner after he diminished the entirety of Russian
meddling in the 2016 election, reducing it to just a couple of Facebook ads. But clearly, Russian interference wasn’t
just a couple of Facebook ads, and the fact that Kushner is still claiming that it was,
even AFTER the report has been released outlining a slew of attacks against our country, goes
to show that this administration’s MO was ALWAYS to lie, always to distract and obfuscate
and pivot. The fact that the talking point here by Kushner
at the TIME 100 summit is not a breathless, never-ending condemnation of Russian meddling
in our election, the fact that Kushner and company are talking about ANYTHING other than
that goes to show just how little remorse they feel about Russia’s interference in
our election. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure out why they don’t regret getting Russia’s help, but for an administration
that excels in lying, maybe at least lie about this? And I can say this until I’m blue in the
face, but imagine if Hillary Clinton had France meddle in our election on her behalf. Don Jr. would be in a kayak with an AR-15
if he needed to be to get over there and declare war himself. So the fact that Kushner is likening a hostile
foreign power’s attack on our sovereignty as just a couple of Facebook ads is not only
reductive, but woefully un-American. And, to be clear, Mueller’s investigation
did not damage America. But what he uncovered DID. So let’s not pretend that a probe resulting
in 199 criminal counts, 37 people and entities charged, 7 guilty pleas and 5 prison sentences
was somehow a waste of time. Especially since, of those indictments, 26
were Russian nationals and 3 were Russian companies directly implicated in the attack. I mean, the probe even netted money. When all was said and done, the cost of the
special counsel investigation was around $32 million, but it took in between $42 and $46
million, most of which came from Manafort’s asset forfeiture. In every which way, this investigation had
a positive outcome. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kushner
would attack the probe, considering even HE was implicated in it. And while Mueller could prove that the Trump
Tower meeting between Don Jr, Kushner and Paul Manafort and a Russian lawyer amounted
to criminal conspiracy, it was beyond clear that the Russians were operating to help Donald
Trump and that his campaign was receptive to it. By virtue of showing up, Kushner gave his
tacit approval of their attack on their country, so while I understand why he would want to
pretend that none of this ever happened, pretending doesn’t make it true.


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  • if it ain't foreign it's borin! says:

    David packman said shep Smith has something on the fox big wigs. Because how else is he still there?

  • We are outraged at Russia for interfering with the elections, because the USA would never interfere in an other countries election nor would the USA dethroned an elected head of state and replace the with our puppet. The people of the USA have stop being so sanctimonious and gullible and wake up the fact that the US is the pure jem on this planet. It's not it has been involved in a lot nasty dirty thing to people and countries as well.

  • Zionism will destroy the USA Jared Kushner is a direct pipeline to Netanyahu who is the biggest lying Zionist snakes ever..

  • There's a small miracle going on at Fux News. Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace are definitely not apart of the Presidential propaganda machine that runs rampant over there.

  • American. People neeb to tell Donald trump to sent Jared kushner go back to his cauntry becuase he is jews people and he made problem in the united state now

  • Thank you for your compliance says:

    A couple of Facebook ads? What do you need more to see the traitor. It is astonishing, how uninterested this seems to be to a lot of US voters. These traitors get along with their business nearly unharmed. They do "pay to play" politics, dismantle the independence of institutions and reverse a lot of social and environmental achievement. And people do not care.

  • Mike Librizzo says:

    This gay guy on Fox News should be ashamed of himself if Jared was gay like him he would be praising him this guy is Shepard Smith is a moron people think he tells it to straightway he doesn't he's out for him so I haven't watch Fox News in over 7 months you could check my record out on my TV DirecTV because of people like him Judge Napolitano Chris Wallace they supposed to be for Republicans but they're not the turncoats the rats they're going to get theirs in the end and this ship it Smith is an example of a big example he's a gay guy we all know it doesn't talk about gays right what about his skeletons in his closet they're going to come out someday and believe me when I tell you I'm going to bring him out because I have connections and people and I'm going to expose this man what is gay guy for what he is thank you very much God bless you and your families America I love you and I love your families and I love my country thank you be well

  • Thomas Norton says:

    I wish they would take the whole Trump family and treat them like the romanoffs from Russia bring him into a room and just mowing down with machine gun fire and get on with it

  • Derek Mulready says:

    Has FB been asked to compile the couple of adds . According to European news agencies it was more than TWO.
    Irish citizen

  • Thank you for telling the people the truth They colluded in front of us they did it in open and they still trying to protect the damn Russians


  • Linda-Jane Neophytou says:

    Shepard Smith is objective. Good work.But FOX stinks.I Don't know why he stays with Fox.Despite Smith and Wallace FOX is OUT.
    G'day from Australia.

  • Tonyvoiceofafrica the people's voice says:

    There is something the American citizens dont know . Kushner Is Donald Trump handler . What have the president done for you American. He is about to take your service men to a war that is full with lies . But seat down and think of what he have done for Israel. That will tell you why Kushner is in the white house . We African know that America is going down with Donald Trump in the White House. The new world power is Russia . The worst mistakes American citizens made was putting Donald fake trump as the president . I pray it not too late before they realize what is going on.. ..

  • He thinks he got with everything…clocks still ticking Jared, clocks still ticking. Keep looking over your shoulder sunshine.

  • David Windsor says:

    I could do without the interruption to tell me what is being said. I can watch and understand by myself.

  • Rahul Samant says:

    Finally something I can agree with on Fox. Good job! An attack on our democracy is an attack on us as a whole. Good job republicans on agreeing!

  • Seems like sheppy is auditioning for cnn or msnbc. He's a devoted Trump hater and I have never understood why he's at fox

  • Stephen Leyden says:

    We should all chill out a bit. There's no way Trump won't end up in prison. His business crimes will be the end of him. Hope he ends up as Cohen's bitch.

  • todd prifogle says:

    How much money could we make by opening another special investigation ? How much could we sale the trump tower for ? And the hotel trump put in the post office building down the street from the whitehouse ? Confiscate all that fancy crap and sale it. Take the golf courses and plant victory gardens and nurseries for trees . Yes the trees are for hugging thats fine. Never be ashamed to hug a tree.

  • That response suggests that we're supposed to be dumb enough to believe it. He is as stupid as his father is.

  • Randy Gillespie says:

    Better get them out of The People's Whitehouse or they will sale our Secrets to Russia. That's if they haven't already. PUT TRUMP'S & KUSHNER in JAIL..

  • If traitor kushner has any assets that don’t belong to the Saudi dictatorship ,he should be stripped of them. History will show this trumptard family are leaches.commander in cheat would sell his soul for a tremendous dead. Only the best liars folks.

  • late fall chill says:

    The entire Trump Family is more interested in self serving actions for power and profit. The whole Trump Family are criminal traitors and deserve to be in prison. It sickens me that so many Americans still support Trump and his family's shenanigans against morality and ethics. I doubt if the USA will ever heal from  the cancer of "Trumpism".

  • Purple Flame Tarot says:

    Maybe kushner and ivanka should be jailed (or deported to Russia) and their kids be given to separate foster families, never to be seen again. Think then they'll realize what they did to migrants??

  • Fox news talking bad about the Trump Crime family Trump won't be happy. Jared the Jew is meant to bring peace to the middle East what a joke.😡🇳🇮🤡🍄👺☠️😡

  • Jared your going to prison little white man for money laundering…good luck with that champ…your all cheaters…your protection ends once we vote your asses out in 2020

  • Lets be clear, I know that people think Fox News is nothing but Trump supporting propaganda, but there are REAL journalist that work at Fox and they DO NOT support him. Thats how you know people who only watch Fox News are purposefully selective with who and WHAT they watch.

  • David Kittrell says:

    the trumptards and his family have tainted the sanctity of the presidency!!'s become an embarrassment and an ongoing joke😢😢

  • wrestlingmatches57 says:

    There’s nothing being done so what is the point of wasting your time bringing this up !!!! He is still Président

  • Oh Boy the humanity if Fox ever stops doing Trump's bidding. Who's going tell all those poor people what to think? Scary!

  • Shep and Chris are the only journalists I see on Fox. If only the whole network had more people like this they might be respected.

  • This Administration has got to go…….it's coming down to this…..who do you have more trust in? A serial killer or Donald Trump?

  • I want to read that report myself. Although I can’t stand Trump, I don’t Trust 90% of our government and the media. I know that we interfere in the democracy of countries across the globe, so I feel that we shouldn’t be surprised when other countries interfere in ours, BUT the line is crossed when someone from our country works with another country to mislead the people or interfere in our democracy. If Trump’s campaign did that, those people should go to prison, as should any other politician or citizen of this country who has done the same as long as the statute of limitations hasn’t run out. If Hillary or anyone in her campaign did what they say she did, they should be tried/prosecuted. It’s time we burn it all down and start from scratch, clean and sanitize all of Washington and start out fresh with nothing but a desk, a chair, and the constitution just as it was the day the last signature was penned. Every single thing and every single person that is brought in from there should be vetted and voted in. AND, anyone who wanted to vote should know how to read and write properly.

  • Agent Cooper says:

    He’s trying to clean his own street. “Ok, I robbed a bank, but my trial cost probably more than I stole”. What a sick guy!!

  • Time has been this mobs propaganda machine and protector since the campaign. A quick peek into stock ownership might explain why.

  • They WORKED WITH THEM! They were doing BUSINESS in RUSSIA! He WORKS for PUTIN! He’s a Narcissistic Psychopath & the GOP are Covert Narcissists! ONLY Narcissists have THESE BEHAVIORS!

  • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff says:

    Kutcher just want people to not point fingers straight at him.

    Kutchner is a Russian RAT, just like Trump's whole family.

  • Noe Berengena says:

    Kushner = another pathetic slime bag. The 3-panel photo (2:12) shows three ghouls who would happily sell out our country for a load of cash. This is the new low standard of American political corruption.

  • Ryan J Portis-Soil says:


  • Steven Moomaw-Tupper says:

    I'm happy to see one Fox news story that tells the "TRUTH" the rest thow is PURE FAKE TASH ! just like trump !!! ☺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Russia needed a puppet ,they got Trump
    Centuries Russia has wanted information about America
    2 years of Trump's presidency,Russia has won

  • If they don’t impeach him, take away Trump’s lifetime secret service detail that is assigned to every president after they leave office. He doesn’t deserve them. He has plenty of money to afford his own security. ✌️

  • Margo Romero says:

    I appreciate that there are a couple of news anchors who actually report truth and facts! Keep it up Shep. We need you to help reach those still supporting this Corrupt Administration!

  • Terri Sargent says:

    I'm still wine drinking how the heck the guy is in the white house and his family showed they had serious money problems, just floored these people are in the white house and working as an organized family.

  • Kushner meeting in the seashell sp? Islands during the campaign with Russians and Arabs…trying to set up back channels with the Russians!? That’s Treason!!! 😡

  • The continuing denial by certain members of the public about Russia interference is more damaging to democracy than anything I've ever witnessed in this country. I do not understand how these same people can put their trust in an administration that is led by a man like Trump. It's astounding that these people can put faith on the rhetoric of a proven liar.

  • Wayne Lankenau says:


  • So Jared Kushner waited to his part ended on Gotham, too go on Fox huh? This strange cat, is so loved by his crookit father- in-law, because he's mastered lying too! All your cridenicials have to be to work in the Trump white house is A all around good fibber, a willingness to lose your soul, or a family member. Your in! I dislike Fix news with a passion ok, but this Shepherd guy gives that station hope. Well maybe not, I really hope the station disappears. It's all things Trump, how stupid can they be? Jared is a freaken self servant idiot. He is interested in money, and he nor his plastic robotic wife gives a dam about the American taxpayers nor their well being. That's obvious, they KNOW RUSSIA, is has and will, do whatever to disrupt America's flow, yet they float around pretending as if nothing's happened. What's wrong with these Trump family supporters? Are they so stupid to ignore that this family is a major security THREAT? So long as Trump and his family is re- elected, it DOESNOT matter what happens to our COUNTRY? OMG! Wake up PEOPLE! Congress is a bunch of weak, unorganized, push overs, that are allowing a IMMORAL CLOWN, too ruin the United States of America. When will honor and honesty and integrity, return to this once decent place? Who could have told us?

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