Fox News Has Decided Who’s To Blame For Trump’s Violent Rallies

Fox News Has Decided Who’s To Blame For Trump’s Violent Rallies

Fox News has finally figured out who is at fault for the violence at the Trump rally Obama. I’m not kidding. Watch. Violence broke out over the weekend at several Donald Trump campaign rallies. Left wing thugs battled with police in Chicago and St. Louis. One even tried to storm the stage at a rally in Dayton, OH. But instead of blaming the professional hooligans, the political chattering class blame Mr. Trump. Senator Marco Rubio went so far as to liken Mr. Trump to a third world strongman. But the person responsible for fomenting political unrest is not Donald Trump; It’s President Obama. For the past seven and a half years this man has been stoking division and discord. You want to talk about creating controversy? Fine let’s talk about Baltimore and Ferguson Missouri and Trayvon Martin. President Obama is the one who told his followers: if they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun. That’s what he said I don”t recall too many Republicans getting upset over that remark. I recall a lot of Republicans getting upset over that remark when it was just the most obvious metaphor of all time. Ok. So. Look. Fox News is insane, you know that. Uh, so I’m not surprised that they’re going to say: no no. our Republican nominee or presumptive nominee at this point inciting people to riot which he did it recently saying “hey, there’ll be riots at the convention if I don’t win.” “Uh. That’s Obama’s fault.” ok, that’s not surprising. What’s maddening is Obama’s reaction Right? So not this particular clip but the overall situation. Now Donald Trump’s having his supporters punch people, drag people around, knock ’em down, do all these things. And who’s President Obama gonna blame? He’s actually gonna split it down the middle Don’t do that. Watch. Watch. We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, at Americans who don’t look like us, or pray like us, or vote like we do. We’ve seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech however offensive it may be Uh…we live in a country where free speech is one of the most important rights that we hold. In response to those attempts, we’ve seen actual violence. This is not the time to call it even. Look I’m with you D-Don’t over shout people so that they can’t speak I’ve said that a thousand times Don’t do anything physical. Those things are obvious. But that’s not what’s happening! You might find one isolated incident like oh for example the protestor who bum-rushed the stage for…at a Trump rally. a totally unacceptable. I get it. but that’s not…it’s not 50/50 the overwhelming number of cases is when Trump supporters are assaulting the protesters. It’s not helpful when the Democratic President says Well I mean a little bit of Trump and a little bit of…uh…uh…progressives who don’t like him. He does it again in this clip. Watch. Too often Uh…we have accepted this as somehow the new normal and it’s worth asking ourselves what each of us may have done to contribute to this kind of viscious atmostphere in our politics I suspect that all of us can recall some intemperate words that we regret Certainly I can. And while… some may be more to blame than others for the current climate all of us are responsible for reversing it. No! No! Wait a minute. I’m not responsible for Trump’s fascism. I didn’t do that. The protesters didn’t do that. And President Obama *You* didn’t do that. You didn’t do any of that. When…Fox News blames you for it and then you turn around and go well there’s violence so I guess we’re all equally culpable Well you’re helping them with their insane talking point Trump is the one saying “punch them in the face” “I’ll pay your legal bills” “We’re gonna riot if they don’t give me the nomination.” It’s not 50/50! Stop it! And…and…of course the media looks at that and says Obama called it 50/50 so I guess Uh…Obama and the Democrats must be partly responsible for Trump’s fascism. Aaaaah! He has helped the Republicans sooo much. and if you are still naive enough to think that he’s playing three dimensional chess I got bad news for you he’s almost out of time there’s no end-game here. The end-game was Obama validating republican talking points for eight straight years. No. You’re supposed to stand up for *us*. You’re not supposed to…help…Trump. Excuse his actions. The fact that Obama doesn’t get that at this late juncture is…maddening. [explosion]


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  • christopher kettler says:

    Cenk your missing the point by saying us instead of them bam takes the high ground its a clever play pointing the finger just throughs more gas on the fire what does it say in that book about offering the other cheek…i call that ghandiesk and one of the few things obamas done thats impressive

  • Jonathan Richard says:

    the people who are responsible for riots at trump rallies is very simple. the anti 1st amendment crowd. that's it in a nut shell. the discussion is over.

  • Jonathan Richard says:

    and in respect to how much violence is there? hmmmmmmm… well have you ever gone to a concert? i have. when you get a bunch of people together there will probably be some sort of violence. like it of not, fact of life. humans have emotions and some cant handle them

  • If Trump supporters are so violent, why don't they turn up at his opponents rallies and cause bother? Lefties who go to Trump rallies know they're only there to cause a ruckus and by doing so, hopefully (in their view) make Trump and his supporters look bad. But it's not working. In fact, the now almost routine hysterical attacks on Trump (like this on one from TYT) are having the opposite effect. People know that both the left, and the deeply corrupt Republican establishment hate Trump. So their attacks only endear him to ordinary people all the more.

  • He said "we are all responsible for reversing it" I believe he meant all hands should be on deck to ensure the toxic atmosphere is eliminated. There are varying degrees of culpability according to him. Some may be more culpable than others in statements they have made that incited hatred and division in the past.

  • Shirley Marie Bradby says:

    Yes, you are right! It was and is not 50-50……the violence overwhelmingly comes from …..the Trump protestors who verbally and physically challenge and ATTACK Trump supporters AT TRUMP RALLIES…on our own home turf! Well….as Trump supporters who are at these rallies to peacefully listen to what our man Trump has to say….the Trump protestors DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISTURB AND DISRUPT OUR PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY…..If these Trump protestors become loud and offensive — they have to leave— either willingly or be forcibly ejected from the assembly! So as far as violence is concened — "Don't start none, won't be none!"…….Just saying…..

  • entertain7us14 says:

    This is insane. Fox doesn't even try to hide its retarded agenda anymore. "Left wing thugs" was their first sentence. Really? I believe it was the supporters attacking the protestors. This is hilarious. I mean, anyone who argues Obama has been more divisive than Trump is clearly a blind lunatic.

  • Lord of Liberals says:

    My grandfather tried to blame the leftist "agitators" for violence at Trump rallies because the left was showing up to protest, but my grandfather is I guess against free speech. Also, Trump is the agitator. Trump is like "why you getting all upset, I just hate who you are as a person: Mexicans, Muslims, Refugees, Women, etc. And when those people come to protest, my grandfather says "they're just starting shit". Ridiculous. And I'm from Canada, I cannot imagine Mississippi.

  • It should be unbelievable that Trump is being blamed for the liberals violence against Trumps supporters but it isn't. It is totally expected to hear this kind of nonsense from the left and especially from TYT. Trumps protesters are coming to his rallies for one reason and that is to start trouble and the fact that they are finally being dealt with head on and not taking it from them is of course being used against them in lies like this guy is spewing out. If Trumps supporters were the violent ones then it would be them going to Hillarys or Bernies rallies and starting violence.

  • "Trump's" violent rallies. I'm pretty sure the thug invaders who turned it upside down were democrat supporters. The agitprop of the Left is shameless.

  • How does saying "some more than others" mean 50:50 to this guy? He clearly doesn't listen well. Obama obviously took the high road and that's mature, not outrageous.

  • WomenoftheSea Irish says:

    Obama has been a Boll Weevil Democrat since he took office. I've never believed he was a progressive. It's obvious to me Obama is bought and paid for by corporate media and the oligarchy that run DC. We need a real leader in the White House. Go Bernie!

  • this group donald and ted, like actually republicans they are brain damage , i mean it of course science is going to fix thst in the future.But it is sad I feel sorry for them

  • Forget taking responsibility. Blame Obama. Trump slips on soap and breaks his hip, Obama did it. Trump goon sucker punches protester leaving rally. Obama did it. George Bush cuts deal to remove US troops from Iraq before Obama takes office. Blame Obama. Makes perfect sense.

  • Alex Nicholson says:

    Well done Fox News when something wrong blame a powerful black guy. ( this is sarcasm I don't want to appear racist and apologise to anyone I may have affended but you obviously can't read if are offended)

  • fox noise is full of shit as always its just a shame that a lot of morons do believe every word that comes out of fox nazie machine.

  • Cenk is so incredibly untruthful and dishonest a man its appalling he has a news show. I mean when you get fired at MSNBC for being too biased what does that tell you? He is Lyin Cenk! A man who has no core values other than Unicorns really do exist He will make false characterizations, create false narratives, omit facts, if he is speaking about Conservatives . If it is a liberal he glosses over everything except when he feels they are not leftist enough. He is a man who genuinely believes the rhetoric. Never acknowledging that both parties are feeding the American public a lie. Liberal policies never have worked and never will work. Conservative policies have been hijacked by corporatism a non solution as well. If the american public would just wake up to the fact America is a Representative republic and we have founding documents. Educate yourself on the facts and what is written and the documented discussions of our forefathers. What you will find is Cenk and all the rest of these news people are ignorant! If America would just recognize there isn't anything wrong with america except the perversion of its system! Return to the roots of how we where created we could be that great country again.

  • Kenneth Connors says:

    young turks or just young jerks,, when ANY sitting president weights in on an opposing partied candidates it is apparent who responsible lie who responsible for black lives matter

  • DJtrainman261 says:

    Hold it a minute. In the second clip, Obama didn't say everyone was responsible for the problems, but that everyone is responsible for reversing the trend. Very big difference.

  • Louis Henderson says:

    If you say the trump supporters beat up protesters. where is the proof. You are just one more puppet on a string. would like to know who is pulling them for you.

  • I always enjoy watching Cenk kick ass. It's not very often he's kicking Obama's ass but I think on this occasion the President needs to hear what he's doing wrong. It's not 50/50 but now the press has something with which to work.

  • I think Obama knows that these trump supporters are so stupid and narrow minded. That you just have to stroke there ego a bit even on the most stupid things and they'll do as say ..

  • Trump has never used faul language and anyway Bill Ayers was found at the Rally in Chicago, "he is a close friend to Obama". Trump never did say there would be rioting, he simply said people would be upset and could cause rioting not that he would want it ro happen.

  • Cenk, Protesters blocked entire roads leading to Trump rallies.
    Didn't you get that memo?
    Blocking roads is violence, man.

  • Nice try meat head Cenk. It's the Bernie supporters walking around with the old Soviet Union flags saying "feck this country" "and where's our free stuff?" Also everyone knows that George Doris paid agitators to go stir up trouble at Trump rallies

  • Obama's 'mostly' right tho, Trump may have a lot of racist followers, but they'r not going to Sanders rallies, getting inside, and disrupting Bernie's speeches, whereas Bernie's nut-job supporters are doing just that (Not saying i support Trump) but this is just what i've seen, (Bernie's supporters behaving like complete jackasses and as soon as someone taps them on the shoulder, they cry 'assault!' and, 'i'v got the bruises to prove it!'.) Trump's supporters (some) spout off some racist bs, but they tend to do it at their own rally. If you'r at a Trump rally screaming sh*t to be disruptive and somebody punches you in the face, i think you got what you deserved, but, 'and vise versa'

  • Murican Ignorance says:

    How is faux news even legal? How is it people are stupid enough to believe that channel? The world is full of the stupid.

  • Okay, list the invalid argument forms both of these pundit programs most often use to support their positions?

  • Your education isn't worth the paper your diploma was printed on. You don't know as much as a first year college student!

  • Taralya McDonough says:

    President Obama is being the bigger man. The republicans will never take the high road like he just did.

  • StevenF Jaxsen says:

    I love how the Young Turks call it "Trump's Violent Rallies"! It's not any of the Trump supporters who commit all of this violence! It's all of the anti Trump supporters! Where are the videos from The Young Turks showing and addressing all of the awful violence and suppression of Trump Supporter's freedom of speech! Where is the coverage from The Young Turks of the horrible and terribly violent riots from the anti Trump supporters in California this week?!! They don't ever cover any of the crazy violent protest that are going on by the Left in a unbiased manner! If what we are seeing by the anti Trump protesters was flipped and it was anti Bernie or anti Hilary supporters going out and rioting and shutting down highways and shutting down streets. While, beating people up and smashing cop cars and suppressing people's freedom of speech The Young Turks would be covering and talking on this until they were blue in the face. But they don't!

  • thunderbone 88 says:

    ✴🌙 you can yell all u want….its still just a dumb🐦 bird…. right wing….or left! 🔯
    👼you choose left or right …they are using the tentacles to leach on to your 🗽🔱income 💳💰🔛🐙

  • Jeremiah Link says:

    He knows trump is going to win. Fox news won't put one of their buddies down. I think obama knows this. I think he knows that the election is ridged this year. He has to bridge the gap between the parties and it's people. It's better to lower your head and take the axe for a nation of people.

  • Definitely need to calm down on this one Cenk.  Obama never even implied that responsibility for the cause of this violent climate was 50/50.  This isn't the first time in the heat of the emotion you restate something in your own words as if you're quoting the author and say something that wasn't said.  Let the video clips and sound bytes speak for themselves and don't put words in other peoples mouths.

  • BishtrainerTai16 says:

    He's defending free speech. Imagine if Trump told his supporters to go to Bernie and Clinton rallies to shut them down.

  • Obama is making the sad mistake of posing a rational argument to irrational people, I am with him unfortunately the message of reason and logic will fall on the deaf ears of the hateful and angry. Everyone in our country needs to calm down & wake up but no one more so than the angry hateful people who think anyone who opposes them should be met with violence…that's wrong.

  • you must be the smartest guy ever. I don't understand why your ratings are so low right now as with all Dems. those Trump folks do make up more than 50% like you say, and they don't even get paid. At least we're smart enough to get paid to protest. take away our money and they'd be the only ones fired up!! you're so right about50/50 being way off

  • TWOLF Ravencroft says:

    No! Actually you who is insane, Cenk! Obama has been fomenting division in this country for years. Black Lives Matters, not a grass roots movement, is funded by George Soros, a global elitist, who works both with Obama and Hillary to create massive division in this country and those powerful people, who with the help of Mainstream News and you Cenk, to paint the worst possible picture of Trump. Ferguson and Michael Brown were a perfect example of a riot based on bullshit. If you are going to blame Trump for some agitator getting elbowed by an old guy in a crowd, then you must, by the same token, blame Hillary, Obama, Sanders and Soros, and the Mainstream News, for all the riots and murders incited by their divisionary rhetoric. The silent majority is tired of all the years being lied to by life-time political criminals and the broadcasters like you who pander to their needs. You are not part of that majority, which is the salt of the earth of our country. You are not the salt of any country. You are a worthless shill; a cipher.

  • Tripserpentine says:

    What about this one, he admits because he knows he helps to divide the people.

    and a divided people is easy to rule.

  • Johnny Ramone says:

    You are completely talking out of your ass. Trump infers to defend. You have hundreds and even thousands of violent left wing "protesters". You're an ignorant fool.

  • blacksootohmy says:

    I loved it when Obama hesitated for a moment after he said, " We live in a country where free speech is… ( 3 second silence) one of the most important rights that we hold." 2:07. So, he says very sheepishly and looks down.

    In truth, we are losing our voice each passing day. There is no freedom of speech anymore. Who has time to listen to 6 billion people's opinions.

    If we want our voices to be heard, we need a plan to kidnap drumpf and sarah palin and ship them in a rocket to Mars with all supplies neeeded. Potatoes, feces and water.

    Then let's call their reality show: Trump's Giant Wall #2. Co-starring Palin.

  • Michael Perrin says:

    Obama is going to have both the left and right to take the blame, then he can step in on the moral high ground and put Joe Biden in place to run for office.
    Obama want's to keep the establishment in power at all costs and then call it Democracy.

  • Cenk…ur an idiot! Get ur facts straight. Many more Anti-Trump supporters are acting more aggressive and beserk towards less violent Pro-Trump supporters. Do ur research and YES Obama is to Blame for his cowardly non-actions to deter this violent rioting in our streets, especially during rallies. Obama should be doing a hell of A LOT MORE to diffuse this violent atmosphere.

  • Midnight Rambler says:

    Ha! The moronic left days of violence is over..warn them. Arrest them and see how easy it is to get a job with a record. Also find out whose funding these morons.

  • and it turns out that it was the Clinton campaign that was paying thugs $1500 and an iPhone to start fights at Trump rallies… what do you know!

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